Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Entreaty [Part 3 of 5]

Please Allow Us To Realize That We Are In A Miserable Situation

Father! We see that although the many people living on the earth are at the point of death, the present state of affairs is that they are pushing themselves forward and they are busy bragging before the universe.

In this kind of world, can one dare to be proud of oneself? Can one assess one's own value highly? When we recall our hearts and weigh them in silence, we will not be able to deny that we are faced with a false situation.

Father! Today what are our minds imagining, and what are we seeking to rise up to? The time has come that we must realize that now our minds are not able to be ours and our bodies are not able to be ours either. The time has come that we must recognize that we are in a miserable situation where we cannot put ourselves forward and be proud of ourselves.

We cannot make the final decision about the value of our minds and bodies. Please allow us to feel how miserable we are who cannot lead even our own selves to the goal through the course of the situation that has occurred. If we have life, it is not because of us, and if there is an ideology that leads our minds in the direction of goodness, please allow us to feel the fact that it also originates not in ourselves but in something else.

Father! Today please allow us to realize that you are searching for a victorious person who knows how to take mastery over his ego and how to rid himself of the conceit which made him want to put himself forward and raise himself up and which made him intent on establishing and justifying himself. We have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

July 19, 1959

Please Allow Us To Have A Substantial Feeling

We do not want to believe in the Father of words; rather we want to believe in the Father who has created historical relationships. We are requesting a direct relationship with you today, a father with whom we can form a direct relationship, a father who can speak to us directly.

Today humankind believes in God as an objective being, but today we are not requesting that God be the kind of object of faith that they are seeking. We desire the God who is the substantial subject of our daily lives. We are longing for the father who can relate to all the realities of our lives and circumstances, and from whom we cannot be separated even if we tried, and who dwells with us in every moment. The hour realizing this kind of relationship on the earth is the hour humankind is desiring and at the same time it is the hour God desires.

Today we are conceptually thinking about what kind of ideal garden, the garden of hope, which you desire would be, but that is not our actual circumstances. We know the fact that the time has come when we must have the kind of concept of the Kingdom of Heaven that penetrates us beginning with our minds, and which through realization we can feel, and which through emotion we can sing.

We know that forming that kind of destined relationship was the purpose of the providence of salvation, the purpose of the history of restoration and the purpose of the salvation of the cross. Therefore, please allow us to be able to call you our real father, and even if we determine ourselves and recognize ourselves as your real sons and daughters, please allow us to be able to sing from a position of not being ashamed, and to rejoice, and to be able to hear you speak. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

August 30, 1959

Please Allow Us A Foundation Of Security And Your Outstretched Hand Of Protection

Father! Please particularly remember this time. Please give your blessing to many human beings. And among them, please give your blessing to the many religious organizations calling your name. Please especially bless those who are being cast out as they cling to your heart. And please bless those who have gone out casting aside everything in order to be a living sacrifice for heaven, not troubling themselves over blood, sweat and tears. We believe that you will be together with them. We believe that you will fight together with them.

Father! More than anyone else, more than any other people, more than any other believers, our minds want to live for you, and we want to attend you, and in your care, we want to fight every battle together with you. Among the many peoples, it was this people you called, and among the many believers, we are the sons and daughters you called; therefore, please consider our minds trustworthy, and we dare to ask you to come to us.

We have understood your command calling us to come, and we have understood your will to send us out several times, telling us to pioneer this path. We know that you have counseled us when we were discouraged, have told us, "I am here," when we were in sorrow, and you have comforted us.

We know that you did so in the past, are doing so in this moment, and will do so tomorrow.

We know that we cannot form a relationship with you in a comfortable place, and we cannot meet you on a smooth path. We know that this is because you still are not in a comfortable place, and cannot walk a smooth path.

Only if one seeks to take on your sorrow, Father, as ones own sorrow, and seeks to walk your path of suffering in your stead can one relate to you personally. We have learned, realized, and experienced that you can open your heart and speak your mind on the foundation of a natural heart.

Those who follow your footsteps on the lonely path you are going are lonely people. We know that you do not distinguish day or night to gather those who are in that kind of position because you are that way. Therefore, please personally reach out and protect your sons and daughters who have gathered together for the one will and at this time have the same situation, same heart and same hope, and we earnestly hope that you will move them onto a secure foundation through the same grace.

We have humbly prayed these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

November 6, 1960

Please Bear With Our Mistakes Of The Past

Father! Because we know that you did not cast away fallen humankind, and we know the results of your hard work for 6,000 years in order to reach and reestablish us and we know your heart of compassion, we have come before you with a mind to bow down before you. We know that you have an eager heart which could not help but wander and search for us, a mind that could not just throw us away, and we have come before you today like this calling you "Father." Please bear with us.

