Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Unification [Part 1 of 4]

Father! Who Will Become The Central Person Of This People?

Father! This people has been a people that has gone hungry, that has had no place to lean, that has had no hope, and that has had nothing to speak proudly about. Each time this people has depended on something, they were captured by it and trampled upon by it. For these reasons we cannot deny that your sorrow must have been great while dealing with this people.

When we look at the history of this people, through the invasions of other peoples there were so many complicated and twisted situations. At each of those times, the common people were torn apart, trampled upon, and pursued, and you know that they were placed in terrible circumstances

We, who have inherited the flesh and blood of this people, are gathered here. The time has come for us to appeal to heaven to heal the grief of this people. This people has been placed in wretched circumstances, and at this crossroads of life and death, the people are running around in utter confusion. In this situation who will become the central figure?

The time has come for us to sing the song of liberation and raise up a beacon of new hearts. We know that we have reached the era when we must sound the bugle to march. Father, please gather together the young people who understand your will.

Gather together your sons and daughters who are shedding blood and tears while wailing for this people.

We are not a group that appeals to others while following some system of thought. More than that, we look forward to being the first to die so that we could become the fertilizer that will allow new shoots to rise above this people.

We pledge before you that we will become that kind of people. Therefore Father, before we speak, please let us experience your heart, and may our eager hearts be filled only by you; please melt our hearts. Please allow each of us to reappraise ourselves to determine our point in existence, and to appear in a new resurrected form.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

June 19, 1958

Let Us Carry The Cross Of Our People First

Father! Please take pity on and extend the benevolence of your mercy to this people. But if through this group which is being driven out and pursued you have something you desire to realize, then please drive this people out and have them pursued even more.

We know that in the midst of this situation you are hoping that a group of young people will appear who will have a sense of responsibility to take on the suffering of this people and to take on their difficulties in their stead.

Please allow us to know the loneliness of this people and this nation and your loneliness which moves you to tears as you see humankind struggling on the frontline of death. This loneliness has been pent up in hearts. Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will please let us realize that a frightful time is coming to this people, a time of heaven's grief, together with sighs and weeping joined by blood.

We know that before this people should go through difficulties we should go through them first, and before humankind should go through difficulties, we should go the way of the cross first. In the midst of a chaotic environment Jesus also walked the path toward the palaces of heaven, and he told us to take that path.

We know that this is the content of the Gospel which Jesus left us, and as we stand at the vanguard of the course of history, please let us become those who can take responsibility for everything. Don't let us be those who collapse or fall apart when we collide with something. Each time we collide with something please let us form a strong heartistic relationship with you, Father. We earnestly pray that you will help us become those who can appear before you.

We have humbly prayed these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

December 11, 1960

Please Let Us Become Aware Of The Course Of Tears You Have Gone To Choose This People

Until you found this Korean peninsula, we know that the course of history which you struggled to establish was a history stained by tears and sweat and blood.

Without others knowing, you chose this people, and we know that our having been driven into a pitiful position was due to the will of your mighty providence. We know well that we must attend you as our Father in front of all your peoples.

Please allow us to realize once again that we are those who must know that each time this people walked a difficult course of history, the father who held and wept over his many collapsing children as their eyes filled with bitter tears, that father is our father; that sorrowful father is our father; that suffering father is our father.

You have personally connected to us, reaching out with life and love; you have sought your sons and daughters; you are the pioneer of pioneers; you have done works in person as the king of pioneers, but today the 30 million people of this nation do not know you. This people should be looking forward to the day of attending you, but they are not. Please bear with them.

We know well that in the past and the present the people who were called by you, our Father, have left behind historical stains as we passed through each age.

Please forgive the fact that although the more this people repents for the course of its history the more it should be able to receive your heart, it is not in a position to do that. We cannot help but feel that we cannot even raise our eyes before you because we know how great your efforts were to find this pitiful people.

Father! Please create a relationship of life with this pitiful people. Please let us be able to be proud of having been a people who suffered; please let us be able to be proud of having been a pitiful people. Please let the day come quickly when this people, who had nothing to be proud of and had nothing at all to depend on in the world, can be proud together with heaven.

While earnestly hoping for and desiring this, we have humbly prayed these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

January 1, 1961.

Please Allow Us To Become The People Who Resolve Historical Grief

Today when you look at this world, Father, is there a place somewhere that gives you joy? Humankind is not thinking about which place will become that kind of central point. Moreover, this nation, this people who should take responsibility for all the historical problems and who should lead, this people does not know.

Father! Multitudes of people are looking for their own happiness, and many nations are seeking their own nations' profits. All those things are being realized in ways that do not follow your will; rather, they are increasing your sorrow and enmity, and are ravaging your heart. We earnestly hope and pray, Father, that you will take pity on these nations and people who don't know what they are doing.

You know that historical sorrow and historical grief have sunk deep within this people and us. Because your desire remains to resolve these historical resentments, we know that we who understand this cannot help but come forward. I know that there is no one seeking to make a new history for this people or weeping for the sake of this nation and this people.

