The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Establishment Of The Ideal World

Sun Myung Moon
March 17, 1970

The ideal world is not accomplished in the imaginary realm of ideas; rather, it is accomplished in stimulating, substantial reality. This is the final request of humankind, but we did not really know that it is accomplished centered on one's family.

Now the mission that the Unification movement must go forward carrying on its shoulders is a world centered on the family. Burning with the conviction that the family exists for the sake of the world, that it exists for the sake of the nation, that it exists for the sake of the people, that it exists for the sake of the tribe, the entire family must become a group which is able to live for the sake of accomplishing that goal. We must believe firmly the fact that when we begin to act like this, in the not too distant future, the entire world will be completely embraced in the realm of dominion where you are able to love us.

We must discover that we are shameful beings in relation to the holy word: the blessing. Our lives of the past were individual level lives. They were not lives centered on personalities which were related to the cosmic history, rather, they were individual lives which had fallen into ruin. Since each of us must become able conquer these kinds of selves, Father, please bless us.

Now we are not going forward for any one individual; rather, we must pioneer the foundation of joy of the family, and with that as our motivation, we must go forward to accomplish that kind of realm of love and family which can be shown to the people. We earnestly ask and desire, Father, that you will let us become those kinds of responsible people.

Father! We know that it is the Will of hundreds of thousands of ages to establish a family which represents the people and to find a Unification tribe in that way. Now we must straighten ourselves and come before you with a sincere attitude. We know that we must establish a Four Position Foundation in which the man and the woman become one and attend their parents and lead their children for the sake of that. We know that this is the realization of the ideal of creation. We have heard the phrase, "the completion of the Four Position Foundation," thousands and hundreds of thousands of times, but we lament that we are people who have not been able to love that definitive content in reality. Please bear with us. Please allow us to feel the stimulation of love which is able to do that.

We will have to complete that kind of mission, bring the people and the world along, and connect them with you, Father. We earnestly hope and desire that you will please let us connect with the essential condition of power, by an absolute subject partner and an absolute object partner becoming one, and by making this into the realm of the dominion of love, please do not let us be inadequate to act before the world and please let us realize the realm of one family which is able to stand in dignity as beautiful and harmonious beings. We have humbly prayed in the holy name of the True Parents.

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