Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Unification [Part 2 of 4]

Please Let Us Give Our Up Most For Our Original Home Land, Korea

Father! Among the many nations we know Korea is the nation that will dwell in the midst of the hearts of mankind in the future.

Today we were born in this land which can become the original homeland of all the people of the world. In this place we have longed for you, Father; we have heard your words; we have been educated; and we have been trained here while shedding tears. Please let us realize how precious and awesome a fact that is.

Now the time has come when this fact will unfold before our very eyes not just in words but in reality. Now when many people come to this place with hearts filled with longing for their original homeland, they should have such devotion that the very marrow of their bones melts for the sake of their original homeland.

They should not want to leave; they should not be able to pick up their feet. And they should be able to weep. We earnestly hope and desire that you will let your children here understand that they must make those things happen.

After they have come here and gone home, please let them be able to feel again a tangible longing for this place based on what they really saw and felt, rather than from a position of imagining or conceptually longing for this place.

And please let the Korean family members of this original homeland clearly know that they must become your children who know how to be of such help to those members that they will provide them with relationships and motivation that will let them decide again that they want to come back here.

Even though we can't understand each other's languages and our living environments are different, we earnestly hope and desire that you will make us realize once more that through our facial expressions and feelings we must make them long for the land of their original homeland, and want to see it again, and furthermore, feel an internal relationship such that they want to live here.

While living in the original homeland, we must become your sons and daughters who thousands and ten thousands of times praise its historical value which you can remember, and who can speak proudly of it and reveal it to all people.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will let us realize that if we do not do that, we will remain as your reciprocal objects of sadness, and the original homeland will lose its value as the original homeland.

We must not work from the position of hoping to realize your Will centered only on the Korean people. Please let us reach out in our lives and in our hearts to form relationships that will allow us to have relationships with the people of the world and to embrace the people of the world going beyond our own people and national borders.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

May 11, 1969

Please Let Us Be Able To Establish Korea As The Third Israel

Father! There are more people than we can count who do not know the location of the nation of the original homeland where they can rest eternally. There are so many people who praise their countries as the original homeland, but there is no nation that can pride itself as the foundation of eternal joy and rest for generation after generation.

There is no nation on this earth that you can claim as the place where you can rest for eternity. Father! The original nation and the original world which you have anticipated and sought remain as the foundation that you have worked so hard for.

On that foundation, you would like to establish one center as compensation for all the work you have done. But when we think of how many true sons and daughters there are who you can be proud of, together with all of history, together with all the ages, and together with the future, we know that there are far too few who remain.

In order to establish one nation that you could be proud of, through the thousands of years of the course of history, you testified through the mouths of the prophets. But due to the Israelite nation causing Jesus to face that tragic day, the Israelites have been driven out and pursued by many nations and people without leaving a trace.

Now even though it is late, centering on the many people who follow the destiny of your blessing, tying them together as one offering, we have received liberation as the people who can offer Israel and Jerusalem to you once again. But we know that that people could not cope with its mission to attend you, by preparing an altar for you in front of the whole world.

When we look at the circumstances of the present era, and when we think about the kinds of places of your providential history, the kinds of countries, the kinds of people through whom it was started, was carried out, and will be brought to a conclusion, then we realistically understand through your history of heart that it is not one of the advanced nations leading the many peoples of the world that does your work.

Rather, it is a people that have a heart of loyalty and fidelity, a sincere heart towards you, Father, even while going through a more miserable historical course than any other people of the world. It is a people who are unchangeable in living for you.

It is the kind of people whose loyalty to you does not change even if the age and the environment change. We know well that unless it is that kind of country, it cannot become the ideal people and nation you and humankind are looking for.

Through your words we have come to know the manifestation of the third Israel, and we know that the people of the third Israel will occupy a more precious position than any great person of history or any famous person of this age.

