Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Unification [Part 3 of 4]

Please Relieve The Grief Of This Divided People

Father! This nation is divided into north and south. It is the confrontation point of democracy and communism. Therefore, please guide the path of destiny that Korea must absolutely go. We have started along the path of suffering which we must go carrying the cross of your blood.

We are standing in the position to be struck first, and even though we are struggling and our hearts are filled with sorrow and loneliness, we are holding before us the victory of tomorrow. Oh, Father, because of that, please allow this people to be strong and of good courage.

We know that this is a tense moment that does not permit anything like despair or hopelessness, even for a moment. Right before our eyes we see that it is that kind of point in time externally throughout the nation and also internally centered on the will of the church. Since we cannot go into the Kingdom of Heaven if we do not completely fulfill the mission of the Abel nation, oh Father, please protect us.

The time has come that our people's righteous spirits must cast off the fallen world and reveal themselves with hearts of loyalty to the nation and the people which have been buried in your breast. But when I ask how many sons there are who have inherited your heart and are loyal to the nation and the people, I feel that 1 must repent while weeping in front of you, Father. Oh, Father, please forgive us.

When I look at the group that has followed my footsteps along so many bloodcurdling paths as I took the lead to relieve the grief of this people, I see so many who would cause you worry, Father. And I realize that there are not many who can take responsibility for your worries. When I look at these kinds of people, I feel that in the future where I must go there are still more paths of the cross before me.

Father! Since there remain paths of the cross which must be gone, in the course after this we will have to clear the path of the battle in place of the people and we will have to clear the path of destiny which we must go with strong footsteps.

Our people is divided into north and south and with that division of the people there is the grief of the relationships of sorrowful hearts which we cannot avoid having. Please let us understand that we are responsible for relieving that grief and for calling together the north and the south. Please guide us to fulfill that responsibility.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

May 31, 1970

Please Let Us Become Subjective, Responsible People, Pioneering The Future Of Our People

Father! We thank you for having raised up our unworthy selves in front of your holy Will. Please allow me, this being standing before your Will, to fulfill my responsibility at this historical point in time and to be a person who is able to remain to the end.

We must not be people who come and go once and just flow past. Rather, by presenting content that can influence this present historical age, we must fulfill our mission which is in the subject position and which can call in and establish a new age.

You called us and raised us up, but as we are not able to feel the matters of your earnest heart that you want to give us responsibility for, please urge us on. Please allow us, your beloved children, to feel deep in our hearts the situation you have been in until now.

Father! Isn't this a people to be pitied? If from now there is only one way for this people to go, and they do not know that way, then this is truly a people to be pitied, and this people's future will be dark. When we closely analyze the present reality and look at the future situation for Asia and the world, we cannot help but worry about the way that this people and Korea are going.

Father! If up until now history has traced your footsteps which have been seeking to end the course of indemnity which you are manifesting to Asia and the world through this people, then please live in the minds of this people.

Also we earnestly hope and desire that you will make this people one with your Will by resurrecting your hope in their minds. Father! Please let this people have hearts that cannot help loving their nation even if they don't want to; please let their minds rise up until they cannot help loving North Korea even if they don't want to.

We have come to know the fact that the person who lives for himself just fades away in history, but the person who tries to live for his descendents, for the future generations of his people, and for the world appears as a victorious individual and remains as a central figure controlling that history. Therefore, we must not become a group that seeks to avoid this course of tears, this course of bloodcurdling struggles in this historical age.

Even in the midst of any kind of difficulties, let us take subjective responsibility and think, "I'm the only one who can do it." We know that our Unification Movement must become a new group that can take hold of this people and this nation and influence Asia. You have called us and raised us up as individuals who can do that, Father.

We individuals who have come here ought to be those who have awakened to the fact that we are the ones who can do that. Please let us realize that we are too inadequate. In the past this pitiful people shed much blood.

We know that this people has gone a path of sacrifice which no one wanted because it was your will to bequeath this people to Asia. Please let our hope become one with that kind of hope of yours, Father, and let us unite. Then please find in the midst of our Unification Movement those who can give their loyalty to the Will that you have been desiring as you dealt with this people.

Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become your sons and daughters who can feel anew that this must become a place where you can feel it is rewarding to come and look around personally, and where you can rest.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen

June 21, 1970

Please Let Us Experience What You Felt In Your Heart As You Dealt With This People And Humankind

Father! Please take pity on this people. We imagine that from the time that your providential Will appeared in this land until now, this people did not know where to go, and this has caused you great sorrow. Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will bear with this people once more.

You have said that whatever is loosed on earth will definitely be loosed in heaven. In the same way we have a deep longing in relation to this people, and even though we have sorrow in relation to the people of the world, when we consider that you have hope for this nation, this people, and this world, we feel that we also must have new hope.

Because until now there has had to be someone responsible to offer sacrifices of atonement for our wrongdoings and inadequacies, we must feel once again that we are those who must control our sorrow, put on the bloodstained garments of the chief priest and in the direction of the holy of holies bow down before you, Father.

Father! When we think about your deep heart of love for this people and the course of difficulties that you have gone through for this people, and how much we are able to attend you and to praise you in this day, we cannot help but realize that we must always feel how unworthy we are.

As we go forward believing in you, Heavenly Father, we have forgotten this people and this world, but have you at any time ever forgotten this people or this world, or have you ever forgotten about humankind?

Each time you were moved by loneliness, you were denied by humankind to your face, but after that you sought to hold humankind again. That is exactly what your situation has been. You have sought a father-son relationship with the heart of a parent. Because we must experience this directly, not only through words, we earnestly hope that you will allow each one of us to awaken to this once again.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents.

June 28, 1970

Father! Please Watch Over The Future Of Korea

Father! Thank you for having protected the destiny of this nation. North Korea attacked, the south, and devastated land during the Korean War. So many people of this nation were sacrificed, and even the young men of friendly nations who were concerned for Korea shed their blood here.

We know that this was not a battle due to the political or environmental changes of the age. Rather, it was a decisive battle which came about because the Will you are directing had to anchor in this land. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to feel once again that the time has come when we must be ready and resolute in our deepest hearts.

We know well that your direction in order to establish the starting point for your Will and desire were behind this kind of repeatedly difficult course of suffering which Korea has gone through from the time we attained our sovereignty until now. Therefore, Father, please watch over the future of Korea.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow the 30 million people of this nation to become a people who see you, Father, and who can go forward to Asia for you. We know that we are too far from being able to do that, so we must shorten that distance. When we consider that this responsibility is ours, all we can feel is embarrassment and sorrow before you, Father, as you watch our inadequate selves and yet have hope.

We know well that our people are in the midst of a history of misfortune which we cannot solve by ourselves. In order to solve this our people must join hands with the powers of Asia and be in accord with them.

Therefore, please unite us all together by linking body to body and mind to mind. We know that we are still responsible to overcome a path of many difficulties which remain before us. Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that everything will be accomplished according to the Will which you desire and are directing, Father.

Father! There are children here whom you can call your sons and daughters. Please allow them to adore you deep in their hearts. And please allow them to take all of your situations into their hearts as their own.

Please let their hearts become one with your heart and let the blessings of adoration shower down on them like rain. And we earnestly hope and desire that you will lead them completely with your strength.

We know that any group that does not prepare for tomorrow but rather seeks only safety and ease in the present day can only fall into ruin. Therefore, since those of us who have gathered here in this place have done so in order to prepare the foundation of victory for our descendents and for the world of tomorrow, we will have to be able to turn today's sorrow into tomorrow's hope and change today's difficulties into tomorrow's expectations.

In that way, according to your wish we will prepare the foundation for the victory of your Will, and until we can offer it to you, we will endure and endure. We earnestly request that you will allow us to become the group that fights and fights again, and remains to the end.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of our True Parents. Amen.

August 16, 1971

Please Allow Our Unification Group To Build A New History

Father! Please protect the path that this 30 million people will walk. You know the wretched situation of this people whose anguished, bloody history has continued on and on, and whose nation has been divided into north and south. Their heart of love for this nation divided at the 38th parallel will have to be higher and deeper than that 38th parallel.

Their attitude should be one of regarding North Korea as their own hands and feet. The people who are to take responsibility for this nation are the members of the Unification Movement who don't know anything. When we think that the Unification Movement must do it, we must firmly grasp the grief of this grief-filled people and become a movement that pushes it aside.

