Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Second Generation Leaders Meeting

November 30, 2006

Second Generation who receive the Blessing, raise your hands. Hm, almost all of you have received the Blessing. Then, of those Blessed Couples of Second Generation, those who have already started families and have children, raise your hands. Okay. What should I speak about today? Why there are no answers? Raise your hands if you attended the rally. Almost all of you were there. Then I should speak about a different content. It will be a waste of time if I spoke the same content again.

The Reason Why We Could Become Blessed Children

You know who the Second Generation are now, right? You have to know that well. How old am I now? I am already 36 years old in Korean age. I know how Unification Church members think because I was born in the Unification Church and I lived with the members. I am the one who really knows it well. I know especially well about the Second Generation, too. Since Second Generation kids are around the same age as True Children, many kids had friend-like relationships with me. Yet when I think about the kids that were my age and that were close to me, they are all gone now. Where are they all? Jin Soo (Jin Soo Kim, Director of W-CARP), when I was young, especially when I came to Korea, we were close because we were both born in the Year of the Chicken, and now you are the only one left. Where did the other kids go?

I had a few Second Generation leaders who followed me until now give testimonies when I went to Sun Moon University. Those kids had followed me for four years, and I had given big responsibilities to some of them. I had them give testimonies because I wanted to know what inspirations they had received, how they were thinking, and how they have grown. Especially when Jin Soo was giving his testimony, he talked a lot about how we were close when we were young. However, even back then Jin Soo thought of me as a historical person and not just as a friend. Therefore, he established a vertical tradition. But when I see other friends or other Second Generation kids around my age, they did not know who I was because they only thought of me horizontally as a friend. And they could not realize that they themselves were living in the midst of a newly unfolding history from God's providential perspective.

When I was speaking two days ago, I compared a person to an iceberg. There are visible parts and invisible parts in people, but in general, the invisible part is more important than the visible part. Then how can you know whether a person is a good person or a bad person? In other words, what drives one to do good and what drives one to do bad?

I was just in Chung Pyung and heard a report that they were trying to build a middle school and a high school over there and that they already have a theological seminary. When I heard that report, I thought, "Why are there so many schools in the Unification Church?" There are many, right? True Parents' speech books have over 400 volumes now. There are over 400 volumes now. They have given so many messages. If we were to collect all the books published by the Unification Church, it would fill up this room and we would need another room. Thus, we have so many books and so many messages. But think about it. Jewish people lived with the Old Testament for 4,000 years. That is the Mosaic Law, right? They lived like that for 4,000 years. Christians also lived with the New Testament for 2,000 years. Jesus walked the public course for just three years in his lifetime. Of course, he gave many messages in that short time, but can it compare to us? But how come people do not change even when our church is putting in so much effort and educating as well? Especially the Second Generation.

The Second Generation who attended my rally, did you receive a lot of inspiration after listening to my speech? [Yes.] Did you think that you are working hard in front of God or did you get the feeling that you are still lacking? (To one Second Generation) You, what do you think? [I repented a lot.] Did you really know about God's will? Did you really know who God is? Did you really know who True Parents are? Did you really know who True Family is? Why are you Blessed Children? You are able to stand in the position of Blessed Children because of God, True Parents, and True Family. However, the Second Generation still have five-percent portion of responsibility even though they do not have original sin like Adam and Eve. In the very beginning, when Adam and Eve stayed together with God in the Garden of Eden, was there a hell? Was there a Satan? [No, there were not.] Despite that, Adam and Eve separated with God's will and because of it, the fallen history started. Is it not?

The Importance of Alignment and Taking the Role as an Owner

If you look at the Principle, it says that Adam and Eve were supposed to reach individual perfection. What does that mean? I am sure you have heard this before, but I use this word a lot these days: "alignment." If two people are aligned, then those two people become one person, right? [Yes.] Did God's will become Adam and Eve's? If God's will became Adam and Eve's, in other words, if Adam and Eve became the owners of God's will, would they have fallen? Through what were God and Adam and Eve supposed to become one? It was "true love." Accordingly, Adam and Eve were not able to become one with God because they failed to act as true son and daughter. God was not able to receive in return the love that He had given Adam and Eve. God had created Adam Eve, and He trusted and loved them with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience centering on true love. However, Adam and Eve did not know that and could not become one with God. Therefore, Satan was able to invade at that time. That is why I especially talk about "alignment" and say that you have to take the role as owners.

Think about it. I did the "Inheritance and Development" tour three years ago. How do you inherit? What is inheritance? From one generation ownership goes to the next generation, right? [Yes.] Can there be inheritance if there is no ownership? Give me an answer. [No.] Because of that, Satan made Adam and Eve fall.

The most important thing is to educate the heart. That is the biggest problem. Adam and Eve would not have wavered no matter how much more Satan knew than they did if Adam and Eve had become owners of true love just like God. But they could not do that. That is why God's will to establish a true family through them could not be fulfilled. It was not for their own sake that they become true son and true daughter, or in other words, true man and true woman. Originally, Adam and Eve were to become one with God first, and then receive the Blessing from God and stand in the position of husband and wife to give parental love to their children just as God did. That is how they become the owners of God's love, parental love. God had already established this kind of educational system in the original human family.

How do you learn love? You can learn it when you become the owner, right? [Yes.] You can know it once you become the owner of love. If you especially want to know the love of son and daughter, you can only know it if you actually take the role of a son or of a daughter, right? Does knowing something mean just knowing with the head or with the heart? It is interesting how the verb "to know" comes up in the Bible, but this verb has a deeper meaning beyond simply knowing with the head. Especially when it says, "This man knew this woman," it means that they formed a husband and wife relationship. It means that there was a love relationship. To know something means to experience it and to take the role as the owner.

I always give the following example to explain this content. (To one Second Generation sister) Do you have children? [Yes.] Were you able to learn more about motherhood before having the baby by reading books to prepare yourself as a mother or did you learn more about it after giving birth to the baby? [I learned more about it after I gave birth.] No matter how well you know something through the head, that is all a concept. To take the role of a true owner, you have to experience it personally.

