The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Father! We Are In Deep Awe

Sun Myung Moon
October 11, 1959

Father! We are in deep awe. Having gone it, we have come to understand that this path is a magnificent path to go, and the more that we experience it, the more we know that it is a path of sorrow which can not be stopped no matter how we smote our breasts.

Oh Father, who sought us not for just a day, and not for several years, but for the long time of 6,000 years! Please let this be a time of realizing just how insane the position was that we put you in, and just how angry a position we let you stay in, and furthermore just how unfilial a position we were in. Please let us realize that we, who wept and cried over the things of this world before forming this destined relationship, are sinners among sinners.

What is the hope of those of us who have come here? We did not come here to find someone wearing good clothes; we did not come to find someone of authority, and we did not come for the sake of some desire. Since we have come merely longing for your love, longing for your affection, and longing for a destined relationship with you, Father, if you have tears, please allow us to have those tears, also, and if you have suffering, please allow us to have that suffering, too.

Please let us realize that it will not do unless we become princes who indemnify and in your place take responsibility for the history of sorrow and suffering, and we must not become princes who wander searching for a history of joy. We know that you are longing for sons and daughters who are victorious in a position like this, and sons and daughters about whom you can boast before heaven and earth. And furthermore, we have realized that the goal of God's having toiled for 6,000 years was to establish beloved sons and daughters. We earnestly request and desire that you will allow us to become equal to the duty given us and to be able to fulfill the responsibility given us today. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become sons and daughters who are able to become filial sons among filial sons, filial daughters among filial daughters, and loyal subjects among loyal subjects.

Then, we earnestly request that you, the father of history, may become our father; that you, the father of the present age, may become our father, and that you, the father of the future, may become our father, and that you will protect and embrace these people, Father, until the day of joy comes when we sing songs of joy mobilizing the entire universe. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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