We are inadequate in view of your heart of longing for eternal sons and daughters with whom your heart can communicate. Please remember that our minds are longing for you alone. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will see and consider compassionately that in our minds our earnest, original hearts want to relate to your internal nature.

Oh, Father! This position where we have to long for the world of your holy original creation has become a position of sorrow. And furthermore, we cannot help but think it is extremely deplorable that we are in a position where we cannot help but report truthfully that we are so inadequate that we cannot appear before you.

Now, when we consider all the traces in the background of history, we understand that we were substantial beings of sorrow, and pitiful beings who did whatever we pleased in front of you, Father. We cannot help but feel pain in our hearts that we were not able to appear at some point as object partners of glory before your heart, or to become the descendents of our ancestors who could praise your glory, Father, representing the entire universe.

Please bear with the sins of our ancestors, and please bear with the pitiful situation of humankind today, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will bear with the fact that people do not know they have the mission to prepare the foundation for the eternal welfare of their descendents.

You have worked hard until now, Father. Now through the Principle we have come to know that our father is a sorrowful father, our will is a sorrowful will, our history is a history of suffering unjustly, and our lives are lives invaded by Satan. Thus, we cannot raise our heads before you, Father, when we think that we are still struggling in the midst of an environment filled with grief.

Satan still has power on this earth; an unrighteous environment remains on the earth, and the dominion of evil is dominating the cosmos. At this time when we are watching this reality which is demanding the sorrow of heaven, please especially have compassion for us who are in the position where we who are seeking heaven, we who are praising your desire and calling your name, have experienced our inadequacy and cannot help but appeal to you, Father.

If it were not for your power and your protection, Father, we would not be able to remain here substantially on this evil earth today. We are the inadequate people who would not be able to have anything remain in front of the will of the providence. In view of the fact that we who are like this have come before you, and we are those who know our reality as it is, please augment your heart of compassion one more time and remember us. Please call us to task for our lack of faith, and counsel us to be able to relate to the path of loyalty and filial piety. Please supplement our inadequacies, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will increase our power to be able to come close to completeness.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

May 22, 1963

Please Allow Us To Feel Deeply Ashamed In Front Of You

Oh merciful Father! Please accomplish that which you desire and will in heaven and on earth. So many people have left your embrace and still continue in their filial impiety. Every day we see them moaning in the valley of death, unable to remove themselves from that environment even today. And when we think about facing this situation which causes us sorrow; please allow us to become aware that in front of you we are ashamed and there is nothing we can say.

Father! You have carried out the providence until now with the goal of a day of joy when you can embrace all humankind and call each one your child. But today on this earth there are so terribly few children who can relate to your love, and there is no one to inherit your entire providence of restoration and offer loyalty to you. When we think about these kinds of things, we realize that even today your sorrowful course remains before us. Therefore, at this time please allow us to take ourselves to task again and to discover that we are those who must go forth.

In this evil, wretched world on this devastated earth, the will of your providence is taking a new direction, and we know that at the same time that it is your hope, Father, to lead us without fail to the world of your will, it is also the hope of all humankind living on this earth.

We also know that without finding the way towards a standard where you and all humankind on the earth can become one, we will not be able to bring this entire will and mission to completion. Today, you have raised us up to have us pioneer the path of a new religion in front of this people, and to present a new page of history in the course of the world. We earnestly hope that you will please allow us to become people who know how to feel sorry and bow down in front of your effort and hard work to establish all the world-level indemnity conditions on a horizontal level in order to connect the past, present and future of life.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

October 17, 1965

Please Allow Us To Become Aware Of The Mistakes Of The Past

Oh Father who created the universe! Please allow us to realize deeply at this time how earnestly you hoped for the day when you would be able to share your glory with all of creation. You created Adam and Eve, raised them in your embrace, and by having them begin a life of eternal love you sought to establish the welfare of humankind. And we realize once again that you are a father who hoped to find joy through Adam and Eve as they grew. Please let us realize once again at this time that you, who had such an earnest hope, lost Adam and Eve and had to face a day of sorrow.

Father! On this earth there are many nations and many peoples. They each have had different histories, and their living conditions and the things they hope for are different. When we consider again that this is contrary to your originally determined will, we come to understand that the difference in histories is your grief, and the difference in conditions is your grief, and the difference in hopes is also your grief. When we think of these things, Father, we know that they are the retribution of the fall.

It will not do unless history comes from you, and it will not do unless the present comes from you, and it will not do unless the future forms a relationship with your idea, but today humankind is facing the tragic reality of not having one relationship, or one set of conditions for life or one ideological foundation.

