Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 2
True Parents And God's Family

Part 1 Jesus And The Blessing

1. Who Is The Messiah?

From the time fallen Adam and Eve gave birth to their offspring, a fallen family, tribe, nation and world were formed on this earth. God has to find one person from this fallen enemy world. However, God cannot find His beloved one from a victorious position. In order to find the person whom God can appoint and use from this enemy world, history had to go through wars repeatedly. In order to find that person, God must stand in front, pioneering the environment, and must tell him of His internal sufferings. God cannot but search for this one person. This is why, behind history, over several thousand years, God has been carrying out the work of searching for this one person in order to reorganize the history of humankind filled with evil.

When we look at the providence of restoration, where is the concluding point of this providence, which has mobilized many religious people in search of one world of goodness? Before this world can be realized, there must appear a nation, but a tribe must appear before a nation, a clan before a tribe, a family before a clan, and one person before a family.

Then, who should that person be? Should it be a woman, or should it be a man? Who should it be? It should be a man. From the viewpoint of the Principle of Creation, God, when creating human beings, created Adam first. Because God created Adam first, we must go through Adam. It is written in the Bible that Eve was created from Adam's rib, but what does this mean? This means that God created Eve from Adam as the origin.

When we look at the history of six thousand years until now, it has been a history in search of a man. It has been searching for a man. This is because women are restored through men. At the time of creation, woman was created after man; therefore, it is an unchangeable fact that history is in search of a man. The principle of history does not change.

What kind of a man could this person called the Messiah be before God? If there were only one love inside God's heart, and all of this love came together from the same starting point and was put together moving in one direction, the Messiah would be the first person to receive this love. This person is indeed the first-born son of God.

The Messiah is the eldest son of God to stand before God, born for the first time through God's love. This is why Jesus, referring to himself, said he was the "only son" of God. Being the only son means to receive all the love. If God is the absolute subject, then the Messiah comes to stand in the absolute subjective realm as a man. It is a relationship of father and son. Therefore, this is a person who conveys God's entire love to the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and world. The Messiah is the person who comes with the qualification to receive the representative love as the eldest son of God with a standard transcending all realms.

Who is the Messiah which Christianity claims? The Messiah is the son who can inherit God's love. This is why the Bible mentions Jesus as the only son. The only son is the only son of God. This means the son born for the first time centering on God's love.

As what kind of person did Jesus come? Jesus came as God's son, or the only son. He received the love due the only son. He was the only son who could receive God's love for the first time. This is why "the only son" mentioned in Christianity is a great word.

Because the first human ancestors Adam and Eve fell before becoming perfect, without being able to form an objective realm, the Messiah is the person who comes in the position to inherit ideal love, with the qualification to become the ancestor for which the whole of humankind has been hoping. There is no way to liberate humankind other than going through the Messiah; this is why the Messiah can conclude that "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me." And we Unification Church members have discovered that.

We need God's love. When an unmarried man and woman love each other, they will defy even death in order to fulfill their love. Similarly, when we become one with God's love, we will be able to practice God's love. The unification of the world then will be realized automatically. What is required for us as fallen humankind, then, is God's love and that we become people who can love God

This will be realized when the Messiah comes and links God's love to us. The Messiah is the person with a unified mind and body, who has God's true love dwelling in him. He is also the person who does not waver until he reaches God's love, preparing the new road. The Messiah is the person who brings God's love, which can unify the world, nation, family and individual. God's will is to send the Messiah who can become the subject of love and build the world of love. God is trying to realize this through religion; therefore, religion is necessary and the Messiah is a being absolutely necessary to the whole of humankind. This was the reason Jesus Christ said, "He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me." From this point, Jesus can become the Messiah.

Furthermore, Jesus said that He was the "only son of God." This means that He could receive the true love of God. Jesus also compared himself to a bridegroom. This also means to form the standard of a family having true love.

What kind of a person is the Messiah? Humankind lost true love through the fall. Therefore, the Messiah is the one who comes to find true love. In another words, the Messiah is the one who comes to restore the lost true love.

What kind of a person is the Messiah? The Messiah is the reappearance of a person with a character of unlimited value and unlimited treasure. This is a person who comes to the human world having dominion over heaven and earth and with a position that can never be changed by anything.

