Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Entreaty [Part 4 of 5]

Please Allow Us To Become Those Who Can Be Together With Goodness Forever

Father! Please allow us to dearly realize that in our minds and bodies there remains the original root of sin, which we cannot deal with by our own strength alone.

Please allow us to realize what kinds of things we have been through from the past until now, and that we have been people like that, and please allow us to ardently feel the need for a stimulating, dynamic force that will let us revolutionize ourselves once again today.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to clearly know that without putting aside the me of today and being able to establish a self who can make a new me for tomorrow, we will not be able to become beings who remain even in the lower levels of this good will and good historical course.

Please do not allow us to become pitiful people whose lives just flow along with the flowing waves. And please allow us to understand clearly that we have remaining with us the purpose of goodness which must swim upstream against the current. When we look through the course of history, we know well that the will of heaven is not something that goes forward separate from history; it deals with history and raises history up quickly. From that kind of course alone we know well the fact that you have been working with us in history.

Today at this time we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to once again think about what kind of position we are in and to stand in a position where we can communicate with you about matters.

Please allow us to understand completely that you remain with things of goodness forever and you will absolutely not allow evil to participate. You become partners with goodness, and go out together with goodness, and since you go forth looking towards the one will which can be accomplished together with goodness, even if our bodies are eliminated, please allow us to feel once again at this time before you, Father, that we must become people whose minds at least remain with goodness forever.

Then we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to have minds that can become one with your will, our eternal Father, and subjugate and take dominion over our bodies according to the directions and commands of our minds, and that our bodies will be able to communicate with our minds. We earnestly hope that you will allow this time to become one we are attending in order to desire once again to be people who are able to do that, and to control ourselves again to be able to do that, and to determine ourselves again to be able to do that.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

June 22, 1969

Please Allow Us To Consider On Our Own The Situation With Which We Are Faced

Father! This morning a lonely group has gathered before you. We must consider on our own the kind of situation we are in. We need to realize clearly through whom we have come here at this time and in order to form what kind of relationship we have come to this place.

However evil the world may be, and however filthy the world may be, we must examine completely on our own the position we are in, and we must determine our relationship with you, Father, and in the course of our lives establish a relationship with you which cannot be forgotten. We must know that if there is such a person, the relationship that person forms is greater and more precious than anything else in the world.

Our longing for our Father is soaring up out of our hearts adoring hearts longing for heaven of their own accord; these are the driving forces that can go against the flow of history. Please allow us to know that these shields of victory can trample the waves of death and stand over them. We must become those people of true love who know how to feel how precious the people are who can live as substantial testimonies praising you with their minds and bodies.

Now we must analyze ourselves in detail, and think about for whom our faces exist.

We must think about what our eyes are seeing what our ears are hearing, for which tastes and smells our mouths and noses exist, and for which acts of service our hands and feet exist. Please allow us to completely realize that even though we should have been those whose entire being could become truly one with heaven and long for you, Father, and attend you, Father, and be those who were loyal to you, we are those who must grieve from a position of anguish that we have not had even one moment of our minds communicating with you and love.

We, who say we live on this earth, live in a realm of life limited to seventy, eighty years or at most a hundred years, and then we are buried in the earth. No matter how good we might look while on the earth, we must realize that we cannot bring about any results by ourselves, and we must realize how meaningless is preparing a living environment only with accomplishments on the earth.

We must clearly know that our birth and life and our four limbs and hundreds of body parts all exist due to you, Father. We must understand how very precious we are when we depend only on heaven, and take responsibility ourselves even when there are difficulties, and with a desperate attitude follow your will, pushing our way through a great diversity of difficulties and seek to relieve your grief.

We must become those who know how to think of our relationship with you when we are in sorrow in such a position, and we must become those who are able to be grateful to you when we are happy.

We must become true people who desperately weep and proclaim so that all of heaven and earth can be moved that you exist, our living Father, who has been taking on all the difficulties and going forth being driven out again and again in our stead throughout history. And at this moment as well you are not resting, but in order to save us you are searching for the standard of goodness.

