The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume Two: The Entreaty Volume

Please Let Us Know The Time Of Our Life

Sun Myung Moon
January 24, 1971

Until now for Unification Church members the time has come near, but it worries me greatly, and I can not help but be skeptical about how many people know that the time is coming. The time passes as the time, but we know that nothing will work today if people are the same as they were in the past.

We know that when spring comes as the time to plant seeds, if the seeds are planted, the shoots will sprout, and when summer comes, the shoots will grow, and when fall comes, they will bear fruit, and just before winter comes there is a time to harvest. When we see one living being going through the course of its life according to the laws of natural phenomena like this, if there is a person who in his lifetime is greeting the spring season of his life of faith, please allow him to also greet the summer season. In the summer season it is not the luxuriantly growing leaf which is good; please allow us to understand how precious the stem is which allowed it to grow. We know that this stem, as a stem I alone can possess, brings flowers into bloom and bears fruit, and if it is a yearly plant, that fruit brings the combined results of the value of the whole year We must understand that a life of faith has times like that as well.

Please let us know that throughout our lives in relation to our course of knowing the will one time is the spring season; one time is the summer season; one time is the fall season, and one time is the harvest season. When we reach the harvest season centered on the will, we must offer everything and give our full devotion and bring in the harvest. And if we do not claim the things we harvest as our own, but give them to you and then receive them back as ours, we form a relationship with you, and all things can belong to us. Because we know that being able to have a relationship has value, we who are going the course of restoration should not first have all things as our own; rather everything must be yours, Father. We who are in the position of having received your call and following must clearly understand that preparing our own personality and life does not come first; we must prepare for your personality and your life first.

More than any thing else, please do not let us lose the battle through lives of a day, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will bless us, Father, not to lose in relation to the battle through our lives of a month.

May all things be together with the standard of your victory, and we earnestly ask you to guide us to become sons and daughters whose minds will always rush valiantly and boldly in that direction and be there at the place of your final victory. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of our True Parents. Amen.

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