God knows very well that man needs a reciprocal partner; therefore, God had to send the most precious Messiah to this earth. Because God loved humankind, God sent the most precious being, the representative being who can touch humankind as a friend, teacher and father. This representative being is the Messiah.

You should know that the Messiah is the only friend, the only teacher and the only father to humankind. The Messiah is sent to this earth with the mission of being the only one and the greatest being. If you hold on to this Messiah while shedding tears, giving up your life, and if you love the Messiah as your life, you can instantly enter into the realm of the universally historical life and love of God. You should know that this is the best gift of love from God given to humankind.

The Messiah is the true man for which God, man and all things have been hoping. The Messiah comes as the substantial being of truth and speaks the Word of Truth, but He speaks from a position of oneness with God's love. The Messiah would act in a truthful way, but based on the motivation of love. His life would not be one of formality, based on rules, but would be based on God's true standard. His method of saving this world will not be through this worldly means and statistics, but will be a way centering on God's true love. That kind of a person is indeed the Messiah.

From this sort of person, the true love movement will spread throughout the world. This true person will find a wife, form a family and, centered on this family, realize one clan, one tribe, one nation and one world. This truly is the "desire of the whole" hoped for by God, humankind and all things.

With what qualification did Jesus come? He came with the qualification of a father. He came as the True Father of humankind, in other words, as the true ancestor. However, he was not able to bring a True Mother with him. Because the True Mother was taken by Satan, the original man, even at the risk of his life, must restore the True Mother out of the satanic world.

When the Lord comes in the Last Days and greets the bride, the bride is liberated. Today, in developed countries, feminist movements are developing, but they do not have a center. Therefore, Jesus has to come again to become the center. If Jesus' mission was to be a savior as humankind's brother, he would be able to continue his work of salvation without coming again. However, because Jesus has to fulfill his mission as the father, he has to come once again. The father cannot be two persons, so Jesus has to come again.

What kind of a person was Jesus, and for what reason did he come? Jesus was the True Parent of humankind with the mission of a True Father. If Adam had not fallen, he would have received God's blessing and become the True Father with Eve as the True Mother. However, because of the fall, the Blessing was lost. In order to restore that, on the foundation of four thousand years of historical preparation, God sent Jesus with the mission of True Father.

In the entire universe, God created only one Adam. From the time God created just one person Adam, God's desire started to expand. Then, because it was not good for Adam to be alone, God created Eve. God created Adam and Eve and said that it was very good. Because it was not good to have just the vertical relationship between God and Adam, it was necessary to make a horizontal object in order to form a reciprocal relationship.

Therefore, in the providence of restoration, a being the same as Adam should reappear on earth. This is the thought of the Second Coming of the Messiah. If Adam does nor appear, Eve cannot be made Even if there had been a human being before Adam, it was not truly human. It was the same as clay. It was not a human being even if it looked like one. According to the law of the ideal of creation approved by God, it cannot be considered a human being. Only Adam is a human being as God desired. To restore this through indemnity is the mission of the Second Coming of the Messiah. He is the Messiah appearing for the second time. When this Messiah appears, then for the first time the Eve which God wanted, the bride, can be met.

As what sort of person would the future Lord come? Jesus came as the second Adam, but the Lord coming in the future would come as the third Adam.

Why does the third Adam need to come? Because a mistake was made on this earth; because an accident occurred on this earth and it must be fixed. Therefore, an undamaged, new Lord who can repair this should come. This is why you should always long for the time when the new Lord will come and repair the accident.

Who is the third Adam? He is the third person who comes to this earth with the name of the human ancestor.

We know that the Lord of the Second Advent will come in the Last Days. Then with what kind of purpose will he come? The age of servant has passed and the age of son has also passed. Therefore, the Lord coming in the future will come as the Father. He will come in the glory of the Father. What is He to do with that glory of the Father? He will breathe into each human being the heart of the Father, not the heart of the son. It is not the heart of Jesus; it is the heart of the Father.

What kind of a person is the savior? He is the substantial being of faith and hope in this fallen world. The purpose of your faith is that you unite with the Messiah, who is the substantial being of faith, and the purpose of your hope and the purpose of your love are also that you unite with this person. The Messiah is the person who comes to organize humankind and to restore the Garden of Eden. The person who can completely dominate himself can dominate his world and his love. And this person has hold of God completely, so the person who can completely hold on to this Messiah can take hold of God.

