Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Restoration [Part 3 of 4]

Please Let Us Prepare The Firm Foundation Of True Families

Father! We know that it is not because of someone's strength that the Unification Church has continued to exist until now. We know that it is due first to your power, and it is due to the foundation of the public accomplishments of the many saints and sages who have paid the price of blood in the historical ages.

We have come to think that these kinds of destined relationships have been formed today because the foundations of the duties of loyalty and filial piety that Jesus Christ offered in his life still remain. And furthermore, we know how very hard you worked before us on the way of suffering in the course of history. I know well that before I was lonely, you were lonely first, and before I faced a sorrowful situation, you are my Father who experienced sorrow first.

Now we must realize how precious it is that we are standing in a position to be able to know the destined relationship of true families in relation to your Will today, and that you have gone through those kinds of adversities, and have formed the Unification religion and have formed the Unification tribes through many families.

Through realizing the true family, that true family you longed for so much, a true people is formed. And through the traditions of the true family spreading out a true nation is formed. And when, through the destined relationships of the true family, the traditions go beyond the nation out to the world, a true world is formed.

When we think about this amazing fact, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will let us realize clearly at this time that we must prepare a firm foundation of true families which you can remember, and in which you can rest.

When we think about how much value we will have when we ourselves collapse, please let us know that the position of blessed families today is an amazing position which determines the internal conditions of the accomplishment of the three-dimensional hope, which is able to resolve the grief of heaven, resolve the grief of earth, resolve the grief of the True Parents, and not only resolve these three great griefs, but rather resolve the grief of this people, and resolve the grief of our descendents in the future generations, by our giving ourselves.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

April 29, 1971

Please Let This Become The Day Of Liberation For All The Things Of Creation Which Are Lamenting

Beloved Father! We know that your children who are spread throughout the nation are commemorating The Day of All Things by offering devotion in the places where each of them is. Your children who are at the headquarters have come to this place also in order to commemorate The Day of All Things which we are holding for the ninth time.

We have come to commemorate this day each year like this because of the grief-filled history of restoration. Through the Old Testament Age, you connected with people through the conditions of offerings. After that you established the New Testament Age by sending your son, and through the New Testament Age, you sought to establish the destined relationship of the parents of the new Completed Testament Age.

When we think that all the things of creation carried out the mission of the offering in the middle from a position closer to heaven than humankind, we come to feel that human beings are standing in a more shameful position than the things of creation.

In accordance with this kind of vertical, destined relationship, from the position where the things of creation were the mediators, the son was made the mediator; and from the position where the son was the mediator, the parents were made the mediator. And the realm of this age came in which we can see today the horizontal beginning of the vertical history centered on the love of the parents.

Therefore, when we come to understand the fact that it will not do unless we connect them in the opposite order to the proper order which is from the parents to the children and from the children to all the things of creation, we come to feel once again how precious the created world which you created is.

Today in our age it will not do unless the destined relationship of Cain and Abel is reversed by going through this kind of way of suffering, through the family, through the tribe, through the people, through the nation and through the world. When we think that the grief of the parents cannot be resolved unless we do that, we must realize clearly that having to distinguish and go this way is the mission of the Unification Church, and this is the philosophy of life of the Unification believers.

Inadequate people have gathered in this place, but we know clearly that this place is a place that is being watched carefully by the world, and it is a place that is being watched carefully by the entire spirit world. Since it is a place that must not become an object of worry to you or a factor of sorrow for you, by becoming something that is not good, Father, please let this be a blessed day.

Please welcome this day happily. We know that this place which is holding a ceremony where we are offering our inadequate devotion is a place that represents history, a place that represents this present age, a place that represents the cosmos, and a place that is able to raise you up and where we are able to form a parent-child relationship and have a destined relationship.

Furthermore, this day is the day that our many ancestors, who have come and gone in the historical ages until now, have longed for and hoped for. And it is the day in which all the things of creation, which have been lamenting in the realm of sacrifice, can reveal their glory by being liberated.

And it is a day in which the whole world, is able to have a new dignity and is able to bow down respectfully, while calling you, "Father," with a serious attitude, having cast off its shameful attitude on its own, with bright new light after having been in darkness.

When we think of all this, please let us feel deep in our minds at this time the fact that we must celebrate this day, truly giving our minds completely and offering all our devotion, and we must become people who fulfill the duties of filial piety to you and who have the authority of having become a son and the authority of having become a lord.