Therefore, I changed the CARP education system to that way. You have to move here (heart) first if you want to make heart movements and take the role as the owner. Here (heart), rather than here (head). How can you move here (heart)? You have to practice loving. What kind of practice or exercise is studying? It exercises the head, right? Similarly, what kind of exercise or movement do we have to do if we want to love, if we want to know love as written in the Bible, and if you want to become the owner instead of just knowing by the head? True love movement! Movement of living for the sake of others! Then this (heart) will become bigger and stronger.

I, too, have been to numerous workshops in the past, but this is exactly what I felt was lacking when I thought about the Second Generation. No workshops specially educated the movement of heart. We just thought that kids would change and transform themselves if we teach the Principle and put it in their heads. Many of the Second Generation drifted away to the secular world because of that. No matter how you say in front of God, "I am a Second Generation, I am a Blessed Child. I lived cleanly," you have no relationship with God if you are not aligned to or not similar to God's culture. Do you know that?

Unification Church Women Have to Resemble True Mother

(Pointing to the side where women are sitting) The reason why I am looking only at this side is not because you are beautiful. Women are the problem, women. (Laughter) Unification Church men are dull. The women are smarter. In the Unification Church, women are smarter and scarier than men are.

(Laughter) Look at your mothers. What great mothers they are. It is interesting how when you look at the 36 Couples, especially the husbands whose wives graduated from Ewha Women's University, they look pitiable. (To Director Jin Soo Kim) Didn't your mother graduate from Ewha Women's University too? So you know it well, don't you? Here, look, there is no answer; it means I am right. (Laughter) The funny thing is those women are manlier than the men are. Those women go like this (raising his chin), and the men do that (putting down his head). How pitiful they are. (Laughter) Unification Church women get offended when I say these kinds of stuff, don't you? [No.]

You women here, you were very greedy when you received the Blessing, right? Do you think men have more greed or women? I do not know because I am not a woman. Especially 36 Couples women, Shin Sook (Shin Sook Kwak, Deputy Director of Family Department in FFWPU Headquarters), you know it well. Are they not greedy? [Yes.] "My husband has to get the best grades, has to go to the best school..." Didn't you go like this (making a prim expression and pretending to be crying) if you did not meet the best husband? (Laughter) Oh, I am out of words. Is it not true?

(To a Second Generation sister who is laughing) Why are you laughing so? Did you get the Blessing? [Yes.] When did you get the Blessing? [Last August] (Laughter) Since your parents match you now, if you cry to your mother, "Oh, I do not like this man," they may find you another man, but True Parents matched directly in the age of Restoration through Indemnity. How many kids broke their Blessing after receiving it? There were many, right? It is especially because of the arrogant ones. The Second Generation Department probably should research why our Second Generation Blessed Couples broke up. Is it because of the women or because of the men? If I were to bet, I would bet on the side that it is because of the women. (Laughter) Do you think I can earn money if I did that or not? [Yes, you would earn money.] Women here know well. (Laughter)

I thought, "Oh, do I have to marry this kind of a Unification Church woman as I looked at the Unification Church women?" I thought that Unification Church women should resemble True Mother. Unification Church women here, do you resemble True Mother or not? Why is there no answer? Are you trying or not? [Yes, we are trying.]

Let me ask a question. If your husbands went to another country for one year to work hard, can you sit still? Or will you continuously call your husband and say, "Dear, why did you not call me the other day? How can you ignore your wife like this?" If you do that, your husband will lose all his energy. He probably called to hear his loving wife and children's voices and to gain energy, but if he hears that kind of voice and those words, how dispirited would he be? That is why there has to be a great woman behind a great man. You have to know that the entire family has to live for the sake of others especially when you become husband or wive and create a family. The most natural way is to first live for the sake of others on the individual level, and then after making that into one's culture, meet that kind of a spouse and establish a family. If that happens, that family can become a great family. That is what I think. What do you think?

(To a woman sitting in the front) (Hyun Jin Nim makes a doubtful expression) Here, are you really a Second Generation? [No, I am not.] Then why are you here? How old are you? [I am 46 years old.] 46 years old? How did you sneak in here?

(Laughter) [I am a Sunday school teacher.] Oh, a Sunday school teacher. You are a Korean mother, right? [Yes.] Are you educating the children well? Korean mothers have too much greed. I went to many cities during this tour and when I went to the small churches in particular, the wives who work the hardest were Japanese sisters. However, you say in front of God, True Parents, and True Family, speak the same language as True Father because I am Korean, and this is the country where Parents were born, it is the Father nation..." Oh, how can you say that? How can you raise your head when the Japanese people come here and are working so much harder?

STF is the same. You should be teaching the younger siblings, but how embarrassing is this? How embarrassing is it that Japanese children are coming to STF in Korea? It is because Korean Second Generation kids cannot do it, do not do it, and are not trying to take the responsibility. How can this country take the role of the owner as the father nation? Now that you start to manage your own family, you think that you can just attend service, make a little donation, and live your own life, don't you? Is that the role of the owner? Then should I live like that, too? How comfortably could I live if I did so? Then why do I come to you and give messages?

Blessed Families Should Have Become One with True Children

Have you done this kind of a tour? Is there anyone who has done it? Raise your hands if you have. Doing a speech tour like this is continually fighting inwardly and spiritually. That is why all my energy is gone after I give one speech. It is as if I had a wrestling match. Why is that? Moving a person is harder than moving a mountain. It is true for moving just one person. You will know how hard that is especially if you have done witnessing. But how much harder would it be to move the Unification Church with such a deep history? You have to move not just the Second Generation but the First Generation as well... Have you ever heard the content that I am telling you now, to become the owners of the Culture of Heart? Have you heard it when you were learning the Principle? However, you can understand the Principle more naturally after hearing this.

Do you, especially those people who are older, really know who True Family and True Children are? There is a saying, "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks," right? A new time has come, but it is very hard to change this culture. Jesus also could not change the culture during his time. The Jewish people were trapped within the Ten Commandments. That is why Jesus could not change people's minds despite all of God's preparations and Jesus' personal works of miracle. Therefore, the Jewish people killed Jesus. It is the same with True Father's case. God prepared Christianity for 2,000 years for the Lord of the Second Advent; however, they were unable to change when the time came and did not receive Father because they were caught in Christian theology, especially Christology. History continues to repeat itself if you do not know God's will. The Unification Church opposed the most during the past six years of my public course. It was not just the First Generation, but the Second Generation opposed likewise.

