Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Victory [Part 3 of 4]

Please Let Us Push Forward Bravely For The Sake Of Victory Over The World Of Satan

Father! We who have gone through the course of history send our reflection out to the world, and we hold in ourselves the reflection of the world. Accordingly, please allow us to become filial and loyal sons and daughters who can attend you, Father, who are moving the world. We have realized that this is your hope, Father.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become your sons and daughters who can gallantly stand before the Will of heaven and with new determination pledge that we will sacrifice ourselves for the Will from now on.

Even if the path before us becomes rough and persecution is continuous, we will think of you, Father. And even if tears rise up out of loneliness, we will think of you, Father. And even if we don't know what to do with ourselves because we are pierced by vicissitudes of grief, we will think of you, Father. And if we think that this way is the way I must go, that it is my life's work, then we know we will not be destroyed.

We know that if we are like that, through us the time will come when this people will know a new direction, and the time will come when a new level of culture of the people of the world and a new beginning point will be established. Please allow us to become brave people who will march blowing our trumpets loudly in order to establish the garden of the heavenly heart with relationships of heavenly affection.

Please allow us to become your sons and daughters who march into the enemy camp in order to see the end of Satan. In that way we will find the children whom heaven lost and return them to the heart of heaven. Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become sons and daughters who can do even more than sing a song of victory.

We earnestly request and desire that you will embrace us and train us so that we may not be inadequate to take on the great work of this age, this great world-level work, and furthermore, this great cosmic work which heaven wants to give us.

We offer all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

October 16, 1960

Please Allow Us To Be Those Who Remain The Same On The Final Battlefield Until The End

Father! We have arrived at the place you told us to go to. Since coming here we have realized that the final battle still remains. Just as the Jordan River was blocking the way of the Israelite people who had gone out in joy looking forward to the restoration of Canaan, the promised land, we have come to understand that the final battle remains before us.

We know that when the time carne for the Israelites to cross the Jordan River which was in front of this people who had received the commandment to go to this area and who had gone towards that site of hope, there was a three-day course of struggle.

We know that today you must remove from us the blood lineage of the gruesome history which has continued unbroken until today, and that this is the victory. Father! Now we know that this is a serious moment when we must walk solemnly towards the throne of God our Father with firm resolution, having received a final special command. We have realized that our minds and our bodies are not our own. Whose are we? And for whom have we come to this place? We are yours, Father, and we have come here for you.

We have realized that the place where we are replenished is not the earth. The place where our bodies are replenished goes out in four directions, but we understand that the place where our spirits are replenished is in poverty, suffering, sorrow and grief.

Having arrived at the final rampart which we must overcome and then establish ourselves, we realize that this is the moment that we must await your final order to make the assault. Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that at this moment you will allow us to come to have a firm resolution, pledge and conviction to finish the work and then collapse.

Please let us become people who know how to fear you, Father. You struck the people who betrayed the Will and increased the sorrow of the sorrowful course of history. Even if there is resentment which tears away our flesh and breaks our bones, please let us be those who remain to the very end and do not change our set determination. If we all offer our minds and bodies for the unchanging center, what resentment could we have?

Whether we are asleep or awake, eating or starving, please do not let us forget that we are the elite forces of heaven who must maintain God's frontline.

Even if our situation is like that of diseased wanderers who are thirsting and starving, we earnestly hope that you will not let us become a group that goes back on the promises we made to you, Father. May your Will be realized, Father. And may you please allow the Will that you have given us to bear fruit through us.

We pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.

December 11, 1960

We Have Gone Forth Determined To Die

Father! Even if the poverty of this age comes near us, and the starvation of this age comes near us, and the despair and lamentations of this age come near us, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow us to become unification workers who, safely overcoming these things, become the sons and daughters of heaven who have the power of resurrection from the world of death and who are able to raise up the flag of victory.

If among us there is anyone who is inadequate and cannot: move according to your Will, Father, then even if you have to strike him, please establish him in the land of hope that you desire. Since we know that the Will of Heaven is to establish the victory even through death, please do not let us cast away our conviction to follow you or our determination to die.

When the Israelite people were marching to the land of Canaan, if Moses had taken a rod and even beaten those who were collapsing in order to get them to go through the wilderness, the 600,000 people would not have become food for vultures in the wilderness.

We know only too well that the time has come when a people's movement must be carried out with individuals who can pledge and determine to ask to be guided, even by being struck by a rod.

Since our Unification Movement has come forth already determined to die, Father, please guide to the land of Canaan, even if you need to take up the rod and strike us to do it. We must become those who say that even if we die we will have to go and die in that place.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will not allow us to become those who follow in the footsteps of our ancestors who collapsed and became food for vultures in the wilderness, left a stain on history, and left behind grief for thousands of years.