Please allow us to hear once again in our minds the ghastly screams and moans of all humanity who are living in a chaotic place like this, in this place which has been turned upside down, where each person's position contradicts the other's. Please allow us to think together with your heart, Father, to feel your heart, and to become aware of the mistakes of the past.

Father! You need to have sons and daughters weeping tears of sincere repentance and pleading for you to allow humankind to have blessed hope. But the more we feel that we have not done that, the more unable we are to raise our heads before you.

Today, there are many religions and religious organizations going forward towards one goal, but we know that there are not many bowing down before you humbly and weeping about the sorrowful path that you must go and about the sorrow of the ghastly judgment humankind must receive. The pitiful people who have gathered here today have continuously gone a path of anguish; embracing the command you gave, they have continued fighting until today. Please personally guide their footsteps, and since they are your sons and daughters who have remained in this place today, please remember them.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

January 2, 1966

Please Allow Our Minds To Long For Our Original Home

We did not know that a historical end was calling to us from afar, and we did not know that you had set us up high and were urging us along the path we have to go. Father! Each time we went in ignorance onto a side path, you guided us back to the path ahead. We feel once again how very much you have toiled, guiding us until this point at the end of history today.

Oh Father! Where do our minds want to dwell? And where do our bodies want to dwell? Since we have come to understand that the place where our minds and bodies should dwell is at the center of your original, deep love, Father, please encourage your children who have not been able to arrive at that point.

Without your love, Father, we cannot rest, and without your love, we cannot feel your heart. Therefore, please let the waves of your love flow down into our lacking minds, and bring about in us the blessing of rebirth.

We must long for that position until our eyes grow cold, and we must yearn for that position until our minds ache with the yearning. And furthermore, in order to find that position, we will have to go through miserable struggles, and even if we are destroyed and collapse a thousand, ten thousand times, and experience the anguish of the vanquished, we know that it is our duty that we must rise up again and go forward fighting. Therefore, our Father, please personally direct our minds and bodies, and please do not allow us to become the vanquished in this battle.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

May 28, 1967

We Long For You, Father

However difficult the path you have told us to go may be, we pledge that we will not stop our footsteps which are following you. Even if on this path the persecution we receive crosses the path of death, since we have already offered ourselves as living sacrifices, please allow us to just disappear obediently as sacrifices.

We know that in the midst of this world of death, you desire to establish a foundation of life which can form a relationship in your embrace. We will absolutely establish that foundation of life. Father! We long for you with an inexhaustible longing. We want to live with you forever and ever. We want to consult with you, and live according to your directions. This is our hope. Since the day humankind fell, we have lived without ever being embraced by your love for a single day.

We know that until now humankind has continuously gone though a miserable history of tears, day by day going over peak after peak of sorrow. Please allow us to become true sons and daughters who cling to you, Father, who have sought us with a heart seeking to restore the standard of hope by seeking once again this kind of history, and we earnestly hope for and desire that you allow us to be able to share your joys and sorrows.

Oh Father! Please look at this place with eyes of fire and do not allow any bitter roots of sin or death to remain deep in our hearts. Please look at us with eyes of fire and please allow us at this time today to pull out all the roots of sin and be unified before you. Since we have bowed down humbly before you, please act upon us.

We earnestly desire this. Representing the multitudes of peoples, this people must receive love, and for the many tribes we will have to completely fulfill the mission you have given. We must become a movement that can stand in the place of the final glory singing a victory song to you, our Father, and we must become brave people who can remain through the final battle while carrying out the responsibility you have given us. Therefore, please work with us, Father, take dominion over us. give us directions, and lead us.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

March 31, 1968

Please Allow Us To Have Minds That Long For You, Father

Father! We must become children. We must become children who insist to you that we are hungry when we are hungry. Children thirst to adore their mothers. Children are simple and innocent. The more they are raised, the more they are brought up and gently embraced, the more they grow to follow their parents' standard.

Father! Please repeatedly remember your children who are gathered here. If they who have come from so many diverse situations open their hearts about those situations, we know that you will not be able to help being moved. Therefore, please allow us to open our hearts, and to have hearts that longing for you like hungry babes longing for their mothers' milk.

Who will be the teacher here? These people do not want the words of man. Until now they have heard many words spoken, and they have attended many churches, and they have met many people, but the nectar of life was not among them.

Because the milk of life was not there, their minds have run dry. With nothing to depend on in their exhausted state, they are in a miserable position like a wasteland. Therefore, Father, please gather them together. Each one must put aside his own situation, and there must arise a work of intertwined lives wriggling for re-creation centered on relationships of life and words of life that are centered on your situation, Father.

