Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Resurrection [Part 3 of 4]

Please Allow Us To Possess The Justification Of Children And The Glory Of Children

Today as we unworthy people come before the amazing will of our father, first we must clearly realize that we are inadequate and we must feel deep in our flesh and bones that we are fallen descendents who do not dare to stand before heaven. Whether we look here or look there, we have come to understand that we have nothing to present before heaven and be proud about.

The blood lineage that has come from our ancestors is a lineage that has betrayed you; and even all the prophets who inherited the flesh and blood of our ancestors could not be embraced in your broad bosom of love through your heart of eternal and joyful love because they had the bitter root of sin. Therefore today we too know very well that we are people who are not proper to be approved by heaven.

When we come to understand the unjust fact that we beings whom you created as extremely holy are living on the earth with aspects and elements that you cannot help but dislike, we cannot help but lament bitterly. Now we vow that we must push aside, step upon, and mercilessly cut off this horrible fact that the nature of evil and the elements of evil lie latent in our flesh and blood and in every one of our cells. We cannot help but confess that we are grief-filled descendents who have not been able to form our destined relationship with your holy original nature and we could not inherit your original heart, your original lineage, or your original bones and flesh.

In the midst of people like us, where would there be sons and daughters whom you can raise up and bless in the middle of that garden which you will leave as an eternal work? Nevertheless, please allow us to become sons and daughters who know how to bow down, lower our heads and shed tears in the presence of your mighty grace which raises our inadequate selves up to a position where we can be without sin by reducing it here and reducing it there by establishing conditions of forgiveness and conditions of approval.

The more that we come to know heaven, we cannot help but realize that we are shameful beings in relation to you, and the further we go, we cannot help but feel fear at revealing ourselves before you with bowed heads, but we know that this is the path of following heaven. We know that your sons and daughters who have gathered here today are not appropriate to be called your sons and daughters, but even so, since we know it is your will to not cast them away, please bend down and care for us.

Father, please cover all the flaws of these people who have lived in sinister places and have been wounded. Even though they are children with whom your destined relationship of flesh and blood has been cut, still we know that through their original hearts they are in a position where you cannot say you don't know them, and therefore you seek to remember them as true children.

Father, we earnestly hope and desire that you will bless this day and remember it. 'today we are establishing this day as a new historical day; and we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to offer our bodies and minds and hearts to you, and that we will be able to be close to the justification of children and the glory of children.


November 27, 1960

Please Establish Us In A Position United With Your Standard Of Heart

Father! We know that today is a time like the 40-year period when the people of Israel wandered and couldn't find their way in the wilderness, and like the time the people of Israel were struck by the rod of heaven and were consumed due to their unfaithfulness. From every aspect we look at, we know that the present is that kind of time.

Father, you are hoping for works that can cope with this kind of age, and we are also hoping for that. But if on our own we are not able to control our minds and decide the direction, and determine which way we must go, and you show us the direction we must go, we know that even if you tell us to go to that place, we will not be able to go there.

We know that the problem is not all the things of the earth being scattered; it is the center of my mind being scattered, and having lost the direction we must go and the position we must face. We are looking at the phenomenon of the last days like that, without knowing the direction we must go and without knowing the position we must face. If we have now realized that you are the center, we will have to kneel down and bow our heads and offer devotion of our own accord in order to match the standard and position that you are hoping for.

Since we know that in the Last Days we should pour oil on our hair and go into a secret chamber and pray, please allow us to become those who establish ourselves in a position of oneness between the standard of your heart and our hearts, and find the condition of victory in our lives, and become those who discuss the value of that. If we cannot do that, please allow us to understand that we will not be able to stand in your presence.

We are facing this kind of position, and we are watching the present situation of this kind of world and this kind of society, and our minds and bodies are suffering in this kind of environment. Therefore, please remold us since we are like this, and please establish the standard of our hearts, and please show us works centered on you, and please sanctify the center of our hearts and minds. Please sanctify our bodies and our environment and allow us to be able to be close to you.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

December 11, 1960

We Thank You For Having Chosen Us And Formed A Relationship With Us

The multitudes who should have praised your glory of the ages should have lived together with you, together with your glory, embraced by you. But when we think that mistake one day's by our human ancestors created a history of sorrow like this and that they have gone over rugged, desolate paths shedding sweat, blood, and tears, we earnestly hope that you will bear with our not being able to have anything to offer in order to comfort you in your sorrow and great grief.

Please have compassion on us. We cannot help but feel sorrow at having been born the descendents of the fall. Please allow us to become children who know how to be grateful in the presence of your heart which has searched for us through our destined relationship which could not be thrown aside.

We thank you for having come to the Korean people among the many different peoples, and we thank you for having called our worthless selves first from among the many individuals.

