Prayers, A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father - Sun Myung Moon

Hope [Part 4 / 4]

Father! Today at this moment in what place are you dwelling? We have come to know that you do not dwell on some kind of throne high in space somewhere, nor in a place with the tradition of some kind of glorious culture. We have come to know that what you desired at the time of creation was to dwell in the mind of a man who worshiped God and loved God truly, and to dwell in the mind of a woman like that.

And after coming to dwell in the minds of that kind of man and woman, you wanted to tell them, "You are all my loves!" and you wanted to meet them through a new destined relationship. We have come to know that when that man and woman stood in the position of having the heartistic foundation of historical ancestors centered on the destined relationship of the True Parents, you wanted to dwell there personally. Therefore we have come to know that: you had wanted to dwell in the center of that family.

We have come to know that you wanted to love the children who carne from that destined relationship, from the blood-relationship of those kinds of parents. You wanted to embrace those sons and daughters with the broad, lofty, and profound touch of your love. And you wanted to prepare a place where you could love with a tear-filled heart.

The members of the Unification Movement know well that you wanted to establish the Four Position Foundation centered on that family by having planted deep the root of love in that kind of family of peace and those children, and to establish the foundation for the blessed land on earth.

However, that has all remained as grief for thousands and tens of thousands of years. We have come to know the fact that in order to greet the day in which this kind of foundation for the blessed land could be laid, a bitter path of death has continued for six thousand years. We know that so many people have been sacrificed in lamentable, regrettable and miserable positions.

We know that you called this one being in order to pay the price for all of this. Doing that is your love in order to establish one model man, woman and family. And we have clearly realized that it is your hope to dwell in the families of all people in all ages by dwelling as the subject center in that family.

Therefore, we must become people who are able to yearn for the touch of your compassion and long for your mercy, even along a path of ten thousand deaths, and we must become children who are able to stretch our hands out towards heaven, and shout out calling you "Father" crazily until our throats burst and our cells become paralyzed.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to become your children who are able to prepare to meet the messiah and to love the messiah who is coming, while lamenting that we are people of the fallen blood lineage who cannot become men and women who personally possess the love you desired.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

January 26, 1969
We Want To Become Lights Of Joy Before You, Father

Father! You are a holy being. You are a being who should not be pitiful. As the Lord of creation, you are the symbol of eternal glory and power; then how did you become so pitiful? How is it that the regrettable situation remains that you alone have to drink the bitter cup of the defeated?

We know the fact that the rash and thoughtless action of the ancestors of humankind ended up corrupting this history of billions of ages and created the root of indignation. This is not something that is limited to Adam and Eve alone; rather, we, who are their descendants, as descendants of the fall connected to the blood of our ancestors from generation to generation, have the bodies of the same fallen heirs. Therefore, please let us know the fact that people who cannot feel an anger that makes them gnash their teeth with indignation when thinking of that, cannot go to heaven.

When we look up at the morning sunshine, that brilliant light of hope, we want to become your sons and daughters who can become the light of joy for you. Please allow that. We earnestly hope that you will let us be able to realize that we cannot go into your world of love without a strong heart, and be able to clear away all the sins left behind by our ancestors who tragically lacked filial piety.

Although there are many people on the earth, where is there a son, or where is there a daughter who is able to embrace and comfort your wounded heart? There has not been anyone who has offered devotion in order to resolve the grief of the thousands of years of history while attending you. Even though there are people who, as their dying wish, have wished their descendants to prosper for millions of generations, there has not been a single person who has advised that we must live a certain way because it is God's will.

We know that on the path of death, many of our ancestors wished blessings on this people as their dying wish, but all those dying wishes could not help but disappear. Today, the members of the Unification Movement must not become people like that. We know that even if humankind disappears, only if their dying wishes remain will their dignity be established. We know that because that kind of path is the way humankind must go, you have planted in our minds that we must go that kind of path.

