The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume Two: The Entreaty Volume

Father! We Did Not Know In Time

Sun Myung Moon
April 25, 1971

Father! You are the only one we can believe; there is no one to depend on but you. We know that there is no one but you to clear up matters and form a relationship with. If we form a relationship with people, we see that it will become nothing more than an object of despair. As we walk the path of persons of faith, we have seen many times, experienced many times, and felt many times the incessant fact of human history that in the end our hearts are pierced with arrows.

Our sorrow was not being hungry, it was not standing in a position of being persecuted unjustly by the environment. We did not know in advance that what is far more sorrowful than that is losing our beloved father. No matter how lacking a place may be, if you are there it has everything. Even if a place is in the center of hell, if you are there it can be transformed into heaven.

We know that there is no other place for us to live or die than where you are, Father. It is under you that we have happiness; it is under you that we have hope, and when we think that it is under you that our existence has value, in this way you are the prerequisite of all our victories, the prerequisite of happiness, and we really really did not know in advance the fact that it is you, Father, who can be the decisive standard of value.

As for pursuing superior value, we did not know in time that before pursuing something external, already deep in our minds there is a standard which can determine the content of value. We thought that the source of happiness was in some relative world on the other side; therefore we did not know in advance that deep in our minds a root is already connected there.

Now, Father, if through the Unification Church, you are longing for us to become sons and daughters whom you can embrace as favored children of new resurrected life, we have realized that it will not do unless we make efforts in order to for us to be able to stand in such a position. Therefore we earnestly hope and pray that we may become your precious sons and daughters who can obtain your compassion by becoming gentle incarnations who relate to your will humbly. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of our True Parents. Amen.

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