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Faith [Part 3 of 4]

Please Let Us Become People Who Console And Comfort Jesus

Oh Father! Today, this time is a time that has a historical distance from Jesus. But we know that even though there is a distance in history, there is no distance in the world of heart. Therefore, please do not let us become people who believe in the historical Jesus; please let us become people who are able to know and believe in Jesus directly through our hearts.

Please allow our minds and bodies to be filled with awe-filled minds, earnest minds, moved minds which are able to hear the voice of that time which appealed to us, and to bow down our heads before him and feel sorrow through our minds while imagining the anxious majesty of Jesus who spoke.

Please let us become people who call you "Father" without even realizing it, and who, without knowing when we do it, thank you while feeling the ecstatic grace of the Lord. Please let us feel sorrow over the ghastly road he went after appearing on the earth, even though the messiah whom you sent was a being whom heaven should have protected and supported, and please let us be concerned over his toil and angry over his anger.

By our heartistically taking over today all the things that our ancestors of that time could not do, please let us become people who console and people who comfort Jesus in their stead, and please let us become objects of hope to him.

How pitiful a person was Jesus? His mind could not help but lament when he looked at the people, and there was nothing for his heart to do but weep aloud when he looked at the religious bodies. Humankind could not understand his situation of having the responsibility of the providence of heavenly destiny.

There was no one who understood his heart as he wandered in the mountains alone at night, putting behind him humankind, with whom he should have communicated his heart, the religious bodies, with which he should have shared his heart, and the people, with whom he should have lived together. Today, please do not allow us to become like the people who follow Jesus without knowing him, and who believe in Jesus without knowing him. Earnestly hoping that you will allow us to become people who cling to his pitiful heart, who are able to weep endlessly for it, who are able to be endlessly concerned about him, and who are able not to mind even the place of death for his sake.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

October 18, 1959

Please, Let Us Cope With The Heavenly Responsibility Like Jesus

Father! Please let us consider what the situation of Jesus must have been like when he came alone and died 2,000 years ago. In order to save all the people on this earth, even if he would offer his entire self as a sacrifice, and even if he would collapse, he was concerned, and he calmly received those miserable difficulties, and he even enjoyed going to lonely places. Please let us feel sympathy for that loneliness of Jesus.

We know that Jesus did not fight in order to realize a personal goal; rather, he fought shouldering the heavenly mission of saving the people of the world who have become sinners and at the same time he shouldered the mission of leading this world which was in the realm of death into the world of heaven, that is, the world of light.

At that time, there was not a single joyful thing in Jesus' entire living environment. Everywhere he went there was persecution, and everywhere he went false accusations blocked his way, but he did not grieve. Even when facing a desperate situation, he never despaired.

We know the will for which he endured while watching your dispensation for the sake of a world of hope and for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven of the future.

Even though the sons and daughters who are gathered here are at a historical distance of 2,000 years, we must become sons and daughters who are able to heartistically communicate with the heart of Jesus of 2,000 years ago, and relate to you from a position of taking the heavenly responsibility of heaven.

And we earnestly hope and desire that you will let us become sons and daughters who cling to your lonely heart, and comfort you in place of all humankind on the earth, and who, appealing to this people and all humankind on the earth, bring them to form their destined relationship with you.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

June 12, 1960

Please Let Us Reflect On The Day Of The Historical Anguish Of Jesus

Father! We are reflecting on the day of the historical anguish of Jesus, when he, who lived for over 30 years, faced the day of his grief-filled destiny, having the Will of the providence of salvation of the earth in his heart and having heaven in his heart, but without having found a single person who related to him as the Savior, without having found a single family that attended him as the Savior, and without having led a single people who followed him as the Savior.

Jesus had to go the path of the cross at a time he did not want to, and he had to bring his mission to a conclusion when it was not yet time, so he couldn't say everything he had to say; and without having been able to carry out the heroic decisions and determinations he had set in his heart, he left behind grief, and took it with him when he went; but where is the person who knows his heart?

Oh Father! Today we have not known to the marrow of our bones that anguished tears for all of humankind were brimming in Jesus' eyes as he looked up to heaven, and the worn-out external form he had while facing death was representing all of humankind, and there was no one among the people of that time, either, who knew that the person going through such ghastly suffering was the son of God.

Since the people who should have known and attended Jesus opposed him instead and acted violently in order to drive him to the way of the cross, how pitiable was Jesus who had come embracing the Will?