Now we have inherited heaven's Will and are going forth holding up the standard of the new Israel. Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become heaven's sons and daughters who know how to take responsibility for and pass over the peak of the cross which they were not able to pass over.

Please don't let us be held prisoner in habitual concepts of faith, and as the days go by please allow filial piety and loyalty to you to flow deep in our hearts. We earnestly hope and desire that the more perilous the environment, the more you will bless our true, earnest hearts to be able to have dominion over ourselves.

We have offered all these things in the name of our Lord. Amen.

February 23, 1962

Please Allow Us To Become Brave People Who Advance Bravely Towards The World

Father! People thought that this historical event which occurred in a corner of Korea would be pursued and driven out, and that it would disappear like flowing water. But now it has spread out to the world and is creating controversy in Japan, America, Germany, and in the entire world.

But we know that this is not something to destroy the world; rather, it is something to destroy Satan's world. We know that it is a historical event in order to banish the very being of Satan from this land. Since we are the brave people of heaven who are carrying the mission of this kind of awesome restoration, please, please allow us to be strong and of good courage.

Father, please be with us always. We know that behind us there are always thousands and thousands of saints who are ready to fight to the end. For us there will be nothing but advancing; we must go forward for this nation; we must go forward for this world; and we know clearly that we are on a course of restoration today that includes the awesome mission of liberating even the spirits who are in the entire cosmos. Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to follow this way to the end.

Father! An awesome, historical, new path of righteousness has appeared on the earth. A new order has begun to be extended over this earth. Therefore, the whole world should be drawn into a whirlwind of inspiration, and the world that praises you, Father, while holding up the flag of victory, which should come quickly.

Since we are people who have determined to invest our lives and everything we have for that, please give us directions and orders according to your desire, Father. We will cross the oceans without hesitation and will walk across continents.

As we go our way, please reach out to us with your peace. We know that the shield of victory is near us; therefore, we earnestly hope that everywhere we go you will allow many incidents to happen that will reveal your real nature and your glory.

Each time that we visit many other nations, we understand how rushed and how busy our mission is; therefore, we must offer more devotion to you, Father. Now the time has passed for living for this people. The time has come for living for the world and for the cosmos.

Therefore, we earnestly ask that you will allow us to become the victors by connecting ourselves totally with you in our realms of life by going beyond our individual living circumstances and by centering on you, the source of life, the source of love, and the source of the ideal.

We have offered these things in the name of the True parents.

May 4, 1969

Please Let Us Go Forward With A Clear Sense Of Purpose

Father! You have sent us, and the time has come when we must clearly understand what your desire is. Please allow us to realize clearly the fact that we have a great responsibility to bring ourselves into oneness with your desire, and we must bring about the result of that desire and return before you with it.

Father! Since your young children have gathered here, if there were sorrowful circumstances as you passed through the historical ages, please appeal to each one of us in the depths of our hearts. If while in the midst of fighting the enemy there is something that you are terribly indignant and feel falsely charged about, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to have the will to indemnify and repay all those things.

Since we began because of you, we want to live because of you. Therefore, please let this become a time in which your power of life and potentiality rise up in each of one of us who have offered everything to you and followed you.

We must tread over the difficulties of this people and go beyond them. Furthermore, we have understood that, as people who have received the order of heaven to control all the chaotic environments and go forth, our responsibility is very important. Therefore, we must have a sense of purpose from the beginning to the end.

When the enemy blocks the way of this purpose, we will have to push that enemy aside and go forward, and when circumstances oppose us, we will have to clear away those circumstances and go forward. We earnestly hope that you will allow us to become your sons and daughters who can feel keenly that you need beings that are moved by this kind of determination.

We know that you had great meaning when you called and gathered us from among so many people. We know that your Will was to give us the order of a new mission and particularly to bestow your mission upon us. Father, we therefore earnestly hope that you will allow as to be brave people of heaven who rush to the frontline of the final battle offering each of our minds and bodies to you, Father.

We offer this prayer in the name of our True Parents. Amen.

May 11, 1969

Please Let Us Become The Young People Who Are Establishing Your Nation, Father

Father! What should be poured into each of the young hearts of your unification children who have gathered here, and who have determined themselves as unification sons and daughters? We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow your children to clearly know that they cannot establish the authority of unification children while disliking the unification name, while disliking the path of unification, or while disliking the place unification stays.

Please let us realize that our lives pass in a moment together with the flow of time. And please do not let us forget that the lot of the wanderer will without fail find its way into the courses of our lives.

In the same way, although today it would be nice to praise all the precious aspects of this springtime of our lives, more than that we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become youth with a purpose, who know how to struggle during this springtime of our lives to leave something on this earth before the sun begins to set.