Father! Please receive this day today in holiness. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

May 24, 1971: the ninth Day of All Things
Please Let Us Horizontally Indemnify Completely The Vertical Grief Of History

Beloved Father! We know how very many rugged peaks there were in the flow of the grief-filled history of the many ages which have come and gone. In the midst of that, many of our ancestors died while they embraced the true Will.

When we reflect on each historical age in which people believed that a day of victory would come, and they determined to, all the while looking up to heaven and while shedding their blood of goodness, and when we think that the leaders of the Unification Church, who are gathered here, and I, who are responsible for the Unification Church, have the responsibility of the actual mission of having to horizontally indemnify completely the vertical history of today, we must realize that this place is not adequate before you and is one we should apologize about.

If the positions of joy today are positions that cannot be connected to the destined relationship of heaven, then we must avoid those positions of joy. We have come to know that no matter how ghastly and miserable our lives of today are, if it is a foundation on which the destined relationship of your blood lineage can be connected and moved, we have the mission of having to keep those positions by clenching our teeth and overcoming.

It will not do unless we bring to a conclusion the moment when we are able to conclude the mission of the three ages centered on one point, but at this time we must feel once again that we have been people who have not been able to bring this conclusive chance to a decisive conclusion in this serious and determined resolute position of our lives.

When we come to think that you have always coped with history from that kind of position until now, and you led our many ancestors, we realize that you alone are indeed a being to be pitied. We know that the sorrow that is flowing down from the recesses of your mind, and the pulse of your heartbeat which is pounding out must also pound out through our minds, through our inner hearts, and through our physical hearts.

Our blood must become blood that is able to move because of your blood. And furthermore, our emotions must not move because of our own emotions. We must discover in ourselves, selves who are able to move, having adapted ourselves to your holy emotions.

From our miserable position of tears, we must embrace your mind and appeal to you in order to resolve this grief by hugging you and rubbing ourselves against you, and we must have a position where we can discuss together, and where you say, "I have been looking for you!"

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to definitely realize at this time that without having that kind of position, your beloved sons and daughters will not be able to establish their dignity on their own even if they go to the spirit world.

Please allow us to clearly understand that we are pitiful people who cannot go back without having achievements that give you joy in relation to the realm of value of the present in which we must determine to fulfill the responsibility by having the realm of resurrection of the three ages.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

August 13, 1971

Please Waken Us To The Fact That We Are Faced With A Historically Precious Position

Oh Father! We know that we have come to stand in this kind of position not because we are so outstanding, but rather it is because behind the scenes our good ancestors paid a terrible and amazing price of blood, sweat and tears.

When we think that we have received the grace of being able to meet with you in this kind of position in the destined relationship of the present age today because of that, we must truly, truly thank you.

Father! How very much you must have looked forward to this age! How very much you must have longed for the family you desired! And how very hard you must have worked in order to embrace your children!

When we think about these things, we cannot help but worry that our not being able to offer you more brilliant, more valuable, more glorious selves will become not just the grief of one generation, but rather the grief of thousands of years.

Father, your having gathered these childlike people together like this is not because they are outstanding in themselves; rather, it is because they have precious historical destined relationships. Therefore, we hope that you will mobilize their ancestors and let them cooperate and not rest in relation to their urging forward the mission of this age.

Today, please let us realize that we are carrying on each of our shoulders the serious mission that heavenly fortune is hoping for, representing our tribes, and representing our people. We know well that it is our responsibility, our mission and our duty, that we must fulfill, even if we die, we who pride ourselves in the name of the true family members.

And the mission of the Unification Movement is the resolution of the three great griefs: the grief of Jesus, the grief of humankind, and the grief of heaven, as elderly people who are old, as the youth who are young, and, it goes without saying, as men or women, young or old.

When we think that the infinite world is moving in order to be included in that value because that value is infinite, before we call out to you, we must feel filled with awe and we must feel a sense of being sorry, such that we cannot even think of the name, "Father." We did not know until now that you are a Father who is difficult to attend, and you are a Father who is difficult to call.

You have a warm mind in relation to us, a mind of broad and deep love, and a heart of forgiveness, and you do not lament your billions of sacrifices; rather, you worry over our inadequacies. Each time we discover our inadequacies in relation to your grace, which is like that, we will have to be filled with an apologetic mind and an awe-stricken mind.

