Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Restoration [Part 4 of 4]

Please Let This Become A Day In Which The Spirit World And The Physical World Rejoice

Beloved Father! Today, February 5, 1976, January 6 by the lunar calendar, is the fifty-sixth birthday of this son of yours, and the thirty-third birthday of your beloved daughter.

Our family, which made a new beginning on earth in 1960 in the name of the True Parents, first thanks you that you have let us celebrate this birthday today in the historical year of 1976, having welcomed the day of victory, having followed the administration of the Will you desired in the period of 16 years which have passed since we were established in the center of your Will.

Please enjoy this situation and this ceremony. We know that it is grievous that the many human beings living on this earth are not able to celebrate the day that the True Parents were born. We know that it is grievous that the many spirit people who are in the spirit world also are not able to celebrate the day that the True Parents were born.

This day today is a day of parents through which a connection between heaven and earth is made, more so than on the days on which many people were born, and more than on any day in history. When we think about the fact that this is a day in which we are celebrating and commemorating that the parents were born, we know that this is a place that heaven and earth know and are bending down to watch; it is a day representing the new historical transitional period in which the spirit world and the physical world become one.

Father! In view of how very much you must have looked forward to this ceremony, please celebrate this day joyfully. Please bless the many good spirit people who are in the spirit world centered on your name. Please bless their many descendents who were born on the earth, having inherited their achievements.

At this time, please let them resolve the grief of their not having been able to commemorate personally on this earth, the day that True Parents were born. Even though all their descendents born on this earth do not know the day True Parents were born, please give them the grace of being able to celebrate this day together on this earth, on a foundation centered on their ancestors, and centered on God.

This is a new historical time in your Will in which you have wanted to complete the ideal of creation which you desired, centered on humankind and the entire spirit world in the midst of the love of the True Parents, and centered on the True Parents in the midst of your love. As we think of that, we ask you to please rejoice, Father. We earnestly request that you will allow the entire spirit world to rejoice, and that glory to reach even the earthly world, and the heart of each person to be moved and to be happy.

Please bless your children who have gathered here. Please establish this joy of celebrating the day the True Parents were born in a place where we have become one, representing all the nations, representing all the people, and representing the entire cosmos, as a condition of indemnity for the grief of the people on the earth who do not know the Will and all the spirits in the spirit world.

Now please extend your authority as the subject partner so that they may be governed within the realm of the name of the True Parents. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will transform this age into an age in which we are able to work with the authority of the eldest son by having the descendents of evil parents become restored before the descendents of the good parents by Cain and Abel being switched directly.

Today, here on this day, born with the name of the True Parent, with your permission, I proclaim that all the spirits in the spirit world and all their descendents on the earth shall become one.

Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that by calling together enemies, and by the divided tribes and nations becoming one, you will take direct dominion of them spiritually and physically so that they will be able to advance and march forward to the world of unification, following the destined relationship of the one family as a whole, following the destined relationship of the family of the True Parents, following the destined relationship of the love of the True Parents who represent God.

Please realize everything according to your Will, and we earnestly request that you will let this become a day we are able to commemorate while receiving your blessings in the midst of glory, and in the midst of your personally and the whole cosmos rejoicing over this day. We earnestly hope and desire that you will add millions of times of blessings onto all the people who are admiring and praying for this day.

While thanking you for allowing us to welcome this day in joy in your name, we have prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

February 5, 1976: Parents' Birthday

Please Let Us Welcome A New Age By Going Beyond The Accusations Of Satan

Beloved Father! This son of yours knows well that the history of restoration is a history that has been linked by tears. From the day I groped for and found the world of heart which no one knew, I have come to this position while longing for the day of hope, which I could not speak to anyone about.

On February 23, 1977, January 6 by the lunar calendar, we have established the way of hope you desired, we have defended ourselves against the world of Satan, and we have met the new age of a new offensive.

We are at a new historical point where the tides that have flowed down must flow the opposite way. We celebrate your having worked so hard throughout the historical ages in order to find the original standard where we are able to boast about your love and your realm of inheritance, where we are able to boast about having become your sons, centered on your love, by you, Adam and Eve, and the angelic world having become one centered on your ideal of creation.

Now in your name and in the name of the True Parents I make a new proclamation that defends against the standard of accusation of the satanic world, by the entire spirit world, including Jesus, becoming one with the world standard of the Adamic realm, and the world standard of the angelic world which is centered on the Adamic realm, in the ideal world of creation that you hoped for. Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will receive this day joyfully, Father.

