Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Heart [Part 4 of 4]

Please Forgive This Pitiful Group That Has Gone Against You And Betrayed Your Confidence

Oh Father! Please break all the arrows of evil that have flown our way until now. Since we do not consider the people sending them enemies, we earnestly hope that you will please forgive them.

When we consider that results of goodness should appear because the way you are going is good, we know that for that to happen, forgiveness and magnanimity must be substantially manifested. Because you are the fountainhead of love, we earnestly desire that you will please forgive through your infinite love and magnanimity the many religious people of this nation for their past acts of persecution against the children of the Unification Movement.

Although we were knocking on the door of unification, while on the way pioneering this difficult path of tears, this path of persecution, there are people who became exhausted and fell away because they could not meet even one person who could comfort them. And I know that many of the people going this way are exhausted.

I know that the fact that we are at a point where members are leaving and are exhausted is due more to not possessing the environment than to our own wrongdoing. Therefore, when we think of them asking for forgiveness with their heads bowed towards you on the streets here and there and in the situations they are facing today; our hearts which want to relieve your grief-filled heart are angry and can hardly endure, but if we think about the merciful path of restoration through which you have been seeking the children of the enemy, we know you cannot help but bless them again, holding back your tears. Therefore, we earnestly ask you to please forgive them.

Please allow our true selves which are able to harmonize with goodness itself to be revealed through our minds and bodies, and as original children who were good, please allow only goodness to be reflected in our minds which long for the glory of your amazing original nature, the beautiful original nature. We earnestly ask that you will please allow this time to become one in which we long to become sons and daughters who are able to call you "Father," who have true attitudes through those kinds of hearts, who believe all things, and who become substantial beings who pursue goodness alone.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

December 28, 1969

Please Let Us Become Children Who Experience Your Heart Of Love

Father! We have come to realize that the path you are going is a path of suffering we cannot even imagine; it is a path of humiliation; it is a path of grief-filled restoration.

Even though we often think centered on ourselves, each time we discover that we have hesitated to think centered on you, Father, we come to determine that we will have to have sympathy for your lonely situation of having to save not only individuals, but individuals connected to families, societies, nations and the world.

When we think that what you are longing for in relation to our world is the country you have hoped for, the people you have hoped for, the family you have hoped for, and the many people you have hoped for, we feel that you have a mind to embrace all of humankind and to love them like the people of one nation.

We are individuals, but going beyond the individual we will have to long for the family which you are seeking, and going beyond the family, the tribe, going beyond the tribe, the people, going beyond the people, the nation, and going beyond the nation we will have to long for even the world. We must determine once again to become people who know how to follow the example of your holy mind and self which are seeking everyone from the individual up to the world, and we must always know how to look up to that standard of longing.

We must not become people who are like lifeless sticks and stones, and who do not even know how to lament over how pitiful we are when we are like that. If we have feelings and emotions in our minds, we must become sons and daughters who know how to experience and squarely face the fact that you have come to us like this with an amazing content.

Even when we go through difficulties we must realize that we are not alone in the midst of them; rather, you are there together feeling lonely. And even when we experience sorrow, we must feel that we are not alone in our sorrow; rather, you are together with us in sorrow. And even if we end up alone in a position of anger and unjust suffering, we must feel that you are in that kind of position, too.

We must realize that this is the mind felt by people going the path of filial piety, and the mind that can be possessed by sons seeking the position of filial sons. That is why you have stressed a faith based on experience. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to experience once again at this time that we need daily lives in which day by day we experience and learn through the course of our emotions that you are alive.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

November 5, 1970

Everything Was Because Of Your Love

Beloved Father! We know that the Unification Church has remained up to this point due to your love. We have wrestled with the problem of how to apply the principle of love to the circumstances of our daily lives and how to apply it to the course of indemnity. In that there was sorrow, there was suffering, there was mistreatment, and there was misery, but when love appeared and love was realized all those things turned into praise.

