The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Inherit Your Path Of Sacrifice

Sun Myung Moon
December 8, 1968

Father! This morning is the day of rest. Please let us be able to come into contact with your glory together as your children, and please let us be able to come into contact with your noble and precious character, and please allow this morning to become one in which we are able to experience the idea of the victory of the fulfillment of your hope.

Oh Father! When we think about the fact that your holy work of having created this entire universe was ruined like this due to the first ancestors of humankind, as the sorrowful happenings come one on top of the other, we truly will have to feel that we have become people who must be ashamed before you.

We have come to know that you alone carried our responsibility, and you have walked the course of history so miserably, so mournfully, and so solitarily. Now we who have come to know this will have to give all our strength and praise highly the name of our father, and giving devotion, and following the example of your precious heart, we will have to sacrifice everything we have, and we will have to inherit completely the path of sacrifice of the pioneer which you have pioneered until now.

Oh Father! Please look down at your children who are gathered here. We are young. We are inadequate. We are a group that has lived without any kind of hope on the earth. We thank you sincerely that in spite of that you have brought us to participate in this holy place where we are able to call out your name, Father.

Please allow us to become true filial sons and true filial daughters who are able to inherit all of your toil each time we straighten up our clothes and call out your name, Father, and who are able to call you "Father" through a flow of deep heart.

Our Father, who has been sorrowful for millions of years, please reveal your grief-filled heart, and please let us reveal all our circumstances, and inherit completely your sorrowful grief, and please allow us to become your children who resolve completely all your enmity in relation to your enemies which has become entangled over millions of years. We have earnestly and humbly prayed in the holy name of our True Parents. Amen.

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