Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The Seven-Year Course To Restore Through Indemnity The Spiritual World And The Physical World

You like just to follow Father, whether it is witnessing or whatever, right? But Father does not want that. If such a person tries to follow, I have to hate him, mistreat him, kick him, and tell him to get out. Why is it that way? Indemnity has not been accomplished yet. I cannot get Satan to recognize you by saying, "This is God's child; he has the qualification to go from the Kingdom of Heaven on earth to the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven."

All of you, will you just follow Father or will you go out to the satanic world? And again, if you go, are you going to the satanic world in order to live well, or are you going there to endure even if there are critical moments of death? If you love Satan's children just as you love God or Reverend Moon, God or Reverend Moon will not accuse you. Why is it that way? Your spiritual children are in the satanic world.

Without finding spiritual children, you cannot liberate the spiritual world, and without having your own children, you cannot escape from the realm of the fall in the physical world. For this reason, even if you stand in a position of loving Satan's children more than God or Reverend Moon, God and Reverend Moon will not oppose you but welcome you. Thus, for three and a half years you are to find spiritual children, and then have your own children by getting blessed. You must do this in seven years.

Since man lost the spiritual world and the physical world by not perfecting the number seven, you must know that within a seven-year period you must restore through indemnity the spiritual world as well as the physical world. Without doing that you cannot follow Father. You absolutely cannot follow Father into the Kingdom of Heaven without following this formula course. Because even Father has to follow this formula course, he is going this way of suffering.

Satan's world is the world of angels, the world of fallen Adam, and the world of the children of fallen Adam. But by three children becoming one and bowing to God, there is a way to take back something from that world. Only by doing that can your descendants and humankind follow you. Moreover, your tribe, race, nation and world can follow the road that you have paved. Even after Father's death, for hundreds and thousands of years until this is restored, this formula will repeat itself and create unity.

Reverend Moon has walked this road and has lived this life. Father has walked that road individually and for the family, tribe, nation and world. He is betting heaven and earth in order to walk this road. Thus we can talk about liberation from here. We can complete individual liberation, family liberation, tribal liberation, national liberation, world liberation, and cosmic liberation, and later we can proclaim that we will even liberate God. We can conclude this. Can you believe these words?

Because there was that kind of content, I could pave the foundation to liberate the realm of angels. Centering on this kind of spiritual foundation, we also have to establish the realm of angels, realm of parents, and realm of children in the substantial world.

You must find parents and children from the substantial world. In the spiritual world there is no world of Adam. Only the angelic world is restored there. Thus when a physical parent and physical son come to earth and establish the physical world of angels, parents, and children, this is the new Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Because man lost everything through the fall, it will be like that when the archangel, parents, and children become one.

Thus you should know clearly by now that Unification Church members cannot be blessed without establishing three spiritual children within three years. The Messiah has to come back because he has to make this foundation on earth. If the Messiah were to come on the clouds as the Christians say, the world would perish.

The fall did not happen in the spiritual world. Disease did not come about in the spiritual world but in the physical world, in the physical body. Without first establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven will never exist. You cannot live in the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven without accomplishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

That is why Jesus gave the keys to the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven to Peter who was on earth. Thus in Matthew 18:18, it is recorded, ". . . whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Without knowing this fundamental rule, there is no way to decipher the Bible. With the dignity and confidence that God gave us, the Unification Church has to expel Satan from this world and liberate humankind from the satanic world.

You should know that if a person has a disease, to cure it he must take medicine even if the medicine is bitter.

There is this formula for God's providence of salvation based on a theoretical authority. But today Christians want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven just by believing. This is the wrong thinking. The Unification Church is not heretical, but that mistaken faith is heretical. Therefore, it is the phenomenon of the Last Days that what is real seems fake and what is fake seems real. Father studied science. Father studied mathematics. I do not believe blindly.

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