You must know that there is only one problem which we definitely still must solve.

What is this problem? Where can this problem be solved? It can be solved only by God's love. From where does God's love come? God's love does not come from the false parents, but will be clearly realized on this earth through the True Parents. In order for True Parents to exist, there must first be a True Father. The person visiting this earth with the personality of the Father, with God's love, is the Lord of the Second Advent. It is he whom today's religious people place at the center of their expectations.

2. Jesus And The Blessing

The history of six thousand years was a history in search of what? It was a history in search of one man. What was it for which countless ancestors sought from the time of Adam's family until now, paying the price of sacrifices? In other words, what was that suffering for? What were they seeking? They were seeking one man, who is Adam. What were they to do after finding that man? Through the man, a woman was to be found. When God created Adam and Eve, He first created Adam and then created Eve through Adam. Similarly, in order to fulfill the historical responsibility to search for Adam, they had to fight centered on God.

What kind of an existence was Jesus, born in the place of Adam? There are numerous people in this world, but there is no one person necessary to God. On this planet earth with so many men and women living, the fist man to be born as the mediator of God's love was indeed Jesus. Jesus was in the position to receive God's love. It was not the position of the fallen Adam.

Jesus did not start from the fallen Adam's position, which cannot receive God's love, but from the perfected position, which can receive the complete love of God.

According to the Principle of Creation, after creating Adam, God created Eve with Adam as the model. Therefore, unless there is a perfected man who can be born centering on God's perfected love -- in other words, unless there is a true man -- according to the law of recreation, Eve cannot be found. Through the birth of Jesus, with a man as the Lord, a God-centered movement in search of Eve could appear for the first time on this earth.

Then how can Eve be found? Eve must be created through Adam. She cannot be made at random through clay.

Jesus was born as a man in order to indemnify every failure after the fall of Adam. However, Jesus cannot fulfill God's will by himself. Even if Jesus made the Israelites inherit the complete content of the providence, Jesus could not form a nation by himself alone. For Jesus to form a nation, he had to first form a new family.

In order to form a new family, Jesus had to find a woman who could represent all women on this earth. In other words, he had to find one woman who could represent all the women on the national, world and cosmic levels.

God's loving son must have a reciprocal partner. Where should he greet his reciprocal partner? It is not in heaven. As the result of the fall, Eve was lost on earth; therefore, the reciprocal partner should also be recreated on earth.

The Lord will come as the man of character representing Adam before he fell in the Garden of Eden -- in other words, Adam before getting married. In the position of Adam in the Garden of Eden before the fall and marriage, the Lord should get married. Therefore, after coming, what did Jesus have to do? He had to find a woman, the True Mother.

In what position would the Messiah as Adam come? He would come at the completion level of the growth stage. This is the position at which one gets married.

Jesus came to the earth and spoke of a bridegroom and wedding feast. Jesus had to find his bride. Why did he say this? Love is linked between two people, a man and a woman. Is that not so? A universally historical representative of man and a representative of woman, with great hope, must form an original relationship which can attract and involve God's love.

Jesus said he would come on earth again as a bridegroom. Then will Jesus as a bridegroom be able to perfect love alone? If there were a perfected woman such as God had been seeking and such as Jesus had been seeking as his reciprocal partner, would it be sinful for Jesus to love that woman? Would God stop Jesus from loving that perfected woman?

Please think. If a loving son and daughter of a parent grow up and die unable to marry, how would the heart of that parent be? Would it be peaceful, or not? The parent would lament deeply, saying, "Oh, how could you die without even being able to have a wife?" Parents will intensify their heart one thousand times for the sake of setting up their child's marriage. That is the heart of a parent. God is the same.

Through the Messiah, through the birth of Jesus, God now had come to a time when he could feel the same happiness He felt at the time when His lost son was born in the Garden of Eden. Then what should that son do after being born? God does not need him to be good at fighting or earning money. He should get married. However, did Jesus get married? No, he did not. Why could he not marry? Jesus was well-prepared as the bridegroom, but there was no prepared woman to be his bride.