Originally, True Children have no direct relationship with you (Second Generation). In fact, you are True Children's nephews and nieces. True Children have direct relationship with the First Generation. The First Generation were supposed to prepare the foundation for True Family and have faith in True Family. Why is that? The First Generation are in Cain's position. Centering on True Parents, True Children are the Abel-type and the Blessed Central Families are the Cain-type. That is why 36 Couples, 72 Couples, 124 Couples, and all of Blessed Families are True Children's younger siblings. Then what are you (Second Generation)? You are the nephews and nieces. In other words, True Children were originally supposed to form a relationship with the First Generation first, but because it was blocked, there was no other way but to educate the Second Generation and go forth.

It was the same for Jesus. God had established Judaism and the Israelite nation for Jesus; however, especially Sadducees and Pharisees who were the Jewish people's best religious and spiritual leadership groups failed to receive Jesus. Do you know why? It was because they thought Jesus' words were different from their Ten Commandments. That is why they killed him. In the Principle viewpoint, Elijah was important. He was to prepare for the changing time and period. However, they did not know that plan. At that time, the religion of Judaism and the nation of Israel became institutionalized. They were so enamored with the Covenant that they could not see they were the providential people who were given the blessing to substantiate God's ultimate purpose and will. They did not know the truth that God's will was not only to protect Judaism and to establish the Israel nation. They killed Jesus because of that.

The Jewish people had to make a choice. They had to choose whether they were going to receive God's son or to protect the external foundation they had prepared in order to receive the son. In contrast, Jesus had no choice because of that. When many Jews asked Jesus if he were the Messiah, Jesus did not directly answer that he was the Messiah because the Jews did not believe in him. Because they continued to disbelieve him no matter how many miracles he performed, Jesus said, "No one comes to the Father except through me." However, they still did not believe. So who did Jesus go to in the end? Because the high priests and Jewish leaders, who had been leading ascetic lives and been preparing most cleanly, did not receive him, who did Jesus go to? Jesus went to the beggars and prostitutes, the lowest people who could believe him. You probably do not really know what kind of people St. Peter and Jesus' other disciples were at that time. Yet how were those kinds of people able to receive such grace from God? Because they received Jesus. That is when the history of Christianity began. That is why Christian faith's fundamental belief is, "Believe in Jesus if you want to receive salvation."

The reason I say this content to you in particular is that you have to know this well. The Second Generation will have no relationship with God and will not be able to receive grace from God if they do not become one with God, True Parents, and True Family. The Second Generation who live like that -- those who think that since they have received the Blessing, they will go to Heaven and that there is nothing to worry about anymore and those who go on living and forgetting about God's will -- what relationship do they have with God, True Parents, and True Family?

What kind of family is a Blessed Family? Blessed Families are members of the extended True Family. What kind of responsibility should you take in front of God, True Parents, and True Family if you truly want to become Blessed Central Families? Should I tell you in simple terms? Why am I doing this work? Why? Is it because I like people calling me, "Hyun Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim!"? If you think that is the reason, then you do not understand me at all. You do not know how hard it is to walk this path. You do not know anything about how much I had to fight personally and externally. You probably think, "How lucky Hyun Jin Nim is. How good it must be to have many responsibilities," because I live in a good house, drive a good car, and because I smile in front of you guys and dress okay. But do you really know what responsibility is?

I heard grandmother Kang's (President Hyun Shil Kang) testimony when I went to Busan this time. I really like that grandmother. When she first met Father, Father was living a hard life in a tiny house on top of a mountain, wearing this and that... Indeed, she saw the external things because she is a woman. (Laughter) So I thought like this, "I want to live in a small house where there is love more than in a big house without love." However, what kind of house did True Family live in? In a small house with love or a big house without love?

Are you not curious why I always go looking for mountains and hunting? Are you not curious why I like animals and nature? Whenever I am about to climb a mountain, my wife always says, "Why do you go up the mountain? Why do you go up the mountain when after you come back you lose weight, you cannot eat well, your body aches and you suffer? Why do you do that not just for two or three days but for two, three months?" But no matter how hard it is for the body, my mind is very comfortable. When I look at the nature, I feel that God's will is alive there because the creation is not fallen. Therefore, my mind is comfortable.

When I meet people like this and give speeches and when I am at East Garden or Han Nam Dong, my body can stay comfortable but my mind is not. It is because when I look at people, they are not aligned. Think about it. Where is hell? We live in this world for about 80 years, but the spiritual body lives on forever. Then where is hell? Do you think hell is a place where the body suffers or where the mind suffers? It is where the mind suffers. That is hell. People are born through love, but especially when I see my brothers and sisters, they are the loneliest people. They grew up without receiving love.

The True Family's Value and Our Responsibility

Unification Church members were the ones who opposed the most whenever I started things such as STF and Service For Peace. When I think about the history of Service For Peace, to be honest, Father was the one who opposed the most. He even said in front of the members what need is there for Service For Peace. However, now he tells me, "You have done a very good job." Why do you think Father opposed so much at first? Because of who? It was the same with STF. I have always received opposition ever since I started public mission until now. Because of who? Was it not the same with the 21-Day Workshop in year 2001? If you read the speech from the 21-Day Workshop, the content is similar to what I am saying now.

Did the Unification Church really love True Family? There were many problems in our family because of that. We always went looking for love because there was no love here. You do not know the history of True Family. Okay, let's be honest. When you talk among yourselves, do you not talk about these stuff a lot? And do you not judge easily?