But each time we feel that no one has been able to experience that position, we want to receive your grace, Father, and we long to be able to live a life of grace within you and win your confidence. Father, we who are like that need a relationship with you, and need to be governed by you. Therefore, please allow only the glory of your life to rise up from the depths of our hearts. We pray in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

November 2, 1969

Please Allow Us To Realize Through Experience The Existence Of Our Father Who Is Always Near Us

We must not think of you as a concept, Father. Please let us understand clearly that we must attend you as a real being, as the absolute subject of all aspects of our life.

You have not been living in some distant relative world. You have been in the middle of our hearts and you have surrounded our bodies. Although there is air all around us, just as we don't know whether it is there or not, we must realize that we didn't realize that you were embracing our entire lives. When we receive that power which is surrounding us, an infinite power is being mobilized there. And we know that when we absorb that power as an eternal power, it gives us a new impact and a new stimulation.

We must become sons and daughters who are able to realize through experience the existence of our father, who always stays near us like that and gives us life and is always filling us. We must come to realize how precious is the person who knows how to discuss his life course with you from such a position and from such a position can grow as your child.

Many people on the earth hope for heavenly fortune and hope about the rest of their lives, but we know that they are hoping for these things keeping a relative distance from them. But different from them, please allow us to clearly understand that all the authority of life begins from the closest point, from you who are the center of life. In order to do that, please remain close, deep in our hearts, Father, and by taking dominion over our bodies, please become the motive power of our lives. And we must realize the fact that you must become the origin of all our feelings.

Please allow us to realize how great and how precious is the value of a child who can attend our father, who is the subject of wide, deep, sublime, precious, infinite value. When we go out to witness to that standard tens of millions, billions of times, please allow us to realize the fact that the inherent authority to be able to absorb all the content of heaven and to take dominion over the cosmos comes into being then.

We have humbly prayed these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

November 23, 1969

Please Allow Us To Walk The Path Of Life Together With You, Father

Father! Through looking at the course of history and through our own lives of faith, we have come to clearly understand that heaven is an eternal place. But what determines whether one can go into that heaven is what a person has made an effort to do on his own on earth and the state of his heart.

As people who have come to know the will, we worry about ourselves that we might not be able to walk the way we must for the will. We are those who cannot help but live day by day together with heaven and yet cannot help but live together with the earth.

But we know well that through our hearts which are like this, you are seeking to appear in our daily lives. In order to do that, we must realize the fact that you are judging the good and evil within us.

Following a lonely path of life like this, those of us who are looking at that and going forward cannot help but admit that we are descendents of the fall who are not able to find any hope without you, Father. For those of us who are like that, only heaven is good, and we know the truth that it must be heaven that becomes our everything.

Please allow this time to become a time of reflection and evaluation of how rewarding and how truly human are living together with heaven and having the courage to die together with heaven. In the course of history, those who left behind the name "great person" as a person of goodness, and those who left behind the name "saint" as one individual in the world of men, their names have remained in a holy way because their purpose of life was to live together with all humankind and to live together with you, Father. They did not become exhausted along the path of life. And in order to live together with you and together with all the people of the world, we know that they walked a path of limitless struggles in order to tic the end together with the beginning.

The many people who have come and gone throughout the course of history did that, but we, who have the name of being sons and daughters of heaven, who are shouldering the responsibility of the providence of restoration which must be completely resolved in the history of today, we ask you to allow us to know the fact that what we must do is already determined.

Your having called us in this way is not because we ourselves are fit for the calling, but you have called us as beings of hope through the course of the 6,000 years of pioneering, filled with so much grief since the fall, in order to establish the concept of creation which you were hoping for from before the beginning of history. When we realize that we are such beings, we cannot help but feel again the loneliness and misery of our father with his heart of grief-filled restoration.

Please prod us because we have not been able to become our real selves who can straighten ourselves up and call you our father, and let us admit that we have not been able to lay the foundation of holy devotion which allows us to attend our heavenly parents. In spite of the fact that more than offering anything of the world, we ourselves must become complete offerings who are able to offer ourselves as sacrifices to whatever you desire, we cannot express how many times we have forgotten this.

Father! The external conditions such as physical appearance or any kind of worldly conditions are not the problem. Please allow us to be able to walk the course of our lives with earnest hearts which want to struggle for heaven, and want to witness to heaven and want to live for heaven from deep in our hearts.