We know that this blessing is not for ourselves, and we are sincerely grateful for your having established us in a position where we have the responsibility of being an organization of blessings, sharing those blessings with many people of our nation and many people of humankind, and in a position where we can feel that kind of heavenly relationship.

We thank you that we are those who have been called to this position as fruits of the relationship you formed without our knowing it. Please allow us to understand the fact that the responsibility we shoulder does not remain with one individual. Please let us take seriously that this mission which must go beyond our people and affect humankind and the world has been placed on the two shoulders of each and every one of us. And please allow us to become sons and daughters who receive your love and who know how to determine to fulfill this responsibility taking a step towards you.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

December 26, 1965

Please Allow Us To Realize The Precious Value Of Being Your Children

We know that it is the common course of humankind to come and go here and there on the earth while alive and then without fail to have to go. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will not allow us to become pitiful people who are born as human beings, but when seeking God are not able to have a standard which we are able to follow on our own.

We know that in order to possess a treasure that others cannot have, we have to go through a course of trials which others do not go through. We have to recognize clearly through our relationships with the world of creation and our lives in society that it is a fact that one cannot raise one's standard without going through trials and tears.

Please allow us to attain the title of holy filial children who are famous in history for having fulfilled completely our duty of filial piety in relation to you. Please let us hold the treasured position of being able to remain as representatives of heavenly value, representing the whole of history centered on your heart.

In the center of our breasts there are no trees or grass. The center of our breasts is a hollow place among hollow places. It is an empty place among empty places, and a dry place among dry places. But there is one thing that we have.

We have hearts that want to call out, "Father!" and hearts that want to meet you, and hearts that want to attend you. We know that those hearts alone are something precious which could not be exchanged even if we were given the heavens and the earth. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to have hearts that will become the totality of that value until the very end.

Since we know that that has extremely precious value, please do not allow us to forget the fact that in order to do that we will have to have heroic hearts and make blood-curdling efforts.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the "True Parents. Amen.

December 11, 1966

We Offer Thanks And Praise For Your Having Chosen Us

Father! Each time we bow down and pray before the majesty of our sacred Father, the more that we consider the fact that you are not joyful, there is no way to keep ourselves from feeling ashamed and remorseful. Father, in the midst the vastness of heaven and earth there is no people worse than our Korean people, but you have chosen this people. Among the many persons of humankind there are none worse than we are, but you have come to us.

When we consider that you have protected and kept us a hundred, a thousand times even though we are behaving so foolishly, we come to feel once again that you love this people, and you love us unconditionally. You have come to us immature, ignorant people and granted us the concept of the blessings of heaven and earth which are so hard to be equal to. And we are grateful that you have allowed us to have this day in which we can call you, "Father," with hearts that overflow like never-ending springs on a foundation of holy grace which others cannot even imagine. We feel all this as the caress of your love.

When we consider how you have raised us up until now and what you have done to have us become standard-bearers who can carry out your commands, and when we consider how your path must have been as you went forth in order to prepare the way of restoration setting aside complaints and enduring the sorrows of the past, we cannot help but repent once again for the past when we have been unworthy children millions and millions of times. Please establish in front of this nation and this people a movement that, even as it is driven out, is able to go forward to the standard of final victory which you have gone over until today.

Please let us become people who are able to bow to you of our own accord, feel ashamed and urge ourselves on. When we realize again that you have come filled with your mighty Will, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to feel on our own that there is no way for us other than offering gratitude and more gratitude, and hymns and more hymns thousands of times before our glorious Father.

Father! We were people without a country. We were refugees who had lost their nation. We were beggars who were starving in order to find the nation we had lost. Since we have come to understand that your will to find and establish a new hometown, a land of the original homeland, is the truth, we will have to find the land of the original homeland and the original family which we have lost, and take revenge against Satan.

And we will not stop there. We have realized that it will not do unless we retaliate and indemnify everything, no matter what kind of difficulties or what kind of suffering there is, combining every authority we have inherited as heavenly means of blessings which Satan cannot take advantage of, we will face Satan, who is our historical enemy, our enemy in the present age, and our enemy of the future. Therefore, Father, please give us strength. We earnestly hope and pray that you will give us the ability to offer all our loyalty and filial piety to you.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

December 18, 1966

Please Allow Us To Leave The Satanic Realm And Become One With You, Father

Oh, Father! We know that the ideal world of the original creation which you desired is a place centered on your love where true children and true families can feel joy, and all of creation can be harmonized and joy overflows. But when we think about the fact that through the fall the original world, the land of the original homeland, came to remain before humankind as death, how could this not be something to lament about?