(Hyun Jin Nim takes off his sweater.) Why are you laughing? I am taking it off because it is too hot; I am not doing a strip show. (Laughter) I am only going to take this off. (Laughter) Do you understand? Look at this, Unification Church women are strange. (Laughter) Why do you put on lipstick and makeup? You want to attract the best men, right? (Laughter) Isn't that why you do that? (One Second Generation answers "yes.") Yes? Oh, you cannot even lie well. (Laughter) You do not even have any shame. (To the sister who answered "yes") Did you receive the Blessing? [No.] You did not receive the Blessing yet? Okay, I see. (Laughter) If you received the Blessing, your husband would probably scold you. Or who knows, maybe you would say to your husband, "Why are you not as handsome as Hyun Jin Nim? Why are you not as smart? Why can't you even make as much money? Why didn't you graduate from a good school?" (Laughter) There probably are women like that. (Another Second Generation in a loud voice) [My husband is handsome!] Yes, that is how you should think. Oh, Unification Church women are truly scary. (Laughter)

What were we talking about before? Yes, you have to know that well. You do not really know how True Family and True Children have lived. True Family is the central family when you look at it in the Principle viewpoint and when you look at it according to God's will. That is why you could become Blessed Children. Then what responsibility do the Second Generation especially have in front of God? I talked about the history of Jesus because that serves as an appropriate example. No matter how well you think you have lived, the will of God cannot unfold through you if you do not become one with the central axis. That is why Jesus, too, said, "If you wish to find my father, you have to attend me first." Then what do you have to do? I do not know. You think about it. Pray about it. Pray and see if what Hyun Jin Nim is saying now is right or not.

I should not be the one who tells you this. The First Generation, Blessed Families were supposed to teach you this. However, they did not know this Principle. Therefore, I said, "We did not know any of this content until now. We did not know what kind of family True Family is and we did not know what Hyun Jin Nim is doing now," when I met the First Generation during this tour. I am already doing public mission for the sixth year; was there ever a time when I told you not to follow me? You did not know because you had no interest. The content I am speaking now is the same as back then. Do you know that? (To the Sunday school teacher Hyun Jin Nim previously talked to) The mother here, you did not know that, did you? Are you a 6,000 Couple? [No, I am a 30,000 Couple.] You are a 30,000 Couple? (To the member sitting next to her) How about you? [I am a 6,000 Couple.]

I scold the 6,000 Couples the most. Why do I do that? Would I scold them if I had no concern and interest? I scold them because I am concerned about them, right? [Yes.] What does it mean to have interest and concern? Think about it. If there is no love, is there interest? [You have interest because you have love.] That is correct. 6,000 Couples probably thought, "Hyun Jin Nim dislikes us so much," before. However, I am an honest person. If someone makes a mistake, you have to fix it then. How do you fix it? First, you have to tell that person and that person has to feel it. Isn't that right? Then that person can complete his own five-percent portion of responsibility, right? That is one's own choice. That is why you give them a chance. If I do not say anything and stay silent, you will continue to make mistakes. Then does history develop more and more or decline more and more?

When I talk about the Unification Church with Father at times, Father says that the Unification Church members have faith because they are criticized a lot by the world. But I ask in return where the faith is. If you really have faith, then you should believe in God. You should believe in God's will. However, if you believe in True Parents, how can you not believe in True Family? True Family is the blood and flesh of True Parents. How come you cannot believe in them? Do you know that True Family is more important than the Unification Church, the Youth Federation, the Family Federation or even you or anything else? Even if the Unification Church were to disappear tomorrow, the will of God can be fulfilled if only True Family exists. However, if True Family is gone, it will end there even if the Unification Church still exists! But does the Unification Church have that kind of mind? Did you know that? Did you know such will? Did you know God's will according to the Principle?

What did God want to establish through Adam and Eve? God wanted to establish the Four Position Foundation. What is the Four Position Foundation? It is the true, ideal family. Can you say you know the Principle without even knowing that much? If I gave a test, people would probably think that God's will is simply to change the blood lineage. That is not all. If you were to write only that as the answer, you will get an F. It is a failing grade. What God wanted to establish through the true family is true love, true life, and true lineage. That is why simply changing the blood lineage is a task of the history of Restoration through Indemnity. However, history of Restoration through Indemnity is not the history that God originally wanted. History of Restoration through Indemnity was needed in order to change Satan's history; God did not originally want this. Our members think that they know all of God's will because they know the history of Restoration through Indemnity, right? In truth, that is why you do not really know what the present era is, similar to how the Jews were.

I said in front of the members this time, "You are all sleeping. A new era has come now, but you do not know anything." What is the era of Cheon II Guk? It is the era when two become one. How do two become one? They become one through true love. That is why I came to Korea with the message that you have to become the owners of the Culture of Heart. Now is the historical age that God wanted to establish before Adam and Eve fell. All of history up to now has nothing to do with God. It has no relationship with God. From this age, we are newly establishing God's history. Centering on what? Centering on True Family! What is the culture of True Family? What is the tradition of True Family? The Culture of Heart centered upon true love is True Family's culture and tradition. Why did God create human beings? It is because of true love. And why did God start Restoration through Indemnity when Adam and Eve fell and separated from Him? That is also because of true love.

It is not because God had power and God is of Principle that God kicked out Adam and Eve when they made a mistake.

Adam and Eve had no choice but to drift away because Adam and Eve's minds could not become one with God. Because they cannot establish God's will, right? In the same way, the Second Generation kids who used to be around me... Why do we say "drifted away"? Did anyone kick them out? Did anyone say, "You, get out of the Unification Church!"? Why do we say "drifted away"? Do you think that we will not accept them if they come back? They did it themselves. It is the same. Adam and Eve had no choice but to separate from God because their minds were distanced and they could not establish God's will due to the Fall. That is why God is the one who has suffered the most. You did not know this. God has all the power and money; however, for God to move people, their hearts and minds have to move first, right? That was the problem.

Thinking on that dimension, what relationship do you have with the Vertical Axial Line -- in other words, God, True Parents, and True Family -- if you do not become the owners of the Culture of Heart especially at this time? Even if you yourselves think that you are well off, what relationship is there? You have to know that well. If the 36, 72, 124, and 430 Couples took a test on Restoration through Indemnity, everybody would receive an F. They do not really know God's will. They do not know well who God is. If the Unification Church believed in God and prepared the standard of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience -- in other words, believed in God 100 percent, believed in True Parents 100 percent, and believed equally in the True Family that True Parents had established -- they would feel that "He is a historical person" and not ignore that person when somebody like me came forth. The Unification Church neglected me, did they not? The Second Generation were the same. Do you know who believed in me the most and gave me the most strength during the time I did this work until now? It was God.

