Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Victory [Part 4 of 4]

Please Allow Us To Overcome The Trials And To Be Victorious

Father! Together with our religious Unification Movement and together with this people, please accomplish the will you desire today. We know that it will not do unless all humankind becomes one and accomplishes the ideal of creation which you are hoping for.

In order to accomplish something, there must be responsible people who take leading roles. And we realize that the larger the responsibility they have, the more the central figures must correspondingly go the course of overcoming as those who must fulfill those responsibilities.

Now the larger the mission that you give to us, the stronger the site we should build in our present situation. And when we think about the fact that we must become a nucleus with subjective power which can digest, absorb and eliminate whatever course of trials comes to us from around us by overcoming it, it is because of that, Father, that we depend on you.

Father, we know that as you went through the course of history, you endured much more difficult peaks of suffering than the suffering and misery that we are going through. We are being taught by you, who are like that, and we are following the orders that you give.

We are living in order to realize your purpose victoriously. We are following you, hoping that you will govern us and manage us through your warm love each time we lean towards the environment. Father, please remember your children who are like this.

When we think about the fact that in the future our stage for trials will not get smaller but rather will grow gradually, we know that the portion of strength that we invest will have to get larger, too. Therefore, Father, we ask you three times over to go before us with your large and broad heart of love on this way we must go, and we ask you to guide us with your heart of compassion.

We must not become people who are swept away by the waves, or who forget their positions along with the flow of time. No matter how strong the waves are, we must be able to plow our way through them and go beyond them and become a site of rock, which even in the middle of an intense current can distinctly reveal its form.

We must become your children who have a clear identity. Without doing that, we know it is a fact that we will not be able to run the path that we must go and we won't be able to reach the desired goal. With united hearts we keep our eyes on the standard of the path of righteousness for the sake of the will that you have left us, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will not allow us to be slow about our mission as pioneers.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

March 7, 1971

Please Let Us Go Forward With Brave Courage Like David

We are in the awesome and fearful position of having the problem that whether or not we will be liberated from our tragic history depends on our course of action today. As for that position, we know that we will not be able to appear as soldiers of victory who represent God by seeking to stay alive. This age needs daring, brave people of heaven.

The age when heaven raised up Joshua and Caleb and had them look into Canaan and urged them to be strong and of good courage was just this kind of age.

When gentle David was sent to stand against Goliath, David believed heaven and went forth. The clothes he wore were shabby. He had the miserable appearance of a shepherd, of someone who had no home, no village, who had no culture and no tradition.

Today the Unification Movement is in a situation just like his. We are like naked people in front of world communism; we are a group like David who presented himself before Goliath. And we don't even have a slingshot. All we have are tattered clothes.

But we have hearts that love you, Father, and hearts that believe you, that are stronger than any of the people who have sovereignty in those nations. We believe in you more than in the strong power of the people who hold that sovereign power.

Oh, Father, please protect us. Please defend us. The time is coming to fight the final battle of our destiny. So please defend us along the way and please guide us. We are longing for the day when you can look down on a free heaven and earth, and you can take a seat on this earth, which is being revived, and have dominion over the heavens and the earth.

We know that this is the heart of the filial child, and it is the heart of your children who are following this path. Because we have realized that the path that must be gone is our path, and the mission that must be done is our mission, we must now go forward again. We must go forward again to protect the frontline of unification.

We must take hold of this people and appeal to them with tears. We know that it is our responsibility to awaken them to the fact that the Last Days are coming. We know that unless we fulfill that responsibility; the nation of glory, the position of glory will not be able to come. Father, please remember this people of Korea who have longed for the day of true glory. We earnestly hope that you will not let your Will, which sought these people and has not deserted them, leave behind any grief.

We offer all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

November 5, 1972

Please Let Us Be Strong And Of Good Courage, And Please Let Us Win The Victory

When we realize that we must play the leading role in resolving the fact that God and Satan became enemies, and that we are in a position of having to be mediators, we must become a group that is strong and of good courage, and we must not consider adversity and trials as problems.

Therefore, Father, please give us power. Please give us strong, tough power. We earnestly hope and desire that you will make us into brave people of heaven who do not burn with determination and then quickly lose that fire, but rather people who burn with the kind of will that allows the fire of one day to burn far beyond a thousand years.

In young David's eyes the fire of hope burned brightly. We know that within his mind his heart of love for his tribe, which could bring down the influence of heaven, went beyond his people and reached up to heaven. Like that, in the hearts of your young children who have gathered here, please allow all of our senses to burn with a conviction that says there is nothing we cannot do in front of this way which is pursuing heaven. Please allow all of our five senses to do that.

Please make us into independent people who have nothing they cannot digest, who bump into something and go on. Father, you need to raise us to be subjective human beings who are not controlled by the environment, but rather who control the environment.

We know that you need people who can do that. Before our very eyes that historical mission which must be accomplished before the time passes is blocking our way. In view of this, we should not retreat, but rather it is our mission to thrust it aside, eliminate it, and go forward. The remaining day and will are calling to us, and your heart, which is preparing for us the day of the liberation of humankind, is protecting us.