Through the fall, we lost you, Father; we lost the land of the original homeland; and we lost the original Taste Parents, and the ideal original true family, the ideal tribe, the ideal nation, the ideal world, and the ideal cosmos. We lost them all. A world where authority is centered on you, Father, should have been realized in a natural environment, but due to having collided with the sorrowful fate called the fall, humankind came to have no relationship with you, Father, and the world became a world which has no relationship to the world of your ideal.

When we consider that the fact that you who are our Lord could not be our Lord, and we received the blood lineage of your enemy Satan and were dragged down into the realm of darkness which Satan dominates, we must reflect once again on how exasperating and regrettable a fact this is, and we must bear in mind at this time that it is your hope and is the hope of humankind to expel Satan who has been our enemy for millions of years from this earth up to the spirit world where multitudes of spirit people are staying.

Father! We are people who cannot feel in our lives how much is left of the foundation of Satan's power and authority. We have come to realize, Father, that as we spend hour by hour and even as days pass day by day, up until now we have not been able to feel in our lives of faith how much Satan's power and authority have invaded the realm of our lives and how much they have invaded this stage on which we live our lives.

The more we think about the fact that we certainly cannot go into your presence without clearing up what has become dirty, standing in the middle of a path of tears crying out to our father, we come to think again that we are in a desolate and pitiful position where we cannot help but hope for your touch of salvation.

Oh Father, you know we are in such a situation! Please extend your mind and heart of compassion and once again protect the path we must go. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will separate us from the satanic realm and make the area around us clear.

Father! Our minds and bodies are not able to form a direct relationship with you. We know that the root of sin which Satan can control still remains. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will please bear with ourselves which have not been able to do the good our minds desire, and have not been able to escape from the realm of such lives, and our own bodies which delight in acts of evil we do not want.

Father! We will have to be segregated from Satan in our courses of life, and we will have to be segregated from Satan in our courses of resurrection. We have come to clearly realize the fact that we will not be able to become citizens of heaven if we do not become one with you and if our daily lives and our entire lives are not the ones you planned for us. Therefore, please allow your sons and daughters who have gathered here to all offer their entire minds and bodies and be able to rush towards new lives and lifetimes.

We earnestly ask that you will allow us to become people who are able to determine ourselves before you once again at this time.

We have humbly and earnestly prayed all these things in the name of the "True Parents. Amen.

January 17, 1968

Please Form A Relationship With Us Through Original Love

Father! Please allow your love to dwell in the hearts of everyone, and please allow us to appear in heaven and earth as eternal true people through love. We know the fact that you are hoping for all of creation to move centered on such a being; and we know that you will become one with that true human being and build a world of glory, a world of a brilliant culture. But we know that your love not having been able to dwell in us is your grief, and furthermore, our not having been able to find and meet your love is grief.

We are those who have gone through the course of history carrying the sorrow of not being able to find a relationship with your true love even though we looked for it, because we were born as descendents of the fall. Therefore, oh Father of compassion, we earnestly hope and desire that you will come to us with your original heart of love, and you will allow us to become children who are able to bow deeply in the presence of your heart.

For thousands of years, humankind has been born as the descendents of those who betrayed you, and we have lived as people who betrayed your heart. Father, please bear with us. Since we have bowed down before your majesty as beings who are like that, please take hold of us through your compassion and love and comfort us with your caress of mercy. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow this time to become one where we tell you in detail about and repent for our inadequacies of the past, our disloyalty of the past, and our lack of filial piety of the past.

You are our father whom we must attend for eternity. Please let us realize clearly that the relationship between you and us is an original relationship which cannot be broken. It is to our great anguish that we fell and lost our father, and our eternal destined relationship with you was cut off. Today we have bowed down before you in order to find again our father whom we lost and to reestablish with you that destined relationship which was cut off. But since we know that without your love this cannot happen, please allow us the grace of resurrection through your love. Please tie us together through the destined relationship of your direct love, and please allow us to be able to offer ourselves to you as one unified altar.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

March 31, 1968

Please Cut Off The Root Of Sin Through The Power Of The Original Nature

Father! Please allow us to consider your heart in silence and to be able to discover ourselves. The more that we think about it, we cannot help but discover that we are very far away from your will. The first ancestors of humankind forsook you, and we lament that we have been born as descendents who must be ruined forever because of having gone the path of annihilation of the fall. And when we realize, while searching for you, the fact that there remains between us a great distance which is very difficult to close, we discover once again that there is nothing we can do about it.

When we realize that we have been born from the root of death which multiplied, we realize that this is why the past is as it was, and why in the present we are entangled in the world of death and are being swept away, and we cannot help but discover that we are too distant from you to be part of you, Father. Therefore we know that we need the touch of your love, and we need the touch of your omnipotence.

