The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Volume Two: The Entreaty Volume

Since We Have Repented For Our Unworthiness, Please Assert Your Dominion Over Everything

Sun Myung Moon
March 3, 1957

Beloved Father! On this lonely course of restoration which can not help but be gone whether one wants to or not, who is there who will shoulder again the burden of the destiny caused by the fall?

Through the fall of our human ancestors, you came to embrace grief early, Father. And enmity remained in the minds and bodies of humankind. And we know that through the sinful history of unfaithfulness of the Jewish people this enmity came to affect the entire world. At this time when heaven and earth are permeated with complaints over this enmity we earnestly hope and desire that you will open before us the path for us to go.

In order to go the path you will lead us on, first we must find a place where our lives can be at rest. After that our minds and bodies must become your place to find peace, and then we know that your love which we long for must dwell in our minds and bodies.

Oh, Father of compassion, Father of love, benevolent Father, oh my Father who has worked so hard to reveal your will, please reside in the midst of us! Since we have come before your knees, ashamed, Father, with our defiled minds and bodies just as they are, please bear with us. If you do not bear with us, if you do not become our standard for going forth, then there is no one more pitiful than us.

Oh, Father! Because you have been our eternal ideal, our eternal hope, and our eternal life, and you know the situation we are facing today and the entire will we are hoping for, it will not do unless you appear to us and take dominion personally.

First, please allow us to become people with elements of the original nature and essence which can receive your dominion, and please allow our minds and bodies to be able to be captured by your words of bidding and your work of construction. And then in front of your glory, please allow to be revealed your direct works of power which will make us unable not to surrender even if we don't want to. And we earnestly hope and desire, beloved Father, that you will take dominion over all our minds and bodies and that you will remove from us the roots of sin which you can not endure.

Since the waves of death are trying to sweep us away, please block all those things. And if personal enmities have permeated us, please remove them. Are there any minds, or wills, or thoughts, or insistence on ideologies left which are centered on ourselves? Oh Father, please appear as the reality of power and please only you take dominion and assert yourself, and mould all our minds so that we may be able to resemble your external form. We earnestly ask you to allow this, and we have prayed these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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