Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Seven-Year Course to Restore the Position of Parent

Because there remains for fallen humankind the process of restoration, the person who can become the parent has to pave the road for that entire process. After that, if some central family does not come, representing the whole world, and pave this road of restoration, you have no way to go back to God. Accordingly, you must go through the formula course. If you know the formula and act upon it, everything will be solved.

If you got blessed, why do you need children? You cannot climb the seven-year period from the perfection level of the growth stage to the perfection level of the perfection stage without establishing your children. Originally, if Adam had not fallen, he could have gone up to the perfection level of the perfection stage within God's dominion. For that reason, you cannot go up without establishing children, who stand in a position of Adam and Eve before the fall. At the same time, that parent has to pass through and go up a three-year course by loving three substantial children who are like angels, that is, spiritual children, more than anybody in the fallen world; then the three children can become one centering on the parent. In this way, the child and parent have to become one, and also the angel has to become one with them. Only in this way can you go up. By standing in the position of unfallen parent, you are to have unfallen children and go up to the perfection level of the perfection stage.

This perfection means that not only son and parent are restored but also the angel is restored. Thus, the positions of angel, parent, and son-these three standards-have to become one horizontally. By paving that road horizontally, restoration is accomplished.

Originally, when Adam and Eve were being created, they were created with the help of God and the archangel. In the same way, in the process of restoration, God, the archangel, and Adam have to become one in order finally to restore God's children. And as a result of that, the parent is to be restored.

This parent-what kind of a parent is he? He had a child, but he has become a parent who stands on the boundary line where he can deal either with Satan or with God. From there he has to go as Adam would have if he had not fallen, for seven years. Among the formation, growth, and perfection stages, each seven years, this corresponds to the seven years of the perfection stage; therefore, it has to be gone over in seven years. In this way we are to restore the archangel and then the fallen Adam.

Adam and Eve's going over the perfection level of the growth stage is the restoration of parents. They fell towards Satan's dominion, but now those representing Adam and Eve are standing in the situation before the fall. Since they fell as husband and wife, now they are like restored husband and wife.

They have to reach the position of parent over the bridge of their children. By themselves they cannot go over. They have to climb with their child as a bridge. Why is that? It is because today you have a relationship with two worlds. Thus, you must find a son and daughter in order to advance to the place of Blessing. This is the process of restoration.

Adam and Eve, who were children of direct descent, lost love. Since Adam and Eve, two persons, lost it, two persons have to restore it while having children and while centering themselves on love. The Blessing of the Unification Church means going up to the realm of perfection while multiplying children. This is the Blessing.

In order to go up there, you must go the seven-year course. Then should you go the seven-year course or should you not? Those people who do not want to go can quit now.

Without becoming the body of True Parents and going over the realm of the fall (the realm of Satan's dominion), you cannot be restored. You who have gathered here are like true parents to your tribe. Centering on your clan and tribe, you are in the position of true parents to them. This is not only so in theory; it is also true in substance.

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