Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Unification [Part 4 of 4]

Please Let The Victorious Kingdom Of Heaven Come And Your Grief Be Resolved

Father! Since we know that we must give all the devotion we have for this pitiful people, oh Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will protect them. And we earnestly hope and desire that as you completely protect them, you will allow this people to live together with your Will.

When we ask who is responsible for having separated the North and South we know this people is. We know that the many religious bodies on which this people center are responsible. And when we think that we must take on the responsibility that these religious bodies have held, we must have confidence and pledge ourselves effectively to the mission of tomorrow's pioneers.

Today it would not do for us to become discouraged while on our pilgrimage as heralds; so Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will encourage us. The day on which north and south unify, that day, which many peoples will praise and which will give you joy, must come quickly.

The day must come when we can build the Kingdom of Heaven of victory which can resolve your grief on this Korean Peninsula. However strong evil may be, we know that evil cannot invade a place where there still are people of filial piety who live for you, or where there still are people with loyalty.

Your children who are gathered here should be able to lament the fact that we lack filial piety and we lack loyalty even though we are several people, we should become one body, and we should have one mind. We know that we will prosper on the day we become one centered on the Will, and we will be destroyed on the day we become divided.

The name "Unification" has been a name of suffering until now, but from now on it will have to be remembered as a name of glory. When we think that the path on which we must go towards glory is already determined, today we must have a sense of the extreme importance of our mission, and we must secure absolutely the foundation for unification.

Please let this church become one, and please let your children who are spread all throughout the north and south become one, please let your children who are spread throughout the world also become one. And as the final religious body, please let the Unification Church fulfill its responsibility completely without shame in front of this age, in front of the world, and in front of history.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the'1me parents. Amen.

April 11, 1971

Please Allow Us To Become A People That Adapts Itself To The Laws Of Heavenly Fortune

Father! Please look with sorrow at the present situation of this nation and please remember it. From now on, Father, you will have to take responsibility for the destiny of Korea. There is no one who can lead this nation, and there is no one who can take responsibility for it; only you can bring this nation into oneness with the direction of heavenly fortune.

So we earnestly hope and desire that you will act, Father, to connect our individual hearts and the hearts of this people so that in the midst of your care this people may find the direction that will allow them to become one with the Will you desire.

However great a person may be, there is no one who can block the way of heavenly fortune. Each time that we think that we should adapt ourselves to the wave of heavenly fortune and follow it, we ask you to fill to overflowing with your heart the hearts of the many people leading this nation, and in the face of these final, decisive circumstances please reveal the one point where we must absolutely come to a conclusion about your will of the providence.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

September 5, 1971

Father! Please Become The Lord Of This Nation

Please, you take responsibility for Korea now. Oh Father, if you who have come to this pitiful people, cannot take their future into your hands and establish it by joining them together into one, then would you not be even more pitiful? When we center on individuals, we, who are unworthy, have divided minds and bodies.

The men and the women are divided, and families are divided, and the tribes, the nations, and the world are divided. Heaven and earth are divided, and between God and people who are divided, who will lay a bridge? We know that we need a union that can make the yous and mes into one family, which is so strong that even if individuals wanted to fall away they could not, but who can carry out that mission? Fallen humankind cannot do it.

Because of that we are hoping for the cooperation of the millions of spirits in spirit world. Until you take hold, Father, and tie us and tie us again making us into one, there is no way to be unified. We are standing facing our destiny like people who are already floating away in the flood.

And because it cannot possibly be done through our strength, we earnestly hope and desire that you will look on us with pity as we look to heaven and call out to you, Father, and as we look to heaven and call out to our ancestors.

When we ask where is the family to which you can come, we know that there is none. In order to find that kind of path, that kind of family, the Unification Church has formed families with a new meaning.

This is because we know that before any people or nation on this earth goes, unless you have gone first neither the people nor nation can go. We will also know that the new families were formed because you called for the path of unification. Isn't it so that you could make oneness of something that was two and have something which is yours alone?

We gathered together these kinds of families and made tribes. Among those tribes we know that there are Abel tribes and Cain tribes. It is a law of the Principle that unless the Abel tribes restore the Cain tribes, we cannot inherit the realm of the ideal of the parents, and we cannot inherit God's ideal world of love.

