The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Possess The Features Of Children Who Are Able To Represent You

Sun Myung Moon
August 31, 1969

Oh Father! Until now you have been moving. Until now, the earth has been moving, too. But since the direction that you were moving and the direction that the earth was moving were not the same, it became your sorrow; therefore, we will have to unite them. We know that the beings who will have to unite them are the people who are in the middle, who are neither heaven nor the earth. We must clearly know the fact that due to people centering on themselves and betraying God, and not being able to go beyond the foundation of the difficult way of history, today this miserable struggle has continued centered on each one's self.

Here we must know that the enemies who are more frightening than the enemies of heaven or the enemies of the earth are the people. Due to people, your sorrow and grief have piled up one on top of the other, Father, and due to people, until now a miserable history of blood has continued on the earth. When we realize that all this is because a true person could not be established, we must establish truth and find a true person. And after finding him we must become completely one with him.

We have come to understand that in order to do that, the course of restoration is having to be absolutely obedient to you.

Owing to our having offered our minds and bodies entirely and having given our full devotion, heaven will have to be able to bow its head here and earth will have to be able to bow its head here. We will have to become people who are not ridiculed by the enemy Satan and who have the features of sons and daughters who have become one with you; who are able to attend you, and who are able to represent you. Please do not let us forget the fact that you have longed greatly for those kinds of features.

If in our minds we have hot-blooded vitality, please do not let that vitality end as vitality for any one individual; please let us realize that it will not do unless this vitality becomes connected with your vitality. If there is such a thing for young people, it is the same, and if middle-aged or elderly people have hearts of that kind of vitality, please let them be able to become one with you. We must know clearly that we descendents of the fall are facing a path of destiny along which we must long for and go to the place we are looking for today and tomorrow.

Father! Now we must open the doors of our minds and attend you with much care. Before the majesty of your presence we must bow down, and repent for the historical sins of the past and ask for forgiveness. Father, please come to us. Please extend your heart of mercy to us and please do not forget us. We must become true object partners who are able to become one with your hope. And we must become people who hold you as an object of adoration and who long for you.

Father! We know that it will not do unless we establish one complete standard that is able to call you Father and that unites the mind of vitality which is able to move or stop together with heaven and the mind of vitality which is able to move or stop together with the earth. Therefore, we earnestly hope that you will allow us to become a humble group before you as those who can do that. We have prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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