But in order to stand before you understanding that kind of value, we must offer all kinds of devotion and sacrifice ourselves until its real meaning permeates our flesh and bones. At this time please let us reflect once again and think about how many people have come forth to offer their loyalty in order to establish that nation and that people.

Father! Today through us you are testifying to this new historical relationship centered on Korea, and you must have internal matters that you want to fulfill through us and reveal through us, so please let each of our individual selves know how very careful we must be in the position we are in, and please let us know clearly that we must become your children who know how to fulfill the duty of loyalty and filial piety to you, Father.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

May 25, 1969

Oh Father! Please Let The Suffering Of This Nation End

No one has known how difficult it was to go over the peaks of restoration which are so filled with grief. How often have you gone back and forth on that path until now, Father? When you carne you had hope that you would find a son of hope, but as you returned you were infinitely disappointed. How can we describe that, and with what words can we comfort you?

Father! We have come to know that you feel pity for this pathetic Korean people. Until now no one knew this, but now through our tragic course of history we have come to know that you have been in the background of our people with our history of blood and tears.

Now while reflecting on our history, we have come to think that the tragic history of this people symbolizes your tragic history, and this people's having been surrounded and attacked by the powerful nations of the world resembles your lonely situation, Father.

We know that you lamented over that, Father, and that by finding one nation, you were seeking to bless one person related to that country. We thought that it was our misfortune that we were in a position to dash out centered on your heart which is connected to the history of Korea. But now because we have come to realize that it is an infinitely fortunate thing, we cannot help but offer our gratitude to you, Father.

After the liberation, this people was not able to go the path it should have gone. Christianity, which represented this people, did not fulfill its responsibility, and this people is a nation without a name which still cannot participate in the U.N. Therefore, Father, please let the suffering of this nation end.

We are your children, Father, and at the same time for the sake of that day when all the nations of the world will be able to bow their heads to this nation, we should know that we are also your ambassadors who have received solemn orders from heaven.

Father! Through the fifty years of my life I have come to realize that I was born with a destiny that cannot cast aside this people even if I die. Therefore, even along the way of rejection and even from the position of sorrow, loneliness, and being falsely accused, I have clung to you, Father, and comforted you. I thank you that you could bless me and let me have times when I could do that.

I have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

October 4, 1969

Please Let Us Become Strong Young People Taking Responsibility For The Destiny Of Our People

Father! In the present situation there remains a task that can be inherited in the historical work of heaven which is filled with grief. Therefore, please allow these young people to become those who solemnly praise this work, who consider themselves a movement of sons and daughters who can carry on your work, and who are considered by you as sufficient to the task.

They are your young children who have gathered from all eight provinces. What is the path that they are taking? The university world, which from now on should take responsibility for the destiny of Korea, is in a state of chaos. But now we should initiate an assault here because this is the age when we should plant the flag of victory.

Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow them to become heaven's princes and princesses who can fulfill their responsibilities as those who have received orders from you, Father, and who have missions that they must accomplish in this age. When they came here they looked simply like young people strolling along, coming in with a meaningless stride, but now as they go back, in their breasts they must carry a load which no one can move for them.

We have learned through history that it is difficult to form a unified relationship without passing through an offering of blood and tears as sacrifices that can tread upon and go beyond the grief of this people. And we have learned that today in this age we cannot help but do that.

Father, please let the young people gathered here today become the brave people of heaven who can raise up a beacon and adapt themselves to you in order to completely fulfill their responsibility to offer their flesh and blood to this people and settle as anchors in every corner of the country. Father, we earnestly hope for and desire this.

Please let them clearly understand that this is the mission of the young people of this age, a mission that they must fulfill in this age, and please let them be able to give their entire strength for this responsibility. I earnestly request and desire that you will let them become the sons and daughters of heaven who will clench their fists tightly and go forth to establish the bright new morning.

We know that the remaining days are calling to us, and this tragic people is calling to us. Therefore, please let them become your children who offer all kinds of devotion to fulfill that responsibility even in their academic environment. I earnestly hope that you will let these young people become your children who live not for today but rather live for tomorrow.

