Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Loyalty And Filial Piety [Part 4 of 4]

Please Let Us Become Children Who Bring An End To The History Of Being Children Without Filial Piety

Father! Until now every day has flowed by filled with sorrow. Therefore, we have shouldered the responsibility that the days coming in the future must not be filled with sorrow. We are the people of the Unification Church who have the mission of having to push aside the misfortune of this time when misfortune dwells in our land, and of having to plant expectation and hope.

As for the current trend of thought with its despair, discouragement, pathos, and grief swirling around, we have come to understand the truth that we must become a main current of unification which can overcome this, and can leave behind expectation and hope. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become your sons and daughters who know we must find and live a more public value for the sake of going that way.

Father! Until now in the course of following the Will you are administrating, the Unification Church has gone through many sorrowful situations. There were not just one or two times that, having been driven into frustrating situations which cannot be explained to anyone, stomping our feet we wanted to curse, saying you didn't exist.

Each time we think of those kinds of days which have passed, we feel once again how pitiful a being you are, having gone through moment after moment anxiously and impatiently without being able to speak. It was you whose face was wounded for our sakes, and whose hands and feet were wounded for our sakes. And not only that, we know that it was you who shed tears, sweat and blood for our sakes hundreds of thousands of times, taking on difficult public destined relationships.

When we think of the fact that you live with us in this way in our realm of life, an earnest desire to take your hand and never to let it go must well up in our hearts. Our hearts must well up with the desire to put our arms around your neck and to follow you on a mountain path or any path. Please let us become people who know that when our minds feel that with that kind of destined relationship we will have to live our lives carrying you on our backs even though our strength is inadequate, only then will we be in the position of having fulfilled our duty of filial piety and loyalty.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

June 4, 1970

Please Let Us Become Children Who Return Loyalty And Filial Piety In Response To The Benefits You Have Given

We must understand that if a child has received benefits front his parents, it is his duty to repay those benefits, and if a person has received benefits from his nation, it is the duty of that subject to offer their his full loyalty to the king.

When we think that you have given us everything for our lives here on the earth, we must fulfill our duties of filial piety and loyalty in order to repay this grace we have received, and we must become high priests who with united hearts are able to represent the world you desire. We must realize that this is the way that the people of the Unification Church must go. We know that the life of people who have taken on that responsibility is such that we cannot sleep when others are sleeping, and we cannot rest and play when others are resting and playing.

Today the Unification Church is not just responsible for itself; rather, it is carrying a historical responsibility. We know that the way we Unification members must go must be gone with minds that limit our footsteps which cannot go quickly along this way we must run for the sake of the Will, and we must urge ourselves on even as we walk quickly.

Because you have done that, Father, we who are your sons and daughters who hold up your Will must also do that. We have realized that if we want to leave this behind, we ourselves must become sacrifices. Because of that, even after we have gone away we feel sorrow there, and we come to feel that we must urge our footsteps back towards our work once again.

If we have understood that our joy when we have found a family is greater than our joy when we have found an individual, then we also understand that for you as well, your joy when you have found a family will be greater than your joy when you have found an individual. And furthermore, we know that your joy will be greater when you have found a tribe than your joy when you have found a family, and greater for a people than a tribe, greater for a nation than a people, and greater when you have the world rather than a nation.

When we think about these things, we realize that we must understand how much you must have longed for the desire in your deepest heart which is to greet the day when you can give your blessings and embrace the entire universe with songs and dance as a sign to the entire cosmos of your joy over having found such a world.

As for the many people living on this earth, no one was able to long for that and no one even imagined it, but you have given us this current position where we are able to experience and keenly feel this through our religion of unification which is advancing in the real course of our lives and not just in our minds. We know that all this is your love, is your compassion, is your mercy, is your overflowing grace, and we must offer our gratitude to you once again.

When we think that you have brought the blessing beyond the peak of the world level, we realize we must not become people who are fit to inherit the anguish of pitiful, shabby losers who did not understand properly the position they were facing and tried to just go beyond it as they were.

We must be able to struggle in order to proudly bequeath the inexpressibly mighty favor you have bestowed upon us for thousands and tens of thousands of years through tens of thousands of generations of our descendents by giving our full devotion and giving our full loyalty in order to shine beautifully and bequeath it.

We must understand that without doing that, we cannot establish our prestige on our own in front of you. We earnestly hope that you will let us become sons and become daughters who are able to praise your grandeur and infinite value and shed tears before your generosity and grace while reflecting on our pasts once again and critiquing our present situations once again.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy names of the True parents. Amen.