We know that the Unification Church has remained until now because those incidents became stimulating things to be remembered, and because we have lived a history in which we could absorb those things as things to be grateful for. From the day that this child standing here came to know about the inner realities of history no one else knew about, I have believed in this way, and while going this way, and while achieving things, I have fought and offered everything because of your love, and for the sake of your love.

And I come to feel that it is all due to your love that we have this kind of substantial foundation today and that we are able to stand today having a mind that, while standing in the anguished position of the vanquished, relates to the world and the cosmos not with lamentation and disappointment, but rather with a mind that on the contrary relates to the world and the cosmos as objects of hope and wants to love them more.

We know that everything exists because of the purpose of love, and everything moves because of love. But in order to increase love, we must become people who know how to prepare an original attitude in which we see, feel, move and go forward on our own. We do not know whether something starting because of us and occurring because of us will become the Kingdom of Heaven for the nation or ourselves, but when we consider that it could not be the Kingdom of Heaven for God and humankind, please allow us to understand that that kind of place could not help but be a place that is separated from heaven and close to hell.

Therefore, in the world of faith, arrogance has been considered an enemy; stubbornness has been considered an enemy; insisting on an independent position has been considered an enemy. We earnestly hope that you will allow us to become sons and daughters who are able to apply all these works and traditions of the heartistic principle in our lives and clearly realize that this alone is the reason for having taught that God is love, and God's sons and daughters are love.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

June 1, 1973

Now That It Is Over, We See Thai' Everything Was Love

In this historical age of great grief while not knowing what you were like, this unworthy son discovered you, and from the day that I came to know you, the days have continued into days where I have not been able to stop the tears from flowing from my eyes. I rushed forward grateful for having become like that, and now I have reached my old age and am nearly 70.

In the prime of my life I burned up all the vitality I had, and attended heaven, and the time to return glory to heaven passed. Since the day I was driven out as one rejected by the people, as a rebel against humanity, I thank you that you have let the Unification Church endure and go forward until now through the heavenly principle of being struck without saying anything and then taking things back.

I, too, had not known this, and as a man with a character which doesn't like to lose to anyone, when I reflect again on the historical age in which I could have struck at and punished my persecutors, I came to know you who are so expansive and great and who have endured in the midst of situations of anger and indignation.

Having followed that relationship and aspect of yours I have come forward to this point today. But each time I think of pitiful heaven, because I know how many tearful, incredible situations there have been, I thank you today for having come over peak after peak of that difficult path.

Father! You were love. You, who put me behind steel bars, prepared for me the standard of a situation filled with joy, and when I think that it was in order to give me a position of inheritance in order to give me blessings, now that it is over, I see that everything was love, and was the touch of your expansive generosity. 1 offer gratitude when I think of that.

We have offered up everything in this prayer in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

April 17, 1987

Please Relieve The 6,000-Year History So Interspersed With Grief

Father! Committing historical sin, humankind has driven such nails into your heart, and has wounded your pride and your personality in ways that are unforgivable. But in spite of that, you have gone forward alone with your lonely heart, unable to express your views about your situation to anyone at all. And in spite of the fact that you should have walked in heaven and earth as your lands of joy, it has been your situation to have walked on lands of sorrow and grief throughout the days of history. Now, however, a small, unworthy group on this earth has come to know your situation.

In order to straighten out the false history, you went forth to find the people of Israel, and no one has known the sorrowful grief that heaven carried in its heart during the 2,000 year period from Noah to Jacob. No one has known your heart as you watched the point of the hidden providence in the midst of the adverse situation of the struggle which came about centered on Jacob and Esau, and your heart which had to grope for the way to live for 20 years as you braced your heart against the cutting pain.

Jacob followed your resolute heart and offered his mind to you. We underwent all kinds of hardships and privations, and after 21 years, on his course back to his homeland, he left behind signs of the providence. This became one of the bases for being able to bring the fortune of restoration into history. And we think that in the midst of that, our father who had set forth to find the people of Israel was able to have a day of hope.

Then we know that centered on the 12 tribes of Israel, having gone through 2,000 years of history in order to save humankind who were in the world of Satan once again at a blood-curdling price, you raised and put the chosen people of Israel in the position of sacrifices.