We Have to Become Public People through Whom God's Providence Can Work

Think about it. I am going this path for the sake of the enemy. Who would want to do this work? Because God has the most expectations and because Parents have suffered much... If I did not teach you like this, how would you be in the spiritual world? Do you think what I am saying is wrong or correct? [It is correct.] It is not "I think it is correct" but it is correct. To be honest, I know it well. The spiritual world is not a concept for a person like me. It is an actuality, a reality. That is why I am fighting spiritually with Satan even when I am giving this kind of speech. It is like that now, too. That is why I am out of energy. That is why the most important war is the war taking place within oneself.

If I had not taken ownership over the Culture of Heart centering on true love, I would not have been able to do this kind of work. I could not have developed CARP this much, educated the Second Generation this much, established Service For Peace and developed it this much, nor established STF and educated these young kids. I could not have established Jr. STF now either. Moreover, I would not have been able to stand in front of you in the position of elder brother -- although I am originally your uncle since you are the Second Generation -- to teach you like this. I especially have much han (sorrow and grief) toward the older Second Generation. They only know themselves. I know well how they think because I grew up with them. That is why I felt so happy seeing the faces of STF kids this time.

Church leaders, raise your hands. Not CARP leaders but Family Federation ministers, raise your hands. You are good Second Generation because you are working inside the church, right? But are you really good? Who makes that decision? You? Do you say among yourselves that you are good? What were your first motivations? If I had not especially become the owner of the Culture of Heart, I would not have been able to walk this path. I invest and invest; I invest unconditionally without expecting anything.

The First Generation have gone back to their hometown now because of tong-ban-pa [1], right? Were those people disappointed? Are there or are there not people who thought, "I have to go back to my hometown without anything when I have worked for the Unification Church for 20, 30, 40, 50 years! Oh, how pitiful I am"? Are you working to establish God's will or are you suffering for the Unification Church? Did True Parents come to establish the Unification Church? This is the first incorrect thought. The second incorrect thought is, what has to be the center in order to establish God's will? God's will or your will? There cannot be two owners. There cannot be two motivations. That is why I use the word "alignment."

(To W-CARP Korea President Kyoung Hyo Kim) When I appointed you as the CARP president, did you want to establish my will or your will? [I wanted to establish Hyun Jin Nim's will.] I do not know much, but STF kids, not the older Second Generation, are doing this work not because they want to receive something. They are not doing it because they think, "I have to work in the church. It is because I have to build up a career to be able to take up a position when the Second Generation take on all the responsibilities in the future." It is not because of some position. I did not teach them like that. I taught them that they first have to become the owner of the Culture of Heart if they want to establish God's will. Why do they have to do that? It is because that is the culture of God, True Parents, and True Family. You have to become the owners of this culture because you are all members of the extended True Family. You have to become the owners of the Culture of Heart. That is why the STF kids are currently going through hardship.

(To President Kyoung Hyo Kim) You were the leader of Soon Jeon Dan (a leadership training program in Korea), right? You said that when you were leading the Soon Jeon Dan, people had a hard time fundraising for two weeks, but the STF kids are already fundraising and witnessing for two years. I was inspired this time by a 22-year old young Second Generation who already had two spiritual children. I was inspired by her testimony more than by the fact that she made two spiritual children. She said she grew a lot internally and spiritually while witnessing. I gave directions to publish the content of that testimony after I heard it. Looking at the Second Generation before, Father and I both thought that they were too weak and had no foundation, but I felt hope when I saw such kids. Yet are you going to sit still like this?

How can you have confidence, how can you be bold, how can you have conviction, if you do not live in who you are being the second generation -- actually, the third generation of God's extended True Family. This is your identity. And because the dream that God had which was unfulfilled became the dream of True Parents and thereby became the dream of True Family should become your dream. In other words, you have ownership over so you become a self-motivated engine working to progress beyond folding God's providence.

Now the time has come to move the nation. The time has come to find the nation of Cheon Il Guk. And this is not an impossible goal. You have to know that well. I studied history, and when you look at history, it can move this way or that way. By whom does it move? It centers on special people, great people. If you do not take the role as owners, how can you become special people? How can you have confidence, how can you be bold, how can you have conviction, if you do not believe in who you are being the Second Generation -- actually, the third generation of God's extended True Family. This is your identity. And because the dream that God had was unfulfilled, it became the dream of True Parents and thereby became the dream of True Family, it should become your dream. In other words, you have ownership over that dream so you become a self-motivated engine working to progress beyond unfolding God's providence.

How easy would it be to move this nation with such people? Did you think that this was your dream? Or are you thinking that this is just God's dream, True Parents' dream, and somebody else's dream? What do you think? If you think of it as your dream, you have to invest as much as True Parents and True Family and work to realize that dream. So living for the whole does not mean maintaining the present conditions, but it means living for that purpose and vision. Then God can establish His will through that person. Father said a big blessing is coming and I am saying the same thing, but where is that blessing? Were you not curious about that? Where is the blessing?

God works through people. Without people, God's will cannot be accomplished. But what kind of people does God use? People who have become one with God, who are close to God, especially those living centered on the Culture of Heart! Why is that? Such people can make the biggest dream in the world their own. Whose dream is the biggest one in the world? It is the dream of God. What kind of a dream is God's dream? It is to establish one God-centered human family. That is why God sent True Family to this earth. So especially if you think of yourselves as the Second Generation, receiving the Blessing and establishing your own family is not everything. You have to become the owners of this dream. You have to become the central figures to accomplish God's dream. Especially if you wish to become Second Generation of Blessed Families and wish to form a relationship with God, this has to become your responsibilities.

Our members inspired me during this tour. I become stressed when I spend a lot of time with the leaders. But meeting the members, especially those who want to attend the True Children of, inspires me. I thought, "Oh, such people exist as well. Unification Church still has hope." Why is that? It is because God's will develops through people. So people are important. People are important! God wants to form a relationship with all humanity, but the reason He cannot do that lies within people, not God but because of the people.

Some people think God does not exist and God has no relationship with them. They think that way because they are fallen. But in historical viewpoint, does God really exist or not?

Do you know how God teaches? The fine Korean mother here, do you know how God teaches you? How many children do you have? [I have one.] Do you have a son or a daughter? [I have a daughter.] Can you send your precious little daughter to STF? [Yes.] Did you send her to STF yet? [No, she is still young.] How old is she? [She is in fourth grade, eleven years old.] I train STF very hard. What if she gets into an accident while fundraising? [It is okay. She is God's daughter.]