What was Jesus' desire? It was to get married. If the people of the established churches hear this, I'm sure they will fall down in surprise. Jesus' desire was indeed to get married.

Why did Jesus have to have a wife? It is because human history began with fallen ancestors; therefore, humankind has not had a true ancestor. God's ideal of creation was to make the true ancestors hold their holy marriage ceremony united with God's love. Through this, it was the purpose of creation to make a family lineage formed from a God-centered direct blood lineage. However, the blood lineage became different. Therefore, no matter how much faith people living on this earth had, they could only be adopted children. Adopted children do not have the same blood lineage.

If Christians hear this, they will be amazed. Jesus was to get married. If he did not need a wife, why was he born as a man? If he did not need to have a wife, He could have been an asexual person, or a woman. Jesus could have been asexual, changing to a woman or a man according to situations.

Today, there are many people who commit their lives to such a lie. When I ask, "Will the Lord come on the clouds? What would the Lord do after coming on the clouds?" they say, "What would He do? What do you mean by what would He do? I am only to follow everything the Lord does. That's all." This is robbery. They are making their father and mother suffer while saying that they themselves are good. Think about it. The fall occurred on earth, so the restoration should be done on earth as well. What is lost on earth should be found on earth. Are you saying that it was lost in the air? It is a lie.

The Lord as the bridegroom should greet the bride. Then, what is the Lord to do with the bride? They should form a family. When I mention these things, people persecute, saying that the Unification Church is heretical. But we will wait to see who is heretical and who is orthodox, and who will perish and who will prosper; then we will know.

Was Jesus a man or a woman? The purpose of Jesus coming to this earth was also the same. It is to perfect the great love which is the principle of the universe. When he tries to perfect this love, a man cannot do it alone, so it is necessary for him to find a bride. In the Book of Revelation in the Bible, "the marriage feast of the lamb" is prophesied. It refers to Jesus meeting his bride and them loving each other. In the Garden of Eden, Eve could not become the subject of love promised by God. Eve was caught in Satan's trap, leaving behind Adam who was supposed to be her husband. A woman's mind is like a reed swaying back and forth, so it cannot be believed.

Christians say, "Reverend Moon is teaching that Jesus had to marry. Reverend Moon is a heretic." If Jesus was a man, he would have had the feelings of a man, wouldn't he? To deny the physiological Jesus is to say that Jesus is the same as the invisible God, and is not a realistic Jesus. Believing this, Christianity is a false religion and it will regress, while the Unification Church will develop because it is a practical religion. Where can we find the core of love? Perfected man has the inevitable destiny to meet a woman on his way. In other words, man is born to meet woman. Therefore, man and woman are made to meet each other. When a man and woman meet, God dwells in them like thunder. When God dwells in them, then for the first time, the core of universal love is formed. The power of love causes the supreme effect.

3. The Original Jesus

The fall is the same as being broken down. When something breaks down, we need a repair factory and a mechanic. We need to be repaired as an individual, as a family, as a nation and as a world.

Then, let me talk about the nature of an unbroken person, who has the unified, perfected love, perfected life and perfected ideal, as God originally intended. This is the person who goes the way of a son from the time he is born until the time he dies, receiving the love of God. Are you receiving the love of God? No, you are not. Sons and daughters born with the love of God must marry within God's love when they grow up. Then, they should give birth to a sinless son and daughter. Have you ever given birth to a sinless son or daughter? Originally, you were to have a sinless child and become a sinless parent and then a grandparent.

Wouldn't God need a perfect king and queen on this earth also? Has God ever enjoyed a time like that? God should have such a time after chas- ing away Satan It is obvious that God wants to gather the individual, family, tribe and nation completely and have a nation, people, sons and daughters, and family, which He can love individually, as a family, as a nation and as a world. This is what we could not realize.

Through the fall, we came to have fallen ancestors, fallen grandfathers and grandmothers, a fallen father and mother, fallen tribe, fallen nation, and a fallen world, and also we became a people lacking any relationship to the unfallen world. The chosen nation of Israel were the people formed to repair all these individually, on a family level, clan level, tribal level and national level.