Father! Even if while living for you it may sometimes seem like we are in a dreary, lonesome, lonely, and deserted place, we must realize that when we are assessed by you, we are considered as belonging to you.

We earnestly desire that you will allow us to once again determine ourselves to stand by our own volition in the position of knowing that this is the original path we must go, and it is the original desire which humankind should pursue.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

February 8, 1970

Please Allow Us To Live Lives Of Gratitude

Father! If we are sons who know your devotion, Father, even if we wake up in the middle of the night, we would not be able to help bowing down to you with embarrassed minds which are not able to cover up our shamefulness as sinners.

At the morning breakfast table, please let us become people who ask ourselves what we're going to do after we eat this rice, and at the lunch table please allow us to become those who, in an ashamed manner, feel remorse over the question of what we have left unfinished until now, and at the dinner table, please let us become those who ask ourselves whether we have spent the day well and concluded it without lack.

Please allow us to become children who start the day as yours, Father, and who question whether up to this time we have remained as yours, and when we think about how much concern you have for us, Father, with an empty body which cannot leave anything behind of this day which we must spend in a valuable way, please let us think about whether we have not spent the day with a mind of the world, and please let us become your children who know how to go to bed after repenting to you with tears and with regretful hearts.

We must live grateful lives. Even at the point of being beaten, even at the point of vomiting blood, we must live grateful lives. Because many ancestors betrayed you at that kind of point, Father, we know that we must fulfill completely the duty of filial piety among filial piety and the duty of loyalty among loyalty to you, Father, who have come with a heart filled with that kind of anguished, historical grief.

Please let us understand here that we cannot stand in such a position with resentment and complaints. Please allow us to become those who fear that we might find ourselves to be like that. Please let us understand that although we are pitiful and weak people in the world, there is no one more fearful than such people.

Even if we are at a point where our bodies are exhausted to the extent that we cannot hold on anymore, we must think that you have longed for us, overcoming and going a path of suffering more severe than this. And when we discover the fact that only by going beyond this suffering will we become sons who can comfort your sorrowful past, we must purify ourselves as those who must go and become sons who offer ourselves completely as sacrifices before you.

We have nothing more than living in gratitude. Even if the wife given to one husband is inadequate, because of being able to serve throughout our lives, we must be grateful for having been given that wife. And if our children give me a life of the cross, we will have to be grateful for your having provided us that kind of position. And even if the environment drives us into pits of despair where we cannot control our lives, no matter what condition that sets up, we will become your sons who can leave behind a relationship of gratitude and collapse. We earnestly hope that you will allow us to become your people.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

March 14, 1970

Please Allow Us To Become Children Who Cherish The Pulse Of Your Life

Since humankind are the beings who were born for the sake of your love, we cannot live apart from love. We were born for love, and we should attend you through love, and in front of our father who is the subject, as reciprocal objects we should love each other.

When we think that we should be able to receive love, we earnestly hope and desire that your will allow us to understand that we who have gathered here are your sons and daughters because of that infinite value. A meeting that has no relationship to you is useless. Please let us know that attending every day out of habit cannot be of any help to you.

Is there any weak person among those who are bowing to our noble Father, to the subject of eternal love, to you who are the source of eternal life? If there is, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow him to have a mind that longs for you as much as he forgets his own self importance, while falling down in front of everyone at the point when he recognizes that you are expressing yourself there.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to understand that we are a group that has come here in order to become children who can cherish the pulse of your life, Father, which is penetrating our minds. And we are screaming out for you to give us a moment of being embraced by you while we sob with earnest hearts, clinging to the edge of your garments and embracing your neck.

Your love can flow, reverberating deep in our hearts and link together our hearts. Please let that pulse of blood which is flowing at the base of your heart raise up our hearts. Please let all our blood be permeated by the pulse of the original nature of love. Then let us fight with your indignation and together with your courage, please reach out to us with the pulse of your enmity, and please let it become the source of our strength which allows us to go beyond each moment of life, Father. In the midst of the reverberations, let us recover ourselves and form a relationship with you.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

April 5, 1970

Please Set On Fire Our Hearts Of Adoration For You, Ether

Father! This place must become one that you can recognize as holy and that you can come to without hesitation. We earnestly hope that you will allow this place where your sons and daughters are to become a place where you can surely come freely.