We earnestly hope that you will not let us become small-minded people in relation to the hope of tomorrow; rather, allow us to become strong and courageous champions of heaven. We earnestly request that you will allow us to become your children who leave a victory for the world, and can bequeath the victory when we go.

Please let all of us determine that our minds will be strong and of good courage. Please let us pledge that we will offer our entire lives to you, Father, with hearts that can break rocks if we collide with them, and break apart steel if we collide with it.

We earnestly request that you will allow us to go back with strong conviction. We ask that you will let us become your children who can receive your praise and who can receive your guarantee in the Kingdom of Heaven of tomorrow.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of our True Parents. Amen

October 4, 1964

Please Let The Unification Church Participate In The Destiny Of The Nation

Father! Thank you that heaven has taken care of this people. Now we must realize the fact that the opportunity for a new revival of heaven is corning to this land. When we realize that your hidden works were for your relationship with this people, we come to understand that this people is not pitiful, but rather more precious than any other in the world.

This people appears to be covered with wounds, and this land appears to be devastated, but when we realize that heaven is permeating the center of this people and land, we must love this people. We must become your sons and daughters who can embrace this land of Korea, and who can sanctify it by shedding blood and tears, offering it up entirely as your holy altar.

Father! We must go forward protecting this people and this nation. Becoming sentries, we must protect this nation and this people. Because we know that there is no one who can protect this nation and this people at present, we have determined to shed blood and tears and have been struggling to protect this nation.

And we have stood in the vanguard crying out that we would make this people into a world-level people. Therefore, this work must not be branded as false. When the holy work of heaven begins as good, but the result bears fruit as evil, how many times has Satan accused that that is how it always is on heaven's path? Because we know that, please let us realize clearly that the path that the unification children have been walking must not remain as merely a private event.

Father! Now we must love this people and we must defend this Korean peninsula. Please let us become your sons and daughters who can feel the responsibility to keep it and protect it with our bodies becoming cannon balls and earthen fortresses. We sincerely hope that you will allow the Unification Church to become like that.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents.

December 14, 1964

Please Let Us Become Sons And Daughters Who Serve The People

Father! In the environment of the world, people are forgetting heaven, and forsaking your name, they are unfortunately living lives that distance them from your will. When we realize objectively that in this world of fallen men the facts are like that, we worry that we might come to a point of turning our back on the mission of heaven.

We must have hearts that can deal with the temptations of the environment which come to us like enemies, and we must turn our backs on honor, power and prestige.

Father! For whom have we wept, and for whom have we suffered? Is there by any chance any foolish person who has wept for himself? I know that if there is any person going this way as a means to advance his career, then in the near future he will certainly fail. We must not become foolish people like that.

Even at the point where one could be destroyed, thinking of the fatherland and carrying out the responsibility together with you, who are the subject of the fatherland, one should be able to say, "Because I have gone over this kind of boundary line, oh Father, please leave a trace of the victory here."

Even from this kind of pathetic position of not being able to connect to or to communicate with all hearts or peoples, please let us become sons and daughters who can overcome this and serve this people. We must realize the fact that when we stand in such a position, we can inherit totally your complete heart which no one else can receive.

We know that it is only through that kind of internal relationship that we can stand in a position to receive blessing in front of you, to receive protection, and to receive love. Even if we stand in such a position, we must realize that it is because of the foundation of our ancestors' historical merit that we stand there, and we must have a humble attitude. And if our ancestors were not able to carry out that mission, we earnestly hope that you will let us become your sons and daughters who know how to struggle and fulfill that mission millions of times over in their stead.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the 'km parents. Amen.

February 16, 1970

Please Let Us Fulfill Our Mission Completely At This Point Of The Decisive Baffle Of National Destiny

Father! Because the point for deciding the final altar is a point that requires a sacrifice, we have come to understand that the standards for good and evil must be established centered on the will of the providence which must judge the good and the evil of the people who will live or die.

