The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume Two: The Entreaty Volume

Please Allow Us To Consider On Our Own The Situation We Are Faced With

Sun Myung Moon
November 2, 1969

Father! This morning a lonely group has gathered before you. We must consider on our own the kind of situation we are in. We need to realize clearly through whom we have come here at this time and in order to form what kind of relationship we have come to this place.

However evil the world may be, and however filthy the world may be, we must examine completely on our own the position we are in, and we must determine our relationship with you, Father, and in the course of our lives establish a relationship with you which can not be forgotten. We must know that if there is such a person, the relationship that person forms is greater and more precious than anything else in the world.

Our longing for our Father is soaring up out of our hearts, adoring hearts longing for heaven of their own accords, these are the driving forces which can go against the flow of history. Please allow us to know that these shields of victory can trample the waves of death and stand over them. We must become those people of true love who know how to feel how precious the people are who can live as substantial testimonies praising you with their minds and bodies.

Now we must analyze ourselves in detail, and think about for whom our faces exist. We must think about what our eyes are seeing what our ears are hearing, for which tastes and smells our mouths and noses exist, and for which acts of service for whom our hands and feet exist. Please allow us to completely realize that even though we should have been those whose entire being could become truly one with heaven and long for you, Father, and attend you, Father, and be those who were loyal to you, we are those who must grieve from a position of anguish that we have not had even one moment of our minds communicating with you and love.

We who say we live on this earth, live in a realm of life limited to seventy, eighty years or at most a hundred years, and then we are buried in the earth. No matter how good we might look while on the earth we must realize that we can not bring about any results by ourselves, and we must realize how meaningless is preparing a living environment only with accomplishments on the earth.

We must clearly know that our birth and life and our four limbs and hundreds of body parts all exist due to you, Father, and we must understand how very precious we are when we depend only on heaven, and take responsibility ourselves even when there are difficulties, and with a desperate attitude follow your will, pushing our way through a great diversity of difficulties and seek to relieve your grief.

We must become those who know how to think of our relationship with you when we are in sorrow in such a position, and we must become those who are able to be grateful to you when we are happy. We must become true people who desperately weep and proclaim so that all of heaven and earth can be moved that you exist, our living Father who has been taking on all the difficulties and going forth being driven out again and again in our stead throughout history, and at this moment as well you are not resting, but in order to save us you are searching for the standard of goodness.

But each time we feel that no one has been able to experience that position, we want to receive your grace, Father, and we long to be able to live a life of grace within you and win your confidence. Father, we who are like that need a relationship with you, and need to be governed by you. Therefore, please allow only the glory of your life to rise up from the depths of our hearts. We pray in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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