We will become offerings before your Will. We must become a movement that is able to go along that path more actively than anyone else, and we must determine to have the final victory for the sake of the situation of our Father, who is heading towards that purpose. And we earnestly hope and desire that you will let us become the Unification Movement which becomes a foundation that is able to represent the brilliant sunlight of heaven, and which goes forth considering it happiness, even if we become the foundation stones which lay a bridge while seeking that light, and having the grief of thousands of years of history.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the holy name of the True Parents. Amen.

October 12, 1969
Please Let Us Long To Have The Destined Relationship Of Father And Son With You

When we saw our parents, they were our entire hope, the symbol of our longing, and they were the origin of our happiness. Our parents were the motive, were the process, and were the result.

When we think about the destined relationship of parents and children, the motive is the father, the process is the father, and the result is the father too. We must know that the heart of our Father, who is able to embrace us, is in the holy position where the destined relationship of harmony together with our Father is formed, We want to see our Father; we hope for our Father; we long for our Father's Will; and we regard our father as the source of love.

And we must know how much you desired sons and daughters who nestled deep into your heart while longing for your embrace, and who looked inexpressibly happy relating to you.

We must realize that the position that forms the destined relationship of father and son which you have been seeking, Father, is the place where we are able to see the future through the children, and the children receive totally the food of life of the mother and the father, and inherit the position of hope and the position of the mind of the mother and the father by being held in the embrace of the father, and by being held in the embrace of the mother. We must seek after that holy position.

While sincerely calling out to our Father, we hold on to our Father we have longed for, and putting our check against his cheek, we repent, as our Father's tears and our tears become one. Who could block our footsteps of sacrifice, while we appeal for the sake of finding the one world? Since we know that it is a principle of the original creation that Satan, too, must submit to this and Satan, too, must participate in this position, please allow us to become sons who are able to do that, and daughters who are able to do that.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

November 23, 1969
Please Let Us Appear As Symbols Of You, Father

Oh Father! Please let your holy life force become connected to our beings. Please let your powerful presence become one with our beings, and please allow your mind, which has endured in the face of your enemies, to come into our minds.

Please allow our minds to experience and feel keenly your heart and your footsteps, as you have struggled along looking towards the final victory while you have been looking for your children who were lost because of the relationship of the fall. We earnestly hope and desire that you will let us long for a position in which we are able to appear as symbols of our father, having become truly one with you, a position that goes beyond the relationship as parent and child in which you are able to call us your sons and daughters.

We know that you have said that you and your children are one body, and because you are the mind, and we are the body, our behavior must be linked to your joy. Accordingly, we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow this to become a place where that can happen.

Although this land is like pitch darkness, when we become new people who are able to call you "Father" while facing you, then, for the first time, wouldn't this land be the place you have been hoping for, the garden of hope? Isn't it your hope to look upon such sons and daughters? Didn't you want to embrace and love your sons and daughters with your entire body and mind in that kind of land of hope, and didn't you want to love the world like that? We know that your mind of love will fill the garden of our hope.

How much you must have looked forward to people appearing who could admire your victory, exclaim about your grace, and bow down respectfully to you! And how much you must have looked forward to having loving sons and daughters appear whom you wanted to commend forever and ever, whom you wanted to praise forever and ever, and to whom you wanted to bequeath everything in this entire world! Therefore, Father, Please let us feel your lofty, deep, and profound reason, by embracing us with your touch of compassionate mercy and broad heart. Please bind us with a strong force which nothing at all can subjugate. We earnestly hope for and desire this.

Father, please be together with us, for we have gone forth on this path for the sake of becoming people who are brave and of good courage before the enemy, and for the sake of establishing the idea of the kingdom of Heaven on this earth. We earnestly hope and desire that you will let us possess everything that we must possess in order to fulfill the mission of your sons and daughters and the mission of pioneers.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

December 7, 1969
We Thank You That We Were Born In This New Historical Age

Father! Please let us become object partners with whom you can share your absolute content. We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will let us become your children who are struggling to become those kinds of people.

