Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Victory [Part 1 of 4]

Please Let Us Become The Elite Troops Of Heaven

Father, please reveal yourself to us through your words of potentiality, and remold our entire beings. Beloved Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will begin your work of re-creation.

As you have called and established each one of us individually out of difficult circumstances, now we will pass over the peak of our difficulties and trials. Now the time has come to raise up a song of triumph out of the struggle of the remaining real battle. Oh, Father, please add your power to our power, and add your ability to our ability, and please reveal yourself as the power of resurrection.

Please allow the spirits that have been imprisoned in darkness to be liberated, and resurrect them with the fire of hope. Please allow the fire of your life to brighten far beyond the garden of truth which was blocked, far beyond this world which has been dominated by evil, and far beyond this site of your enmity of 6,000 years. My Father, I earnestly hope for and desire this.

We know that the new history begins centering on you, Father. And we know the fact that if the standard of history is not set in heaven it cannot be the standard of history for the whole. Oh, Father! Since you have established us, please let us realize the new history.

Please establish us as the elite troops of heaven of the new age, and allow us the blessing of being able to return glory and joy to You by building a new garden. We have broken down the walls of the battle, and we have entered upon the path which the saints and sages walked.

We have entered the path called the difficult way. We have entered upon a path from which we cannot turn back even if we want to. We know that the time has come when we must fight with independent courage towards our unilateral goal. Please allow us to become the elite troops of heaven who can charge at Satan, who can go with fervor to the very end and raise up the flag before others.

Father! Until we can transform the alter of the remaining struggle into the altar of victory, into the alter of rest, and into the altar of glory for You, please, Father, protect our way as we go, sanctify the places where we stay, and guide us so that we may do even more than set up the white flag of the joyful victory in front of this people and all humankind.

I have prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

April 8, 1956

Please Let Us Follow The Example Of Jacob's Course And Return The Glory Of Victory To You

When we realize that the course to realize your Will is a lonely course which none of the people of the world knows, and when we think that the life of 21 years that Jacob walked is the path of faith which remains for us, we ask You to take pity on us and to help us walk the way of the Will by following the example of the course of Jacob who walked to Laban's house when he faced the wilderness of Haran, and we ask you to be our friend along the way. Please protect us along the way.

We know that there are many Satans blocking the path that we are going. We know that the powers of darkness are blocking the way. Oh, Beloved Father, in the hearts of your children, who intend to follow the course that Jacob walked, please let there remain only one unchanging center like an iron will. Please let us become children who can rush forward forgetting all about our physical circumstances, keeping only the will of heavenly destiny in our hearts, and devoting ourselves with sincere hearts.

And now since we cannot help but endure and go through the battle until we offer the final song of victory to you, Father, oh, heaven, please give us strength and give us ability. As we inherit the lonely heart of Jacob, please allow those of us here the blessing of seeing the glory of the ladder reaching from earth up into the far reaches of heaven with heaven's angels ascending and descending it.

Let us come to know that heaven is with us and cooperating with us to the end. Let us come to know your heart of patience, Father, and until the day of realizing your eternal Will, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us as brave soldiers of battle, as brave soldiers of patience to fight to the end and to have victory.

We offer these things in the name of the Lord.

July 3, 1956

Please Let The Glory Of Zion Come

Father! In order to find and establish the one center of Zion, up until now so many of our ancestors have struggled and shed blood in order to pay indemnity for the acts that have indebted us and have caused You to worry.

Oh, Father! Please let the glory of Zion come into our hearts and bodies now, and please let the joy of Zion where you can dwell eternally fill our hearts to overflowing.

We know that if we become sons and daughters of glory whose minds and bodies can be dominated by you, there is nothing more that we could desire, and there is no hope greater than that.

But if we cannot respond to our eternal father of love who is reaching out to us, there would be no people as miserable, no people as pitiful or as lonely as us.

We have come before you, Father, with our wounded minds and bodies just as they are. So please take pity on us and let our wounds from being struck in battle be healed, and let us discover the taste of the love that you have harbored in your heart. Then let us resemble the heart of heaven, and centered on the glory of heaven, let everyone be able to sing, and centered on the glory of heaven, let everyone be able to enjoy, and for the sake of the will of heaven let everyone bow their heads. My Father, we sincerely hope for and desire this.

Please let us be moved by the love of our Father which we feel from today and by the hope that we will have from today on and by the grief we will have from today on, and with hope let us pass over the peaks of the struggles of tomorrow, and while going through the course of our lives let us go over the walls of the curses of our many enemies.

And then let only a mind of peace become the center of our hearts. And let only our hearts which are longing for victory become the centers of our lives, and do not let us be lacking to go out and carry the flag of the battle representing this people. We know that this is the time of the Last Days, and we do not need the words of man, and we do not need any words that come through man, and we do not need any will centered on man.