Therefore since we are giving our life's strength, straining and struggling and we are rushing towards the realm of the tribe that can restore Cain, please remember this Unification Movement. Please remember the blessed couples. Then after accomplishing the unified tribe, centered on that, we will form one people, and as the Abel people, we will have the responsibility to become one with the Cain people.

Then, Father, since you know that our desire is to realize this nation's independence, this nation's unification, and this nation's second liberation, please take responsibility for Korea in the future. Since there is no one who can become the lord, we earnestly hope that you will be together with us.

Because you clearly exist, Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow the will that you are calling for to be realized, and that you will stand on the side of this pitiful group who are going forth believing and knowing that everything will be done according to the will which you are directing.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of our True Parents. Amen.

August 20, 1972

Please Allow Us To Become Brave Unification People Who Unite The Divided World

Father! We know the course of sorrow and the course of history that must pioneer the path of restoration in order to find the original world which all the people of the world have lost.

Because of the fall of our human ancestors, this world of so many lamentations came about. The spirit world and the physical world were divided. As for individuals, the spirit and the body were divided, and the whole world, centered on Satan, divided and divided, and was separated into many nations and many peoples.

In that way we left the bosom of God, and having lost the grounds for love for establishing a relationship with God, and being tied into a blood relationship centered on Satan's love, we formed historical blood relationships of grief and sorrow, multiplied, and made this divided world.

Father, you have been dealing with this kind of real situation and have gone through so many hardships to gather this world into one. How much grief must have filled your heart as you struggled, pitted against Satan, to find the one world of unification which you had hoped for. We earnestly hope and desire that you can bear with the fact that we humans have nothing to our credit before you.

But, Father, you did not cast us away, and now everything that was divided shall be gathered together in one world. It will not do unless the whole world is embraced by you. The world which has been divided into the communist world and the democratic world, has taken on the form of Cain and Abel.

And the divisions of the world called left and right shall now be made into one centered on your Will. You have sent the True Parents to the earth to do that, and you have established your providential Will such that it will not do unless the left and the right become one centered on True Parents.

We know that your Will was to connect all the nations and to establish one unified nation right after the Second World War. Centered on Christianity and centered on America, you have gone forward preparing the domain for the final victory which will allow you to embrace this world as a unified realm.

We realize that your hope is at the center of humankind, Father. Forty years ago, Christianity and this land lost the historical mission which they should have fulfilled through a new idea of national salvation.

That mission was to indemnify Cain and Abel, to found a new nation, the nation of the new parents, to begin the new homeland, and to advance to the world, but all was lost.. Accordingly, the democratic world came under satanic dominion again and fell into a divided situation, and even in circumstances like that you went the opposite way of the course of indemnity of the individual, the family, the tribe, the nation, and the world through the Unification Church.

In these chaotic circumstances, Father, the division of the democratic world has occurred. Even using the democratic world itself, heaven's Will cannot deal with the situation, and even using the entire communist world, humankind cannot be led.

Now we have reached the final point where it will not do unless all consolidate. Centering on this kind of foundation you established the Unification Church today, and in the future after having indemnified all the things that must be consolidated, and are already consolidated, once again as left and right, centered on Cain and Abel, you have established the parents. And your Will, through which you seek to deal with the world, has reached this kind of moment in which the final victory is now to be determined.

This nation was not able to become one centered on Christianity, but centered on American Christianity, pursuing the fortune of indemnity which can become one, now for the first time in Korea we have met anew the same level of fortune as 40 years ago. Father, when we look at this centered on the Unification Church, we have now finally prepared the realm of victory of the people who must connect to the world going beyond their people.

Therefore, please become the center here, Father, and look down on and take care of all the real situations of this Korea which is divided into north and south. We know that uniting the people of the Unification Church centered on the parents will be the beginning of being able to determine the domain of victory in the world.

We have set the mission of the new will, and we have begun an awesome new work called the Citizens Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland. Father, here you shall be the center, and True Parents shall be the center, and the blessed couples shall be the center, and now all the blessed couples have gathered together, and in front of them is this awesome mission which must be indemnified in front of you Father; therefore, tying all these things together, please unite all of our hearts and minds into one.

Now please make the families into one, and the parents into one and at the same time as making the people into one, please connect the standard of indemnity with the world-level realm of fortune, and by doing that, centered on the domain of victory of the new universe, we earnestly hope and desire that you will bless us, Father, with being able to establish the cornerstone of your nation.