The world of hope of tomorrow is approaching us. We must know that this nation of tomorrow is coming to us as a nation that can be boasted about throughout all of history, a nation that will do things no advanced nation can do. And we must know the fact that the people of this nation are a people who are determining to be victorious in front of all nations, and all people, while holding up a banner of the liberation of the world. Please let us know that it is the Unification Movement that is demanding and presenting that day by longing for that day of liberation. When we feel that, in the midst of that we are the responsible people, we must offer thanks to the entire universe that we were born with that kind of responsibility which comes only once in the entire history of humankind. And we must offer thanks that we have the destined relationship of parents.

We must offer thanks that we were born in an age when we can bequeath a new standard of value, even though we were a group that did not know the path we had to go. We must understand this awesome mission of having to become beings of your character and central beings of harmony.

We must understand the fact that if we stand in the position of becoming people of character who are able to do that, and of becoming substantial beings of love who are able to do that, then your Will becomes my will, and my will becomes your Will.

We must understand the awesome truth that in the day that you and we become one like that and have a destined relationship internally and externally, the power that can bring the liberation of the entire universe is realized. And we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to know that the historical and universal mission is on our shoulders, and that you will allow us to be people who are able to march forward powerfully.

We are earnestly asking that you will allow us to fulfill the duty of loyalty and to fulfill the duty of filial piety in relation to you by becoming central beings of harmony as we go this path.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

February 26, 1970
Please Let Us Make A Nation Of Hope

Beloved Father! When we ask where in the world there is a nation where you can dwell, and where among humankind, there is a people whom you can lead, we realize that you still have not been able to meet that kind of nation or that kind of people.

We know through the Principle that before the nation exists, there must first be a people, and before the people exists, there must first be a tribe, and that it will not do for my individual self to be below the standard of perfection in order for there to he a family, or for a family to be below the standard of perfection in order to form a tribe.

When we consider how many of your children who do not have a nation are on this earth, we understand that, although there are many people on earth who relate to you and call you their Father, there are not many people who are awake and struggling to find the nation and people for which you are longing and hoping.

Even though on this earth you do not have a nation, a people, a tribe or a family, when you have beloved sons and daughters who are able to receive everything in your heart instead of that nation, instead of that people, instead of that tribe, instead of that family, we know that because of such sons and daughters, through the connecting of such individuals, in your presence, the nation of hope begins, and the people of hope and the foundation of hope in daily life unfold. Please allow us to determine once more at this time to become sons and daughters who are able to stand in that kind of position of glory.

We know that while going along the historical course of thousands of years, there was not a single day when you did not long for your beloved children. When we realize that you had both a mind of wanting to love and a mind of wanting to have those children continue eternally as the people of your glorious nation, we come to feel that your mind of love is infinite in relation to our unworthy selves today.

The more we feel those kinds of things, the more we must realize that you are seeking that nation and that people through our minds and bodies. Offering our lives to you is for the sake of fulfilling the duty of a loyal person in relation to that nation. You have searched for the day when you are able to manifest yourself as our father of glory on the earth, and to clear away the environment of sorrow, where we have been toyed with by the enemy, by forming a people of hope. Therefore, we must become your sons and daughters who are able to feel this in reality. Accordingly, Father, please bend down and watch over your children.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

March 21, 1971
Please Let All Of Our Emotions Long For Things Of Original Nature

It is a regrettable fact that our eyes have not been able to see you. It is a regrettable fact that our ears have not been able to hear your holy voice of love. It is grievous that our noses have not been able to smell all the fragrances wafting about in the garden of flowers and the fragrance of your love in Eden without sin. Our mouths are grieved that they could not eat the things of creation in your good and holy garden of liberation, rather than the things of creation that are in the realm of the fall.

