The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let Us Walk The Path Of Loyalty And Filial Piety While Attending You

Sun Myung Moon
May 22, 1960

Father! Please pardon the fact that we have shed endless tears because of our difficulties. When we had difficulties we often smote our breasts and gnashed our teeth. Please let us realize how unpardonable behavior this was in front of our father. Father, please let us realize that this kind of act could be expected from a traitor who had forgotten the sorrow of heaven, but it is an unreasonable act even in our dreams for a group which knows the sorrow of heaven. We have realized that being joyful even when in sorrow, and being joyful even when in difficulties, and being grateful even if we die are only fulfilling our responsibility at least a little in front of our father, and they are ways to avoid being ashamed in the presence of our father who comes to us.

Now the problem is the kind of position we are in. Have we ever even once greeted our father who came to us, or fed our father who was hungry, or given a drink to our father who was thirsty, or dressed our father who was in need of clothing, or gone to see our father who was in difficulties, or visited our father who was ill? You have said that those positions are where we can always attend you, Father.

We have realized that we must become sacrifices for the whole, and we have realized that it is an ironclad historical rule that the smaller must be sacrificed for the larger. Furthermore since we have realized that great sacrifices must be made in order to establish the will of the heavenly providence, please let us suppress our own sorrows and be more concerned about your sorrows, and suppress our own worries, and be more concerned about your worries, and suppress our own unjust suffering and be more concerned about your unjust suffering. Please let us realize that if we become sons and daughters like that, the heart of heaven comes to be together with us.

We were those who forsook you, when we had suffering, who reported to you when we were in sorrow, who appealed to you to take care of it when we went through unjust suffering. We have realized that this is not the duty of filial children or the duty of loyal subjects or faithful women. We have come to realize that if you are going through unjust suffering, it will not do unless we seek to shoulder that unjust suffering even if we come face to face with a sorrowful position or the position of death, and we have realized that we are the people who must not let you stay in that kind of position if you are in that kind of position, even if we come to stand in a position which is difficult to stand in here on the earth,

Father! Please open the doors of our minds and dwell in us, and please release your grief which has formed during the course of restoration, and please let the joy and glory of attending you with our minds be able to reach and affect this world even to all the created things of heaven and earth. Since we have realized that you are infinitely longing for that day, Father, please let us become people who fight and fight, and weep and weep, going forward for the sake of that day.

We earnestly request that you will allow us to become people who know how to run forward to the altar of glory where we attend you by establishing a standard of heart which says, "I will be loyal to you in that way." We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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