Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Great Seven-Year Misfortune and the Seven-Year Course

Since man fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, the perfection stage still remains. The period of that perfection stage is seven years. When we add the three periods of seven years in formation, growth, and perfection, we have 21 years, or 20 full years. When you look at it in terms of Korean age, it is 21 years; in Western terms, 20 years. This is the time when man enters the age of maturity. When a person enters the maturity period, God intended to automatically marry that person to another.

Adam and Eve were supposed to receive the public promise as parents of humankind by receiving the Blessing centering on God, but they failed and fell into a domain where there was no approval at all. They left behind the perfection stage. Because of this, the seven years of resentment came to exist. There came to exist the resentment of 7,000 years of history from the 6,000 years of human history plus the 1,000-year kingdom, the millennium. One year was prolonged to 1,000 years, and seven years were prolonged to 7,000 years.

We are indemnifying this with seven years centering on seven days. This is the seven-year course. When we look at the Bible, we can see an instance where one day was indemnified by one year. The seven-year course is the great judgment that Christians talk about; it is the seven-year great misfortune. The great tribulation is when a family, which is in the domain of the fall, receives persecution in order to be restored and rise up to become a family that has nothing to do with the dominion of the fall. This is the first time in human history in which a family that God could be with is being persecuted. That is why this is the great misfortune. This family that came to exist for the first time in human history is experiencing the hardship of being persecuted. This is the great tribulation. The families that do not fulfill their responsibility in this seven-year period will perish. They are not families who will rise up.

When the blessed families do not fulfill their responsibility, the seven-year course will be prolonged. When Adam and Eve fell in the period of indirect dominion, Satan invaded the domain that man was supposed to go to. Therefore, Satan came to dominate the entire indirect dominion. The seven-year great misfortune does not mean that people who should receive persecution are persecuted, but that people who are not supposed to receive persecution are persecuted. This is the seven-year great misfortune, and it is a misfortune occurring for the first time in history. This is the seven-year course that the Unification Church is talking about.

By parents' making mistakes, a standard of hardship was imposed upon humankind. But because Father has completed his responsibility in the position of parent, you who are standing in the position of children can surpass all the standards of persecution and accusation. This is the purpose of the seven-year course.

Everyone, no matter who, has to go this seven-year course. Proud and distinguished people or ugly and unfortunate people, no matter who they are, have to go this course. Anyone of fallen descent has to go this course no matter who he or she is, or else they will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is not recorded in history, but even Jesus departed to do his mission during the seven years from when he was 27 to when he was 33. From then to the time when he turned 40 would have been his second seven-year course, or if Jesus had started from his 20s, that would be his third seven-year course. By doing this, Jesus was supposed to have prepared a worldwide foundation by the time he reached 40, but he died because the nation did not support him. Thus, that remains in the Bible as the seven-year great misfortune.

But today Christians do not even know what the seven-year tribulation in the Bible is all about; all they can say is that a seven-year misfortune will occur and clamor about it. Jesus comes in place of David. Thus, he was supposed to work out his mission centering on King David's 40 years, King Solomon's 40 years and King Saul's 40 years, that is, centering on the four position foundation. Thus, he had to complete the number 40.

Father also, centering on the Unification Church and centering on 1960 when he was 40, prepared a foundation that turned the heavenly program. Thus, centering on 1960, the world entered a new age of history. Historians only see the external results, but they do not know the internal causes. Thus, in these seven years the whole world will enter a state of chaos and will arrive at the fateful time when the communist world will perish. The time when the democratic world and the communist world lose their authority to lead the whole world correlates with the seven-year course. Therefore, it might take some time, but from now on the age has come when only God can develop worldwide. From now on when you are doing your mission, you are put in an environment of freedom where you do not have to fight with enemies, and what you do can be your own fruit.

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