When we think about the fact that everything that we have felt through our emotions and everything that we have felt through our sense of touch, was felt and contacted from a position that is in opposition to you, we must realize that we are the descendants of fallen humankind who were defiled over and over again. We must long for the day when we are able to arrive in that place with minds that earnestly respect our holy, liberated and good images, and stand in that place and look up to and praise heaven, listen to your advice and receive your commands.

We must grieve that we have not been able to stand in a position where all the emotions we feel could surrender to you while looking at nature, as the garden of blessing which you allowed and which has fragrances wafting around. We must be able to throw away the corrupt things we have been fond of until now and go forth of our own accord, longing for ourselves for the original nature which heaven wanted to protect.

Since we know that all our emotions have been defiled, now please let all of our minds and emotions have you as our motive, form a relationship with you and produce results that are due to you.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the name of the True Parents. Amen.

October 3, 1971
Please Realize A Family That Can Become The Beginning Of' The Kingdom Of Heaven

Father! Through our feelings in our daily lives, we know that even in the world, too, if one seeks to love centered on oneself, one ends up as a lonely person. But we can see that if a person seeks to love others and endlessly presents content of worldwide value for the sake of others, even if that person wants to stand alone in a lonely position, the environment does not let him stand in a lonely position. Father! We have realized that we must become the true men, and we must become the true women you are seeking. And we have also realized the truth that the family is the place where the beginning of love, which can bring such men and women into oneness, can come into being.

The path of finding the Principle is the pursuit of the realm of the original four position foundation in which the parents are above and are attended, and the children are below and are led in that family. When we think about that, we realize at this time that we must criticize ourselves, knowing how far we are from that position.

We have realized that as for the absolute realm of relative beings, which can become one together with God, through that position, which also establishes the worldwide horizontal national viewpoint and the world viewpoint, the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven starts from a family in which a man and a woman become one centered on heaven.

When we think that the value of character is decided in that position as well, we will have to think centered on that position. When we come to be in that position, we realize the fact that the Kingdom of Heaven exists in our individual minds testifying to the words Jesus spoke, "The kingdom of God is in the midst of you."

If the children who have come to this place today call heaven "Father" while having the name of "children," and they have minds that recognize the earth as their noble mother, Father, please let them realize clearly that they must now fulfill the duties that go with being children.

Please let us know that we must long for our heavenly parent, and we must long for the value of heavenly couples and the value of heavenly children, and we must ardently feel that the grace of allowing the descendants of fallen humankind to be able to inherit today that kind of position of value is a destined relationship to be so appreciated that there is nothing with which we can repay it.

Father! From this time on, we entrust all our actions to you. We feel anew that the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven and our standard of value must become one. We know that everyone here must already know that, centered on the family, we must now establish new destined relationships of the three great loves, and that from a position of being able to apply that as a daily motivation in all our lives, we must become a movement that goes forth pursuing one world. Therefore, we ask over and over again that you will please be together with our determination, through your infinite love and grace.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

November 21, 1970
Please Establish Us As Your Eternal Substantial Object Partners

Father! You must become the Lord of this heaven and earth which have no Lord. And you must become the center which is able to direct and take responsibility for the destiny which this nation must go through from now on. You must also become the center of the hope of our families and each individual. We must clearly know that what the world needs, the nation needs, the family needs and the individuals need is you, our Father, who is the Lord who created all of heaven and earth. We know that you are a being of infinite might, and you are an almighty being who is not limited by anything of the world of time and space. We know that there is nothing that was not created by you, and you are the subject partner who provides the content of the causes of everything.

We know that everything that exists does so according to its destined relationship with you. We know that there is nothing, among the things that exist, that does not have a purpose as an object partner in relation to you who are the subject partner. We also know that we must be individuals, families, nations, and the world that stand in that kind of position.

When the sun shines, from that light, the life of all the beings spring forth, and when we see them seeking to unite together with that, with even the micro-organisms facing one center, when we see that kind of phenomena happening, in that kind of position, we too, must attend you, as the subject partner of our lives, as our father who brightens the direction of the path we must go, and we must become one body with you and become one with you.