But now that I have gathered unification workers who seek to take on this task, Father, please carry out your providence through them. Even though they may not seem like people you can believe, still they have heard your voice calling in the new age. With trembling and sincere hearts, with impatient hearts, they worry that they might once again bequeath grounds for grief which you do not desire. Because of that, Father, please look upon them with compassion.

Father! You must remember the grief of this people. You must take responsibility for the wretchedness of this people. I earnestly hope and desire that you will not take back from this people the promise that you made to them. I earnestly hope and desire that the tears of this people and their suffering will become conditions resolving the grief remaining in restoration.

Father! Because the time is coming when a final decision will have to be made through us about the will and idea that you are hoping for in the Last Days, I earnestly hope that you will not allow us to be found lacking during the remaining course of restoration while we are carrying out this mission on the level of the people.

I have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

December 27, 1964

Please Bless Us As The Third Israel Of Hope

Father! You have to remember many peoples. But because this Korean people is to be pitied, please give this people your blessing at this time. By comforting this devastated Korean peninsula, please make its people able to go forward towards the new world and gather them in the realm of the side of heaven.

Korea is the nation of the new covenant, the nation where you can come. We know that it is the nation that must prepare the altar of Abel in relation to your new will, your desire for this nation is for it to offer total devotion to you, Father, and that is the duty of this nation in relation to you.

We know well that that is the duty of this land, the many nations and the many good spirits. Please pour out your love and compassion so that this people and this nation may stand properly in relation to your Will. We earnestly hope that you will make this people become a people necessary to the building of the Kingdom of Heaven as the third Israel of hope.

May all nations follow the example of the duty of loyalty and filial piety towards heaven which this nation has established. We know how much you have longed for the day to come when humankind will offer its loyalty to you, your many children who are gathered here feel those things deeply in their hearts and are eagerly desiring for that Will to be realized.

Father, please protect and raise them up to be victorious in the final battle. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow this people and this nation to able to attend you when you come into your glory.

In that way may the new world history which you will realize through Korea be offered to all humankind. At the same time please allow humankind to reach the goal it has hoped for and may you reach the goal you have hoped for. Please let this nation and this people fulfill their responsibility and be able to open the way for all humankind.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow them to become a nation and people like that. We know well that the people on earth, of course, and centered on the earth, the many spirits in the spirit world are participating in the returning resurrection, and they are eagerly anticipating the resolution of their grief.

In that way, with their cooperation, we will attend you, Father, in the place where Cain and Abel have become one and where the world of your glory is realized. Please let the entire heavens and earth come to live in the midst of your love and joy. We earnestly hope and desire that you will give us greater strength and ability so that in a place of peace we can realize a nation and a cosmos that celebrates your glory.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

January 2, 1966

Please Let Us Know Your Will For Leading This People Through This History Of Sorrow

Father! We know that Korean history has been a continuous flow of sorrow. We know that you have been directing us along this path of the worst Golgotha from the beginning until now because that was the destiny of this nation.

Father! When we think that each time this people appealed to you and each time their eyes could have been opened their history has continued on as a history of defeat, we think that from the August 15th liberation until now, we have overcome difficult circumstances and we have entered a realm where we can give ourselves to you completely.

There is no new hope in front of this people, and if you had not been their source who established their beginning, you would not have been there for them, and this people would have met a tragic end.

Father, you have allowed this people to lose their nation, and have allowed them to lose righteousness, and furthermore, you have divided this people completely at the 38th parallel. But we have come to know that all this was your will in order for us to be able to find absolutely everything.

We know that behind this people is your providential guiding hand. Now once more, please allow us to straighten ourselves up and to raise before you an altar for our atonement, and after we have received forgiveness for all the sins of our ancestors, please allow us to appear before this age in new full attire.

Earnestly hoping that you will allow us to appear as people of courage in this age when the Promised Land is calling, we have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

March 13, 1966

Please Let Us Become A People That Attends You, Father

Father! Please remember this nation of 30 million people. This people is a people with deep internal feelings, a people with so many situations tangled together. It is a people that can harmonize with your love, Father, and can long for you.

Father, please do not let the stains of the blood and tears your young children have shed while being persecuted all over this Korean peninsula become foundations for the accusation of Satan. On those holy foundations, raise up descendents whom you can call one by one and greet the day of glory. We are earnestly hoping and desiring that you will let us be able to sing praises for the victory of joy and attend you, Father, having prepared a holy sanctuary.

Because this is our hope, we will have to devote ourselves to it today and tomorrow, and we will have to devote ourselves to it for the rest of our lives. Therefore, even if we die, we will have to die at the point where we have offered ourselves totally. But because we know that we should not be worrying about the problem of whether we live or die, we are earnestly hoping and desiring that you will make our concern for the Will which has not been realized be our everything.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

August 13, 1967

We Thank You That We Are The Children Of Your Chosen People

Father! First, we would like to thank you that among the many peoples and lands you remembered this pitiful people who have been driven out so many times. We thank you that for your holy Will you chose the lonely mountains and rivers of this Korean peninsula, and we thank you that you are making Korea the focus of your providence.