Oh Father! Deep in our hearts and minds we possess the destined relationship of the original nature. This alone is what we have inherited from you. Because of this, we know that it remains for us to form the destined relationship which we must form with you. In order to establish that relationship, you have awakened us through the course of history, and since you are continuing to work for that today at this moment, please do not allow us to forget that fact.

Please allow us to recognize the desire that our original nature is earnestly crying out for, and please allow us to come to know that our original nature really desires to form a relationship with you, Father. And please allow us to come to know the fact that the bitter root of sin which is an enemy opposing the original nature is surrounding us.

Please let us come to know that it will not do unless the original nature appears to us representing your power. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will raise up a new beginning of life that is able to trample and go beyond all the tangled relationships of death through the touch of your omnipotence.

Father! Please bring about a new history that is able to cast out all the elements of sin through each one of us. In that way we will become one with your heart, and one with your situation in the midst of our lives. Please allow us to be able to offer ourselves to you as the true sons and daughters you wanted to find from a position where we can have hope and become one with the eternal future.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

July 1, 1968

Please Let Us Cast Away The Traces Of Sin Caused By The Fall

Father! We hope that all the things of heaven and earth will eternally offer hymns of praise to you who are the Lord of the universe.

Since there is not even one created being which is separate from a relationship with you, because of you, all the things of heaven and earth which were molded through your heart raise up your glory and reveal your holiness and profundity, and we know that they reveal your infinite value. We know that in the midst of that, when you created humankind as the center of all things, you combined your entire internal nature and entire external nature and made them as the external form of a son and the external form of a daughter to represent all things.

Originally, people are beings who should have been inside your mind and heart eternally, and they are beings who should not be able to separate from their destined relationship with you.

In the midst of that kind of destined relationship, all the things of creation have a reciprocal object relationship with humankind, and together centered on God they should exist in the Kingdom of Heaven where freedom, peace and joy can dwell. They were to enjoy being in the place of eternal victory and attend you, Father.

However, we know the fact that because of the fall of the first human ancestors the origin of history was so miserable. We also know the awesome fact that through that result, it was not humankind alone who became miserable, but God, the Lord of creation, could not help but be placed in a miserable position as well.

Oh Father! We have come to know that the portion of responsibility that humankind must fulfill still remains to be done, and it is the very thing which can completely release all humankind who began this kind of sorrowful history.

We know that in order to go through the course of this portion of responsibility, many good spirits in the spirit world have hearts filled with hope as they look at this second foundation, just like the world of the good angels who cooperated at the time of the creation of Adam and Eve, and they have come fighting representing the earth.

Until now you have been braving the current of history, and the reason for your working this hard is because of the mistake of our ancestors. But you did not let it finish as a mistake, and since you are working to restore it and to seek liberation from it, we know that it is your history of pain. Like this we, who have the traces of sorrow inherited from our ancestors who left behind this history of sorrow, have gathered together today once again before your majesty.

But we are people who are not worthy to call you "Father." We know well that we are the descendents of an unworthy son.

We are people who are not able to form the destined relationship of the life of heaven, and who are not able to receive the grace of resurrection; we are rebellious, wicked and shameless, and we definitely cannot stand in the presence of your will. But we know that you are in a position where it will not do unless even now you call us even though we are like that, because you have compassion, and you are the original being of merciful love.

Since we know that, with our unworthy minds and bodies which we cannot control we are bowing down to you with an attitude of shame. In your presence with tears of repentance, we have communicated with your heart deep in our minds; we have come forward with minds that want to call you "Father." Therefore, oh Father, please come, and through your heart of compassion, please raise us up; and we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us the special grace of being able to call you "Father" through a relationship of life with you.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become your sons and daughters who are able to realize the fact that we will become unworthy children who of our own accord will not able to raise our eyes in the face of your hard work, if, as we live our lives as one part of history, we do not prepare a foundation of victory resolving the sorrow of our own individual selves, no matter what our circumstances may be.

Father! We do not have anything. And we do not desire to have anything. Until now all we have had is flesh and blood which has been defiled due to the traces we have received of the blood lineage of Satan. Because everything that belongs to us is in your realm of lamentation as belonging to Satan, none of those things can be placed before you as sacrifices.

Therefore, we cast away all these things, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become your sons and daughters with bodies and minds, as children whom you can embrace.

Please eliminate completely the concepts we have had until now and everything we know. Please let our knowledge, purpose, and life become entirely for you. In that way, from that kind of position, please allow this place and this time to become one in which we are able to serve you as our parent with filial piety and bow down before you. We earnestly hope that you will allow this time to become one of our bowing down to you, with minds able to cut off and cast away everything we have when you personally give us directions.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

July 7, 1968

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