First, with you as the subject partner we must establish ourselves as eternal, substantial object partners, and we must become one unified being which cannot be divided. We know that that is the hope of our individual lives, and it is the final destination of the path we must go. We know that in order to search for that kind of day, history has been mobilized, and in order to establish that kind of being, each individual's daily life and the course of each individual's lifetime were established.

Father! Our small group has come before your majesty. Since you are the subject partner, we must become the object partners. Since you are the Lord, we must become followers who receive the commands of the Lord. Since you are the Father, we must become the children. Because you are the source of all life and leading power, we know that only the paths that connect with you are courses of life that are rewarding for us, and please allow us to be able to go that path.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

July 9, 1972
Please Let Us Become The Unification Movement Which Realizes The Ideal World Of Love

Beloved Father! When we look into your heart which is filled with grief, we must realize that a hidden ideal love is boiling up in your mind which no one knows about.

When people ask why God created people, until now we didn't know that God created because he wanted to love. Until today humankind did not know the original value of human beings. If one is born as a man, he must love the woman who is his object partner as an eternal woman, and if he establishes a family, representing God, he must love his family as an eternal family.

That standard of love will become the foundation of the tribe and the people, and the people's foundation will naturally become the foundation of the nation, and the foundation of the nation will naturally become not only the foundation for the world, but it will become the foundation for the cosmos as well. Only if there is that kind of unchanging world which is united in one direction, can a new world centered on your original love be established.

Therefore, Father, today please take pity on all humankind who have been wounded by the fall, and are struggling within the realm of grief due to the fall. It is your Will to achieve a new unified system of love centered on your love, and a new form of a unified religion for dealing with each of the cultural realms which have different backgrounds centered on the stage called the world in the East and West and all four directions, and by adjusting the individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations in each of the ages. According to that, we have now come to realize that the purpose of religion is to go forth hoping for that.

Father! From this viewpoint, we know that the religion of the New Age is to pave the way to penetrate the deep marrow of your love and move it into each heart, each situation and the hope of the people, and that is the reason the Unification Church came into existence. Your son who is standing here could overcome persecution, no matter how severe it was, because I knew your deep love, and without becoming exhausted or stopping, I walk forward to tomorrow with hope, because I know your new love. I earnestly pray that you will please let these people know that it was because I knew how amazing your love is that I could have this kind of confidence in myself and this kind of authority which is able to look the path of death in the face, go forward directly, and not avoid that path.

There is something wrong if after joining the Unification Church, we do not find ourselves to be different from how we were in the past. We must realize the fact that Unification Church members who are like that are sinning against the name "Unification." If one is called a Unification believer, wherever he stays, he must reveal himself as having the nature of the subject partner of love in that environment.

The way that one can know whether so-and-so Moon is real or fake, is to look at his fruits. Therefore, please let the Unification Church members bring light to each of the environments where they stay as more, new, true subject partners of heaven's love. Please let us know that only if they are able to reveal themselves as standard object partners or subject partners having valuable content, even without their knowing it, they are beings who have the authority that can be expected of believers in the Unification Church. We know that until now heaven established this church and acted in order to extend this kind of foundation horizontally throughout the world.

We know that we are standing in the ranks going forward toward the creation of a world of a new culture and a new tribe by realizing one realm of heart while transcending our people, and transcending our nations and national boundaries. Therefore, please let all the Unification Church groups spread throughout the West, and all the groups spread throughout Asia and on all five continents follow your heart; and at the same time they must he like these candle lights: when they relate to the great sea, they must fulfill the mission of lighthouses. We earnestly ask you to let us become witnesses who know that we are shouldering that kind of mission, and who are able to testify about your deep heart as incarnations of love who are going forward to today, tomorrow and the future.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

March 7, 1976

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