If we could receive the glory of victory in that kind of position, receive your love as sons, and receive your love as daughters, what more could we want as human beings? Please allow us to clearly realize that a position where that can happen is a position of more precious value than any kind of value represented in human history.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

August 22, 1971

Please Let The Hard Work Of The Good Spirits Bear Fruit, Father!

Please remember, of course, the Unification Movement which is on the earth, but also our many ancestors who are in the spirit world, who worked in the course of history in order to realize the Will, and our many ancestors who shed blood and died while following their inner relationship with the Will.

The more that we realize that you are calling upon our inadequate selves to carry out the victorious liberation of the spirit people who know that they cannot dwell in your original world without going through the base of this earth, the more we must feel how important a responsibility we are carrying. And we must more clearly realize the fact that our daily lives are not daily lives that we are living for ourselves; rather, they are daily lives for the sake of the three-dimensional world.

When we think that the many spirit people and the angels in the spirit world have gone forward overcoming a difficult course while hoping until now for your one day of victory, we come to think that we must harvest the fruits of their labors, and the hope we have must be brought to fruition together with all the people of the world. And we come to feel once again that it will not do unless we, who are living on the earth at present, fulfill the responsibility which is able to be linked up and down.

Father! We come to think that if we do not experience and feel your heart keenly and bring to a conclusion on this earth the way that is able to raise up the destined relationship of your life, you and the many good people will not be able to form a relationship.

When we think that your many children, who are isolated from one another, are on this earth, but there is not a true leader who is able to connect them to life, and when we realize that they do not have a foundation for the daily life in which they must attend heaven and live, while going together on the way they must go to the front, back, right and left, even so, please let us feel that this inadequate Unification Movement, which is unworthy, can have the foundation of the hope of heaven and can become an object partner which is able to comfort your mind.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

August 29, 1971

Please Let Us Become People Who Will Be Remembered As Good Ancestors By The Future Generations

Our having remained until today is not due to the hard work of someone. We know well that it is entirely due to your infinite love. It was so in the past, it is so in the present, and we hope that it will be so in the future.

When we think that the area of the providential mission coming in the future will gradually get wider and bigger, it will not do unless, when we offer devotion to you, we offer it with still higher and larger hearts in the future than in the past or in the present. We who are at this kind of point ourselves must not become a movement that criticizes the present reality while wanting to go hack to the past as deficient people.

Without forgetting the past, having great hope in our hearts, pushing over all the barriers we run into in the present, and becoming people who are able to be busy handling everything, we cannot become a movement remembered by heaven.

Since that is a natural fact, please do not allow us to have any inadequacies but let us appear as soldiers in whom you can have confidence, as brave people of heaven, who have completely prepared ourselves to be able to lead the final great battle to victory by confronting the world of evil while being brave and courageous today.

How very, very much you must have looked forward to being able to entrust this nation and this people to us, to put your mind at rest, and to entrust the course of suffering of this world to your son by establishing him on this earth, to put your mind at rest!

When we think about this, we realize that our ancestors were always terribly unfilial and inadequate. It absolutely will not do if we also become people who are accused by our descendents in the future of not having been loyal to the way of heaven.

Therefore, we earnestly request that you will allow this to become a time in which we determine to become sons and daughters who will shine brightly in the final day by our offering the rest of our lives to you completely and who are able to go before you after leaving this world. And please let all this that we desire be able to become the request of the rest of our lives and to become the course of our lives.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

October 24, 1971

Please Let Us Go Out To The World While Embracing The Abel-Type Mission

We think that the Will of your providence for the course of history which is flowing along was the course of the providence of restoration which cannot avoid a destiny of constant complications. We did not know that in the restoration through indemnity centered on Cain and Abel, the representative dealing with the mission of Abel had to cope with Cain on this earth.

We did not know that he had to expand the foundation of liberation which the parents were hoping for. We did not know that he had to possess and offer God's heartistic liberation which can unite heaven and earth.

Father! Please let us know that the fact that the members of the Unification Movement are living on the earth today is not an accidental result of your labor. We cannot help but think that, in relation to this serious mission, the Unification Church, which has inherited the traditional history of Abel, has the mission of having to demand the people-level liberation, and at the same time, to accomplish the dominion of goodness and to perfect the world-level liberation.

