Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Seven-Year Course Which Indemnifies Three Ages at One Time

The road of restoration is not a road which you can go alone. You must necessarily go beyond the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage-the position of Adam and Eve before the fall -- by going through the gateway called the Blessing. If that happens, you can go up to the perfection stage. From there, a blessed family needs a course of seven years.

When you look at formation, growth and perfection each as taking seven years, it becomes 21 years. Therefore, in order to establish a standard of perfection you need a period of seven years. Thus when someone comes into the Unification Church, he inevitably has to go through a seven-year course. We must, through this seven-year course, inherit True Parents' heart and at the same time establish a condition to restore everything that was lost. Adam and Eve lost all things as a result of the fall; their substance was tainted because of Satan, and they were robbed of heart. Alt this has to be restored through indemnity. That is, we need to bind together completely the problem of all things, the problem of substance, and the problem of heart, centering on God, and in this way pass through the perfection stage.

After receiving the Blessing, we must restore all things, restore substance, and restore heart, in a period of seven years. When we look at this horizontally, all things are the formation stage, substance is the growth stage, and heart is the perfection stage. This is the content that indemnifies horizontally the entire historical, vertical providence. The standard of all things corresponds to the Old Testament Age, the standard of substance corresponds to the New Testament Age, and the standard of heart corresponds to the Completed Testament Age. These three have to become completely one. In the Old Testament Age indemnity was paid centering on all things; the New Testament age indemnified substance through God's only begotten son. By that becoming the victorious result, a heartistic standard was to appear. That standard on the family level is becoming established for the first time on this earth through the Blessing.

Since it is said that after the 6,000 years of the history of humankind a 1,000 year kingdom -- the millennium -- will come, the seven-year period leading to the standard of perfection has the value of indemnifying 7,000 years of history, including the 1,000 years or millennium.

God has been going the way of providence by being patient and enduring through 6,000 years of humankind's resentful and sinful history. And now on that foundation, He plans to establish the millennium. Therefore, we do not have the right to stand before God without indemnifying this through the seven-year course. How do we reduce the 6,000-year history into seven years, indemnify it, and inherit it heartistically? This is not an easy task.

I do not even know how much I had to pay in order to come this far and how serious each moment was. Jail was not a problem. Torture was not a problem. My head being chopped off was not a problem. Among these situations, for the sake of that coming moment, I walked the road silently for decades, for my whole life. That seriousness was more than enough to move God. Therefore, God has to sympathize with Father. Now even if Father does not do anything, all the spiritually-open people all over the world are already doing something for Father. Everywhere in the world, the spirit world is being fully mobilized for Father's success.

This period is a period of re-creation. Because of the fact that God could not perfect His creation in a seven-day period, in order to restore that fact, at least seven years are needed. Therefore, everyone has to go the seven-year course. Father passed through a 21-year period.

Do you know what will happen if you do not go the seven-year course? You have to go through the 21-year course. Do you know why it takes 21 years? The fact of failing to go through a seven-year course means the same as going down seven years. Thus, would it not take seven years to come back up again? And after that, you still have to go another seven years. Thus it has to take 21 years. Do you understand what I am saying? That is why the next seven years is a period that decides life and death.

If you go to the battlefront after being married, there will be many problems. Thus it is better to get married after finishing the seven-year course. All the people who are married already will not end up well. Then since there are so many people who have already been married, what will happen to them? They will become historical offerings of indemnity. Thus you sisters must complete the seven-year course. At some time according to God's will, Korea will welcome us. When that time comes, you will be able to meet the best husbands.

In worldly life, even if you fall you might be able to stand up again and go on, but on the road we travel, once we fall, we cannot stand up again and go on. No matter how you might say that you are faithful and devout, you must go over the hill of perfection. Without doing that, you cannot settle down and live in the land of the original hometown. In order to enter that hometown, by having the heart of parents as a foundation, your life form must be resurrected. In order for that to happen, the heart of parents has to be the center, not oneself.

You must find and go the way of Principle. You must find and go the way of restoration. But after you find everything, since it is the way of Principle, you do not have to find it any more. The 6,000 years of restoration history which has failed until now will be indemnified by the seven-year course. Therefore, you should get into action and go the seven-year course which Father has proposed.

You are going the way of suffering just as Jesus did when he was standing on the road to Golgotha bearing the cross, but you will not die. When you can finally take off the burden of the individual, family, tribe, race, nation and world after bearing them for seven years, the hope of being able to shout the cheer of liberation will await you. In seven years you are to advance to the position of messiah after having passed the position of servant, adopted son, and son. By having this heart, when you go to the spiritual world, you will be praised by all the spirit men and will be able to sit in a precious place.

I cannot explain all the details of how important this time is. While Father is going through a 40-year course, it would be a shame if you cannot even go through a seven-year course.

We must begin by being a servant of servants. There is nothing that Father has not tried. You must go this way in God's name and for the sake of restoration. If you do not do that, who will bless you when you go from being a servant to being an adopted son?

The road from the position of servant to that of adopted son cannot be trod easily. It is not easy to become a son after being an adopted son. If even Jesus, who came centering on God and as His son, could not become a bridegroom, could it be easy for us to go over that hill? No matter how much you pledge your life and go the road, it is still very hard.

Moreover, in the spirit world, without believing in any religion can you become a good ancestor and a good parent so that you can bear children who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven? This is not easy.

And again, can you go to the spirit world and be able to rule like a king over all the spirit men who are in a national-level spirit realm, and stand in the position of a new ancestor of goodness?

You have come to this place in order to receive that qualification. Reverend Moon has been a servant of servants, servant, adopted son. . . . I have passed through everything to walk this road. I have paved the road for 40 years; then can you not even go through a seven-year course?

This year I am 57. I have known this Will since the age of 15 and have walked this road for 40 years.

Father has not had one day of comfort in order to pioneer this road. But on the road that you travel, the obstacles have all been removed by Father's hard work.

The car is made in a factory, but you have to do the driving. You must learn the technique of driving. Father provides the car, but you must put in the gasoline and do the driving. If you hate that, there is no place to go. No one will feel compassion for you.

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