The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Be Children Who Do Not Forget Our Destined Relationship As Parent And Children

Sun Myung Moon
August 24, 1969

Father! Having to accomplish the mission of certain victory which you left behind is the daily life of original humankind who are living on the earth and it is their very life, but we know that by not having historical results which could be left before heaven, humankind has left behind historical grief. Please awaken us once again to the fact that you are concerned because we ourselves who are living today in this age are in a position where we could create grief.

Father! Please remember your children who are gathered here. They depend on you alone, and they are a group which is shouldering the important and great mission of having to accomplish the mission which you left behind. We know very well that we appear unworthy, and when we critique ourselves and analyze ourselves, we know that we do not measure up as beings who are able to return something to you. We must not forget that because we have already formed a destined relationship as children with you which can not be torn apart even if we tried to tear it apart, you look at our very beings and you are relating to us from the point which divides into sorrow or joy.

Just as parents love their children, it is the principle of all human morality, and the duty of heavenly morality that the children must love their parents. We know well that through our lives, humankind should have left behind a starting point of being able to give and receive that kind of love, but because humankind was not able to establish a foundation in daily life to be able to do that, and was not able to have an environment where we were able to do that, we could not establish that kind of tradition.

Please let this become a time and a place in which we reflect on the sorrowful course of history which has flowed on like this and which calls upon us to fulfill the mission left behind for us today. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow this to be a time in which we are able to present ourselves before your holy majesty, receive new orders, and receive new commands.

We are like naked people. Please let us realize clearly the fact that we are facing the realm of boundaries where we can be invaded by Satan at any time. Now we will have to know you, Father, before we die. And furthermore, we must feel that there remains before us the heavenly mission that after having come to know you it will not do unless we live and attend you before we die.

With our selves as we are when we stand in the presence of your solemn majesty, do we truly have eyes which are able to look straight at you, Father? Do we have faces which can relate to you without shame? And do we have limbs and bodies which can do things in your presence without shame? When we think about these things, we come to realize that we do not have any features which are not shameful before you. The more that we feel this the more we come to truly know that the position of our father is a position in which he can not avoid sorrow when he is relating to unworthy people who are pitiful like this and who are not able to stand properly.

Within our true minds, with minds soaring up which want to call out to you, going beyond time and the ages, our minds will have to become earnest about running towards you. We earnestly request you to allow us to realize the fact that without that kind of thing, we will not be able to continue our destined relationship as the sons and daughters of our father. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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