(To Vice President Young Jun Kim) How many kids had an accident in STF so far? [Three members and one captain (Vice President Young Jun Kim)] When I think of those kids, my heart aches more than their parents' do. But their sacrifices will not go to waste because they woke up other Second Generation kids. How many useless lives are there in this world? Many people live with no relation to God at all without knowing God or His will. But those kids (STF kids who sacrificed themselves) are at a good place in the spiritual world. I know.

Looking at the Second Generation, many times I feel they are hypocrites. What do you know about True Family? Do you know what betrayal is? Do you know how it is to be betrayed by someone you trust? So do you run away when your family is going through a hard time, or do you help and take care of your family so that it could head toward the right direction again? How did you treat the historically important family, a family like True Family? So how can Father trust the Second Generation? I feel the same way as Father. How can I trust you? Especially elder Second Generation, you think you are doing well because you are working inside the church, but what are you doing well? You are this far away in mind and in heart. So you especially have to wake up. You have to wake up.

You became the Second Generation because of God, True Parents, and True Family. True Family is your family. Cutting your own arm is not good for you, right? You scorning True Family is like scorning yourself. That is why I do not scorn. Have you thought of it that way? You did not think that way, did you? You only thought you were suffering and you only thought of yourselves. Do you really know what suffering is?

Because young Second Generation kids do not have baggage, I feel so clean when I see them and teach them. I feel energetic when I see their faces. But when I look at you, especially at older Second Generation, the head and heart are dull... Especially when I talk to you, I feel, "Oh, I have to take another test." When I speak, I always wonder how much you understand and how much you can become owners. And do not think that I love and trust most the ones I gave responsibilities to. I am always worried about for whom they are working and taking positions.

People with a Dream Are the Young People

I said especially to the First Generation during this tour that they have to establish a true culture, the Culture of Heart, right? When I was talking to Jin Man (Jin Man Kwak, W-CARP Executive Vice President) about this speaking tour, I told him that I am not speaking as the President of W-CARP or the Vice President of FFWPU. I told him that I am not only meeting Second Generation kids, just CARP members, or just Youth Federation members, but I am speaking in front of the entire Unification Church as an elder brother. I told him that I am doing this tour to clean up and prepare the house of Unification Church since the new time has come. If we do that, we can find Father's will, especially the nation of Cheon II Guk!

If you look at Korea now, are Unification Church members sleeping or are they establishing God's will? What do you think? (To one sister) Here, who are you? Are you a professor? [I'm a Second Generation.] (Surprised) A Second Generation? Are you? Oh, how old are you? [I am 40 years old.] There is 40-year old Second Generation too! Shin Sook, how old are you? [I am 43 years old.] 43 years old? Oh, old middle-aged women. (Laughter) I forgot what the question was. (Laughter) If I look at Korean Second Generation brothers, they all look like middle-aged men. They aged too much.

Even when people age, they look young if their minds are young. They look young because they have energy. But when I look at you, I do not feel that. You all look like old middle-aged men and women. Oh, you do not know how tired you Second Generation kids look, like grandfathers and grandmothers with no spirit, do you? But that is how you look. Why did you become like this? That is why Unification Church is sleeping. Not just the Second Generation but all the members look tired and without energy, as if they are sleeping. Therefore, I came to this country especially and 1 am speaking to you to wake you up, to kick your behind -- "Get up!" (Laughter) I came to this nation of Korea and speak like this to set you up the right way, to wake you -- to awaken your minds and your hearts!

Do you know who the youngest person that I know is? True Father! Father is now 85 years old, but he is the youngest person in my eyes. Naturally, in the outside world, if you are around 85 years old, do you have a dream as a grandfather or do you just think about how you have lived so far? Young people have dreams. Why is that? It is because they have many days ahead of them to live. But grandfathers usually think of the past rather than having a dream. However, Father is not like that. Father continues to think of the future. Why is that? Because he knows the will of God. His mind is still young because he has lived his entire life for establishing God's will. He always has a dream.

Mother went to the hospital to treat her knees, and I guess the doctor was around my age. Mother asked me, "How old is Hyun Jin?" so I told her that I was 36 years old, and she said, "Oh, you are old too." But when I think about it, I am the same as when I was 16 years old. The things I want are the same. Only time has passed by. So when I see something new, I become interested like a little child. And my dreams are big. And those dreams are real to me. That is why I said to dream big when I taught the Core Values.

No matter how well things go this year, I set bigger goals for the next year. Even if I do not achieve it, I set up a bigger goal for the next year. Because a person cannot grow bigger if one cannot overcome a challenge. So I think that a bigger challenge is needed next. Because I have that kind of a character, things I take part in continue to develop. Because of that, I am teaching the STF kids not to fear suffering or challenge from this principle. Now these kids know it, and they can go over any hardship. That is how important perspective is. if you think, "Oh, this is hard. I do not want to do this," when hardship comes along, then it is over already. You cannot grow anymore. But if you go over that, then that experience becomes your hope. You gain confidence and conviction. That is how it becomes an everlasting cycle. That is how a person grows.

We Have to Cultivate the Heart through Challenges

Think about it. That is how you study, right? You like to study, don't you? Especially women. When you went to school, as you went through first, second, and third years of high school, you first learn algebra, then geometry, then learn more advanced material based on that groundwork, right? You go over one thing every year and learn something harder on that foundation, right? [Yes.] And ultimately you become smarter... Then how about heart? How about human nature? Can they grow without continuous effort? That is why I like challenges.

Your life resembles the world of learning that has to cultivate a more difficult field of study with time. If you are afraid of challenges in your life, not all the internal elements forming the self can develop properly. Therefore, my life philosophy is not to look back to the past like an old man but to always look to the future like a young person and grow more through yet another challenge. So when I climb a mountain, no matter how hard it is, I look at another mountain and think, "Oh, that mountain looks good," and climb that other mountain again. In other words, challenge cannot stop me. I think of challenge as something that makes me stronger and more capable by overcoming it.