Out of concern for the remaining destiny of these 30 million people we have determined a period for devotion, and we are offering devotion; therefore, please protect this people. This nation, this people must not believe some person, Father; they must believe you. They must stand close before you. And more than anyone else, our Unification Movement must struggle to become the people who can do that.

Oh, Father! Please protect this pitiful people. Please take pity on this people that have left a history of grief in front of you, who sought hope. We know that the daily life of humankind always has temptations, so you will have to forgive what these people have done wrong.

Now we will have to become a movement that can prepare the way for you to come. Even if we are held in contempt by others please let us become a people who repent for the past with tears, and in this age please let us become a people who find you again with new hearts which can become one before you. Since we have not yet become that kind of people, we must come to feel deeply that the Unification Church's mission still remains to make this people into that kind of people.

Centering on this religious body, the Unification Church, what will we leave before you in that moment when we pass over the final path of death? When we gather together our sons and daughters, or gather together the disciples who are following us, and we tell them what we are leaving for our co-workers or our people, please allow us to be Unification Church members who can say I am a son or I am a daughter who leaves various kinds of things.

Father! We are not people who are blindly following the environment of this age. We are a movement that must create a new history and lead this age. Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will remember us.

We know that the footprints that we have left as we walked and our appearance as we have struggled up until now have been too weak. We know that we must once again control our tired, exhausted minds and bodies and turn once again and go before you.

But even in spite of that, we are at a point where, on our own, none of us can find even vigor for our own bodies. So, Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will please take responsibility and once again allow us to have vigor.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

September 27, 1970

Please Make The Nation On The Foundation Of This People

We don't know whether our church has been victorious on the individual level. And we don't know which level of victory has been attained on the family level. And we don't know whether a victorious foundation has been laid on the level of the church.

But these kinds of things are not our goal. We must realize the fact that a sacrifice is being demanded so that we can save this nation and bring about north-south unification. And we must realize the fact that we must prepare an altar.

Father, we earnestly hope that you will protect and love this pitiful Korean people. Please love them. We must realize that historical sorrow is dwelling at the center of your direction which has divided North and South Korea.

When we think about the fact that this history of suffering was extended for scores of years because our ancestors and our elders were not able to fulfill completely the missions that they were responsible for, with hearts like that of Jonah who repented, we will have to fulfill our responsibilities for the future of this people.

Father, please take to your breast this entire people who are divided into north and south. We will have to go forward until we find the nation of victory that can spread your authority.

Please let us have earnest hearts which are yours alone, Father. And please let us feel earnestly for the nation and for the world. Even if we pass on, and even if our descendents pass on, we will have to hand down only that nation and your love.

When we think that we have this kind of historical mission, even if we are destroyed and killed thousands and ten thousands of times we will have to make a nation of the ideal of creation which you are longing for.

Jesus, who also desired this, urged us, "Therefore do not be anxious, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or `What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the Gentiles seek all these things;... But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness..."

We sincerely hope that you will allow us to become filial sons and daughters who have loyalty and fidelity and who will take your place in this situation about which you warned the people, this situation of sorrow and who have a burning desire for the mission of handing down the nation which is deep in your heart.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of our True Parents Amen..

November 1, 1970

Please Achieve The Unification Of The People

Father, you already know the destiny of this pitiful Korean peninsula where the north and south intersect. Going through 5,000 years of history, this nation still has not been able to leave the path of suffering and it is now facing the final wall of the dark last days.

Oh, Father, please look on this nation with pity. The north and south are divided, and have been placed in a situation where even if they want to unite, they cannot. And even though they long for each other, they cannot meet, and even though they want to go to each other, they cannot because there is a wall blocking them. Father, please take pity on the destiny of this nation. We believe that only you can take dominion over the victory or defeat here.

We feel that you have called and raised us worthless people from among so many people for the sake of the future of this people, and for the day of unification of this people. As we face such a historical destiny, we must bring our minds into oneness with your mind, Father, and we must bring our desire into oneness with your Will, and we must bring our ideal al into oneness with your ideal of creation.