October 11, 1970

Please Let Us Become Unificationists Who Create A New History

Oh Father! Now we must attend you, who are more precious than anyone, in the center of our hearts. If we attend our absolute father in that place in our hearts that cannot be invaded by anyone, and if we discuss together with you, and if we have lives where we can discover and live the three-dimensional nature of our own infinite value as an object partner together with you, our father, as the subject partner from a position of correspondence with you, then no matter how evil the world is we will be able to discover something different that can create a new foundation for the creation of history which can double infinite value even within that realm of evil.

When we think about things like that, we come to understand that the suffering that a person experiences is not suffering; rather, it can be understood as joy, and a person being on this earth where the waves of death are overflowing is not an unfortunate person, but rather a person who is living joyfully, and is a person who exists for the sake of joy.

Because we Unificationists know that we must go this kind of path, the path we have walked until now was a path of suffering, it was a path of persecution, and it was a lonely path; but each time we stood at the crossroads where that persecution and loneliness crossed, it was clear to us which path we had to take.

The Unification Church has been struggling in all directions in order to leave behind destined relationships of goodness which are able to flow and overflow to the way that intersects and spreads out in all directions rather than just establishes its own course, in order to plant the destined relationships of value which all humankind must have. When we think about that historical truth, even though we were miserable in the midst of that, we thank you that you have established us in a position where we are able to have hearts of gratitude which others do not know about.

From that kind of position we will put down our roots, and by training we will prepare worldwide footholds. And bursting with hope, we will have not only the hearts of national patriots, who are able to dream of one new world looking beyond Asia and the world; rather, we will go forth searching for a higher level value.

We will seek to learn the duty of filial piety following the providence, and we will seek to learn the duty of loyalty following the providence, and we will live with patriot hearts for your kingdom and your family, centered on your love which no one among the people of the world has had.

Please personally reach out with your blessings and be together with us eternally on the way we are going. May your mercy and love be even more present with our people who are going out knowing that this content, the value that is added in that kind of life, is of such a high level that it cannot be compared with any other value of the people who are living centered on the two-dimensional world of today.

We know better than anyone else that we must not be weak, that it will not do if we are not stronger than the subjective force that leads this evil world no matter how evil the world may be. We know that even when we are lonely, representing your power, we should not be lonely. We earnestly hope that you will allow us to become people who influence the world in front of us.

The people of the Unification Church of this age today are people who feel more strongly than anyone else that we must become families, become peoples, become nations, and become the people of the world who can be connected together centered on the world that cannot be divided by anyone.

There is a movement occurring centered on the name "family member" where even the many races of different colors are living together with brotherly and sisterly affection such as has not been found and cannot be found within any race, and even when Japanese people, who were our enemies in the past, come to have the name of "family member," they become our brothers and sisters.

That kind of movement is laving a foundation on the earth today and is rushing forward towards a stage of realization. Therefore, we earnestly hope that you will look on us with mercy, you will add your infinite power here, and you will allow us to become brave people of heaven who go straight forward bravely and courageously looking like victors and not like petty cowards, while going forth towards the position of the victory of our work.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

February 11, 1971

Please Let Us Be Victorious In The Realm Of The Providentially Historical Environment

Father! We know that no one can stop the flow of this world which is rushing forward. Now we realize that the end of the world is approaching us. The end of the communist world has already been announced. The end of the democratic world has already been announced. In the midst of this end of the world, there must appear in heaven and earth a direct new movement where you are able to settle down comfortably. We have come to think that without doing that, heaven and earth will not be liberated for eternity; and will not be able to help but be covered with moaning, pain, and distress.

Now we must once again find our father whom we lost. Turning back once again from the way our steps were going, we must return to you, Father, and bring back all the realistic given conditions and all the systems of thought of humanism and materialism. In order to do that we must know our father, who is the subject of mighty power. We must clearly know our father who is the center of infinite value.

We know that the issue is how close a relationship you and your children possess while living in the realm of daily life moment by moment centered on one content. Please allow us to be able to come to have on our own the power and value that are able to overcome and then overcome again in this realm of the historical environment which requires a second and a third liberation.

Father! The members of the Unification Church must now clearly know that you exist. They must know through their feelings in their daily lives and they must become aware through the actions of each of the cells of their bodies. Then we will all call on the name of our most high and precious Father, and attend you, and since we must become holy sons and daughters who are able to shed blood and sweat for your sake, please allow this, Father.

If you are in motion, we must also be in motion, and if you are at peace, we must also be at peace. If you are happy, we must also be happy, and if you are sorrowful, we must become sons and daughters who are sorrowful together with you.