This was the purpose of Jesus' coming. Jesus was to come as a perfect unfallen man and form a perfect family, becoming a perfect grandfather and perfect King. God created two people, a man and a woman, as His object. However, because they fell, God had to take them to a repair factory.

Jesus as the perfect Adam needs a bride. A bride whom God can bless is necessary. If Jesus had a bride and had married, would He have had sons and daughters or not?

If Jesus had children, the numerous Christian denominations we have today, Roman Catholic and Protestant, would not have formed. Would Jesus have become the King? Jesus could not fulfill this dispensation of God; therefore, He is to come again. The Jews, who were the first Israelites, perished without fulfilling this mission, and the Christians, who are the second Israelites, took over the mission.

God sent Jesus on the foundation of promising through the prophets for two thousand years to send the Messiah centering on the nation of Israel. The nation of Israel and its religion were to unite and become one with Jesus, but because they could not unite, Jesus had to die on the cross.

If they had united, Jesus would have become the high priest of Judaism. And then he would have become the King of the Jewish nation.

There is a problem here. Was Jesus supposed to be single when he became a high priest and a King? No, he wasn't. If he were not single, then what would have come about? There would have been a family centered on Jesus. Then Jesus would have realized the mission of true parent, which Adam and Eve were to have fulfilled without falling. If a Christian minister is here, he must be surprised to hear this. I myself also once believed in the Presbyterian Church and its view of Jesus. However, when I solved the questions of the Bible, I realized these facts. I was persecuted because I told these stories. However, they are facts, so I cannot deny them.

Jesus was in the position of a perfected individual, but he, as a man in the subject position, was unfortunate in that he did not have a bride and leave the tradition of God's love on the family level. Therefore, a family centered on God's true love did not appear on the earth until now. No one could establish the true love of husband and wife based upon the authority of the Messiah, nor the tradition of true parental love and the true parent-child love of which God can approve. If such a family had been formed, then, centering on this one family, everything would have developed horizontally and vertically through the process of history, automatically forming one world centering on God's love.

However, as we know, Jesus himself could not form the tradition of a family centering on God's true love. Therefore, the central foundation where God, all humankind and all things can rejoice could not be formed. Because one family based on God's love could not be formed, there never formed the foundation for a true clan based on God's love, a true tribe-level foundation, a national foundation and a unified true world.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus came to this earth with the messianic mission. Unfortunately, He could not fulfill that mission. Maybe he was the first true son of God to come on earth, who had a movement of love centering on the love of the true God. However, we must deny the contention that he realized a true tribe, nation and world of God based on that foundation. People believing in Christianity today may oppose my words, but these are historical facts which no one can deny.

What was the mission of the Old Testament age and the New Testament age? It was to seek the reciprocal partner (spouse) of the Messiah on this earth. It was to create Eve for the Messiah.

When we enlarge the realm of Eve, which absolutely subordinates, and if we receive the Messiah, who is the subject of love, in the midst of welcoming all things, then everything will be linked automatically. It was the mission of the Old and New Testament ages to create this worldwide environment.

Originally, Jesus was born in the position free of Saran's accusation; therefore, he was not supposed to be killed. Why, then, did he have to die? It is said that Jesus had to die because of our sins, in order to save us. That is ridiculous. Does the Son of God have to die in order to save humankind?

Why did Jesus come to this earth and fail his mission? It was nor because he could not speak all the words he was supposed to during the thirty odd years he was on this earth. Also, it was not because he could not do everything he was supposed to do with his followers and their families during his three years' public course. The reason for his failure was nothing other than that Jesus could not stand in the position to be Blessed. The direct reason that Jesus had to go the way of the cross was only secondarily because the Israelites betrayed him and the Jews were against him. It was mainly because Joseph's family could not prepare the day for Jesus to be Blessed. If that one day had come, Jesus would not have died on the cross. Then as a conclusion, what was the cause and the motive of the crucifixion? It was because the Blessing was not realized. This is why Jesus had to die on the cross.

If Jesus and his family had united completely, then Jesus would have transcended the individual level, and the formation of the family level would have been possible. Jesus was to marry in the midst of the blessing of his parents, brothers and sisters and relatives, and new children of goodness were to be born on this earth. If Adam and Eve had become perfect with out falling, then a unified God-centered family would have begun.

