The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume Two: The Entreaty Volume

Please Seek Us Reaching Out With Love

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 1959

Greeting the holy day we come before your being, Father, with bowed heads. Oh father of love, father of compassion, father of magnanimity, please bear with us.

Our minds want to resemble your mind, and our bodies want to resemble your external form. We are not able to accomplish that because we don't know how. Therefore please inform us through our minds and give us experience through our bodies. We earnestly hope to be able to bow before you, Father, as those who have taken the example of your internal nature.

If it seems there are sons and daughters who are not proper before your will please seek them out personally and instruct them. Our ears are dim, and our eyes are dim. We do not know how to hear your words, and we do not know how to look upon you. Please let us sense in our minds and bodies that having to make us hear and having to make us see is more sorrowful for you than for us, and more heartbreaking for you than for us, and more frustrating for you than for us.

You have beckoned to us hundreds of millions of times, but we did not know how to respond, and you called out to us tens of thousands of times, but but we did not know how to hear you. Then how could we not be ashamed to stand before you? Even so we hear your voice calling us to come, and even so we know that you are beckoning and calling to us, and we fall down on our knees. We are the pitiful people among the pitiful. We believe that you know that we are those who more than anyone else have no place to depend on. Therefore even though we appear crude, you will have to seek us out and hold us reaching out with love.

Our eyes are dim and our bodies wounded, and even though we are in a position of not being able to know the essence of life, Father, please embrace us personally with love. We earnestly hope and desire that you will stop our tired footsteps, turn our minds form dejection to joy, and comfort us.

Even as sorrow is handed down we know that it is because this is a fallen world that you are caused to feel sorrow. Satan is blocking our path, and because you know that he is sweeping away the world through the power of death, you did not leave the responsibility up to us, but have taken on the responsibility alone and have gone forward facing and fighting the enemy, Father. The more our minds revere you as that kind of father, the more your mind will want to forgive us and forgive our faults. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that through that heart, you will once again seek us out.

We regret having become sinners, and we weep. Our hearts are indignant hearts and our tears are flowing, and when with earnest hearts our minds repent, we realize that you have borne with us for 6,000 years, Father, and today at this time also you seek to relate to us with a heart of compassion. Please knock on the doors of our hearts as we weep. Please remove the thoughts and assertions of all the ideologies which have been stained by sin until now. And please let us sense your life in our minds and bodies.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow this to be a time when we can experience heaven's heart of painstaking circumstances, heaven's heart of love, and heaven's grace of love which we have not been able to feel, and we can form the kind of relationship where you can call us your sons and daughters. We have humbly prayed these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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