The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume Two: The Entreaty Volume

Please Bear With Our Mistakes Of The Past

Sun Myung Moon
May 22, 1963

Father! Because we know that you did not cast away fallen humankind, and we know the results of your hard work for 6,000 years in order to reach and reestablish us and we know your heart of compassion, we have come before you with a mind to bow down before you.

We know that you have an eager heart which could not help but wander and search for us, a mind which could not just throw us away, and we have come before you today like this calling you "Father." Please bear with us.

We are inadequate in view of your heart of longing for eternal sons and daughters with whom your heart can communicate. Please remember that our minds are longing for you alone. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will see and consider compassionately that in our minds our earnest, original hearts want to relate to your internal nature.

Oh, Father! This position where we have to long for the world of your holy original creation has become a position of sorrow. And furthermore, we can not help but think it is extremely deplorable that we are in a position where we can not help but report truthfully that we are so inadequate that we can not appear before you. Now when we consider all the traces in the background of history we understand that we were substantial beings of sorrow, and pitiful beings who did whatever we pleased in front of you, Father. We can not help but feel pain in our hearts that we were not able to appear at some point as object partners of glory before you heart, or to become the descendents of our ancestors who could praise your glory, Father, representing the entire universe. Please bear with the sins of our ancestors, and please bear with the pitiful situation of humankind today, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will bear with the fact that people do not know they have the mission to prepare the foundation for the eternal welfare of their descendents.

You have worked hard until now, Father. Now through the Principle we have come to know that our father is a sorrowful father, our will is a sorrowful will, our history is a history of suffering unjustly, and our lives are lives invaded by Satan. Thus, we can not raise our heads before you, Father, when we think that we are still struggling in the midst of an environment filled with grief.

Satan still has power on this earth; an unrighteous environment remains on the earth, and the dominion of evil is dominating the cosmos. At this time when we are watching this reality which is demanding the sorrow of heaven, please especially have compassion for us who are in the position where we who are seeking heaven, we who are praising your desire, and calling your name, have experienced our inadequacy and can not help but appeal to you, Father.

If it were not for your power and your protection, Father, we would not be able to remain here substantially on this evil earth today. We are the inadequate people who would not be able to have anything remain in front of the will of the providence. In view of the fact that we who are like this have come before you, and we are those who know our reality as it is; please augment your heart of compassion one more time and remember us. Please call us to task for our lack of faith, and counsel us to be able to relate to the path of loyalty and filial piety. Please supplement our inadequacies, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will increase our power to be able to come close to completeness. We have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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