Although the way we have walked until now was also difficult, we come to feel more and more how vast the course of the mission is which we will have to run in the future. Now the time has come when, having broadened our viewpoints, we must not appear as shameful people before the standard and the ranks which are rushing towards the world.

Father! The way of destiny which we must by all means go is for the sake of the restoration of the world. Since this way began together with your Will, please give your blessings forever. We earnestly hope that you will allow us to become the heroes needed in the liberation of your victorious Kingdom of Heaven, by always being victorious on the field of battle where we are going.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become children who, at the same time as we awaken the people, also arouse the world, and who carry out the central mission in relation to opening the gates of the future Kingdom of Heaven. While praying that abundant grace and love will always be together with the people who are concerned about your Will.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

May 18, 1972

We Thank You That You Have Called Us To The Way Of Restoration

Beloved Father! We sincerely thank you that you have awakened us, who had not known, to how tangled the course of history is, and that you have established us in a position where we are able to seek the way of grief-filled restoration that you sought.

Now we must know clearly that you exist, and we must know clearly what the original standard was like of our ancestors before they had fallen, as you had originally created them. When we think about what the family, the people, the nation and the world are like, we realize that we are placed in the realm of your enemy Satan. We know that we became children of that parent; we became part of that blood lineage, and we became the people of that nation and that world.

In this regrettable and mortifying position, it will not do unless we make a resolute decision to cut off from this world and go forth. Having done that, a standard of value just like that does not appear immediately in the good world in place of what was cut off. Therefore, we must clearly realize that when we go out and cut off from the evil world, at first we remain alone.

Even if we are lonely, we will have to hold on to heaven and be lonely. Because the way our ancestors went in history was like that, please allow us to be able to solidly keep that kind of lonely position ourselves, to know clearly what the hope is that heaven desires, and to run along the way we must go.

We must restore the way where we were not able to be loyal to you as servants; we must perfect the restoration of all the things about which we could not fulfill our responsibility as adopted sons. And as sons and brides and bridegrooms, we have not yet gone to the position of parents which is able to inherit your love, but we must inherit it. Since we have clearly realized that this is the way desired by your Will, that is unique, please allow us to go this way purely.

Now when we feel our bodies and seek to understand them, we must feel that our hands represent the hands of Adam and Eve whom you personally formed. We must realize that our hands are filled with your devotion. We must know clearly that your hope and your ideal dwell in us. We must become people who consider ourselves as precious and who are able to know that your fingerprints of love remain in all our limbs and body, and all of your devotion and love are dwelling there.

Please allow us to discover that we cannot connect ourselves with evil because our value is far too precious. And while earnestly hoping that you will allow us to remain as people who belong only to heaven and who honor only heaven, we have humbly prayed in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

October 22, 1972

Please Let Us Become People Who Bring The History Of The Evil Dominion To A Full Stop

Father! Now the final stop at the end of the century is approaching us. Now we know that this being called "I" does not have enough power to be able to solve things through just my destiny alone. Right before our eyes, we are looking straight at a decisive age where it will not do unless the way of victory of the individual passes through the people; the way of victory of the people passes through the world; the way of victory of the world passes through the victory of the cosmos and your victory.

We have come to think that in this age when a scene is approaching us where we will be panting and out of breath, if we ourselves do not stand in a position that is able to be one with the purpose you are looking towards, we will become pitiable people, a pitiable nation, and a pitiable world.

Therefore, we will have to long for you with loyal hearts, and it will not do unless we discover selves who are able to make serious efforts in order to go towards the final stop while believing in and attending you.

We know the reality that the evil world and the good world are all tangled together. We know that it is the way of restoration that it will not do unless we, who were born as the descendents of evil people in an evil land, settle our accounts for having gone an evil way and enter into the way of goodness.

That way cannot help but be a way of suffering because there is no way to go around it. On the way we are going, individuals are blocking the way, and families, nations and the world are blocking the way, and not only that, even the power of Satan, who has taken the spiritual sovereignty, is blocking the way we are going.

When we think about those realities, and the more we think about how very nearly impossible it is to go against this current throughout our whole lives, we come to realize that we have a duty and a responsibility such that it will not do unless we overcome this way even by determining to die, while having offered all the devotion we have with our entire minds.

However high the peak that we must go over is, when we think that our ancestors were destroyed, and all the nations that came before us were not able to go over this peak and passed away, we know that it will not do unless we, who are running towards that peak, make the greatest determination that has ever been made in history!

