The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume Two: The Entreaty Volume

Please Allow Us A Foundation Of Security And Your Outstretched Hand Of Protection

Sun Myung Moon
November 6, 1960

Father! Please particularly remember this time. Please give your blessing to many human beings. And among them, please give your blessing to the many religious organizations calling your name. Please especially bless those who are being cast out as they cling to your heart. And please bless those who have gone out casting aside everything in order to be a living sacrifice for heaven not troubling themselves over blood, sweat and tears. We believe that you will be together with them. We believe that you will fight together with them.

Father! More than anyone else, more than any other people, more than any other believers, our minds want to live for you, and we want to attend you, and in your care, we want to fight every battle together with you. Among the many peoples, it was this people you called, and among the many believers, we are the sons and daughters you called; therefore please consider our minds trustworthy, and we dare to ask you to come to us.

We have understood your command calling us to come, and we have understood your will to send us out several times telling us to pioneer this path. We know that you have counselled us when we were discouraged, have told us, "I am here," when we were in sorrow, and you have comforted us. We know that you did so in the past, are doing so in this moment, and will do so tomorrow.

We know that we can not form a relationship with you in a comfortable place, and we can not meet you on a smooth path. We know that this is because you still are not in a comfortable place, and can not walk a smooth path.

Only if one seeks to take on your sorrow, Father, as one's own sorrow, and seeks to walk your path of suffering in your stead can one relate to you personally. We have learned, realized, and experienced that you can open your heart and speak your mind on the foundation of a natural heart.

Those who follow your footsteps on the lonely path you are going are lonely people. We know that you do not distinguish day or night to gather those who are in that kind of position because you are that way. Therefore please personally reach out and protect your sons and daughters who have gathered together for the one will and at this time have the same situation, same heart and same hope, and we earnestly hope that you will move them onto a secure foundation through the same grace. We have humbly prayed these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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