We know that you would like to brag about a victorious prince who has the authority of the victor and who represents heaven and earth and who holds up the shield of the final victory. And not only that, until we become sons and daughters who are adequate for you to place before all the people of the world, and to place before Satan and be able to say, "In this way, I have loved that which I was not able to love," and to receive your love completely, we earnestly hope and pray that you will allow our group to realize that we must be able to endure, light, win and survive through the path of suffering of a thousand different circumstances.

We earnestly ask you to allow us to realize the fact that we must become people who dare to venture out sacrificing ourselves rather than trying to become important people, being public minded, and standing in the position of giving up ourselves.

We offer these things in the name of the True parents. Amen.

June 10, 1973

Please Allow Us To Push Through Adversity And Be Victorious

Father! We have gone through the tedious, historical age of indemnity, and the new historical age is before our eyes. We see that all our enemies who were so powerful, who had such dignity, and who took the offensive against us, are already approaching the setting of their sun.

We now realize that heaven's having left them in their positions was in order to save everything at once, in order to expand the domain of the providence, and in order to establish the standard of the division of the age which would be able to liquidate everything. Therefore, we will have to open a way for even them to live, too.

In the same way that Jesus asked for blessings on the Roman soldiers who nailed him to the cross while he was dying on the cross, we pledge anew to become those who will take over the mission of the savior who saves people realistically in real situations. We thank you sincerely for this time of determining this beginning.

We know that the church is not the problem; the nation is not the problem; the world is not the problem. My self is the problem. And without liquidating my sins myself and establishing the site of the promised land which can lead to the Kingdom of Heaven, we should have clearly realized that the Kingdom of Heaven and I will have no relation to each other; and however good the concept of our Unification Church may be, that concept and I will not be able to have a relationship.

Therefore, we earnestly hope that you will please let us become your children who are able to think only of heaven and who, by thinking critically of our own selves, will go beyond the level of Adam and Eve who fell in Eden long ago, and enter a bright new age.

We think that due to starting correctly, the stages will be correct and the final destination will be correct. We know that your Will, through which you will guide us in the future, has gone through so many historical ages with you watching, and we know how strong and of good courage we must be, for you have placed us on the field of the final fierce battle.

Although David who appeared before Goliath had the shabby appearance of a shepherd, he had a thorough knowledge of heaven and a thorough knowledge of earth, and while he went forth, he believed in heaven's protection. We know it was this that overcame Goliath.

Today the Unification Church is very small, but whether we look at the basis of our thought or whatever, we know that we must be a group that struggles to represent that aspect of David in front of Goliath.

We must be strong and of good courage. We are stressing that we must become the young men and women of the Unification Church who are burning with a conviction that will last from the beginning to the end, and that can go straight forward and cut its way through anything in the world.

When we realize that it is we who are the elements linking all those parties, we earnestly ask that you will allow us to become the brave people of heaven who will rush towards the frontline, determining to adapt ourselves to the order, keeping step, and hearing the same breath and the same pulse of the same heartbeat.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

January 5, 1975

Please Let Us Realize The Completion Of Your Will Through Home Church

Father who is the center of the universe in heaven: Since your ideal is manifested together with all the things of creation, please reveal the completion of your holy Will which is to realize in this cosmos the home of love which you and humankind, who are the center of the entire universe, are longing for, connected together by your love.

With this kind of mission before them, in front of you, who were seeking to complete the great work of creation, the ancestors of humankind, who should have fulfilled their responsibility as parents on the earth, wove a history of sorrow because of the Fall. The world of your ideal was devastated; the world of love was nailed to the cross. Therefore, in the face of your historical toil, Father, we offer repentance in place of our ancestors.

And that is not all; humankind who are spread throughout the world say that God does not exist; they don't know God. There are many people who betray God, and in the midst of the expansion of communism which denies God, the standard of goodness is becoming confused, and falsity and unrighteousness are hastily becoming like the center of everything.

So please look with pity at humankind who are dealing with the results of all these sorrows, and please establish the Unification Church. When we think of the toil of our Father who has worked so hard on earth until now in order to deal with all of the chaotic groups of people, to deal with individuals, to deal with families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and up through the cosmos, we ask you, Father, to bear with all the sins of humankind who have caused the paths of suffering of all the historical sages who have come and gone in history for the sake of humankind, and of Jesus and even of the True Parents.

And that is not all. We know the fear of leaving behind for the descendents who are connected to us relationships of indemnity conditions centered on the sufferings of the present age and the past. Therefore, we are determining that we will go straight forward in order to get rid of the circumstances of indemnity conditions by centering on Home Church and broadening it from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and the world. Thank you for the blessing of being able to present this movement.

In order to cope with this kind of mission, please allow all the central families of each nation who are gathered here in the Unification Church to stand in the forefront to show the tradition, and to teach the reality of where we are going.

Then, to accomplish our responsibilities it will not do unless we hope for the environmental circumstances that will allow the entire world to follow and act here. We earnestly hope and pray that you will allow us to run in the lead to accomplish that.

