The Prayers Of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Volume 1

Please Let This Become A Path Of Faith Where We Attend Our Sorrowful Father

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 1959

Father, you have rejoiced in revealing yourself in silence, and you have not minded revealing yourself in the midst of difficulties. When we realize again that historically it was you, Father, who fought personally on our side with us on the battlefield and who was together with us at the point of despair, and when we think that it was you, Father, who was always with us, and who always fought on our side with us, and who always longed to live together with us, please let us repent for our course of faith of the past in which we rejoiced in rejecting and excluding the earth even while living on the earth.

Our Father whom we joyfully attended as being far above the earth was a father of glory, but we have come to know that our Father who appeared on the earth is miserable, and worn out, and lonely. And furthermore, we learned and came to know that you have come to us and related to us in that way through the course of history.

Now we should not rejoice in and attend our Father who has appeared in glory; rather we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to stand in a position of glory of being able to rejoice in and attend our father who has been wounded on the earth and has been afflicted with difficulties, and who has struggled to find a true son.

If we seek to attend you from that kind of position we know that we will first have to go a path of tears; we will have to walk a path of thorns, and we will have to go beyond the path of the suffering of the cross. We know it is only in that way that we can know the fact that you exist. We can not help but think that this kind of lonely course of faith is remaining for us.

Heaven has warned us that now is the time to wake up from sleep. Heaven warned us that it is the time that we should hold up a bright light in this dark night, but are our minds immersed in darkness? Are our bodies bound by the chains of death? Please lead us to cut and cast these aside in order to be able to run towards heaven, to be able to fight in the place of heaven, and to be able to take responsibility in place of heaven. We know that it will not do unless we become sons and daughters who by doing that can call you "Father", and who long for our father to come; therefore, if there are people who are inadequate to stand before the will, Father, at this time please encourage them.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will let us know that the time and the age are at hand, and not let us become people who are judged, or swept away by the shadow of death, and that you will let us become sons and daughters who know how to run forward towards the garden of freedom seeking your bosom, led by the call of life, even if we have the grief of our bodies being ripped apart and even if we face the grief of death. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen

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