Jesus came with the mission to indemnify Adam's family, and Jesus' marriage has this meaning. However, the foundation was not formed, because Joseph's family could not fulfill its responsibility. Therefore, Satan could invade Jesus and Jesus had to die on the cross. The family which was to inherit the new blood lineage of goodness could not start. Therefore, to indemnify the failure of the Israelites, God until now has been working through Christianity to form a world-level spiritual foundation.

What would today's world be like if Jesus had not died but had met an ideal spouse, and they had become a husband and wife with love unified with God, giving birth to children of their direct lineage? When children of Jesus' direct lineage were born, would God have become angry and scolded them, saying "You have sinned"? If Jesus' children had been born, most of today's population could have been descendants of Jesus. Heaven could have been formed on earth already through Jesus' lineage.

God may think it important to save one fallen man, but that is nothing compared to having a child of Jesus' direct lineage. Since the time of the fall, we must reflect about whether God was able to have true sons and daughters or grandsons and granddaughters.

Because Jesus had no foundation to stand in the environment, Jesus left John the Baptist and had to go into the satanic world and recreate the family and tribal foundation while fighting with the satanic world. Even after that, the Jews did not believe in Jesus. Therefore, Jesus could not form a God-centered family, and this finally led him to the death place of Golgotha, saying, "I am the bridegroom and you are the bride."

4. Jesus' Resentment

Jesus was the true ancestor of humankind, but he had to die without being Blessed. You all know this very well. This is the sorrow of heaven and the sorrow of Jesus.

If Jesus, who came as God's only son 2,000 years ago, had han (sorrow), what would have been its occasion? His sorrow would have been over not being able to get married. The Korean word "chang ga" (man getting married) has a very deep meaning. If we reverse it, it becomes "ga chang" (the head of the family). When a man gets married, he will become the head of a family, so this makes sense. In order to become the head of a family, a man has to form a family with a wife and children. Because Jesus could not have a wife, the history of humankind became a tragedy. Especially the family of Zachariah and the Jews came to walk the path of destruction.

Through Jesus dying on the cross, the Holy Spirit was also lost. Jesus went the path of death imagining how his wife might have looked, saying, "The reciprocal partner for whom I wished, or the figure of a true mother for whom I sought, should be like this." This hope penetrated deep inside his heart. He died thinking of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus died leaving his han on this earth. In order to dissolve this han, the Holy Spirit must come on earth. This is not even written in the Bible. Have you ever heard a phrase like "dissolving han"? The han which Jesus could not dissolve has to be dissolved on this earth. Jesus had the heart to love all humanity as a parent, and he had the heart to save the whole of humankind through the Israelites. However, Jesus had to die with this concept, leaving han in his heart. The spiritual work to dissolve Jesus' han was exactly the history of Christianity developing until today.

Whether or not Jesus was supposed to marry remains the problem. From the point of view of original human value and the Principle of Creation, Jesus was to get married. What was Jesus to do after getting married? Jesus was to become a perfect man, completely unified, and as a man who could realize God's full potential of creation, Jesus was to give birth to his sons and daughters. However, Jesus was unable to do this. This is the most important responsibility for a man, but Jesus failed to fulfill it. Therefore, Jesus' lifelong hope was, as he mentioned, "I am the bridegroom and you are the bride." Therefore, throughout the providence we have been searching for a bride and a bridegroom who can inherit all things, and for a nation and a world wherein the bride and bridegroom can use all their power as representatives of God.

God created Jesus as a man; therefore, Jesus desired to marry through the Blessing of God. Jesus also wished to have a family and desired to be called a husband and a father. You must know that God's and Jesus' resentment can be resolved through you conveying the message that today's Christianity appeared because Jesus could not form this relationship and had to die.

In other words, the 4,000-year history of the Jews was to form a foundation for the bride to receive the Messiah. Because Jesus said when he died that He would come again to fulfill a relationship of bridegroom and bride, Christianity has been preparing for 2,000 years to be the bride.

What does the concept of the Son of God mean in today's Christianity? And where can the Daughter of God be? Jesus finding the Daughter of God would have transformed the history of providence. However, since Jesus could not find the Daughter of God, there was historical tragedy.