Father! Please release all the toil and grief of your hard work over the last 40 years. Now we unification people earnestly hope and desire that you will give us the blessing of being able to raise both our hands in victory and glory and boast of and praise that to all nations.

We will inherit all this fortune you have granted us, and as far as offering restoration to you, Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will give us the blessing of being able to fulfill completely our mission of true sacrifice.

Father! Please allow the grief of the north and south to be released. This is the hope of our people now. On account of attaining north-south unification centered on the parents who are your hope, all the gates of the world will begin to open. Father, please balance this whole land of Korea which you have blessed, and form relationships that can create unity until the opening of the gate of the victorious kingdom of Heaven.

Please grant your eternal protection to all the movements that are bringing this into reality now. Please reveal the fact that you are alive everywhere we go, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will act, Father, to not let us be at all inadequate while moving to unite our people.

Then, we will attend you, Father, and we will attend our parents, and possessing the attitude of the people of the Kingdom of Heaven who can speak proudly, we will attend you, Father, on the earth. And we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will bless us to be able to bring to completion your final purpose and to bring about on this earth a sovereignty of all nations centered on you, Father.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow a realm of liberation for this people and all the people of the world due to the rapid progress of the entire Will centered on you, Father.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will give us the blessing of becoming your sons and daughters, of completing our mission without shame in the remaining days and time, and of becoming blessed children and families who lack nothing when giving and receiving love in your embrace.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow this to become a movement that pledges victory and pledges advancement, and possesses a shame-free attitude in front of the remaining mission.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

May 17, 1987

Please Allow Us To Establish A Unification Realm Centered On Love

We have realized the fact that there cannot be a world of joy, ideals or peace without a beginning of an ideal that can move towards the garden of love. We have also realized that originally, in the unifying beginning centered on God, the ideal of love, which could unite into one, had to connect God, Adam and Eve, and all the things of creation.

As for this age, it is of course centered on the individual and on the family, but in connecting this to the tribe, people, nation and world forms, we must go through a sacrificial stage. So, Father, please take pity on the struggles of our unification Movement which is seeking to cast off the world's realm of suffering and the realm of the fall.

And from now on, please guide our active works, and please protect our worldwide activities. We earnestly hope and desire that you will give us the blessing of being able to become the people and the nation that takes the role of the necessary condition to realize your desired goal.

Father! We know that North and South Korea must not be divided. We have come to understand that unifying this nation is not just a mission of the people of Korea, it is a historical mission. In providential history Abel without fail absorbs the Cain realm centered on this kind of standard, and the Unification Movement, which knows that the one garden of unified love must be realized before heaven, is taking the leading position.

Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will give us the blessing of all of us being able to rouse ourselves to action so that we will have no inadequacies in our efforts to spread the new tradition.

Now as for living our individual lives, and our lives in our families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world, we will inherit the traditional thought following the history of the heavenly fortune, and we will become those who love in stead of others, representatives of love, and we will love our families, tribes, peoples, nations and world from such a position, and we will inherit the ideal of being an object partner for heaven's love, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will give us the blessing of being able to realize the realm of unification, the sovereign realm centered on love which can be God's at that same time that it is the world's, and can be the world's at the same time that it is mine.

We earnestly ask that in the midst of your care you will give us the blessing of being able to become one with all the things we pledged in order to not be shamed in front of the remaining age and responsibility.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents.

September 20, 1987

Father, Please Allow Us To Realize The World Of Peace With Your Love As The Center

As we look at this world of death which does not know the fact that as it passes, time is calling true people, we, who possess a realm of liberation are proud of that, even though the north and south are missing each other on the road now, they will be liberated for sure.

The east and west are divided, but whatever conflicts there may be between cultural backgrounds, on the foundation of the unified blood lineage which is centered on true love and true life, we know that all those walls will break down and collapse.

However great the gap may be between the wealth and the poverty of the south and the north, because we know we are brothers, we know that it is only proper that the people who have a lot share what they have with hearts of love.

We have come to understand the amazing path that can assimilate through your love, Father, the destiny of the kind of people who have their root in a life of realizing the world of peace centered on love. We know well that it would not do for us not to thank you sincerely that all this has arisen due to the destiny of True Parents.

We know that in this amazing age when we are now seeking to create the world of a new culture coming from God and from True Parents, it is true that we have entered an age when all the standards of victory are already seeing the light of morning.