We must not become people who are exhausted from crying out without receiving any response, staring into space. We must step on the boundary of sin and go over it. Please let us greet the day of joy where we can call you "Father" and feel the sensation of you reaching out in concern to those of us who are like this. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us the state of being intoxicated by ourselves embracing all of heaven and earth in love with your heart.

Father! Please allow us a natural situation where we can call you "Father" together with earnest minds which are on fire with hearts of adoration according to our own wills. Together with all things of creation, we would like to be proud before you, Father, with an authority that can praise our value.

We know that you created everything for us. We earnestly hope and desire that you will connect your sons and daughters in a place where we can call you "Father" in secret as valuable people. Today we must not just gaze remotely at the patriots of the past who cried out for you.

Please let all the content of the past appear as material of the present reality. Then all the circumstances of today will connect the present reality and the future, and please let the actual past testify to today. And we earnestly request and desire that you will allow us to become sons and daughters who can attend you, Father. We earnestly ask you to please take responsibility for everything and protect it in a holy way.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

August 9, 1970

Please Allow Us To Become New Shoots

Father! We must become your true seeds and grow into true trees and put forth flowers and bear fruit and appear as hundreds of fruits which can be embraced in your bosom. Therefore, please sow us as true seeds greeting a spring day, and let as grow as true trees and allow us to become comforts to you. And furthermore, there in the fragrance of the flowers please realize your desire of having a banquet of joy in the last days, bearing fruit and filling all nations.

Father! Please let us love you sincerely. We know that our lack of filial piety towards you until now is because we have grown up in an evil environment.

Father! We know the law of putting down roots in true fertile soil as one seed, and centered on the roots the sprout will come up and grow into a tree in the midst of an environment filled with hope centered on your public love. We also will have to consider as important this environment needed by the new sprouts.

Father! Please arrange their youth in proper beauty. And please protect their path of relationship with you, and let them be able to grow centered on the foundation of that environment.

Please let them become true shoots, and in relation to this people, this nation, this world, please let them become a new tree of life which all humankind can look up to and which can embrace all of humankind. And we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become sons and daughters who can blossom as new flowers and bear fruit which can be spread to all nations with more to spare.

In order to do that we will have to be strong. Oh Father, please allow this nation, centered on your open love, to be able to be so eternally united that no kind of strength can break it apart. Please allow it to burn with conviction which cannot be changed by any kind of adverse circumstances. In order to endure these kinds of trials, we will have to absorb sufficient nutrition. Please guide us to become sons and daughters who have the life power that can remove all the essential conditions of evil which are left in this people.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

August 23, 1970

Please Allow Us To Pursue A True Life With A Gentle, Humble Attitude

The person who lives for the world and is raised up by the world is not the kind of person who insists that he is great. We must truly understand that it is the land of person who should be raised up by you, who do not reveal yourself and who walk the path of hard work in a lonely place. Please let us realize that sons and daughters who work hard quietly thinking of you in order to return that joy to you as yours are more needed than people who make effort to obtain whatever kind of happiness there may be as the pride of this people.

Our hardworking Father! Our lonely Father! If we are sons and daughters who truly know the dramatic situation of sorrow of our father who has endured closing his eyes, biting his lips and biting his tongue, we must truly feel that you, who have carried the grief of a thousand years in your heart, cannot receive comfort through people who seek for satisfaction in the life of one day.

In spite of being people who are passing through a historical age in which we must live lives of reform, lives of inspiration which cannot hold back the tears even if we have the grief of it taking our entire lives, before you we should, of course, live true lives with gentle, humble attitudes. But on the contrary we must realize that we are making your work harder, and we are giving you heavier crosses to carry, and we have pushed you out on a lonely path.

And not only that; we must realize that we have been in the vanguard position striking the people of heaven's side as descendents who received the evil blood lineage. We must discover that we are those who cannot even request forgiveness from you through anything in heaven and earth.

Then, please make us realize that we can truly find you and relate to you only if in lamentation and anguish we have minds that seek to offer to you our lives which have caused grief in relation to your will. We earnestly hope that your will allow us to feel that this is the most important event, greater than anything else in our lives.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

September 27, 1970

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