In spite of their being the people who should have communicated with the heart of heaven and communicated with the heart of Jesus, Jesus had to be concerned for them instead, and while looking at those people, who were in the realm of death, playing in the hands of the enemy, without knowing the sorrow of Jesus, who was being dragged away by the enemy, Jesus had to pray and say, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." We earnestly hope and pray, Father, that you will let us become able to seek and feel the heart of Jesus who had to do that.

When we have spoken of the cross, we have known it by name only. We did not know that the mount of Golgotha was hell for Jesus, and was the place of the execution of his death. But now when we think of the cross, please let us know that the tearing sorrow of the heart of grief of God which had accumulated over 4,000 years was so much greater than the pain of the tearing of Jesus' body. Please let us become people who are able to know that it was more sorrowful for Jesus to have wrung out his heart than it was to have his flesh ripped and his blood flow on the cross.

Do you have any true sons and daughters among the group gathered here today? Is there anyone who is hoping to receive the blessings of heaven but ignores the blood Jesus shed? Is there anyone who seeks to relate to the Will of heaven, but steps on the heart of Jesus?

Please let us become a group that is able to weep endlessly over the death of Jesus and remember that one day of sorrow which cannot have its grief resolved even though we weep and weep, and weep again.

We have prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

June 21, 1959

Please, Let Us Stand Before You With Hearts Like Jesus' Heart

Father! How frustrated, grieved, sorrowful, and painful must have been the heart of Jesus Christ who, while looking at the Last Days of Israel, which you had worked hard for 4,000 years to lead, could not speak words of congratulations to that people and could not help but speak words of lamentation.

Father! We know that the frustration of heaven filled his entire being, the innermost heart of Jesus, as he watched the many people who were struggling on the verge of death, when they did not listen even though he advised them and when the ignorant crowds were not able to be enlightened even though he sought to enlighten them. And we know that the more that frustration filled him, the more his mind wanted to resent this earth. But there was no one on the earth who knew the heart of Christ who suppressed that and endured.

We have come to know that it was historical grief that, while attending the holy majesty of Christ who worked so hard, like a brother and like a father, in order to pioneer his lonely course, and while becoming one mind with him, we did not weep together when Jesus Christ was weeping, or starve together when he was starving, and that we were not dressed shabbily together when he was dressed shabbily, or beaten together when he was beaten, or driven out together when he was driven out, who, by finding and entering the foundation of heart now, are able to hold and embrace the internal character of Christ, and who, by becoming heartistic friends able to communicate with his circumstances, are able to rush towards the mount of Calvary in Jesus' stead.

We earnestly hope and desire, beloved Father, that you will allow us to experience and feel keenly that if we are sons and daughter like that, we are friends of Christ, and people who attend the son of heaven going beyond history. Jesus came to this earth and shed countless tears, but no one knew about that, and with a grieving heart, shedding bitter tears, he appealed to heaven, but there was no one who knew that, either.

Father, today we thank you for having trained us by driving the Unification believers into pitiful positions.

We thank you for having united us in the midst of hunger. Father, please let us become sons and daughters who are concerned about the Will, even if we are dressed shabbily, and who are concerned about you, even if we are beaten.

We know that this is your desire, Father, and it is your Will to establish people like that about whom you can boast before this people. Now since the time has come to fulfill the mission of finding and establishing people like that, please do not let us be cowardly while facing this mission, and please do not let us hesitate while facing this mission. Earnestly desiring that you will let us become sons and daughters who are able to leave results before you by giving all the love and sincerity we have, and who are able to be remembered in your heart.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

July. 17, 1960

Please Let Us Comfort The Heart Of Jesus Who Died Leaving Behind Grief

At the same time that this morning is the first Sunday we greet in this new year of 1965, it is also the day on which we greet the 1,965th year since the incarnation of the Lord. Many people decided, according to what they thought, and have celebrated the birthday of the messiah, but they did not even know after the messiah came to this earth what kind of destined relationship and value were decided together with humankind, together with the world, and together with the universe, and remembering only his fame, they have celebrated the messiah's birthday.

But the small group of us which has gathered like this today cannot help but sympathize in our hearts with the situation of Jesus who had been sent 2,000 years ago through your mighty, sublime will and sacred administration, but who faced a miserable situation, and we cannot help but feel pain to depths of our bones that at that time the people of Israel did not fulfill their mission.

We know that that person who was born as your precious son, was a person sent in order to resolve your sorrow over having lost Adam, who turned his back on the ideal of creation of heaven and earth.