How was the Daughter of God to be found in the history of recreation? The daughter of God was to be recreated through Adam. We must take into account the fact that God created Adam's spouse from Adam's rib. This does not mean that God literally took Adam's rib, but it means that God created a spouse resembling Adam. Adam and his spouse were to grow up to follow God's will. This was why Joseph's family and Zechariah's family were necessary.

Jesus was to fulfill the ideal of bride and bridegroom and was to be embraced in the bosom of God. Only then would Jesus completely restore what was lost by the fall of the first ancestors, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve fell together, so two people must accomplish restoration. This is why there is the Blessing ceremony in the Unification Church.

Jesus, without dying, was to form a relationship of a husband and wife and was to Bless in the name of God his twelve apostles and seventy disciples, and then the one hundred and twenty followers. Jesus giving the blessing spiritually after his death is meaningless Jesus died being persecuted and opposed without fulfilling his mission; therefore, his resentment is still left on this earth.

Jesus himself was to form a family and become a parent of sons and daughters of goodness. If Jesus had become a parent of a son and daughter of goodness, he would have had offspring. If Jesus had borne children, then Christianity would not have divided, but would have become a unified group.

What has Jesus been doing for 2,000 years in the spirit world? Those who went to the spirit world believing in Jesus are like the seeds in the body of Jesus, who is in the position of a father not yet able to get married. Those people are still in paradise, not able to go to heaven, waiting for the bride of Jesus. This is because of heavenly law.

Then what do we need to do? The bride must appear and we must vow through the bride. In other words, if we are not able to make the vow with the bride, then we cannot claim the heavenly nation as our own, and we cannot mention that heaven is the ideal world in which we will live. Jesus could not marry, but if he had, he would have stood in the position of a perfected man capable of having a child.

The Blessing is the hope of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When we solve it, a new history can begin. Therefore, the Blessing fulfills the hope of the whole. Jesus could not fulfill this mission; therefore, he has to come again to complete his mission.

The Lord of the Second Coming will stand in the position of a perfected Adam. Adam has to be born on earth and accomplish the course of going through Eve and being Blessed. Without that, Adam cannot claim his position as a perfected Adam. He must fulfill this mission not only in heaven, but on earth.

5. The Blessing Of Jesus And Christian Thought

When we look at the Principle of Creation, God first created Adam and then created Eve centering on Adam. Therefore, Mary should have supported her son and should have looked for a bride for him. Mary should have done this, not only Jesus. Mary had to support Jesus and had to look for the bride.

In this respect, we can understand that Mary did not fulfill her responsibility. Mary told Jesus at the marriage in Cana in Galilee that they had run out of wine, to which Jesus replied, "Woman, what have you to do with me?" Jesus was saying, what does the other man's marriage have to do with me? In other words, the time for Jesus to have a wife had come and he was asking Mary why she had not realized that. Mary did not fulfill her responsibility.

If Jesus had married, his sons and daughters would have been God's grandsons and granddaughters. Jesus' sons and daughters would have been God's family. Some people say, "Jesus is God Himself," but those people are crazy. Those people are the heretics of heretics. They are saying, "What does it mean for Jesus to get married just like us, earthly people?" They would lose their hope if they understood the Holy God got married. Why is that? If someone gets married, why would he or she cease being holy? The most holy thing for man and woman is to get married.

If Jesus had married and had a son and daughter, then who would have become the Pope? Would a person such as Peter have been the one? (Laughter.) No. The sons and daughters of Jesus' direct lineage would have become the Popes. Then, naturally, Jesus would have become the king of the world.

However, because Jesus, who tried to form a foundation on this earth, died, Christianity lost Israel and could only realize the spiritual Israel. Therefore, God does not have a nation in which He can prepare His foundation. Are the churches a kingdom which Jesus can possess? This is why the churches have been rejected.

The Unification Church appeared with this secret, so the Christians who are in the position of servants are afraid and now oppose us. If they want to oppose, they can go ahead. we can stay still. This is similar to the Communists coming out to throw down the bourgeoisie. They should be careful. Who will be thrown out? Will they be thrown out, or will Reverend Moon of the Unification Church be thrown out? They will be thrown out.

The problem is not the number of people. The problem is one person.