Since I have proclaimed that now the people of the Unification Movement, the people who follow the way of the Divine Principle and who know this content, will be blessed with a way of defending themselves against the accusations of Satan, please permit this to happen before the people of the world.

Due to this, please shine the light of your bright love and the light of the love of the True Parents even to the bottom of hell by your granting a special pardon today. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow that world to praise you, too.

Since we forgive with love and forget all the sorrowful things along all the historical course we are going, please embrace humankind, and please embrace even the Christians who opposed us, Korea which opposed us, the world which opposed us, and the communists who opposed us.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will please make them one through your love, please let them remain through your love, and please forgive them, especially. And we thank you that we have been able to open the gates and enter the Kingdom of Heaven which can be governed by the dominion of your goodness by realizing one extended family by realizing one nation, and by realizing one world in human history.

I thank you and proclaim this in the name of True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen.

February 23, 1977: Parents' Birthday, The Proclamation of The Day of Victory of Earth and the first Day of the Kingdom of Heaven

I Proclaim The Foundation Day For The Nation Of The Unified World

Beloved Father! The flow of history was full of pathos, and your providential history was a history of despair. What caused this was not God or the things of creation. This miserable flow of history was left behind only because of the mistake of Adam and have, who were the lords of creation, and the Archangel, who was responsible in the angelic world to take care of and raise Adam and Eve. When we think about how sorrowful you must have been while thinking about these facts, we cannot help but lament bitterly humankind's unforgivable destruction of your nation.

But because you are love, in order to establish the standard of the original ideal of creation by letting us go through the history of re-creation, even though you had to go back thousands and hundreds of thousands of times, you did not cast away the way of sorrow of the historical ages which came over and over again, and even if your mind with its traces of love was divided out onto thousands and hundreds of thousands of paths, centered on the position of investing and investing again, and living for the other, and living for the other again, your mind has endured until today, forgetting itself.

We cannot help but thank you that such a great God exists. Because this kind of heart of the providence has occurred because of the mistake of humankind, humankind has the responsibility to understand it. In the ages of history many prophets and saints appeared, and many religious leaders came and went, but they were not able to uncover the hidden situations in the recesses of this heart.

Because no one knew what the cause of the sadness of heaven was, or what the motivation of beginning of the devil was, or what the condition was for all the attacks of Satan's accusations throughout history, until now in the religious world there was no way that was able to eliminate and defend against this.

We know the fact that many people, who had put their lives on the line and gone forth fighting, having determined the dutiful way of loyalty and filial piety, and who had worshipped heaven and believed in religions, at the very end fell into traps and disappeared as offerings to Satan, and on the rugged, steep way of indemnity, on the rugged peaks of the eight stages which had to be gone over, many people were sacrificed.

Therefore, please awaken the spirit world of the people who were sacrificed while going forth crossing the gateways of the religions in the ages of history. And then by letting them once again have minds that are able to be loyal to the parents on the earth by finding once again their innermost hearts which related to heaven, please let them become one with the parents' family.

And due to their contributions to the moral principle of the parents' nation, of the parents' world, and of the Kingdom of Heaven of victory, which the parents established, please let the work of being engrafted come about centered on the destined relationship of the parents' family members and the parents' children, by settling all the accounts for everything about the blood lineage which was severed.

Please let us have the concept of a total, internal, heartistic bond, which is able to earnestly request to heaven, to the parents, to the brothers and sisters that the family of heaven will bring them to the place it is going, and that the family of heaven will not lose them, by taking as a condition whatever cannot be forgotten, everything they had been devoted about in relation to heaven, and the hard work they did. Since without doing that, that kind of work cannot be realized, we earnestly hope that you will bestow the destined relationship that can do that.

Since all the ancestors who have gone to the spirit world before us seem like elder sons, and we who are living on the earth today seem like second sons, please let us become one. We know that your way of seeking for the truth of the liberation will be connected by having a victorious foundation in the vertical realm of Cain and Abel which establishes the original realm of the eldest son by Cain and Abel becoming one and by having the spirit and the body become one.

Therefore, please call and awaken all the grieving spirits who were sacrificed while going the way of religion, and please let them be able to pay indemnity again in relation to all the religions on the earth. And please let them become one with those religious leaders.