When we think about these young people who are going forth due to the unification ideology, and think about what they are going towards and what they are taking responsibility for, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow them to feel once again that the people you are looking for are not small, narrow people.

The time has come for each young heart to possess world-level abilities. And the time has come when we must provide the decision of victory by fighting centered on dauntless courage which is burning with a new righteousness and burning with a spirit of justice and enthusiasm.

We know that in this age there remains the awesome mission of establishing the beginning of the kingdom which can attend you from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. This kind of mission together with this time today is urging us on. Therefore, please do not allow us to be pitiful people who cannot feel and do not know how move, like trees and stones which have no feelings.

Today the land is calling out to us, so please let us become the people who know how to hear that voice, and please let us realize that the future of Korea and the future of the world are calling out to us.

When we go out, please guide each of our footsteps, and by letting us realize the fact that you go together with us, please let us become young people who know how to go forth praising the joy of the pioneer and the mission of the pioneer, having hearts filled with the hope of tomorrow, and feeling all the results of everything together with you. And furthermore, we earnestly hope that you will allow us to realize that you have been longing for people like that.

We offer all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

July 6, 1969

Please Allow Us To Become The Children Who Offer The Final Victory To You, Father

Father! Please protect this Unification Movement which has lasted pushing its way through storms and raging waves along the course of history. We know that there is a harbor waiting for us at the end of this course we are going.

As we go on the way to greet the day of joy and happiness, how could there not be heavy seas, and how could there not be trials? But no matter what sufferings or trials we go through, please do not allow us to lose our purpose and goal. We earnestly hope and pray that you will allow us to always be in a position to see through to the direction we must go.

Father! Even if we are faced with being in the midst of darkness black as coal, we must not lose our mind which is directed towards you. Even if we have lost all directions by external standards, please allow us to have that direction by the internal standard. Please let us clearly understand that without keeping this direction, we cannot survive, and we certainly cannot pass through this difficult world of Satan which is like the bitter sea.

Please let us forget ourselves even when we are sleeping or resting, and let the direction of our minds be one with you, Father. Coping with and leading our own selves together with your assistance, Father, we shall become one with you and work together with you.

Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow as to sec such a result.

Together with the flow of time we shall block the flow of history which has gone wrong, and we know that before us lies the mighty and precious mission of building a new history by connecting it to the flow of heaven. Since we were born for this mission, please let us become brave soldiers who fight for this mission alone and who can die for this mission.

We earnestly hope that you will guide us to become your children who can greet the day when we can bring to a conclusion your final victory, and who can go before you and offer it to you.

We pray all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

July 27, 1969

Please Let Us Be The Pioneers Who Establish Your Nation Of Victory

Father! In order to establish the nation of victory that you are seeking, we will have to determine to conquer and lead our bodies, to offer everything, and to go forward. Before we die, we must see without fail that day of victory which you have been seeking.

We must keenly feel that we have the responsibility to found without fail that nation of victory that you have longed for. Furthermore, we must go forward hoping to become a people of victory who have established that nation. We must become a holy group which can represent a tribe and can build up that kind of a people.

As a group with few members we will not be able to help but go through a course of struggles while seeking to represent the whole in relation to your will. When we think that the real facts of the course of history are that one cannot help but go through a course of discipline, trials and suffering, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow us to walk this path in a proper way.

Father! Please tell us what to do. Now our minds must become impatient, and our bodies must run quickly towards that one place. We must determine ourselves and realize that we should go and then go some more, that we should run towards the distant path of tomorrow. We must understand that our sad situation is such that it is not our responsibility to merely go a determined way; rather, it is our responsibility to go forward as pioneers, feeling our way along the path.

Before us it is not happiness, glory and shouts of joy that are waiting; rather, we must realize that struggles, grief-filled complications, and uncivilized areas which must be developed are spread out before us, and we must go forward looking towards them.

It is not for us to brag about the past we have endured; rather, we must realize that if we are not at the point where we can brag about ourselves who will have to endure from now on, we will not be able to overcome this way, and as brave people, we will not be able to determine the victory of tomorrow.

We must go forward, longing for the day when we will be able to attend you, Father, you who take dominion over that nation, who love that nation, and who are spreading the authority of that nation. Even though we do not have that kind of situation now, we must go through the trials that are coming and attend you, Father, in the world of the heart and hope for that nation. On the stage of life we must not be a group that is slow to carry out its mission as pioneers. Therefore, Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to determine ourselves again at this time.

Until now we have been a weak group. But we must become a strong site which you can move by taking our hands, uniting our bodies, uniting our minds, and harmonizing our hearts. Please let us become like a guided missile base.

Father! Please give us strength. Please embrace our weak selves with your heart of compassion and raise us up. Please fill us with the valuable content that will allow us to take part in the goal you are hoping for.

We offer all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

November 11, 1970

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