Why did Jesus have to die? If Jesus had married, would he have died or not? If a woman from an established church hears this, she will be astonished. She will murmur, "Jesus getting married ...." Everyone: was Jesus a man or a woman? (A man.) If Jesus were a man, would or would not Jesus have had the characteristics of a man? (He would have.) Then if there was a good woman, would or would not Jesus have wanted to marry her? There is no question about it. If there were time today, I would answer all your questions, but there is no time today. When I have time, let's meet again. You should understand this very well through the Principle.

If you were born as a man, you were born knowing that there is a woman. Then did Jesus, who was born as a man, need to get married or not? (He should have gotten married.) If Jesus, who came as the son of God, married and had a son and a daughter, what would they be? They would be the grandsons and granddaughters of God. Would God dislike looking at His grandsons and granddaughters or would He enjoy it? There is no question about it. God would like it.

Then why did Jesus have to die? It was because Jesus' mother, Mary, could not find Him a wife. This is why there is resentment remaining. This was why Jesus criticized Mary, saying to her at the marriage in Cana, "Woman, what have you to do with me?" He meant that her concern was a nuisance. She was worrying about wine, when she should have been preparing a way for her son. These circumstances drove Jesus into a corner.

However, the Christians, without knowing this, are believing in vagaries. Are they saying that they will go to heaven and become the Lord's bride? In order to be a bride they must know everything about the groom, from his situation and mission to the sadness and pain through which he went, and then they must serve. I see people saying, "Jesus went through suffering," without knowing anything, and that is not right. We members of the Unification Church are different from such believers in the established churches.

You must remember that Jesus stood before Mary and pleaded in tears three times. Jesus' mother, Mary, did not listen, so Jesus had to leave his home when he turned thirty, starting his public life course.

Then, what was Mary to do? Mary was to prepare the reciprocal partner of Jesus and prepare a historical foundation. In order for Jesus to complete this foundation, Mary was to support Jesus and take all the responsibility to alleviate Jesus' resentment. Furthermore, based on the foundation of Joseph's family, Mary was to pick a bride for Jesus and prepare a holy wedding for him. However, this dissipated as if it had been a dream. Mary was tied up too much with her living concerns and her own problems with her husband.

The child-mother cooperation until the time of Jesus was part of the foundation to search for a son. In what position was Mary standing? (A servant's position.) Mary gave birth to her son, but it was through her body as a servant. Jesus needed a bride. According to the Principle of Creation, a woman must be created. Jesus, in the position of Adam, had to seek the lost Eve. Then, Jesus could marry.

However, was Jesus able to find Eve? No. Jesus was searching, but he had to die; therefore, Jesus has to come again. Jesus comes again and marries. Is that right? Jesus died without being able to get married, so he has to come again in order to get married. The idea that Jesus should get married is Christian thought. (Laughter.)

Therefore, at the time of the second coming, what celebration did I say would be held? (A marriage feast.) What is a marriage feast? A marriage feast means that the woman goes to the man and the man receives the woman. A marriage feast is a marriage ceremony. Isn't that right? (Yes.) If I tell this story, people make a fuss saying I am a heretic. Christians become very envious.

In order to hold the marriage feast, that is, the feast of the lamb, Jesus needs a bride. Therefore, the bride must be found. Who is that bride? It is Eve. It is Eve who was together with Adam before the fall. The Lord of the Second Advent is the third Adam. Jesus was the second Adam; the Lord who comes after Jesus is the third Adam. The third Adam comes in the position of Adam before the fall and has to search for Eve before the fall. The third Adam must find the unfallen Eve and have the feast of the lamb.

Through the fall, Adam and Eve, who were to become the parents of humankind, became the parents of evil. Therefore, if we can find the parents of goodness before the fall, then the restoration will be completed. Therefore, parents of goodness are necessary for humankind. The feast of the lamb is necessary for the parents of goodness to be recognized. Christian thought is very simple. This is the backbone of Christian thought.

When we look at Jesus, Jesus could not love his family. Think about how miserable Jesus was. Christians mention many things, believing in Jesus as the Messiah, but think of how miserable Jesus was. Was Jesus able to love his family, or the nation, or the world, or God? No, he couldn't. He couldn't love, though he tried with all his heart.


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