And through the cooperation of heaven, and through establishing a standard that is able to restore the realm of the eldest son through Cain and Abel, and a domain that is able to attend the parents, in accordance with this, liberation and resolution will be able to be achieved. Since the parents want them all to have the authority to be able to return to the earth and become one like this, we earnestly hope and desire, rather, that you will bestow that authority upon them.

Oh, all the good people, all the people of conscience, who struggled and sacrificed in order to live according to the way of the ancestors who left behind the way of righteous morality historically, and in order to live according to your consciences while going forth with the morality of your consciences on earth, may all of you, not just let the pitiable religious leaders be liberated, but please come to the earth again.

Then please open the door through which we can attend the parents and follow them into heaven through the cooperation of you spirits centered on your substantial object partners on the earth. Please deal with all the people, who have been in the realm of the religions, and in the realm of conscience, and not only them, but also all the people who have been in the embrace of the satanic world until now.

And since the age has now come in which Satan can retreat, please establish all of them as family members in the realm of God's love. And please establish them in the world-level realm of fortune which is able to receive the benefit of moral principles by having formed destined relationships in the blood lineage of the True Parents.

We hope that the external liberation and the internal liberation will go forward into the realm of unification, centered on the domain of the victory of the Cain and Abel realm, by having become one with God's inner heart today, just as the internal and external foundation became one in the Republic of Korea during the Seoul Olympic period. Therefore, Father, please be together with us today at this time.

Until I your son, who has the name of the True Parent, came to this point, I have struggled for more than forty years. How could I relate to the standard of your hard work, or how could I act in relation to the standard of hope which you desired?

Feeling, of my own accord, my inadequacy which could not do that, I have lived while growing up in the shadows. I thank you for not having cast me away, and for your day and night having straightened the way I had to go, and for the blessing of your many hidden works through which you let me pioneer the way through the difficulties of the environment and go over the rugged peaks.

Father! How very much you must have worked to guide me to this place! Please forgive this son of yours. And in the same way, please forgive, at this time, the mistakes of the Unificationists who have followed me in the course of my establishing the Unification Church. We will now repent in prayer for seven days. Please forgive them together with me.

Please establish them as your children who are not ashamed to live receiving the blessings of heaven, as the princes of love whom you desire, and as heroes who are the standard-bearers you desire, by embracing them and not leaving them in a pitiful position. We earnestly hope that you will cover over my shame at having held out my hand and given the blessing in the name of the parents, while representing the heart of God.

Our Father, who knows the situation of our struggling because we do not know the way which is able to deal with the things that happened; oh Father, who knows that we cannot go a way on that we can be comfortable on our own, we earnestly hope and desire that you will broaden the way of moral principles and you will take charge of our future by embracing us with the love you give.

Through the love of the True Parents, I declare that everything will be forgiven, everything connected to the five billion people on earth and their ancestors, who are outstanding, starting from the standard of all our ancestors in the spirit world which we must go over, and going beyond the communist world, to the leader of the communist world, Gorbachev, and next to Deng Xiao Ping and the American President Reagan, and it goes without saying, to everyone.

Therefore, since we have presented the necessary conditional objects to heaven, please do not let this be in vain. And we earnestly hope and desire that, together with the content of the proclamation which is able to unite both worlds, you will receive them as the driving force that is able to rush to the world of liberation by their being fixed in the realm of your heart.

We have passed through the Transformation Ceremony of Unification which will be able to go through the providence of restoration, and I have proclaimed this day, which is able to let North and South Korea be unified, to let the world be unified, to let the Kingdom of God on earth and the Kingdom of God in Heaven be unified now within a week, and, centered on this amazing point, taking the heartistic realm of unification of the True Parents as the center of all heaven and earth, on the foundation of that, I have proclaimed the liberation of all nations, "The Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World."

Therefore, please lead all the people in heaven and on the earth who have ears and eyes to listen, to know, and to cooperate with this work and to come into the liberated world of unification.

Please let the liberation of North and South Korea be accomplished first, and the liberation of Asia, the liberation of the world, and, of course, the liberation of the world on earth, and even the liberation of hell in the spirit world.

Along the course of unification which remains, we must go forward fighting centered on love, by offering everything in order to reach even God's world of true liberation together with the liberation desired by True Parents.