This Korean mother here has a lovely daughter. If she really loves her daughter and wants to raise her as God would, how should she raise her daughter? God makes the person He loves the most suffer the most. Why does He do that? Because He wants to make that person grow. One cannot take on big tasks if one cannot go over such difficulty. That is why Father says that Father always was imprisoned when God promised to give him the biggest blessing. When I think about my life, I have suffered much as well, but I was inspired the most when I overcame those hardships. God taught me many things. Therefore, if you want to become an owner to establish the Culture of Heart in the Unification Church, you cannot be ignorant of this.

There is a reason. What is the most important knowledge? How do you learn? If you become the owner and experience it and go over it on your own no matter how difficult it is, it becomes your knowledge. It becomes your own. It becomes not just a knowledge but your conviction, confidence, and hope. Especially if you sit at the very top, the wind is the strongest and the most difficult; therefore, someone who does not know hardship or someone who could not overcome it cannot stand in the leader's position. When I look at Second Generation kids, they are too weak. That is why I cannot trust them. What do you think? Do you really know what suffering is? You live thinking that you know suffering, thinking, "I am so pitiable."

(To one Second Generation sister) What school did you graduate from? [I graduated from Seoul National University.] Seoul National University? You are a woman with a big head. (Laughter) Women who graduated form Seoul National University have high standards. From what school did your husband graduate? [He graduated from Seoul National University.] Seoul National University? Oh, Father probably matched you with a husband who goes to Seoul National University because he knew how you think. (Laughter) Where is your husband? [He is on a business trip. He is a professor at Sun Moon University.] Professor at Sun Moon University? Is your husband a doctor? [Yes.]

Father always says, "When are you going to get your doctor's degree?" when he sees me. Of course, it is good to receive a doctor's degree. However, this is how I think. Studying is very easy for me. It is not that hard. I can receive the degree with time. However, the reason I am not getting a doctorate right now is that I think people trying to become doctors are the ones who are not good at anything else. Therefore, they have no choice but to get a doctor's degree. (Laughter) People who are good at something in the world do not try to become doctors. What kind of a doctor is your husband? (Doctor of computer science) Doctor of computer science is okay. (Laughter) Why are you laughing? I, too, graduated from UTS and studied theology for two years. The reason you are laughing thus is probably because you know how I think about theology, right?

I am not criticizing theology to make you feel bad. It is not to make a joke either. I speak like that because the original premise of theology is wrong. The original premise of theology is that you can know God through the head. However, how can you know God through the head? It is as silly as saying that you can know your father through the head. Then how can you know God? You can know him heartistically. That is why you have to put in effort.

Think about it. The people chosen by God in history until now were the ones who were smart in their head or the ones who were heartistically close to God? [They were people who were heartistically close.] That is why God could trust them, is it not? Can you trust someone who is not heartistically close to you? How about God? Would it be similar or not? That is why the Second Generation in particular have to try hard to practice true love in order to stand upright. You have to live for the sake of others. I established Service For Peace and made a public course for that.

The path of public mission is something you seek on your own even if you are not going to receive anything. You go on even if it is difficult. You have to do a lot of training of that sort. Otherwise, that foundation will weaken especially in the age of Second Generation. That is why I think you should do more of that kind of training when I am educating you. (To one Second Generation brother) What do you think? Do you think what I said is right or wrong? [Yes, it is right.] What do you do now? [I am leading western students at GOP (General Orientation Program: the first year program of the Institute of Korean Studies for Foreign Students).] When I look at those Second Generation kids, I feel that they think they are somewhat special. I think they feel like they have a special right. I created Jr. STF because of that.

I do not know why, but when I meet the First Generation, they always shake in front of me. They cannot stay still comfortably. They go to Parents and to my wife and tell them about that. Consequently, I am always scolded. They scold me for being so scary and always giving the First Generation a hard time. (Laughter) Do you know that? It goes around like this and it all comes to my ear. (Laughter) However, is speaking like this scary? Especially if you have become the owner of Culture of Heart, no, if you have been making such effort in your lives until now, what is there to be scared of? Why are you sacred when the way that I am walking and teaching you right now will be your path to liberation if you have become one with God, True Parents, and True Family? Why is it scary? It is scary because there is something to hide, because you are ashamed. There must not be a shadow especially in front of God. I am a person who speaks honestly. (Pointing to one sister) This lady here seems like a Buddha. She looks like a person who prays hard and makes a lot of jung-sung (making conditions to offer sincerity).

The Second Generation Should Become Owners of the Culture of Heart

You, especially the Second Generation, need to understand who you are. You have to know what kind of a person you have to become. I am going to Japan tomorrow and will be speaking for two weeks. I do not know when I will see you again. That means I cannot continue to point guns at you and tell you to do this and that. (Laughter) However, since you have heard my speech, your conscience will probably know it well now. It will know where you should stand and where you have to go. You have to understand what Blessed Children are. You could become the Second Generation because of God, True Parents, and True Family. Therefore, centering on this True Family, the Second Generation have nothing to do with Satan.

The most important thing is that you have to become the owner of the culture of True Family. What kind of culture is that culture? It is the culture of living for the sake of others. That is the reason why you, especially the Second Generation, have to do activities that can give you the mind of living for the sake of others, a public mind. Therefore, you have to live like that. No matter what you do, whether you work inside the church or in a company, no matter where you work, this kind of mission- centered mindset is absolutely necessary. Why is that necessary? It is because you are the owners. Because you have to become the owners of God's dream, True Parents' dream, and True Family's dream, right? [Yes.] The effort to become the owner and to unfold God's will is the effort to practice true love. That is why I come here to speak to you to become the owner of Culture of Heart. Amen, no-men? [Amen.] Is it good or not? [It is good.]

Especially if you become a person who God can trust, your mind can be at ease. Think about it. If we attend God in the house of the Unification Church, do you think God will be comfortable or be curious thinking, "What kind of a home is this one?" I especially said to those leaders in Chung Pyung that while the Unification Church is making many buildings, I am working and trying to build a house to attend God. Do you know what kind of a house that is? That house is called the Unification Church. That house cannot be separated from God. If the Unification Church wants to build a house to attend God, we have to become the owner of the culture of true love. That is why I come to this nation, the land of Korea to give you this message. If you want to attend God, True Parents, and True Family, you have to build such a house. You have to establish the Culture of Heart.