But you silently raised the people of Israel, and it was the mission of Judaism to dedicate itself to you, and even though they did not know how immense their mission was in relation to history, looking to them you sent the messiah. When we think about your mind which anticipated the time of restoration, no one has realized how regrettable that 4,000-year history was.

Father! Jesus could not help but be born in circumstances that could not communicate with the human situation from a position of not knowing his father, from a position of not being able to appear to anyone. In the midst of miserable circumstances, the life of Jesus, who had to keep himself under control, was lonely in a way only you knew. We know that it was a very lonely path.

Jesus' birth should have been greeted with glory by the people, and in the midst of all history, should have consisted of days of glory such as no prince of the evil world had ever had. Until now we had no idea how very difficult it must have been for you to endure the pain in your heart about the unforgivable, rash behavior of Israel which changed that hope of glory to lamentation and despair.

As for the course he walked carrying the cross towards the top of Golgotha, stumbling was not the sorrowful thing; rather it was the wounding of your Will. No one has known that the greater burden of Jesus was dying without fulfilling his duty and having become a child who could not help but pound nails in your heart.

The grief-filled path of Jesus who left behind this kind of historical mission became a path trod by the footsteps of humankind together with blood. And when we think of the historical ages, Christian history paid that price, shedding blood desolately in the midst. of persecution for 400 years. We have come to realize the fact that the mistake of one day of that people not welcoming the Messiah has remained in this world like this, and it will not do unless it is indemnified.

We know that it would not do unless the people of Israel became fertilizer for this land together with Jesus, and it would not do unless many people were ridiculed and condemned, and it would not do unless they became people who died alone without other people knowing.

No one has known your heart as you sought the day of promise about which Jesus said, "I will come again," and which was the day you hoped for while going through 2,000 years of history. And no one has known your heart as you sought to choose that day which must be realized centered on the many Christian nations spread throughout the world.

When we think that you who are like that came to the Korean peninsula, this pitiful Korea, we realize that no one knew the fact that you worked so hard in order to raise up this nation, or that while as a pitiful people, the Korean people were going through a lonely course of history the likes of which has never existed, you left here a destined relationship with your heart.

In regard to the short historical period during which they received the Christian culture, this Korean people, who had to fulfill a world level mission in Asia, walked a path of anguish. And as for the course of repeated trials these days, we know that the Korean people are struggling and groping their way along the path of suffering and the way of death, and have shouldered the destiny of the pitiful history because they have shouldered your inner reality which must indemnify horizontally all the vertical things of the historical ages.

We have come to realize that while others didn't know, you have groped for the destined relationship of a lineage of life, and you worked so very, very hard in order to establish today's relationship of unification, and you looked forward to and searched for that relationship very, very much.

Father, now we will straighten ourselves up, and for the sake of your will we earnestly hope that you will let us once again steady our minds, which must decide and determine to become faithful servants in relation to the Will you have desired for millions of years.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

July 1, 1973

Please Bless This Day As The Day Of The Complete Resolution Of Historical Grief

Beloved Father! We know the regrettable fact that you were not able to able to accomplish your great work of creation on the earth. We know that the mistake of Adam and Eve has brought you sorrowful and indignant grief. You have been in the forefront working to greet the day when that indignant grief can be resolved.

And thinking again that you have gone forth leading and sacrificing many of our good ancestors, we thank you for the grace of your having accomplished that will of establishing a relationship with True Parents centered on the Unification Church, here in this land of Korea, after having gone through a long history for the sake of the earth.

The son and daughter who are here, these two people were called by you; they were equal to the responsibility, and stand in this position. When we retrace in our memories the heart of our Father who went through so much suffering during the grief-filled course of restoration, we know well about your grievous truth about the time Adam and Eve, who are the ancestors of humankind, made a mistake.

Thirty years have passed since I connected to that heart and looked back on the path where heaven was betrayed, and since the time I began to follow the will of heaven. Only you know the painful position of the internal circumstances of heart which began in your heart and have come as far as my heart today and which during that time I could not express to anyone and could not tell anyone.