Since we have been entrusted with that kind of task, since we raise up the banner of love in 120 nations, and we set up new lighthouses of unification and light their lamps, and since we determine to go forward to the Unified World Kingdom together, so that our minds of love, that we have pledged before you, will not go out just as those lamps will never go out, please accept everything, Father.

I proclaim once again, in the name of the True Parents, that God will receive what was proclaimed today as his own proclamation at the same time, as a unified proclamation of the spirit world and the physical world.

May that nation last for thousands, and hundreds of thousands of years, and forever, and may it be one that can be governed forever and ever, and in which we live forever and ever, centered on the True Parents and the True Children!

Together with prayer, I proclaim all these things in the name of the True Parents! Amen. Amen. Amen.

October 3, 1988: The Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World

I Proclaim That The Kingdom Of Heaven Of Victory And Liberation Will Come To The Earth

History has flowed and flowed until now, and has arrived at this point. Due to the appearance of false parents, the ideal of creation which started with true parents left behind many miserable situations in the course of history, and history continued on as a bloodcurdling conflict filled with death in back of the many human beings.

While reflecting on these facts once again, we come to realize that at the same time that heaven exists, which seeks to deal with those realities, the devil also exists, who is seeking to destroy God's dealings with those realities, and the devil has occupied the earth as his domain. And we have realized how lonely and solitary the situation of heaven was.

We could not fulfill our responsibility of having to return glory to heaven as attendants, by leading and dealing with even the angelic world, with the horizontal, even authority of the parents on earth. Because of that, humankind became the servants of Satan, and by our having become sons and daughters who inherited the blood lineage of Satan, history has continued down as a history of grief; and more grief, and even more grief, from which we could not escape even if we wanted to.

When we think once again about that fact, we come to realize that human beings, who were born as the descendents of the fall, are people who have inherited the fruits of grief, and that a course of grief remains before us as well in order to recover the destined relationship of the blood lineage of the True Parents, by our dealing with ourselves on our own, with minds that respect the position of the family members of heaven, while admitting that we are people who have inherited the blood of the traitor of heaven.

Humankind was born in the position of the child of the devil and in a position like an orphan who has lost his parents. Human beings have stood in the position of the children of the devil, but the devil has not loved them, and has driven them along a path where they are able to betray the way of heaven.

Because of that fact, hell on earth and hell in the spirit world came into existence, and they did not know heaven which thought of that as grief, and all of the people of history were unfilial and disloyal. We earnestly hope that you will forgive everything human beings have done in history.

This was because Adam and Eve, who became false parents, could not live according to the destined relationship of true love, and were connected through false love, and grew up like a tree which bore many fruits on this earth.

It is nearly impossible to gather all these fruits again and return them to the original standard. But heaven linked that again through a group of people who sought the realm of the chosen people, by starting from the brothers, up to the original position which is the world of the womb, by representing the individual, the family, the tribe, up through the people in terms of the blood lineage.

We know how great the labor of heaven was in order to have the dutiful way of the destined relationship of the True Parents appear on this earth. The people of Israel walked a grief-filled, historical course which was a continuation of bloodcurdling conflicts and the blood of martyrs for two thousand years.

After that, the day in which Jesus could be sent to the earth for the first time from heaven, with the authority of the only son, in the position of an original, sanctified child, that day must have been such a day of hope, such a day of liberation, and such a day of joy for humankind.

But because the people of Israel did not know that and nailed him to the cross, they once again added to the grief of heaven, and at the same time extended the foundation of Satan. Because of that, the course of history became one that had doubly difficult, rugged peaks that had to be gone over.

In order to work through this, the Christian believers inherited the blood of martyrdom. And in order to represent the Chief Priests, the Christians have sacrificed much and have shed much blood, while wandering everywhere as a people who had no nation, who had lost the realm of Israel, and as a people without a nation for two thousand years, while enduring the solitary way of sorrow and persecution.

The Christian cultural realm inherited that kind of blood of martyrdom, and extended the world foundation where the historical age of today could once again be connected to the realm of heaven. Centered on the Second World War, the Christian realm was in a position that was able to have, together with the age of the Second Advent, a nation with the sovereignty that is the final destination and that represented the world. But, Christianity, and the United States, which was leading Christianity, did not fulfill their mission, and fell down to the earth.

For that kind of reason, the people of our movement, who have been called to the Will of all the historical hopes, in accordance with the destined relationship of the True Parents and the Unification Church today, have lost their nation, have lost the world, and have lost their place to stand, and have been driven out into the lonely wilderness.