We are in this kind of position centered on the destiny of the nation. For us there remains the wall of how to unify the already existing division of the North and South. Therefore, we have realized that we need a nationwide thought movement as a new movement of the people centered on the desire of our people to live for heaven which is deep in the hearts of our 30 million people. Therefore, we know that in order for this nation and this people to live, we must arm ourselves first with Unification Thought, and we must arm ourselves with strength.

Through history we have learned that centered on confrontations of power, evil takes a position such that we cannot even communicate with it until we have comparable power. Throughout history, evil has always shown that kind of result.

Therefore, we have realized that unless we establish a level of power that exceeds them, they will never concede to relate in a reciprocal atmosphere. We know that this is the path that evil has walked historically.

Our idea, that for your sake we should become one in heart internally and establish a level of power externally, is now coming into reality. At this kind of time, because we are taking responsibility for the mission to unify centered on Asia, we must go beyond our own difficulties, and we must invest all the material things that we have. Father, we must become like fuses who can give even our lives for your will. We must become the motivated people who can do that.

We must be able to return the nations of enemies to you, Father, and we must be able to like those nations. In order to do rewarding work for Japan, your sons and daughters are working on the unification frontline there. The spirit world is there; the Unification Church is there; the Federation for Victory over Communism is there. Since your sons and daughters are beginning activities centered on these organizations, Father, we earnestly hope that you will bless them.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents.

March 8, 1970

Please Allow Our Movement To Bring About The Beginning Of A New Spring

When we get a glimpse of our people's destiny which is to come after this, an earnest desire returns to our minds. When we think that the destiny of Korea today is at the center of the destiny of Asia tomorrow, we realize we are at the point of having to resolve our final mission.

Even if our destiny is the most miserable of any people in the world, for us there is no despair. We should appear on this earth as fruits which, having the historical power of life, can live new lives, going beyond the dividing line of the historical autumn which has come, filled with hope for tomorrow and having the power of life to greet the new spring. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to remember that we are able to take the big step filled with hope which can greet the new morning of tomorrow.

When we see that the fallen world has continued historically until today, with joy and sorrow, and life and death intersecting, we see that the tragedy of the destiny this people has faced is not going to continue as tragedy. Rather, we must become the popular figures of tomorrow who can connect to a history of joy.

We know that this movement, which has endured until now in the midst of being driven out and pursued, this movement, which remains on a course of struggle, consists of your children who have gathered in Korea, the brave unification soldiers. As for us, we have shed tears for the sake of the people and for the sake of the world, and we have shed tears out of concern for the world of the future.

Because you have done that through us, Father, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow us at this time to become aware of and to re-declare our conviction that we must become those who have the authority of substantial beings able to have confidence in ourselves and able to possess the value of reciprocal objects before you, the subject, Father.

When we reflect on the flow of history until now, we see that it was not a history of sorrow, but rather a history of your protection. The more we feel your sorrow which remains as our own sorrowful ideal, we are in a position where we must attend you and go forward in order to have self-confidence and to go forth towards the hope of tomorrow. We lament, and we are not able to greet you in glory because that position is one where we are pierced by enemy arrows and we are turned back by sorrowful struggles.

But, Father, please be patient. We have started out on the path of destiny which we must go beyond, and we must overcome the winter season for the site of tomorrow's hope. Therefore, we will have to make ourselves up beautifully and calmly gather together, joining ourselves together without damaging the price of our lives.

Please let us concentrate our power of life for the sake of the moment when we, who are like this, can go beyond the boundary of the spring season and please allow us to have external abilities. We earnestly request that you will allow us to become a movement that rises up to the level of a subjective foundation which heaven and earth can guarantee when we are united as one body and have gone beyond that boundary. And please let us be able to long for the beginning of the new spring.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents.

May 3, 1970

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