As for the messiah, Jesus, whom you sent in order to achieve the desire you had for a world of joy which you wanted to realize through him, the glory you wanted to receive through him, and the Will you wanted to realize through him, from the day he was born, he lived in a wretched environment.

Many people anticipated the messiah, but they did not know the one who really came as the messiah. When we think that the messiah alone had God's heart in his heart, and his living situation was such that he had to live with the hope of God and without others knowing him, he appeared as a humble person, was nailed to the cross through pitiful circumstances, shed tears and blood, and died, we cannot help but apologize at this time for our ancestors having been unworthy, and we cannot help but apologize for Judaism which had the responsibility but did not fulfill its mission completely and for Judaism's sin of having betrayed God.

Please let this become a time when we once again deeply seek in our hearts and think and repent for the history of sin which made successive generations of our ancestors shed blood, and for all the sins of the many people who have betrayed God.

Father! We must consider your loneliness, and we must sympathize with the situation of Jesus who was falsely charged, and we must become people who are able to realize the lonely, miserable situation of his disciples who have gone a course of blood until now Please do not let us forget that today our entire purpose for commemorating the birth of the messiah is in order to comfort as individuals, to comfort as families, as peoples, as nations, and furthermore, to comfort as a world, Jesus who died with sorrow in his heart.

Two thousand years of history have gone by. During that time, how many sorrowful situations have there been? We know that you have been sorrowful, Father; Jesus has been sorrowful; the Holy Spirit has been sorrowful; and the Christians have been sorrowful, too. And we know that the final day of the Last Days, that is to say, the Day of Judgment, which is to resolve that kind of sorrowful grief, is near.

The believers in these Last Days, who are in the position of having to greet once again the messiah who comes in order to resolve your grief which has piled up over and over again, Father, must not just long for the messiah without having minds capable of being obedient to the messiah who is coming and without preparation like the people of Israel who longed for the messiah; therefore, we earnestly hope that you will let each one of us be aware of these kinds of things.

We have prayed all these things in the holy name of the Lord. Amen.

January 3, 1965

Please Let Us Realize The Mission That Israel Could Not Accomplish

Father! Two thousand years ago you chose the people of Israel and you sought to have them experience and feel your heart keenly through their minds and bodies, but we know well that that your Will has still not been accomplished.

We know that there were many people who were unfaithful, but there were no people who had the life of heaven as they related to the Will of the providence. Jesus came to this earth and sought to reveal the life of heaven, but since there was no one who followed him, he died alone. But today we earnestly hope and desire, beloved Father, that you will guide us to become a group that is able to inherit the mission of Jesus and that is able to inherit the will of Jesus by becoming a lamp to all of humankind.

Oh Father! Until now you have endured while watching the social environment of fallen faithlessness and now we thank you that out of concern for the world you have chosen us, and that you have allowed us the grace of being able to stand before heaven more constantly as the world becomes more evil. We cannot help but think about the position of Jesus Christ who could not help but be subjected to sorrow due to the faithlessness of Israel. We know that he spoke representing the sorrow of heaven, and his actions were due to his faith, and were centered on you, Father.

Please guide us to attend you with our minds and bodies by connecting with your dream and by restoring through indemnity the sins of humankind now in the Last Days. On this earth there are many people who believe, but just as there were no people who truly followed you among the people of Israel, today Christianity, which must represent the new Israel, is not able to take responsibility for the entirety of the Will of the providence due to not knowing your Will. Oh Father, please let us be able to realize that Will, and by guiding us please allow us to be able to remain eternally after having been called by you.

We know that when you chose us, it was not for ourselves alone that you chose us; you chose us for the people and for the world; therefore, please guide us according to your Will.

Even if we are beaten many times, torn apart, and persecuted, if it is the case that there could be one life such as you anticipate, we earnestly hope and desire, beloved Father, that you will guide us to become people who are able to endure as long as necessary and to offer you the victory.

Father: Please let this become a precious time in which we pledge that we will accomplish your Will by connecting our hearts with the heart of heaven now. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that, having allowed the Will of the providence, you will allow us to be able to go forward taking responsibility for your Will with love, and that you will allow us to be able to go forward for the sake of the way of the Will alone by experiencing and feeling keenly the heart of heaven.

Earnestly hoping that you will allow us to be able to live centered on your will alone by clinging to you whether we live or die, if it is your Will, and by our minds searching for your life, and our bodies searching for the path of your life, we have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

April 6, 1958

Please Let Us Resolve The Grief Of The Will Which Jesus Could Not Realize Completely

Father! When we reflect on the path that the Unification movement has walked, we realize that this movement is a movement that no one at all has loved; the nation opposed it, the established churches opposed it, the parents opposed it, and that position of having been opposed by each individual has been just like the position of Jesus who was driven to the way of the cross.

