Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Determination [Part 4 of 4]

Please Let Us Be Able To Cope With The Way Of Your Will On Our Own

Father! Each time we greet a new day, each time the morning sun shines on us anew, we will have to hope that day will become a new day centered on the Will, and we will have to become people who are able to yearn for your Will of hope which is like the bright sunlight. We know that there should not be any distance between us in our lives every day, as well.

We must go and experience that the way you are going is also the way we must go; the place where you stay, is also the place where we must stay; the place where you are fighting is also the place where it will not do unless we fight; and the place where you are confronting the enemy is also the place where it will not do unless we confront the enemy as well.

Father! The children who have bowed down here must come to realize where the way they are going is, and where the place they are staying is. Do they have a proper attitude centered on an attitude of going forth to tomorrow? If our father is heading towards the East, are we standing in positions such that we can head to the East ourselves and take responsibility?

We earnestly hope that you will allow us to clearly know that it will not do unless we realize on our own that we must know where the circumstances you are going through are heading, and we must know whether we are standing in the position of participating in those circumstances. If we are not standing in that position, we are in a state where we must once again follow you with impatient minds.

The way of life is not a way we can go at someone's urging, and it is not a path we can go because someone leads us. We must particularly realize the fact that it cannot be gone unless one is able to cope with it by oneself. We earnestly hope and desire that you will let us become your sons and daughters who are able to go forth adding the power of life while determining on our own, and who know clearly that we should not stand in a passive position.

Since we have bowed down before you sincerely at this time, when you gaze upon us, if we are in an evil position, please spur us on, and if we are in a good position, please hold our hands, and please let us appear as sons and daughters who are enthusiastic in relation to the Will of hope of tomorrow. And then we earnestly request that you will let us become your sons and daughters whom you can believe, and who are able to pioneer the position of filial piety and loyalty, by going forth taking responsibility on our own for all the conditions that oppose your Will by taking over your field of battle.

We have humbly prayed in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

February 28, 1971

Please Let Us Walk A Course Of Life That Corresponds With The Will

We know that people always need a change, and need an awakening. Since we have realized that in order to be beings who are able to receive that kind of stimulation, it will not do unless we have yearning and adoring hearts and earnest minds. Since we know well that if we do not bring the results which can brighten tomorrow in the realm of the present moment, it will not stimulate you or our own selves and there can be no joy, please be concerned about your children who have bowed down here.

Humankind are just letting time flow by. They just think that one year passes and another year comes, but we must realize that in that way ten years pass, and twenty years pass, and half our lives, or our whole lives can just pass away.

The fact that we can absorb this day today as joy is something to be grateful for, but we must realize that if we cannot link the joy of today to the joy of tomorrow, today's joy becomes an evil element for ourselves. And we must realize that those things cannot help but become conditions of sorrow, difficulty, and lamentation. We know that joy is not only good, and sorrow is not only bad; the question is where the joy and sorrow are linked. We know that it is important how much that internal conflict matches the circumstances in order to accomplish one's goals.

When we come to realize these things, we come to think about how united we are with the Will, and how much our joy and sorrow are connecting to the values of the Will as we go our course of life together with the Will.

When we think about the fact that having become a direct substantial being whom you are observing and seeing through this age, we have realized the truth that being one with you, who are the center, is joy, and not being able to be one and becoming more distant from you is sorrow.

Father! We must clearly realize from what kind of position you have been calling us, and with what kind of content you have been seeking us. Since it will not do for all the activities that are coming and going to be planned on a useless level, please let us become people who start together, go through the process and continue until the conclusion without going against your authority whether we live or die.

Please let us realize that in this kind of present environment, since our lives are such that it won't do unless we go before you at the end, Father, it is our glory that we are able to become people on our own who consult together with you about everything, who receive your counsel, and who match our steps to your final victory.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

April 18, 1971

Please Let Us Overcome The Suffering Way Of The Will By Taking Your Example

Father! We must now transcend this world of the realm of death. We must break through this. When we think that you are not looking for people who just live in the environment of this age, but rather you are looking for people who are able to overcome the environment of this age and remain, and who are able to firmly establish the traditions of the future on the foundation of the present reality, we realize that it will not do unless we become people who are able to overcome the realm of death and possess the realm of victory forever.

When we think about how very much you have struggled in the realm of death in order to find sons and daughters who are standing in that kind of position, we will have to become sons among sons and daughters among daughters who are able to be called by you, and we must determine to become sons and to become daughters whom you will be happy to set forth in your nation of glory.