I have not been able to prepare myself to bring myself before you, Father. But I offer everything I have and am before you, and I must find my "self" which begins with you. I must have the attitude of mind that seeks to begin from you. Since I must possess the true appearance that begins with you, I earnestly hope and desire that you will be with me personally.

Since they have come with minds that have been grieving for a week, Father, please comfort them. I earnestly ask that you will please apply medicine on their wounds, spreading salve over them and embrace them with love. And then for these lonely, miserable, shabby people, please allow a place in your home where they can change clothes and rest.

How much you must look forward to people seeking you on their own with the nourishment of overflowing love. These people are also looking forward to such a position, so we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow it.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

March 31, 1968

Please Allow Us To Become Children Longing For Our Real Father

At this time an inadequate group of small numbers has gathered before you. Our minds and bodies have good conditions for harmonizing with the world, but we have bowed down before you as those who cannot help but stand far away from you in our relationship. Therefore, Father, please separate us. We earnestly hope and desire that if our wounds are severe, you will please let your compassion reach those wounds, and when you see that we cannot appear before you as we should, please comfort us.

Please allow us to have minds able to feel sorry and lament over the fact that we are imperfect beings who are ashamed before you and have nothing to offer you. Deep in our hearts, please allow minds that adore you to blossom. Please allow us to hear your voice as it called out in the original Garden of Eden, and to feel your holiness which our ancestors could not feel.

Please allow us to become your simple and pure children who can penetrate to your heart of longing and love which desires to embrace us in the midst of your mind. We earnestly hope that you will feel the unbreakable blood relationship we have with you and will desire so much to see us that you will not be able to help embracing us and will not be able to help corning to us.

Father! When we called you "Father," we were not able to do so with a voice that flowed out of a sincere mind which penetrated even our flesh and bones. We have not been able to have a time when we could rush to you and cling to you from a position of oneness with that kind of emotion.

Since we have not been able to know you clearly in that was please allow us to be able to perceive you clearly. Please allow us to become those who struggle with deeply moved minds to grasp your outstretched hand and the train of your garment and never let go. We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to call you "Father" in that kind of position and to become able to cling to you and confide in you there.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

June 9, 1968

Please Allow Us To Go Forth With Childlike Hearts

Father of Mercy! Please let this place become a sanctuary where we become one with your mind. Please allow it to become a holy place where only you can take dominion and we can be close to your heart, be moved to tears by your situation, and be in harmony with your hope.

Please remove all the humanistic private things. Born as descendents of the fall, we have used masks as we saw fit and have had ideologies on which we insisted. Please eliminate all these conditions which appear before you.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to have humble hearts like children, and that in our minds we will have hearts that endlessly long for and continually adore you like hungry babies long for their mother's milk, and that our hearts can harmonize like that and be absorbed and penetrate deep into your heart.

We know clearly that the appearance we give is miserable and pitiful, like children who have lost their parents. Please let a moving, howling scream explode out of our minds towards our mother and father. In order to kick away this environment and to forget that our bodies have been wounded, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow us to appear as those able to testify ourselves that we are your sons who have hearts that are able to be moved by our pathetic situation of struggling and longing for our parents.

We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow us to become your children who long for the kind of relationship where you see us looking like that, and you rush to embrace us calling us, "My son, my daughter," and you can hold our cheek next to yours and embrace us tightly while weeping. We have come to this place not to find some thing of this world; we have conic longing for a relationship preordained by heaven which will allow us to remain together forever with you who are so precious and exalted.

We have not come here to put down the roots of some personal feelings and remain here; we have come here to pursue a relationship of eternal roots which cannot be pulled out even if one tries, and a relationship where we cannot be separated from you even if we try.

Since we have come in order to move when you move, and to become what is decided when you decide, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will please, please, become the roots, and that you will allow us to become the trunks, branches, and leaves. Please allow us to become your children who will revive the world and represent your power, dynamic force and pulse.

No matter what anyone says, we know that children who are being embraced by their father and mother are fortunate people. However savage the surrounding environment may be, no matter whether their daily lives are spent on dangerous, high peaks, we know that children who go to sleep in their parents embrace have hearts filled with peace.

Living in this evil world, this chaotic world, this world where the waves of death are splashing up against us, we are people who cannot go to you even if we want to, but we have come before you with ardor, longing for, yearning for, adoring you at least for the moment when we can be embraced by you. Therefore, we earnestly hope and desire that you will give us directions.

We have humbly offered this prayer in the name of our True Parents. Amen.

November 17, 1968

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