But through the protection of heaven until today, we have established the church again; we have liberated the people again; we have connected again with Christianity, which represented the realm of world dominion; we have gone to America, which represents the free world, and have been victorious; have not collapsed along the course of persecution even while going against the current to the communist realm, and we have been victorious.

Now as of July 1, 1991, we will clear away the grief-filled historical course of indemnity; we attend anew the horizontal True Parents who are able to be the original parents together with the Lord of Creation, God, and the right and the left will become one; north and south will become one; and by the religious realms and political realms all becoming one, we will inherit the authority of the eldest son, inherit the authority of the parents, inherit the kingship, and we know that all these circumstances are needed to find the realm of liberation of the original world.

And not only that, we follow the dutiful way of true love which is the center the individual, the family, tribe, people and entire nation centered on the original nature, centered on true love. And we know that it will not do unless in accordance with the one absolute direction, the original Kingdom of Heaven, which is the final, absolute goal, becomes the foundation of the family where we live on earth, representing the earth.

Therefore, the Unification Church has received from heaven the command to move forward in relation to the task of the sacred mission that it will not do unless we proclaim tribal messiahs, settle down, and break through on the local and neighborhood levels.

We have come to know that the positions where we must stand are not as the leader of some church or the chairman of some federation; rather, now we must find the position of the filial son who is able to attend the parents; we must find the position of loyal patriots who are able to attend the nation; we must find the position of saints who are able to attend the world; and we must find the dutiful way of the divine sons who are able to attend heaven and earth.

The age has come in which it will not do unless, beginning from the family, we plant that kind of tradition, in which we can declare the completion of the grave five percent portion of responsibility of each individual. The activities of the parents for the mission have already been completed.

As of today I have completed the responsibility I had to fulfill in relation to the free world and the communist world and North and South Korea. Now what is left is that the people of the Unification Movement, the children, and the children of the blessed couples must inherit the tradition and be very thorough in carrying it out.

The stage on which that can be accomplished centered on principled education, is not the nation or the world. This is the time in which I clearly proclaim that the course of the portion of responsibility in which we must complete our five percent of responsibility, is the establishment of the foundation of the family.

Therefore, Father, please accomplish this solidly. The person who does not have a victorious dominion over his family, cannot stand before his tribe; the person who does not have a victorious dominion over his tribe, cannot stand before his people; the person who does not have a victorious dominion over his people, cannot stand before the world; the person who does not have a victorious dominion over the world, cannot stand before the cosmos; and without having a victorious dominion over the cosmos, a person cannot stand before heaven, nor attend events before your throne in the heavenly kingdom. Please let us accept all these things as the solemn truth.

The age of the completion of the five percent portion of responsibility has come in which each individual must act on his own authority. Now even the persecution of Satan has disappeared completely from our right and left.

The Unification Movement is being gathered into a situation where all humankind should respect it as a symbol to be respected highly by the whole world. In order to attend and to accept this, we will have to prepare the place that is able to become the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven starting from the foundation of heaven's blood lineage on a revolutionary foundation, by making the family foundation anew, and by changing the blood lineage through the destined relationship of the blessing by becoming a movement that is able to represent the whole clan as the original family of Adam and Eve.

Until now, none of the members of the Unification Movement knew that the beginning of a new base is possible only where each individual becomes one in mind and body so that he or she will not be ashamed; where men and women, and couples become one; and where families are found and established in which the parents are one.

Please let us know that now from July 1 on, the world-level age of history is coming in which we must march forward in order to deal with our families and our clans, and in which we must go forward towards this decisive peak.

On the first of July, this day was decided as a day in which one could make this kind of application, in which tribal messiahs are declared throughout the world. Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will not allow us to forget the mission of blessed couples to establish the dominion of victory which no one can shake.

Starting from the family, we must pound in, like steel pillars, the standards of the restoration of the authority of the eldest son, and the standards of the restoration of the authority of the parents, and of kingship, which Adam and Eve lost. Please do not let any of the people who applied for that look around to the right or to the left while pursuing their destined relationship with the family of heaven.

Because this origin came into existence, through which this standard of the family can be kept, we want to open the way that is able to arrive even at heaven through this foundation, by linking the tribe, linking the people, linking the nation, linking the world, and linking the cosmos. Therefore, heavenly Father, please allow such a time.