And not only that, we must become beings who can inherit the entire world of creation and about whom you can say, "I exist because of you, and I can experience joy because of you," and who can inherit your love completely and feel joy. We did not know until now the fact that until such children appeared, the work of our father, who has endured and continued, has gone forward tangled in our background until today.

When we think that you searched while paying the price of such suffering, but we who were found appear to have so little value, we must have a time when we feel such shame that we cannot present ourselves before heaven and earth, and we cannot look up at the mountains, we cannot look at the lakes, we cannot look at the earth. We must have a point when we discover that we are shameful beings who cannot reach out our hand and touch even the leaf of a plant or a handful of dirt.

What is the way we can resolve the grief of our Father who has gone forward with grief in his heart for thousands and hundreds of thousands of years? If there is a way that your grief can be resolved by your letting those of us who are so inadequate lay down our lives as fertilizer, we must find and go that way, even if it is a way of death.

Until now we did not know that that way is the traditional way of people going the way of faith. In spite of the fact that we should have straightened ourselves up, wailed until we were hoarse, and followed the course that your majesty commanded, we stopped shedding tears before you did, and we stood in a comfortable position before you. When we think of that fact, we must become people who are able to feel of our own accord that there are no acts more rash and thoughtless than that.

We have been told to be patient, to endure, and to overcome. It will not do unless we overcome ourselves. We must be patient, and we must overcome ourselves. Furthermore, when we think that without overcoming our families and becoming subject partners who can overcome our environment, we cannot stand before you, we will have to realize once again that we must become people who are able to supplicate, asking that your son will appear who is able to represent all individuals, and asking that you will allow the age that the people are hoping for to come, even if we are mined before you while staying up all night on bended knees.

And we must realize that the Unificationists who are gathered here must become a movement that offers devotion to you while shedding tears, and saying that a family that can do that must appear. And then please allow us to become heroes who decide the final victory more than anyone else by running the way of suffering more than anyone else.

We have humbly prayed in the holy name of our True Parents. Amen.

May 23, 1971

Please Let Us Walk The Way Of Public Righteousness For The Sake Of Humankind

Father! You must become the Lord of our minds and the Lord of our bodies. You must become the center of the entire church. Since we know that there is no person who can become the center, please become the Lord personally, Father. We earnestly request that you will please always be the sign in front on the way we are going by your becoming the standard bearer of the direction we should go tomorrow, and please guide and admonish us, and please encourage us not to become exhausted along the way we go by your always being our center.

Father! We are not seeking to hurry along the way having received someone's orders; rather, we have decided to take this way as our destined course, as a way we cannot help but go whether we want to or not, because we know that humankind is to be pitied, and we know what kind of path you have walked in order to find humankind.

No matter how fierce the battle may be on the way we are going, even though the arrows of the enemy fly towards us, because we know well our father who has protected us until now, because we know too well you who have encouraged us until now, even in a position where we have collapsed together with your name, even in a position where we are lamenting together with your name, thinking that we are together with you, we are grateful that you have let us walk the way of victory until today.

We are grateful for the way of victory until now, but we know that the destiny of our lives is waiting for us, and it will not do unless we go the way of the destined course we must go while consulting together with you and leave behind the brilliant future victory of the Unification Church.

When a person is born on this earth, he definitely is carrying a mission. We earnestly hope that you will allow our footsteps to be filled with the sympathy of people and the sympathy of heaven as we go forward ourselves on that way of our own accord, in order to defend, keep, and vindicate the laws of public righteousness and the will of public righteousness, and not to have a mouth that defends the individual on the way we are going. And we know the truth that this mission is not to seek for our own individual happiness; rather, it is in order to know how rewarding our lives are, having taken responsibility for a historical public mission.

We have realized that the way of our lives is unbelievable as we go through time which comes and goes. As for the world we are living in today, because we have realized that it is a pitiful environment which we are not able to cope with, we earnestly hope that you will allow us to be able to run straight as bullets to the goal we must reach by your keeping and protecting the Unification Church members who know well that you alone are our center, you alone are our sign, and your protection alone allows us to proceed on our way.

We earnestly request and desire that you will let us become your young children who are more than able to bring victory to the people and to the world, even if we are blasted into fragments by having become shells which are able to leave behind shouts of the joy of victory, having broken through to the target on our own.