Please let us go forth with bold and vibrant attitudes as sons and daughters of hope who must go towards the nation of peace and the Kingdom of H eaven of peace. And earnestly hoping that you will allow us to become the elite troops of heaven and the heroes of heaven.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy names of the True Parents. Amen.

August 16, 1970

Please Let Us Go Forth Pioneering The One Way Of Victory

Oh Father! How hard have you worked in order to come to this earth? Since we have learned through the Principle how very hard you have worked to go this anguished course called restoration which no one knows about, please do not let us forget it.

Please allow us to clearly understand that the mission remains that we must pioneer the one way of victory and fight and overcome the foundation of indignation which is in your breast by following in the footsteps you have personally gone.

Even though we, who are inadequate, say we will have faith and fulfill our duties of filial piety and loyalty for your sake, we know that we cannot go beyond a certain boundary because our bodies are limited. But you always came to us and held us, and you encouraged us in order to accomplish the goal we must reach. But we cannot express in words how many were the times that we fell down and caused you worry. We earnestly hope that you will forgive the fact that each time we did that we caused you sorrow and we caused you to carry more burdens on your back.

And today, too, if there is a family which has offered devotion for the sake of a day of victory while struggling for the sake of your Will, we earnestly hope and desire that you will shower thousands and ten of thousands of blessings on that family.

Please let us be able to prepare the foundation of victory where heaven and earth are able to have give and take through the people who are offering devotion on the earth becoming one with the people of the spirit world. Since we know that due to that you will be made manifest and will act concretely in the entire horizontal world, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow that kind of destiny of unification to appear on the earth.

We have prayed all these things in the holy names of the True Parents. Amen.

June 29, 1969

We Love You And We Are Going The Way Of The Will

Father! We must reflect on whether we who are in this place today have really become individuals whose tears come first while we long for you, and whether we have become a group that is living each day struggling and saying that we will become sacrifices of our own will for the expansion of the Unification Movement.

As for the path we come and go on in life, as for the circumstances of our daily lives, where we eat and sleep, as for our emotional lives, where we think things are good or had, the things we think are good should be good because of you; the things we think are had should be bad because of you; and our coming and goings, and our eating and sleeping, too, the totality of our daily lives should be because of you.

When we think that our lives are such that we must live in a position where we cannot exist without you, we come to realize that the realm of possessions centered on ourselves is far too large Father, please personally appear now and let us realize that we must feel ashamed of ourselves; we must feel that we are children who must always be spurred on by you to redouble our efforts, and we must come to have an attitude of mind that is able to receive at least your sympathy.

Jesus gathered together his beloved disciples, and to Peter, who could represent them, be asked over and over again, two and three times, "Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?" And Peter answered, "Yes, Lord; you know that I love you." According to the number of times Jesus asked Peter that, we know that at that point he was not putting him in a strong position; rather, he was in a position of being admonished that he should feel guilty about his inadequacies and he should make a new determination.

Now if you ask any one of us that kind of question, we must be able to answer, "You know that I love you, Father, and I love your Will." If our Father asks us, and asks us, and asks us again, we must answer with confidence, "Yes, I love you." When faced with that question, we must weep and think about our inadequate selves of the past.

And if we have stood in a position where we can feel why he would ask such a question, we must answer, "I will become a person who fulfills the duty of a child just as I am." And when you call us and ask us to "Fulfill completely the responsibility of a child of heaven by representing the world," we must love you.

From the position of a child who is longing for your command we have been longing for that day to come, but while saying, "Now we will finally be able to accomplish what you want," we must go forward knowing that this is a path of destiny which we must absolutely go even if it crosses with death hundreds of thousands of times, and even if it is connected to a path where we are sacrificed as offerings.

We are not hoping for the touch of your sympathy even when we are at the point of collapsing. Rather, we will determine to fulfill our duty of loyalty and filial piety in relation to you on our own in order not to be derided by Satan. And we will have to determine ourselves, saying, "Father, don't worry. Even without your cooperation, I am confident that I can overcome my relationship with Satan as an individual. No matter what sufferings there may be, I do not need your cooperation; and understanding that position as my own realm of responsibility, I shall follow that model."

