The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume Two: The Entreaty Volume

Please Allow Us To Pursue A True Life With A Gentle Humble Attitude

Sun Myung Moon
September 27, 1970

The person who lives for the world and is raised up by the world is not the kind of person who insists that he is great. We must truly understand that it is the kind of person who should be raised up by you who do not reveal yourself and who walk the path of hard work in a lonely place.

Please let us realize that sons and daughters who work hard quietly thinking of you in order to return that joy to you as yours are more needed than people who make efforts to obtain whatever kind of happiness there may be as the pride of this people.

Our hard working Father! Our lonely Father! If we are sons and daughter who truly know the dramatic situation of sorrow of our father who has endured closing his eyes, biting his lips and biting his tongue, we must truly feel that you, who have carried the grief of a thousand years in your heart, can not receive comfort through people who seek for satisfaction in the life of one day.

In spite of being people who are passing through a historical age in which we must live lives of reform, lives of inspiration which can not hold back the tears even if we have the grief of it taking our entire lives, before you we should, of course, live true lives with gentle, humble attitudes, but on the contrary we must realize that we are making your work harder, and we are giving you heavier crosses to carry, and we have pushed you out on a lonely path.

And not only that we must realize that we have been in the vanguard position striking the people of heaven's side as descendents who received the evil blood lineage. We must discover that we are those who can not even request forgiveness from you through anything in heaven and earth. Then please make us realize that we can truly find you and relate to you only if in lamentation and anguish we have minds which seek to offer to you our lives which have caused grief in relation to your will. We earnestly hope that your will allow us to feel that this is the most important event, greater than anything else in our lives. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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