Just like you working for Home Church, Father, please let us realize the environment in which you can be happy and the spirit world can help us by itself due to our fulfilling our duty of filial piety to you, Father, and becoming one heart centered on Home Church on the earth.

Through that, we earnestly hope that you will bless us so that beyond all national boundaries, the evil world of Satan, and even the evil world of communism will follow the call of the conscience, and follow your guidance, and be able to enter your nation and your family.

Then we earnestly hope and pray that you will allow all the nations of the world to become one centered on Korea, Japan, America and Germany, and that you will allow a time when we can praise your glory.

Father, please bless all the things that are happening today, and please bless everyone here. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow this day and this month, this year, and the 80s to become the time of praising your victory. Please receive this ceremony joyfully. We earnestly request that you, the infinite, eternal God, will allow the victory to spread widely from this day on.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

January 1, 1981

Please Allow Us To Be The Young People In The Forefront When Following Your Will

Beloved Father! Each time we stand before your majesty recalling so many circumstances of the sins committed by our ancestors, and when we think of those sins which left uncountable stains, we cannot help but lament the fact that we stand on the earth because we were born as their descendents.

The historical mistakes are mistakes, too, but when we see the ghastly situation of the four billion people who are living in the present age now crying out that God is dead, right in front of you, who solemnly exist, we understand that many religions are at the point of not being able to fulfill their duties and mission. Therefore, our Unification Church members must broaden our lines of defense and hold high to the world our banner of objection.

Please remember our Unification Movement which goes beyond national boundaries with groping footsteps for the sake of your heavenly Will and which is going forth with the command to advance, struggling night and day to take down the grief-filled historical barriers that remain in front of that nation and that people.

Because we know that our path is to have to leave behind the tradition of a young generation that can shine brightly in the course of history, even while our Unification Movements are being thrown out and pursued, they are representing humankind and struggling in order to leave behind this kind of tradition for the future generations.

We know that the young movement which is that kind of movement is named The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principle. We know that the power of heaven will be together with the young people so that they may show themselves as the source of power for the future, and as they have determined to march forward, we earnestly hope that you will bless them and keep them.

We hope that you will allow cruel winds to whip into their faces. And please let the winds of storms and hurricanes push them and drive them back. In the midst of the wind and frost they will remain honorable and they will become young men and women like rocks and they will emerge as victors. With such a beginning coming from the universities of the Korean peninsula, we know that the future of Korea will not be one of despair but rather of hope drawing near.

Through this opportunity today please allow even one person, even one life, even one young person to determine himself. Then please bless this day to become a day of determining to become ancestors and parents of righteousness who can fulfill the mission of ancestors who would not be ashamed in the future by establishing a proper tradition.

Then we earnestly hope that you will allow these young scholars to follow the Will of heaven according to the Will of heaven and that they will leave behind on the earth, each according to his ability, a precious, great family of authority. And we earnestly hope that you will allow these young scholars to be able to accept as an eternal great undertaking the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

We ask you three times over to please guide, protect, encourage, and teach them to become the young people who can lead the world, going beyond national boundaries and beyond Asia, adding the hope of the future of Korea to their being on fire with hope and furthermore adding to that the strong power of going forward on the path of heaven's will for Asia, the world and the cosmos.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

October 24, 1982

Please Let Us Be Aware Of Being The Elite Troops For Building The Kingdom Of Heaven

Father! We have opened our hearts and realized by ourselves how awesome your command is. We have straightened up our minds and bodies and before your command, before your order, we have determined ourselves, and this has been a solemn time when we could pledge to become princes of victory. Therefore, please be seated here and check each detail, and please let the moral obligations of becoming your children be understood again in each heart.

Then as for going over the remaining final summit of the ridge, please forget all the mistakes and inadequacies of the matters of the past, and please let the record of the victory of this one time be able to represent the whole, and we earnestly hope and pray that you, who are so generous, will give us the blessing of connecting to the realm of the victory of your providence.

Please allow us to discover our real selves who can only prostrate ourselves and weep with gratitude before the amazing fact that due to meeting this one day of victory which can be absorbed through the Will, we can inherit the work our parents and you have prepared, the work of the eternal, unchanging Kingdom of Heaven.

We must become the family of heaven which can experience in our hearts the delight of joy and which can weep for you even in lonely places or in the midst of persecution, as we live lives of tears of gratitude and awe, without speaking. In this moment which is announcing that kind of beginning, please let their hope and their hearts of weeping, overflowing determination explode once again in their minds.

This is a time for us to realize that we are the elite troops of heaven who can reveal the great way of the building of one kingdom which can attend you, the Father of the cosmos, on this earth by going beyond the circumstances of the people to Asia, and going beyond the circumstances of Asia to the world, and going beyond the circumstances of the world.

Therefore, Father, we earnestly request that you will please embrace each individual and let us become a group that, as your children centered on love, prepares the realm of the reciprocal object partner before you who are the reciprocal subject partner.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

May 8, 1983

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