The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Become Children Who Comprehend Through Our Hearts

Sun Myung Moon
November 17, 1968

We know that the time of hope which you wanted to realize centered on the ideal of creation of heaven and earth has not yet been able to appear on earth. We know that when you created all the things of creation and humankind, your joy was great, but until now there has been no one who fathomed the heart of our father who looked forward to the family of goodness which is realized through eternal life and eternal love centered on humankind, and there has been no one on this earth who has experienced it. We will have to truly realize that it is grievous, infuriating, and disappointing that our human ancestors could not attend you and that they could not be embraced within your will.

We will have to realize that the place where you want to meet us and discuss circumstances with us is not the environment of the present reality where we have lived until now, rather it is your world of heart which is on a lofty level.

Please let us be able to truly understand that that world will not come about centered on the circumstances tangled through the fall, rather that world is realized centered on the heart of our father who is longing for that one time in which he can feel and move centered on the true original destined relationships which are far beyond all situations. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow us to be able to stand in a position of being able to comprehend through our hearts and not only say that we feel.

We earnestly hope and desire to become your children who are able to feel that you are alive through the flow of blood in our veins, and who can sense your breath in the sound of our breathing, and who can feel the touch of the mercy of our infinite father through the sense of touch of our skin.

Oh Father! Please let us realize what sorrowful people we are since we have not had a single hour with hearts like innocent children who are able to be comforted by you completely immersed in the midst of the merciful heart of our profound and lofty father. We have humbly prayed in the holy name of our True Parents. Amen.

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