Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Seven-Year Course of Parents and the Seven-Year Course of Children

Centering on yourselves, when was your seven-year course? The period from when I established the seven-year course until I finished the family seven-year course was 21 years. Since Adam and Eve fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, the course to the perfection level of the growth stage is not one that the family has to go but is an individual course. As for Father, I have already gone across the first and second individual seven-year courses. Therefore, centering on the family, I have to go the third seven-year course towards perfection. The Unification Church members should not forget that the seven-year course was established in this way. The first seven-year course that the Unification Church began in 1960 was the third seven-year course for Father himself.

When we look at this fact, we see that everyone, without exception, has to go this seven-year course. This is an absolute formula. Who does this seven-year course? The family does. You must pass through this seven-year course, go over the perfection level of the growth stage, and rise up all the way to God's direct dominion. This cannot be done alone. Because man fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, God and man separated. Therefore, they have to be pulled together centering on God. Because Father has that foundation, even if your families perish, Father's family will not perish. In other words, Father's family, which is inside the domain of perfection, is completely inside the standard that can attend God. Now that Father has entered the domain of perfection, we have Parents' Day, which anyone can receive in plain terms, Children's Day, which anyone can celebrate, Day of All Things, which any person can welcome, and God's Day, which anyone can celebrate. Thus, it is the day that all people can receive. You must know this clearly.

The Blessing now is the Blessing from the standard of perfection. Centering on Father, God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things were established worldwide and cosmically. Since you are within this domain you may be able to attend the Blessing, but you still have not gone that road yourself. Actually, there has to come about a Parents' Day centering on you. You must be able to celebrate a sincere Parents' Day as the new ancestor of a tribe. For Mr. Kimura, there has to come about a Parents' Day from his effort. And centering on him, Children's Day and the Day of All Things have to be established, and by establishing God's Day on that foundation, he can put up a flag of victory that can shine forever. We started the second seven-year course holding up this flag.

We are standing in the position of a person who was victorious at the perfection level of the growth stage, that is, a person who did not fall. With the authority of God, we are to defeat Satan and subjugate him. This is what we are shouting as "a full-scale attack." This is not a course which is limited only to Father. This is a course which man and woman, old and young, all have to go. Through the second seven-year course we must enact a full-scale attack.

Do you know what the second seven-year course is? We must go through a seven-year course by establishing a restored family. This is the second seven-year course.

Then why do we have to go the second seven-year course? It is because the Unification Church has to establish a family. This is not a religion for the individual. Religions until now have been religions for the individual, but the Unification Church is a religion for the family. In this way we can establish a new nation. The religions of the past centered on the individual, that is, the self; this is why they could not find a nation. Since they could not form families, they could not build a nation. They only had a spiritual nation. Religion could not build a national foundation on this earth. That is why Father went over the second seven-year course.

Now in order to establish God's Day, Father has to go over the third seven-year course. With the standard of the perfection stage, Father must be able to give proof of God's love. By going over that stage, we can establish God's Day.

By confronting Satan, Father paved a foundation to jump over to the family stage. This is a worldwide, historical victory. Finally, I have entered an age of freedom in which I can move towards God with the whole cosmos under me. But for you who have to go the second seven-year course, you still have to bear the family-level cross. Thus, you must become one with Father. You must believe in Father and follow him. Let's see what happens if you absolutely obey for seven years. But if you do not obey and follow, you must know that many complicated problems will occur.

Because you have entered the road of family-level suffering, Father told you to go through hardships. Is it not your good fortune to have gone over the individual road of suffering and to meet the road of family-level suffering? You must know that.

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