The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume Two: The Entreaty Volume

Please Allow Us To Have Minds Which Long For You, Father

Sun Myung Moon
March 31, 1968

Father! We must become children. We must become children who insist to you that we are hungry when we are hungry. Children thirst to adore their mothers. Children are simple and innocent. The more they are raised, the more they are brought up and gently embraced, the more they grow to follow their parents' standard.

Father! Please repeatedly remember your children who are gathered here. If they who have come from so many diverse situations open their hearts about those situations, we know that you will not be able to help being moved. Therefore please allow us to open our hearts, and to have hearts that long for you like hungry babes longing for their mothers' milk.

Who will be the teacher here? These people do not want the words of man. Until now they have heard many words spoken, and they have attended many churches, and they have met many people. But the nectar of life was not among them, and because the milk of life was not there, their minds have run dry. With nothing to depend on in their exhausted state they are in a miserable position like a wasteland. Therefore, Father, please gather them together. Each one must put aside his own situation, and there must arise a work of intertwined lives wriggling for re-creation centered on relationships of life and words of life which are centered on your situation, Father.

I have not been able to prepare myself to bring myself before you, Father. But I offer everything I have and am before you, and I must find my "self" which begins with you. I must have the attitude of mind which seeks to begin from you. Since I must possess the true appearance which begins with you, I earnestly hope and desire that you will be with me personally.

Since they have come with minds that have been grieving for a week, Father, please comfort them. I earnestly ask that you will please apply medicine on their wounds, and spreading salve over them, embrace them with love. And then for these lonely, miserable, shabby people please allow a place in your home where they can change clothes and rest.

How much you must look forward to people seeking you on their own with the nourishment of overflowing love. These people are also looking forward to such a position, so we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow it. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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