Going beyond the history where people could not become filial sons, we must become sincere filial sons before you. We know that our historical ancestors passed away unable to fulfill their duty as loyal subjects as they were not able to give you a nation over which you could take dominion.

Father, if there is a way for us to become loyal subjects in a nation over which you can have dominion, we realize that going that way would be a rewarding path which realizes the highest dream someone born as a human being could have.

Therefore, please open up for us that kind of way where we can fulfill our duty as loyal subjects who give our entire lives for the sake of that nation and that sovereignty and who find that nation for you.

From a position of loving heaven more than anyone else, we should love this nation, we should love this people, and we should love the sovereignty of this nation. We earnestly hope and desire that by personally taking dominion over this entire nation, you will allow Korea to become the nation that can attend you.

Please let this people become a people that can offer itself to you as your people. And we sincerely ask that you will allow this land to be able to offer itself as the foothold for your eternal victory as your land.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

January 1, 1971

Please Realize A Victorious Israel By Liberating North Korea

Father! With hearts lacking in filial piety, we are longing for you. With hearts lacking in loyalty, we want to form a relationship with your true life. Please receive us and gently embrace us. We who have become your sons must not be less than Jesus. We must become sons and daughters who can greet death with gratitude if we go to the point of death, centered on your will.

We know that without making that kind of determination we will not be able to subjugate North Korea, which has appeared as the central model of the satanic world, or the factions of evil spread throughout that land. We who are gathered here know clearly that that can be realized only by uniting with Unification Thought.

We know that this thought will have to be expanded to the people, to religions, and to Christianity. We know that this thought will have to fit with the people, with religions and with Christianity. Therefore, we ask you thrice over to allow us to fulfill this mission quickly during this time period.

Please liberate North Korea and allow us to have a sovereign nation, the victorious Israel, a nation of hope which heaven has sought and you have blessed, Father. Then please allow us to be able to praise the glory of victory within the realm of fortune of national unification, and all nations will attain their original nature.

And please bless this age as the age that can realize a world heaven can embrace.

Father! Since we feel grateful that you cannot help but give us internal responsibility, please always shower upon us your heart of mercy and compassion. We sincerely hope that from now on you will allow our Unification Movement to develop in reality and that you will allow us to go our way together with you, Father, and to share the blessing of glory and the praise of victory together with the entire world and the spirit world.

We humbly pray this in the name of the li-ue Parents. Amen.

January 3, 1971

Please Allow This Nation To Greet A Bright New Morning

Father! As individuals who have been born into a relationship with the historical course that Korea has been walking, we know that we must become substantial beings of hope who can shoulder the destiny of this nation.

This nation has had such a miserable and pitiful history. Please look down on and take care of the miserable history of this people who could not look to anyone, who could not depend on anyone, who lost track of the direction you were leading things and had to struggle and fight on their own. We have come to realize that you placed your Will in the history of this nation and behind this people are traces of your warm love.

We need to realize how much our ancestors intended and longed for the coming of the day when the hope of this nation would be able to shine forth like the bright light of the sun rising each morning.

Father, please remember the many patriots who were concerned for and worked for this nation. They hoped that your desire would shine forth, but the days that it could have shown forth, they spent in frustration, and they lived through a history of sorrow which saw the sun set, and they met the night together with tears and darkened hearts which could not be fathomed.

We know that night will not continue as it is, but rather morning will come. And we know that these tiresome times no one wants will all pass away, and a historical new age of light will come to the heavens and the earth.

Please protect this nation. When we consider that the time is coming when we must greet a new spring day, and determine a new mental reformation from the realistic point of view of determining an external standard, we earnestly hope and desire that you will take responsibility for the future of this people.

In order for us to inherit as our central undertaking the things that you are taking responsibility for, please let us be able to pledge before you, Father, and please let us become sons and daughters who are believable and upright in your sight, and please let us stand before you in ranks that can go forward towards the new world and the new Kingdom of Heaven. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to inherit everything.

Father! The place where we gather now should not be a place of loneliness, nor should it be a place of sorrow. Please let us become an organization of destiny, a place where you always are, a place about which you cannot help but be concerned, where we live with you and go with you.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of our True Parents. Amen.

April 4, 1971

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