Please let your grace and love of the ages remain with us forever. Earnestly requesting that you will push us, Father, to become children who are not ashamed when anticipating the blessings of tomorrow, we have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

October 4, 1978

Please Let Us Become A Movement That Is Able To Advance Altogether Towards The Way Of The Will

Beloved Father! This is a moment in which the urgent, final, historically decisive destiny is about to collide together with our personal destinies. We have come to think about the fact that the Unification movement has become a focal point of hope for the mind of you our urgent father, who want to save this place as you look as the condition of humankind who are moaning, while not knowing where to go in the realm of many religions, in the spirit world, and in the physical world.

Father! We have realized that if we want to save a person who is dying, it will not do unless we enter into the position of death, and if we want to save a person who is on a path of suffering, it will not do unless we go through a course of suffering.

As for the Unification Movement shouldering the responsibility for world history, it will not do for us to become foolish people who build a comfortable nest for ourselves, and enjoy that foundation on our own. We have realized that as long as the nation has not been restored, our way is pressing, and as long as the world has not been restored, our way is pressing.

Until now heaven has been in the forefront walking the way of the pioneer, and this son has spent his whole life hurrying in order to follow that path. Since now the way I must go remains before me as the responsibility of having to put everything urgently in final good order while looking forward to a good era, now at this age of nearly sixty, oh Father, please take charge of the way I am going.

I earnestly hope and desire that you will drive out the Unification movement, Father, to become conditions of your shining glory, to become your shining pride, and to become the way that you can leave behind, that you can walk, and that you can go.

We know that in front of the way we must go now there are many paths of trials. We realize that not only the American continent is left, but the continents of North and South America are left, the continent of Africa is left, and not only the democratic world is left, but the communist bloc is left.

Then when we think that there is no movement that is able to advance altogether giving its entire strength in the direction of that way, by straightening our minds and bodies of our own accord and pushing the footsteps that humankind must go, we feel the darkness of the way heaven must go. Oh Father, now these young people have come to know what your Will is like. We have come to know clearly what we must do and the way we must go.

We must be centered on the family, but that family must become the representative of the people and the nation, and not represent just the nation, but must become a family that represents the world and the cosmos.

And the love of that family will overflow and go beyond the nation, go beyond Asia, go beyond the world, as far as everything of the cosmos, even to the spirits in the spirit world, and be able to resolve all their grief. Accordingly, we have realized that it will not do unless we have that kind of standard of the family which is able to be admired by all of them who seek to receive the benefit of that; therefore, oh Father, please bless us.

We know that it will not do unless we become those kinds of families who go together on the way you are going, realize a realm of the victory of joy, and are able to be praised for having become your sons and daughters of eternity, having established the ideal families you have been seeking, and when we compose poetry about the history that has continued on down, all humankind and not only all the spirits in spirit world, but also God will be able to listen weeping bitterly.

We earnestly request and desire that you will allow us to become a movement that is able to offer sincere hearts and that is able to offer total loyalty and all our devotion to leave behind a public way before you day by day by enduring along the way of suffering, enduring in the position where we are crashed into, and enduring, overcoming, and rising again from the position where we have collapsed.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow the time of glory to come quickly which is able to cancel the name "church" with the liberation of all nations, and praise that this is your Kingdom of Heaven of love, and please let this become the Unification altar which is able to give everything to heaven and yet have something left by becoming sons and daughters who are not ashamed, couples who are not ashamed, families that are not ashamed, tribes, peoples, and nations that are not ashamed before the spirits of the spirit world, before God and all the people of the world as well as the day and the age that remain.

Please let your grace and love of the ages be with us forever and ever! We have prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

October 22, 1978

Please Let Us Straighten Out And Go The Way Of Heaven By Offering Ourselves Completely

Beloved Father! I know well that there is no way but for this son to offer my life to you with tears, while reflecting once more on the historical ages in which no one knew how to comfort you, during the tedious history of restoration which you alone knew about as you waited for the age. No one has known about all the missions of the ages that you are administering while time flows by.

I thank you that you have protected me on the way as I have gone straight towards the day of being able to straighten out and go the way of heaven which is the duty of your public good by offering myself and attending you and by resolving your grief over having been miserable, angry and mistreated.

I thank you for having allowed me to reach an age in which the destiny of the world can be decided directly, when I can discuss the world while standing in a position at the summit of the world after historical ages in which I was driven out, and could not help but retreat and which continued until today.

Since I am going forward like a strong man who is bold and magnanimous, and who does not feel shame in front of you, Father, who are protecting the way where I must overcome a crisis, I ask, Father, that you will protect that way and be proud of me.

I have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

February 25, 1985

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