As for the 2,000-year course after being driven out and dying on the cross, Jesus has sought individuals, has sought families, has sought tribes, has sought peoples, has sought nations, and has sought the world, but he has sought them on the spiritual level alone. We have come to think that it was the ardent wish of the hope you held to bequeath this spiritual standard and to connect it to a substantial level, and it is the result of the toil you went through for six thousand years.

The path that the Unification Church has walked until today was in order to find once again individuals, families, tribes, and churches by inheriting the destined relationship with the grief-filled innermost heart of Jesus and not dying even though we have been driven out substantially by this people.

When we have ideas like this, as for this nation and this people, we have come to realize that they have come to an age where they are able to stand in an even higher position than Judaism by having the same standard among the religious bodies. The group that became one through the gospel of Jesus was in a stronger position than the group centered on Judaism which opposed Jesus. When we think that you have established us in just that kind of position now, we truly want to thank you.

We must realize that there remains before us a lifelong mission in which it will not do unless we go beyond the church and go up to the level of the people, and we must clearly realize that no matter what kinds of difficulties we encounter, and no matter what kinds of sacrifices we have to make, it is only if we go beyond this path that there is a way for us to live and to settle down. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to be able to determine once again that we will invest all manner of devotion for this alone, whether we are asleep or awake.

When we think that a day of certain victory is coming in the not too distant future, we must give the love that Jesus could not give, and we must receive the love that Jesus could not receive.

We are very grateful for the historical fact that your grief and the grief of Jesus will be resolved through us because this kind of thing is happening in the Unification movement, and please do not allow us to lose this precious opportunity which comes only once in a lifetime.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

December 25, 1970

Please Let The Unification Movement Resolve The Grief Of Jesus

Father! The Jewish religious bodies and many priests were people who said that they were establishing the standard of heaven by demonstrating the internal destined relationship of heaven in their lives and attending heaven on their own.

But we know the fact that in relation to Jesus Christ, who appeared as the center of life, as the crystallization of life, as the center of love, and as the crystallization of love, they ignored him so coldly, and among the Jewish religious bodies which were spiritually responsible for the nation of Israel, there was not a single person who was on Jesus' side. When we think that that was the result of the 4,000 years of suffering of our indignant Father, we cannot help but face you with tears, Father.

Father! There was not a single brother who stepped forth to block the history of sorrow and enmity, or cried out putting his life on the line by standing on the side of Jesus, who was filled with grief as he left on his final journey. And when we consider the fact that not even his mother said, "I'll go in his place," in relation to Jesus' path of death, we see that Jesus was truly to be pitied.

When we reflect on the fact that Jesus' end was so regrettable and tragic, we want to curse the nation of Israel and Judaism of the past with minds filled with enmity. But Jesus did not curse them; rather, for fear that the realm of Israel, which God had gathered together by working so hard for 4,000 years, would collapse, he had to ask for blessings for them even while he was on the way to death; therefore, we absolutely must come to know the indignant heart of Jesus who had to do that.

We must earnestly feel that Jesus, who did not receive any sympathy even while on his way to death, was in the situation of a lonely orphan. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to realize clearly that it is we, it is the Unification movement alone, that remains in this very historical age as the group in the position of having to become the friend of Jesus who was like that, having to become the relative of Jesus who was like that, having to become the religious body of Jesus who was like that and beyond that, of having to become the sisters and the bothers of Jesus who was like that.

Father! Today, when Christmas comes, many people are praising the fact and spreading the news from person to person that Jesus was the person who was born with the mission of the messiah who had to save all people. But when we come to know the real situation, if we think that Jesus was a person who was born in such a lonely way in the midst of historical sorrow, we must become people who weep, and who are able to comfort and weep over the pitiable nature and feelings of the sorrowful inner heart of Jesus who was like that.

Father! From the day that we came to know the Will, we knew that it was our responsibility to have to resolve the sorrowful grief of Jesus, and because we knew that we would have to resolve your sorrowful grief, until today we have gone forward fighting and have built up this Unification movement today. When we think of the fact that you can teach and reveal your full, sorrowful story like this, and for the first time in the history of the world there have appeared a destined relationship and a foundation that can listen to it, since we must not forget that this place is really a place that is able to receive your hope, please do not allow us to forget that your heart is hoping to be linked here again.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

January 3, 1971

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