Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Place of Receiving the Blessing Is Not a Complete One

The Blessing is not blessing the person but blessing that position.

When I give the Blessing, I first ask, "If you make a mistake, will you take responsibility for it?" Thus it is a conditional Blessing. Why is it a conditional Blessing? When somebody tells you to have dominion over all things, Satan will still accuse you. The Blessing is not supposed to be given to people who can be accused by Satan. The Blessing is supposed to be given to persons who have subjugated Satan. That is the fundamental rule. But since you have not advanced to that standard, a conditional Blessing is given. Thus you have to receive the Blessing once again in the future.

The Blessing is receiving the ticket to the victorious right of dominion. The couples whom Father has blessed have to pass through not only a three-year course, but also a four-year course; this means that they still have not received a complete Blessing. You should not fail in this 4-year course. But still, that is not enough. After that, you must go over the worldwide course completely. You can receive the third Blessing after having gone through that process.

The Blessing I have given you is on a tribal standard. You have received the Blessing representing a nation from the tribal standard. You must receive the Blessing three times. Even if you take a wrong step, that should not affect your children; so Father has to bless your children. Father can feel safe after going over the second stage.

One thing you have to know is that the place of your Blessing is not a complete one. If there is a cross to be borne across the bridge of a parent, you must walk across that bridge as it is. You cannot fly over it. If in order to reach the top of a mountain one has to cross a bridge, one may be able to prepare an iron girder to reinforce the bridge in order to pass safely through the dangerous passage, but there is no way to escape having to cross the bridge. That is why the seven-year course that Father has walked will remain for, ever. There is the individual seven-year course as well as the family level seven-year course. This road exists for eternity. Man fell at the perfection level of the growth stage; thus, he cannot rise to the perfection stage without having done something. Since our ancestors fell at the top of the growth stage, we can only remove the original sin after having gone above that line. It is not removed at the perfection level of the growth stage. Isn't that right?

Accordingly, you must know the fact that this stage at which you have gathered together in order to be blessed is not the perfection level of the perfection stage, but rather is the perfection level of the growth stage. Since, centering on fallen Adam and Eve, all eight members of Adam's family, including Cain, Abel, Seth and their spouses, have fallen, this is the place where we establish the indemnity condition in front of God and finally enter the perfection stage.

In that place, you must feel the parents' love. The origin of life is born through the love of parents. You must pass through the place where you can respect this value of life more than anything in the world, in order to be able to walk a new road. The Principle works this way.

We say that everybody, no matter who, has to go through the seven-year course of the Unification Church. Why is it that way? It is because the perfection stage that man has to pass through still remains. In the period of Principle dominion, there are three stages of growth, and that period is 21 years until the perfection stage; that is, it is a period corresponding to the number 20. Accordingly, in order for Adam to perfect himself, he has to rise to the perfection stage corresponding to the number 20, the number at which he reaches the perfection stage. But since he fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, he needs seven more years to rise to the perfection level of the perfection stage.

The growth period has three stages, and each stage corresponds to seven years. In other words, in order for Adam and Eve to climb from the growth stage (two stages times seven years = 14 years) to the perfection stage, they still have seven years to go; thus, the seven-year course still remains. Jacob walked the 21-year course by going through seven years three times because the period representing the starting point for a family-level victory for the will of God was 21 years. In this way it is evident that the period to perfection is the 21-year course.

Then from now on, what is still left in the course which man must go? It is not having a great victory by welcoming True Parents. Since True Parents have to appear not in the perfection stage, but in the perfection level of the growth stage, they cannot bring the result of total victory without passing through the process of seven years. This is Principle. That is why there comes to exist what the Christians insist on, the so-called seven-year tribulation. From this what should the Unification Church members know? They should know that, whether they like it or not, they have to go through the seven-year course.

If you sit around saying, "Now it's all over! I've gotten blessed! If I just sit quiet, I will enter the Kingdom of Heaven!" you will be utterly destroyed. Receiving the Blessing is not the perfection stage. You have learned about the seven-year course, right? There is no one who knows this kind of complicated content and tries to fit the timetable exactly; that is why even the omnipotent God has to be reluctantly pulled by Father.

When you were getting blessed, some of you thought, "We have been blessed according to the principled rule of God. We are one from today." But are you one? Again the couple has to re-create. Each has to re-create each other. If the blessed couples of the Unification Church forget that they have to clean up the puddle of resentment of husbands and wives up till now, they will perish. No matter how much I say that they will not perish, they will perish. The couples are supposed to go through the re-creation process by going toward the goal of the ideal, completely restored husband and wife. Thus in the Unification Church we talk about the perfection of individual restoration and then about the perfection of family restoration.

Within a person's life is the cross of the individual, of the spouse, and of the children. Even Jesus died when he could not fulfill these. Going the road of faith might seem easy, but it is actually harder than dying. Hence, the road of faith is not a part-time occupation. The life of faith is not a part-time job. Today, there are a lot of people who make their faith secondary. They all work for a wage. They will be sold to other places when the market changes. You shouldn't be such a worker. Even if you do business, you should first establish yourself. You must occupy a solid place which no one can invade and occupy. When someone says to you, "Can you die in the Unification Church?" you shouldn't cower away, saying, "Now, I have to live; I'll die later." Without dying to your old self, you cannot have new life.

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