We are not hoping for your sympathy; rather, we know clearly that if we struggle to become sons who are able to comfort heaven even if we are destined to collapse and vomit blood, we will not be destroyed. Please let us understand clearly that if there is such a son, even if the place where he collapses is in the enemy camp, when you rush to comfort him without hesitation, it will remain as a realm of victory which Satan cannot falsely accuse.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

October 9, 1971

Please Let Us Fulfill The Mission Of The Standard-Bearers Of The New Age

Father! The mission of the standard-bearers of the awesome new age, which the Unification Church members must accomplish from now on is spread out before us. We know that only a spirit of sacrifice which is able to offer everything to you and an attitude filled with devotion in which everyone is able to become one in relation to the Will you desire, can maintain this.

Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will please allow us to go following the way that you guide us with a pure mind which can do that, and to seriously inherit the Will that you are seeking to accomplish on earth, and to accomplish it by ourselves.

Father! Please allow us to understand how very important our attitude is now. We know that the more we appear before the people, it will not do unless we fulfill the responsibility of the subject partner. When we think of things like that, we must be careful of all of our actions, and we must show to all humankind the standard of character that has been established through the history of the Unification Church. And we earnestly ask and desire that you will accept us as your children who have no unworthy aspects and whom you can always praise and establish and be proud of, and who can clearly present the co-ordinates and the direction that humankind must go.

Oh Father! Now the time has come to hold high the banner of the new destiny of the entire world and to head directly in the direction of the Kingdom of Heaven. We have established the awesome standard called the "establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven." This nation and this people in name as well as in reality are standing in the position of being able to follow with their minds the direction we are going.

From now on we must not forget that we have a great and heavy responsibility to gather together and offer to you, together with the people, an altar of victory by not killing this destiny and embracing it to our hearts while cooperating harmoniously.

Together with the name of our Heavenly Father please let us wash away all the times that have come and gone, and please forgive that until now the Korean people could not fulfill their responsibility. We earnestly hope that you will love this people once more.

Please embrace the pitiful established churches. We know well that it will not do for you to cast them aside. It is that Christianity for which you worked so hard for two thousand years, and which was established by the Christians shedding blood.

Now we know that together with us they must hold hands behind the scenes, and it will not do unless we bring all the people of the world into your embrace by casting out a net. Therefore, we earnestly ask and desire that you will accept us as people who are needed in establishing your Kingdom and who have the standard of the subject partner and the object partner. We earnestly hope that you will lead us in everything in the future.

Asking that, together with your name, grace and love will be together forever with everything, we have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

June 8, 1975

Please Let Us Love Humankind As Ourselves

Beloved Father! Among everything that happens in the flow of history; there is nothing that happens without a relationship to your providence. We did not know that in relation to the course for overcoming the fact that the history of sorrow was centered on Satan, there was a destined path of restoration which had to tear down the walls of the individuals and had to tear down the walls of the families, the tribes, the peoples, the nations, the world and the cosmos.

Our Unification Church members have come to know that in order to tear down these walls, we must find a realm of heart where the beginning of ideal love can pass through this world where the seeds of fallen love have been sown and have taken root, and that without doing that, restoration cannot occur.

Centered on this kind of heart, Jesus also taught us not only that we cannot become his disciples unless we love him more than anyone else, but also that a person who does not deny himself and carry his cross and follow Jesus is not one with him. That was an historical proclamation. He said that unless we love our neighbors as ourselves, we cannot be saved. If we are in a position of attending the True Parents and the True Heaven, we know that it is the hope of Heaven and it is the hope of the Parents that we love the world even more than the Parents.

We know that heaven loves, and wants to establish as the representative of all the inheritors, that child who loves all his brothers and sisters with an even greater heart than his heart of filial piety for his parents, from the position of a filial son who is attending his parents. Therefore, all the children of the Unification Church who are here now will have to represent the position of filial sons and filial daughters who love humankind even more than the Parents.

In that way we will tear down all at once all the walls that were connected to the realm of heart of Satan in the spiritual world or the earthly world. And we will claim the victory, and we proclaim at this time that we will become sons and daughters who are not ashamed to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, we earnestly request and desire that you will allow us to have no unworthiness in relation to receiving your blessing and not to be lazy in training ourselves for that kind of position.

We have clearly understood that a person who does not love his parents and the world cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, we will have to be in a position where we are able to love and absorb everything, even if there exists the Satanic world which opposes us here centered on this work. Since we know that it will not do unless we do that, we earnestly request that you will allow us to fulfill the duties of heart and of loyalty and filial piety with an unchanging heart in relation to testing and realizing whether we have become such people or not.

We know clearly that only the person who has done that is the final victor, and is a person who can participate in the final glory, and is a person who has the right of inheritance centered on all love, and is a person who stands in a position that can be blessed. Please bless us to be able to sacrifice everything and to dash forward while going that path.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

February 11, 1986

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