The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Become Children Who Are Able To Go Directly Towards The Will Alone

Sun Myung Moon
November 24, 1968

Father! Just as you have related to us with the heart of a parent relating to his children, please allow our hearts to swell with adoration of our parents, while we relate to you. And please let us share together the many grief-filled situations you have had until now from a position where your mind and ours have become one.

The day when we are able to hold you and comfort you should come quickly. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that in the midst of that you will let us be able to be grateful while realizing on our own the lofty preciousness of our father.

Father! Since, we are people who must go out to the world anyway, please allow us to quickly prepare everything necessary for going out to each nation of the world. Please allow us to become wise children who can go straight towards the destination we must reach quickly. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to be able to go straight to the places we must go, and even though many people rest along the way, we people of the Unification Movement will not rest.

We must know the fact that in the place we must go now there is a path of trials, suffering and hard work in front of us. Furthermore, we must know the fact that the swords and guns of the enemy are blocking our way.

We know that the more eager our minds are to go straight there, the more we must have minds with attitudes of wanting to act for our father, minds which love our father, in order to easily overcome everything that will appear there in our external environment. We know that without those kinds of minds, we can not go straight along this path.

We know the fact that you carried out the providence for the long period of six thousand years because you were not able to meet one person who was able to go straight on this way, and because the conditions which have to be indemnified could not be overcome. Please let us know clearly that that one person and those conditions of indemnity have been put on the way in front of us.

Just as you needed a true character and true conditions of indemnity while going this way looking for us, we, who are looking for you will have to have a true character and establish true conditions of indemnity. We know that we must be able to liberate ourselves from Satan; that is to say, at the same time that we become people who are able to subjugate Satan, we must stand in a position of leading all the people, of offering sacrifices to you, and of not being attacked by Satan. Unless we do that, we will end up like wanderers who are not able to go to you even if we want to. When we realize that our way is long and pressing, we know we must go straight, and it will not do for us to take a detour on this way that is so far and so pressing. We know that the time is far too short for us to pass over this long way.

Father! We know that when we feel hearts that are stimulated so that it will not do unless we become completely for the Will, then we will be able to call you our father, and an earnest heart will well up. We know that you are always acting in that position. Therefore, we earnestly hope that you will allow us to become your children who struggle to dash to you with earnest hearts with the goal of resolving grief. We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

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