The more we think about the fact that there are so few people who are able to devote themselves completely to this Will, we cannot help but feel more and more ashamed. But when we think about the fact that a father's loving heart rests more with a handicapped child, we are hoping that you will forgive this people which has a historical background that could only cause you worry.

Father! The Unification children have gone through a history of struggles shedding blood and tears which others did not know about, having put up a boundary line of seven years until today. At times they were driven out; sometimes they wept smiting their breasts, or they held their empty stomachs; and sometimes they wept endless tears discussing your situation, Father.

Like this, all of the patriots of the past started with tears, but we could have a day when we could thank you for having reaped laughter rather than reaping tears. When we realize that it is because of your protection and all of your help, we cannot help but be even more grateful.

We appeal to you with one heart to realize quickly the heaven and earth of freedom where we can attend you, Father, and when we can speak out our hearts which we want to proclaim proudly. We are earnestly hoping and desiring that you will accept all of our situations as we are bowing to you.

No matter what anyone says, we are lonely people who have nothing. Only you are on our side; you alone are all that we have. We must realize that our living for you is a high and noble thing impossible to exchange for any amount of money in the world.

Father! Please let us be sincerely grateful for the fact that even though we are ugly, we have been placed in such a position today through the benefit of the age and the foundation of merit laid throughout all the lives of our ancestors.

We are earnestly hoping and desiring that you will make us able to be grateful not from our own personal positions but rather from a historical position which extends through the past, present and future.

We sincerely ask you to extend the glory of our victory and grace to all things, and we have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

December 24, 1967

Please Enlighten Us As To Your Heart Which Has Sought This People In Suffering

Our Father of love! Since the day that Adam fell, how great have your efforts been to find one person whom you could believe? And how much have you sought a person who would take responsibility and fight for you? How much have you longed for and sought one person who could inherit your full authority? We cannot help but feel again painfully that it was your anguish, Father, and the grief of human history that there was no such person on the earth.

Father, you have walked the path of such sorrowful historical turning points for the long time of 6,000 years. When in sorrow, you endured the sorrow, and from the position of taking responsibility for everything, you have continued until today without a moment of rest, humankind has been struggling along a dark, night path, but please let us remember again that you have been taking great pains for the providence of human history in a much greater darkness than that.

And we are earnestly hoping and desiring that you will wake us up to the fact of our shameful and sorry selves. And please let us realize how full of grief your way has been as you wandered and searched along the way of history for 6,000 years.

When we come to understand the fact that your toiling footsteps, which were driven out by so many nations and peoples and wandered and searched in this country and that country, in this city and that city, have stopped today here in the mountains and rivers of Korea, we feel once again that we are truly ashamed of ourselves in front of you.

This people did not know the fact that centered on the Korean peninsula and its 30 million people, you were reaching out through your providence. Even our good ancestors who lived in this land and passed on did not know. But now we have reached the time when we can understand the fact that you have reached out through your Providence centering on this people.

When we think about this, we cannot help but confess that from the past until today this people stands in shame before you, Father. Even though we are unworthy to even dare to relate to you, you reached out to us in compassion and love, and you established us in your realm of the grace of love. Therefore, we sincerely request that you will let us become your children who humbly bow to you representing this people, these mountains and rivers, and all humankind.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

December 31, 1967

Please Let Us Become A Unification Movement That Is Concerned About The Korean People

Father! Your noble, precious and holy providential history has traced its path through the long history of humankind. Father, today once again you have raised us up. Please let us feel how pitiful and lonely your position is as you seek to take responsibility for the world.

When we think about the fact that now even at this moment there are groups all around the world who, out of concern for this teacher, are earnestly appealing to you, Father, with tears, while longing for this one distant corner of Korea, we come to realize clearly how frightening and terrible is the responsibility of the Unification Movement of Korea.

Father! Please pour down your blessings on those of the Unification Movement who are longing for Korea. Respecting Korea as their fatherland, they are shedding sweat, blood and tears for this land. When we think that they are together with us in the unification ideology, and these many groups desire their bones to be buried for the sake of this land, we realize we must unite them together into one and establish the one nation which you desire, and achieve one worldwide ideology.

Accordingly, until we realize that will, we must endure and endure and then still go on enduring. Following your example of silently enduring the tedious six-thousand-year course of history, we should go forward enduring in silence.

Father! Now we must go forward once again. We must go forward embracing the lonely situation of this people, and we must once again go forward feeling our way through the devastation of this nation.

This people has been in situations that made it impossible not to become a pitiful people. But we thank you sincerely that while no one else knew it, you let us know first that the will of your providence, which should be praised all over the world, dwells in the midst of the Unification Movement.

Father! Please let us come to understand how hard you have worked during that time. Moved by their longing for you and feeling your heart, the members of this Unification Movement are embracing this people and struggling.

In the end, please don't let their earnest hope be for nothing. Please let this people overcome this age and become a liberated people who can rush out to the world. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow this people to become the third Israel which can build the Kingdom of Heaven throughout the entire world.

We earnestly have prayed all these things in the names of the "true Parents. Amen.

May 2, 1969

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