We know that we need only the words of love of our Father which come through the pulse of eternal life. Therefore, even though we are in an insecure position where we cannot experience love, Father, please work and inspect us with your eyes like fire, and bring out the core of joy that has been hidden in our hearts. Let us who are surrounded by so many kinds of fears become your children who come before you and repent.

If there is anyone who has taken your hand, and who knows how to be grateful for your blessings, let him keep that heart without any changes. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will make us into sons and daughters who more than qualify to be recognized as sons and daughters of love in front of you, our Holy Father.

Just as the movement of life was one, and the movement of blessing was one, and the manifestation of glory was one, oh, Father, build a fence around the altar which has been scattered, and, centered on your Will, gather and establish us, and quickly set up the altar of joy that can make this people become one.

Earnestly desiring this, we pray all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

November 11, 1956

Let Us Break Down The Walls Of Resentment And Become Courageous, Victorious People Who Are Moving Forward

For thousands of years our ancestors have been building up walls of sorrows, and as the days go by, these walls are not getting lower; rather, through his many deceptions Satan has been making the walls higher.

Today all the people of the world have the responsibility to take down the walls of resentment that their ancestors have built up, and furthermore, we, too, must understand that we have that responsibility as well.

We thought that Jesus himself having gone the path of anguish was just his own anguish, but when we realize that his anguish remains as ours, we discover ourselves to be those who must now go towards heaven with tears flowing.

Now, when we look at the walls of all the sins our ancestors committed with our hearts breaking over those sins, we realize how weak we are. Oh Father, please let us inherit your strength which can push all this away.

Father! Even if we are in a lonely position, please let us reclaim the wall of tears and realize a garden of harmony. Father, now that we know you are concerned about us in your heart please let us leave our hesitations behind and appear before you as those who are going forward without rest.

Since we have now received your command and have begun on our way, please let us become good sons and daughters of heaven who can run hard along the path to realize your desire, determined to go whether we live or die. Father, we earnestly hope for and desire this.

Now we can respond to the words which Jesus said, "Leave everything and follow me." Let us become the sons and daughters who can respond to that call.

In front of the Will which gives you joy, Father, when you command us towards the garden of desire which you want, we must become the sons and daughters who can come forward and not waver having made all preparations without hesitation, and who can be embraced and loved by heaven.

And since we have the responsibility that we must fight with Satan and be responsible for the six thousand years of historical resentment, please let us become courageous men of victory who can fight with good hearts, with indomitable spirits which have made new determinations, new decisions and new pledges.

Earnestly desiring these things, we have prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

December 23, 1956

Please Let Us Become Harvest Workers Who Have Been Grafted To The Love Of Heaven

Father! Through your words we have come to know that heaven and earth are like one body. When we come to realize that heaven is the subject and we are minor details, we realize that we are beings who cannot live even one day or one moment without receiving the sap of life and love of heaven.

And when we realize that our being is such that we should live as one of the branches and leaves of heaven receiving the sap of love flowing out from the eternal God, we ask you to forgive us for not having lived like that. Father! It is the Last Days, and at this time which is announcing the Day of Judgment, we ask that you will allow each of ourselves to be grafted to your love centered on Jesus Christ who is the perfect root.

We know that you are longing to gather from each of us fruits of love born through the love of our eternal Father and through the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But for us to arrive at that point by ourselves, we are so insufficient, so incomplete, and so immature that we worry that we might become obstacles to your scything of the harvest.

Since we now commit ourselves to you, Father, oh please, Father, raise us and take care of us. In the midst of trials and tribulations place us in the pulpits and allow us to become complete as mature fruits. And please allow us to become people who bear fruit and who realize the eternal Kingdom of Heaven by joining hands with the love of our eternal Father, and please let us become harvest workers who can bring in the harvest for you.

Please let us come to realize that you are pressing for the realization of the Day of Christ through us now. Please let us understand that this is the time that you want to show the love of Christ by raising us up.

And furthermore, please let us realize that you have raised us up and you are waiting for us to embrace the sufferings of Christ now in this 20th century. Father, please lead us so that our steps which are running towards the castle of heaven are not centered on ourselves, and please do not let anyone remain in a state where he prays centered on himself.

Please allow us to come forward and cast out all the elements that evil can attack. In order to realize the Will that you desire and you are directing please take hold of us, Father, and help us to endure and continue going even on paths where we could not help but collapse and be disappointed or on paths with any kind of serious struggle. Father, we earnestly hope for and desire this.

Father! We pray when in place of Jesus we do the work that he could not accomplish completely on this earth, even if we are persecuted by this people, please help us to be able to cope with all these things.

And when we live for the sake of heaven, even if we are insulted by the people on earth and have difficulties and experience anguish, please let us overcome everything capably and remain to the end.