We thank you when we think of the amazing fact that this day, May 1, 1975, is the very day of hope which somehow goes beyond the limit of the people and releases your grief, and resolves the grief of the day of misfortune when Jesus, who had come to the earth, died on the cross.

We have reached a dividing point in time marking the 21st year since founding Headquarters, and completing the second 7-year course of the course of indemnity for world Christianity. When considered centered on this son of yours, it is a time period completing 30 years of history. We are awe-stricken when we think about the fact that all of these have been obtained through your mathematical course of restoration.

Father! We know that your sorrow was great on that day when you faced the fallen ancestors of humankind; as was your sorrow when you had sent Jesus intending to realize your hope, but had to deliver him to the cross; and your sorrow when the many Christians who followed your son were slaughtered; and beyond that your sorrow seeing all the people sacrificed along the way even though it wasn't clear while they worshipped heaven as the many collateral religions struggled along the path of sacrifice.

All of the angels in the angelic world, who should have cooperated at the level of perfection of Adam and Eve, and standing in a midway position representing your righteousness and your name in back of these religions, have been in the pathetic position of not having been able to do so. They have been acting in concert together with your mind and together with your will.

Now, oh Father: we realize on our own that we are the beings of the True Parents and the family of the True Parents which you sought, we offer this day and this one son and this one daughter to you. And since the children centered on this son and daughter are here in this place and at East Garden, Father, please receive them. We thank you that you have allowed us to have a day we can offer to you on the foundation of this people and nation, centered on the family before you at this time, and to complete the resolution of the grief over the foundation which was lost centered on the family.

Oh, Father, You also know that the complications of the angelic world became greater due to the fall of the family. Therefore, please allow this day to become one in which through resolving the grief of your mind, you resolve the grief of the mind of the True Parents, and are able to resolve the grief of the angels as well.

Through the grief of God, True Parents, and the angelic world being resolved, please connect Christianity centered on Jesus which is connected behind True Parents, Confucianism and Confucius, Buddhists and Buddha, Muslims and Mohammed, and beyond them please connect the religions which have internally controlled the backgrounds of the many peoples spread throughout the entire world.

This ceremony is the resolution of your grief; it is the resolution of True Parents' grief; it is the resolution of the grief of the angelic world. We thank you that you have allowed today's ceremony to become a ceremony in which all the religious people on the earth are able to have this kind of destined relationship and to resolve their grief.

Due to having a realm of the resolution of the grief of religions, now people who are able to praise you and establish the sovereign authority of your nation have appeared. And beyond that, conscientious men of society and men of philosophy, and the good kings, civil officials, and military officers of the nations, while those nations were on the course heading to the good kingdom of heaven, became good kings and loyal patriots to their nations, although their situations and environments were different.

Centered on their peoples they became saints and sages, and became people of conscience. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow this day to become the day of the resolution of their grief which they awaited impatiently but didn't know how to reach until now.

Now, heaven has found the parents it was looking for; has brought about the liberation of the angelic world; has brought about the liberation of the world of religion; and has brought about the liberation of the good kings and good emperors and loyal patriots of the world of the conscience. But we know that beyond that there remains the pitiful Cain world which opposed the conscience, opposed religion, and opposed heaven until now.

If we recollect history, we see that centered on the messiah from Judas Iscariot and the Emperor Nero down through the communist party today, people have betrayed heaven. Today at this time we have possessed a victorious destined relationship in the cosmos, and at this time of the complete resolution of grief, when we realize the fact that at the place of the judgment of heaven we cannot just sweep them up and throw them away, please let us form our destined relationships even with them through your name with the sacred, universal, victorious authority you established in the name of the True Parents.

And since it will not do unless you let us feel our way to a path that is able to contribute to the many conscientious people and many religions and to True Parents, oh Father, please allow us to do that eternally.