Because of that we will have to love you with our entire mind, will and devotion. We will have to be crazy about you. We will have to become one with you. Because we know that at this almost impossible stage you are hoping for all the acts that are possible to occur, in our minds we are looking forward to becoming sons and daughters who are dignified enough to receive your love and your praise and who are able to overcome and break through all this.

The position of looking forward to this in our minds may be easy, but when we think that in order to go beyond this reality, it will not do unless we conclude the final battle and we bring to a conclusion the final battle of life and death, the more we reflect on whether the mental attitudes that we must have are ready, and whether our bodies are armed, we find that we are inadequate, and we are like naked people.

Therefore, Father, please dress us in the armor of your strength and your power, and please unite our minds with yours. When we think about the fact that we cannot determine to overcome and to have the victory without becoming substantial beings representing you, we must realize the fact that if we cannot do that, there will be no group as pitiful and miserable as we are.

We know that this is a position where victory and defeat cross each other because this is a position where we can cooperate the most with heaven because we have stood on the highest peak in front of Satan.

When we think about the fact that if we end up standing in the position of the loser, we become an enemy to heaven as well, we earnestly hope that you will let this become a time in which we clearly realize the fact that each of us has a responsibility such that it will not do unless we go beyond the standard that you have believed, by absolutely bringing a result of victory, while knowing that we are in a position in which we must not lose.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

November 5, 1972

Please Let Us Fulfill The Responsibility From A Position That Represents The Three Ages

When we consider the problem of who can guarantee history, who can take responsibility for this age, and who can open the new gate of the future, we come to think that it will not do unless I, and not any other person, do it.

When we think about this kind of important starting point, we feel that we are far too weak, far too inadequate, and we are not equal to resolving this. Without a doubt, we are going through our present destiny, the destiny of our daily lives, and the course of our lives looking like that, but in view of this fact of our going up and down, we must realize that if we are not able to resolve the will of the course which we must discern and go as those kinds of people, it is not just a personal tragedy; it is a historical tragedy.

Now we clearly know the fact that the ruin of one person is not something that finishes with the ruin of that one individual; it has a relationship to history and it has a relationship with the present age and the future.

When we think that the awesome task that is called "the responsibility for the three ages" is related front and back, right and left, and above and below, centered on the one person, "me," today, we realize that if God exists, we must find Him. We must form a relationship with God.

Because God has a relationship with the central point of the present, and has a relationship with the starting point of the past, and with the point of the goal of the future, we have come to think that there is no method to break through this way without difficulties, other than going this way holding on to God.

Even when we are in a bad situation, we must seek God; even when we are sad, we must seek God; even when we are frustrated, we must seek God; even if we go into deadly circumstances, we must seek God.

We must handle everything together with heaven, we must adjust everything to heaven, we must forth a relationship with heaven, and we must discern things and go forth together with heaven. Until now we have not known how brilliant this kind of course would be if this kind of valuable course existed.

We have learned about the heart of God in the past. We are learning about the heart of God in the present. We have learned about what the heart of God would be like in the future. And not only that, we have discussed even the heart of God before the creation. When we think about those kinds of things, we know that it is truly an awesome place.

We must know the fact that if we cannot keep this awesome position in spite of having been entrusted with this kind of awesome position, all these blessings will strike us as misfortunes and go away.

We must clearly realize that we must become a movement of people who give all our effort and all our devotion to go forward matching the focus of our lives day by day while always thinking that at the same time that this is an extremely blessed position, it is also an extremely frightening position.

We must always feel that we must live in a position representing the three ages. We must clearly know the fact that if I as one person make a mistake, the way of the spirit world is blocked, the historical direction is blocked, and not only that, all of the ways of the past are blocked.

While having hearts that represent history by ourselves, we will have to comfort you, and with hearts that represent the age, from a position of this age, we will have to comfort you who are experiencing loneliness, and from a point in the present time that is surrounded by disappointment and despair about the future, we will have to get rid of those things for you.

We earnestly request that you will bless us to be able to become sons and daughters who shine in the past, who shine in the present, and who shine in the future, who are not only loved by you, but also are sons and daughters who are worthy of being set forth and boasted about; that is to say, who are able to be remembered as sons and daughters who have the condition of victory which is able to shine forth in the three ages.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

August 1, 1973

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