The Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume 3: The Determination Volume

Please Let Us Become Substantial Beings Who Realize The Will

Sun Myung Moon
March 9, 1958

Beloved Father! You have sought us by sending the saints and sages of righteousness, and you cultivated the foundation of our hearts by sending Jesus. Now we know that your Will remains that we must realize your Will substantially through our bodies. Since we know that our individual selves must realize your Will through families, and furthermore we must raise up all the things of creation to you, Father, please be with us.

We come to understand that building the Kingdom of Heaven which is limited to us is not your Will; rather, there still remains for us the responsibility of having to build the substantial Kingdom of Heaven where you are able to dwell in the realm of all things, as well. We know that it is heartbreaking for you to see that this way of ours, this way of the people who must cope with this kind of cosmic responsibility, is still remaining in the fallen world. Therefore, please guide us to be able to have eternal life by once again taking hold of our inadequate and weak selves.

If you lead us we will not despair. We will not hesitate. Rather, we earnestly hope and desire, beloved Father, that you will please lead us to become brave generals of heaven, who are able to become individuals whom you can move, and churches, nations, a world and the Kingdom of Heaven, which you can move, by having driven out the enemy Satan in order to possess your life and glory. Now we earnestly hope and desire that you will lead us to become sons and daughters who are able to raise up before you even the realm of all things while feeling your life through our bodies, and your heart through our minds.

While earnestly asking that you will let your good news be told to the multitudes of humankind today as well, we have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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