We can see who is right and who is false, and since the age has come in which we can know who is evil, we ask and hope that you will lead all the people of the world to be able to tread upon and go over the realm of life and death, and to be able to transcend and to go beyond the standard of liberation.

And we earnestly hope and desire that you will bless all humankind to be able to be together with you in your family, and as the people over whom you reign to be men of the heavenly kingdom.

With that age and that time before us, and the responsibility that we must fulfill as liberated members who have taken responsibility for liberation ahead of us, we ask three times over that you will guide and encourage us to be able to become a movement that is not ashamed.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

October 4, 1987

Please Allow Us To Establish The World Of The Realm Of Heart Of Living For Others

Beloved Father! When we consider the passing course of history and the fact that we exist as one aspect in this historical age which is flowing by, it is a sad and miserable thing, but when we think that we are in a position where centered on God, who exists centered on eternity, we can embody you, Father, and be assimilated by you, we realize the fact that we cannot help but be grateful.

We have also considered the division of the north and the south while attending you. We came to understand that here too it will not do unless the north and south communicate with an ideological concept of having exchanges for the sake of the other rather than with an ideology of confrontation.

They should each take responsibility for the suffering path of the other, like doing something for one's younger brother from the position of the elder brother, like doing something for one's wife from the position of the husband, like doing something for one's child from the position of the parent, like doing something for us from the position of God who is the center of all heaven and earth.

We have come to clearly know the logic that north-south unification will be possible only in the kind of world of the realm of heart of living for others. The eyes that we see with also consist of two types. There are eyes that are for oneself and there are eyes that are for the whole. And there are also words that are for oneself and there are words that are for the whole.

Please let us lament that we have not been able to establish a realm of daily life that can absorb and include an environment that can live for the whole, distinguishing everything about the five senses. And please let us know how to live the life of the central figure that is able to live in the subject partner position, analyzing himself and raising himself. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to be able to follow that way.

Through the ages of history we have seen and felt many times that it is always possible for the power of re-creation to appear along the path of an unchanging relationship which is for you. Father, when we open our hearts completely and stand on our own, centered on north, south, east, west, up and down, we discover that wherever we go the elements of our lives that can live for others are the life elements.

In view of that, we ask you to lead us to become those who are not ashamed, who can go towards the center of the entire universe with pride that we can possess that special realm which can inherit the entire realm you bequeath to us, and at the same time in which we can participate in everything with you.

We pray these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

February 21, 1988

Please Allow Us To Become Partners Of The Love Of Heaven

We have come to know that you are looking for true fruit because you sowed true seeds, Father. Whatever the place may be like where we humans came into being on this land, we have come to know the fact that the people you are looking for are the citizens whom the nation needs and the emperors, princes or princesses living in the palaces governing the countries.

We have come to understand that: the person who can attain such a position is not the kind of person who has extensive knowledge nor the person who has struggled and fought in order to gain power, nor are there many such people.

We have come to understand that it begins only from a person who, centered on one heart of love, is able to be concerned when a disturbance occurs in a corner of a country, and to think it happened because I wasn't able to do that, because I wasn't able to cope with it.

As for those of us who are watching this pathetic destiny of the divided north and south, we have the responsibility to deal with it and reclaim it, no matter what its historical origin was. And we know that there remains a destined course that the people of this nation must go.

But it will not happen according to the directions or methods they present; it must be connected to the great fortune of the natural laws. When a seed puts down roots, and that root sends up a shoot which can grow into a stem, flowers bloom and fruit is borne. We have come to know the fact that the essence of love must be born which can concentrate and unify the all the elements of that plant.

We ask you to allow us without fail to be citizens of the heavenly kingdom who deal with north-south unification and who can go to the world as respectable people. We know that it is your hope that we will desire to become a movement that can be praised as representatives of love who possess the authority of emperors and queens who belong in the royal family of the heavenly palace. And furthermore, today we have realized that behind this historical age you have been carrying out the providence, and your hope has been urging us on day and night in that direction.

Therefore, from now on, please allow us to definitely become your partners of the love of heaven, and let us focus the direction of our whole lives and our daily lives there. Then in this age of chaos worldwide, centered on the vertical line of heaven in order for the ideal world in heaven and the horizontal world on earth to be able to unify as one sphere, please let us realize that the Unification Movement is a movement that can take the initiative in the ideal realm of love. We earnestly ask and desire that you will please allow us to become your guideposts who absolutely keep the path of that direction, and to become your sentinels.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

March 13, 1988

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