The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume Two: The Entreaty Volume

Please Allow Us To Feel Deeply Ashamed In Front Of You

Sun Myung Moon
October 17, 1965

Oh merciful Father! Please accomplish that which you desire and will in heaven and on earth. So many people have left your embrace and still continue in their filial impiety. Everyday we see them moaning in the valley of death, unable to remove themselves from that environment even today. and when we think about facing this situation which causes us sorrow please allow us to become aware that in front of you we are ashamed and there is nothing we can say. Father! You have carried out the providence until now with the goal of a day of joy when you can embrace all humankind and call each one your child. But today on this earth there are so terribly few children who can relate to your love, and there is no one to inherit your entire providence of restoration and offer loyalty to you. When we think about these kinds of things, we realize that even today your sorrowful course remains before us. Therefore at this time please allow us to take ourselves to task again and to discover that we are those who must go forth.

In this evil, wretched world on this devastated earth, the will of your providence is taking a new direction, and we know that at the same time that it is your hope, Father, to lead us without fail to the world of your will, it is also the hope of all humankind living on this earth. We also know that without finding the way towards a standard where you and all humankind on the earth can become one, we will not be able to bring this entire will and mission to completion.

Today you have raised us up to have us pioneer the path of a new religion in front of this people, and to present a new page of history in course of the world. We earnestly hope that you will please allow us to become people who know how to feel sorry and bow down in front of your effort and hard work to establish all the world level indemnity conditions on a horizontal level in order to connect the past, present and future of life. We have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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