Now please appoint, just as they are, all the representatives who have bowed down respectfully, three people by three people, for the sake of heaven in this ceremony.

Since I proclaim this to the entire universe in the name of the True Parents, may heaven please directly take authority over everything. Please allow us to pass over from the grief-filled age of history to the age in which the inability of heaven's almighty omnipotence to act and to do everything is restored through the True Parents, through the standard that established the condition of the perfection of the True Parents, and to the age in which you can have dominion over all nations.

Before heaven there cannot be a free world and a communist world; there cannot be a north and a south; and there cannot be a Satan. Since I proclaim in the name of the True Parents to the earthly world and the heavenly world that the Kingdom of Heaven of victory and liberation will come to the earth by settling the accounts of all the roles of evil, and by burying them together with history, please take it as a shield and lead it eternally.

At this time today on July 1, I proclaim this in the name of the True Parents. Amen. I proclaim this in the name of the True Parents. Amen. I proclaim this in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

July 1, 1991: the first July First Holy Day, the Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing

We Dedicate The Foundation On Which You Are Able To Settle Down Comfortably Throughout The Entire Cosmos

Beloved Father, As of two o'clock in the afternoon on the Day of All True Things, today May 26, 1998, centered on the parents, all the peaks of indemnity that had to be gone over on the earth as the parents have been gone over.

Starting on June 13, the 360 million couples will be blessed, and one year and seven months later, the age will come in which the entire 360 million couples must take the highway that is able to go towards the Kingdom of Heaven by finding a nation, a central nation, in which direction all the world must go, by uniting representatives of the nations, the nation of the parents, and the nation of the realm of the eldest son.

At this point, you have let us have an age that is able to liberate all humankind who are lamenting in hell, and the people of the spirit world and the earth. Through heavens love and the favor of the parents, now the nation of the parents is established, and beginning with twelve Korean people and forty Japanese people, the responsibility of the mother nation, which has not been fulfilled, has been connected to the Eve nation.

Through their having become one, saying that they are determined, the condition of the four position foundation is restored, and for the first time, the age has come when America can be blessed. Because of that, now, centered on Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and Canada, they have been connected.

We sincerely thank you for having helped the hard work of the parents, who are pioneering the way of blessing in order to form the family-level kingdom which could have opened the age of the unified kingdom centered on the True Parents right after the Second World War after all the Abel-type nations, including England, were victorious.

I know the days in which you pioneered, through your hard work, the course that let me pioneer dream-like realities, and I lived completely for the sake of this work, and I crossed mountains and seas, Father, along this way no one else knew about.

Until now the people of the Unification Movement have been treated contemptuously and have walked their course shedding tears. Due to the merit of their tears, they could conditionally offer the nation of the parents instead; they could conditionally offer the nation of the children instead; and could build the liberated world, which could establish the realm of the unified kingdom, centered on Christianity.

By doing that, of course, North and South Korea will unify, and Japan and Korea will become one nation, and Taiwan, the Philippines and Canada will become a standard that has transcended race. On that standard, we will establish the destined relationships of children as one family, centered on America.

The parents proclaim the foundation on which you can arrive and settle down and the realization of everything that had not been settled centered on the ideal standard of love in the family, the love of front and back, the love of right and left, and the love of above and below that received your love completely, centered on the nation of heaven and earth, we offer before you the foundation that accomplished this. Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will receive this.

Now True Mother will combine the twelve people of Korea with the thirty-six Japanese people centered on Japan, and stand in a position of becoming one. Through that, for the first time, the promised age comes, which is able to go beyond the boundary line of conditional victory of the whole, by the parents and the children having become one before the True Parents and before God.

Since we are having this kind of ceremony, we earnestly hope and desire that you will receive it in joy. Please let the conditions that are being carried out become historical declarations, and become the realm of the shield of historical victory of the providential history. I earnestly request and desire that you will allow us to become great kings of love who are able to put it into reality and to have a dominion that has eliminated all traces of the satanic world, and that has the supremacy of love in the entire realm of liberation, and where God is able to go back and forth freely, going beyond the families, going beyond the nations to the entire cosmos, to the world of the perfection of the sovereignty of love.

Since I proclaim this kind of dedication ceremony, Father, please receive it. I proclaim, proclaim, proclaim, this again and again and again in the name of the True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen.

May 23, 1998; The Day of All True Things, The Dedication Ceremony of the Transformation

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