Please allow us to reach the point of loving our enemies, even though they were the enemies of enmity who pierced your heart with nails, who killed your son Jesus, and who killed many of your beloved people. Please open the doors of heaven and earth, and please reach out with your heart and mind of magnanimous love. We know that because of liberating them, the doors of hell will be opened, and the way to abolish hell will gradually be paved.

Please let this become a time when all the people of the Cain realm who are standing in the realm of such benefits, and the good spirits, and God's sons and daughters pledge their loyalty. And just as though they had shed blood and followed along the path of death, please let them turn back and raise the standard of revolt against the evil world and pledge loyalty to heaven. Please let them control all the spirits of the evil world, and control the evil people, and please let this become a time for them to pledge to go to the world that God wants, the world that you want.

Through this we seek to grant a special benefit from you. Therefore, we hope that this will become a time when with joyful hearts the entire realm of evil which is spread throughout the entire world under the control of' evil spirits will now bow its head before the realm of God's dominion, before the True Parents, before the world of good angels, before the good religious people, and before the good kings and people of conscience. We hope that they will determine to do the work they should do in their place, and in pioneering the good domain of heaven that they will pledge to fulfill their responsibility before heaven and you, Father.

Oh Father of love! We earnestly hope that you will accomplish at this time today the prayer that Jesus prayed while offering his life on the way of the cross. The True Parents who are standing here have also gone through a history of having received opposition nationwide for 30 years from this people, world Christianity, and the many people of the satanic world.

But I do not consider them enemies. Even a shadow that is for the sake of unfolding completely the duties of your heavenly morality, when I think about the fact that that shadow cannot exist separate from a real being, we have going forth fighting until now as True Parents, from a position of being like shadows which follow real beings with generous love; therefore, please release all the unjust suffering we went through during that time. Oh Father, please bear with us, and we earnestly hope that you will release the knots in your heart and realize at this time, Father, what Jesus wanted.

We know that as Jesus passed away on the path of death, he too had enmity in his heart which he alone knew internally. Please release that heart, too, and we know that unless what Jesus prayed for his enemies is accomplished on the earth, you, too, will not be able to be liberated. Therefore, please let Jesus be liberated at this time, and just as you let Christianity be liberated at this time, please let all beings that exist be liberated centered on you, Father.

Since we offer at this time in the name of the True Parents all the things of creation and, of course, humankind, the world of the angels, and even the many evil spirits under the command of Lucifer in the world of Satan, as yours, Father, we earnestly hope that you will receive them. At this time may all the billions of saints attending you in the spirit world there, and all the many good religious people who belong as your assistants centered on the 24 elders, resolution of grief in your name.

Therefore, together with the words of this proclamation, all the beings of the entire universe can adapt to the laws of heaven, and will have to adapt to the wishes of heaven. Since all nations will have to do that, all people will have to do that, all the spirit world will have to do that, the good spirits will also have to do that, and the good people will also have to do that; and since at this time we are seeking to open the way for even the people who had been evil to adapt to service at their own level within the realm of benefit of being able to do that, and through the results attained to be able to return to your embrace, please give your hearty approval.

Because of that from now we will have a ceremony to achieve those kinds of conditions, so lather, please pour out you love with a happy mind and heart, and now send out your power and hold up goodness and press down evil. And now due to evil submitting itself to goodness, please allow in relation to the original Eden the restoration through indemnity centered on Cain and Abel to be accomplished through this people and the world.

Because of that, now the communist world is bowing its head before the road heaven is going, and we earnestly hope that you will soon have the day when they can accept your banner of victory.

Now since I proclaim this work mobilizing all the good spirit people in the name of God and the angelic world, and in the name of the True Parents, to support and establish this centered on God, the many spirit worlds will be mobilized and all people of conscience will be mobilized!

Today at this time the entire spirit world is watching; the entire angelic world is watching; God is watching; the True Parents are watching; many Christian Churches on earth and many other religions are watching; many good nations and virtuous, loyal patriots are watching; many sons are watching; and even the communist world is watching here. Since we hope to offer this day to be completely embraced by you, Father, please accept it. We earnestly ask you to please accept these ceremonies in order as the foundation for your spirit and your victory.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

May 1, 1975

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