Six thousand years have passed until today. Since Jesus has been longing for this day of harvest, and is calling us, through us please wipe away the stains of the blood and tears of the cross and historical anguish, and lead us to become the shields of victory. Please do not let us forget that Jesus who was the incarnation of hope is waiting for us to become qualified people who are able to take dominion over Satan.

In that way, today also we must fight in place of heaven, holding the joyful Will of our Father in our hearts. We are earnestly hoping and desiring that you will let us become sons and daughters who are determined to subjugate the enemy Satan. And if we dedicate the course of our lives to this work, and we are not able to complete the mission, the work of our Father, then let us be determined to complete it even through our descendents.

We offer all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

December 30, 1956

Please Let Us Become Heaven's Elite Troops Who Maintain Unchanging Fidelity

Please let us feel, oh God, that at the same time that you are the commander of love, you are our one and only commander-in-chief who is facing and fighting with evil. Please let us become saints who can make you proud by following the example of the course of devotion of Jesus Christ and by resembling the external form of our Father who has been continually fighting without resting for six thousand years.

Please don't let us, who are in the process of fighting today, become foolish people who ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit to center on ourselves, or who ask you, God, to center on ourselves.

We know that we should appear as the elite troops of heaven who fight heaven's battles representing heaven and who can be victorious there. We must not become the elite troops centered on any people or the elite troops centered on any specific world.

Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will let us become the elite troops of heaven, who maintain unchanging fidelity for the will of heaven, for unchanging love and for the eternal ideal of heaven.

Father, at this time please let us come to understand that when you, who have endured for six thousand years, give us a command, if we are not people of character with value who can fathom your heart, then you cannot directly command us.

And if someone is not true, righteous and law abiding, and is not a person who qualifies for glory with an unchangeable aspect which can represent heaven, then Jesus Christ, who has been working for 2,000 years, cannot directly command him, either. Please let us come to understand this. Father, we are earnestly hoping for and desiring this.

Now if there is a cosmic hope that still remains for us, please let us come to realize that our hope is to become elite troops who can take total responsibility for everything in the universe and liberate all the things of creation, and give joy to all humankind. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will let us become intoxicated with our sense of mission, and receive heaven's commands and fulfill our responsibilities completely.

In order to establish heaven's will on this earth, Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will let us be sons and daughters who know only how to fight, who do not know how to rest or change, and who, knowing the laws of heaven and the laws of the battle of the universe, will represent the unchanging center, until the glory of the restoration and the ideal of the eternal God are revealed in all things of creation.

Please lead us to become the elite troops of heaven who, transcending everything, rush forward not caring even if we are on the path of death for the sake of your joy and your glory alone, Father.

We have prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

April 4, 1957

Please Let Us Have Victory In This Final Battle

The hope that our minds have been longing for is the garden of the ideal of our eternal father. All our bodies have been longing for is to reach the day when we can speak with pride in front of our Father in the glory of victory after fighting with Satan. Then our minds would be filled with the glory of our Father, and our bodies would resemble the external form of our Father. We earnestly hope and desire, beloved Father, that you would please allow us to appear in glory; and allow our minds and bodies to become the objects of your joy.

We are those who should take on the external form of sons and daughters of that kind of victory, but with our minds in front of your glory and our bodies in front of your internal character, please let us reveal everything about ourselves. We ask you to please fill us with awe and lead us to be able to reflect on and repent about our inadequate selves of the past.

Father! If we truly admire your love and desire to resemble your character, then we know that your present anguish must become ours, and your frustration must become ours. Therefore, beloved Father, please work to make us like that.

Oh, Father of love! Among us are there any sons or daughters who, although they know their minds and bodies are going the way of darkness and death, are not yet able to repent? Oh Father, please show your capabilities. Oh Father, please show your power.

Oh Father, please bring about your work of resurrection and re-creation. In that way please let our minds and bodies have the ability to rush towards and enter your heart of infinite love. Beloved Father, we are earnestly hoping for and desiring this.

Father! Please let us realize the fact that as time passes, the day of the final battle is coming right before our eyes. Please do not let us become people who lose heart on that battlefield. Beloved Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will please let us become the elite troops of heaven who will go forward and fight and fight again until we have established the one standard of the final victory representing you, Father.

Until now you have been sad together with us; you have fought together with us; you have gone through difficulties with us. Now since we know that there is a new battle left for us to fight while looking towards your one day of hope, oh, Father, please act by giving us limitless ability so that we can win that battle, and please do not let us prove inadequate.

In that way, this people can be embraced by your heart of love, and furthermore, through this people please let the many people on this earth be able to greet your glory daily. And through humanity may one, not two, worlds be realized, harmonizing with even the millions of saints in heaven. We earnestly hope and desire that you will act so that we can realize quickly here on earth a new restored garden where we will praise your glory and experience your love.

We have prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

October 13, 1957

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