I gave many speeches especially during this tour in Korea. I spoke not only at the five rallies but I went to many places like churches and gave messages. I gave a special direction to Young Jun to make these speeches into a book and distribute it to all Unification Church members, especially the Second Generation. I spoke a lot in Korean. Therefore, you can probably do it easily. (Laughter) Go find the Second Generation who have drifted away to the secular world, living without any relationship with the church, and spread the content of these words to them. Do you understand? [Yes.] This is a grace for them.

And now, the young kids, STF kids, and especially the older brothers and sisters have to complete their responsibilities. Now Third Generation kids and your kids... (To one Second Generation sister) How many children do you have? [I have two children.] How old are they? [The first one is in sixth grade.] Whoa, a middle schooler? Oh, you are a middle-aged woman. (Laughter) Shin Sook here is also a middle-aged woman. (Laughter) Now we have Third Generation kids in high school too. My goodness! So Second Generation mothers especially have to take responsibility and send their kids to STF because Third Generation kids have to be strong too, because we have to educate them well.

When I visited churches during this tour, I was very inspired especially by Japanese mothers. They work so hard. They try very hard to raise their kids well and educate them, and they work harder than anybody else in the church as well. I was very inspired to see them. But there were also embarrassing moments for Korean mothers. How are the Second Generation mothers? I also sent Shin Won (Hyun Jin Nim's first son) and Shin Ae (Hyun Jin Nim's first daughter) to Jr. STF and Service For Peace. You have never seen a leader like me, have you? That is how much I believe in it. That is why I sent my children. Do you just say you believe in it, or do you actually believe in it? STF was originally for you. It is for Blessed Central Families.

I joked to Father once that the Unification Church members are big-headed but their hearts are too small. Therefore, they arrogantly think that they know God's will too well. However, to be honest, they do not really know God's will and they are not very close to God either. That is strange.

Now we have are in a new era so we have to become new people. We have to become the owners of the Culture of Heart.

We have to become owners of the Culture of Heart on the individual level and on the familial level. Can you do that? [Yes.] Really? [Yes.] Are you just saying that or are you honestly saying it with conviction? [We are being honest.] Who answered so quickly? Let's see, let's see, let's see. (To the person who answered quickly) How old are you? [I am 33 years old.] What zodiac sign are 33-year olds born under? [We were born in the Year of the Boar.] Who else are born in the Year of the Boar? Let's see who are born in the Year of the Boar. He answered so enthusiastically so I have to acknowledge all those born in that year. But are you only good with words or are your words and actions one? [I will try to make them one.] Do not just try but you have to become the owner. Do owners try? They just do it. [I will do it.] I like that kind of a person.

I spoke to leaders yesterday, and I want to speak to them again. I spoke too gently so I am regretting a little. They might think I was too hard on them, but I think I was too gentle. Moreover, the words come out all tumbled when I try to speak in Korean. (Laughter) (Vice President Young Jun Kim corrects it to "The words come out entangled") Come out entangled? (Laughter) Why are you laughing? What about the person who tried so hard? How can you laugh like that in my face? (Applause) Try speaking English. (Laughter) Let's see if you can speak it as well as I do. If you know English, especially those who speak fine English get inspired when they hear my English. English is more comfortable for me since I went to America at the age of four. I lived there for 32 years. Which language do you think is more comfortable for me? How can you laugh when I am speaking in Korean for you? Although I may not be good at it... (Laughter)

Okay, zodiac sign of the Boar. I will remember those born in the Year of the Boar. (Laughter) Those sitting in the back look younger. The eldest ones are sitting in the front and the youngest ones are in the back. It should be the opposite. (Laughter) I want to give hope with my words, but I lose energy when I see your (older Second Generation) faces. (Laughter) Oh, I get the feeling that "I will have to wrestle again." But hope arises when I see young people's faces because they have no baggage. It feels like walking on virgin soil that nobody has stepped on.

Do you want to go to a clean yard or a dirty one? Which one would be more satisfying? Everybody is the same. You want to go to a clean yard, right? That is why I feel better with younger kids because they have no baggage. You will also be happy to see Second Generation kids in STF. You will feel, "Oh, such kids exist among the Second Generation. Hyun Jin Nim has brainwashed them well." Those kids are becoming the hope. But do not think, "Oh, Hyun Jin Nim only likes young kids and do not love us," like the First Generation do. What does it mean for me to tell you this and have interest and concern? I am doing this because I am concerned about you and love you. If I really did not love you and were not concerned about you, I would forget about you and there would be no need to say this at all.

Especially Kyoung Hyo, I asked him this during the leaders meeting: do you think CARP will go on well or not without you? [It will be better.] (Laughter) He answers well. Kyoung Hyo talks well. (Laughter) But he did not think that before. (Laughter) I educated him this way. Do you think CARP will go on well or not without me? [It will be destroyed.] Oh, you can talk well. (Laughter) Therefore, you always have to look at someone who talks well like this (with suspicious eyes). If someone talks too smoothly, you have to think, "Ah, I have to be careful of that person." I talk well too, right? (Laughter) Then let me put it this way. One's words and actions have to be one. Kyoung Hyo, do you understand? (Laughter) (Applause)

How many hours has it been since I started? Three hours. Time went by that fast? [Yes.] Oh, aren't you hungry? Are you hungry'? [Yes.] (Laughter) Who said "yes"? (Laughter) Let's see. Stand up. Who said "yes"? (One person raises his hand) Oh, who else said "yes"? I heard a few voices. It was not just one voice. Who else said it? Who was it? Let's see, let's see. It was a male voice. (Laughter) Where are you? (To Director Jin Soo Kim) You? [No.] It was not you? [No, I am honest because I was born in the Year of the Fowl.] (Laughter) Those born in the Year of the Fowl are honest, so you should answer "yes" when I ask if you are hungry. (Laughter)

I always ask Father to speak a little shorter, but I talked for three hours already. (Laughter) Every time Father finishes, I told him that people would remember more if he gave a shorter message, but I am doing the same thing. (Laughter) [Because you love us.] Oh, if I really loved you, I would finish early so that you could remember that short message. Isn't it true? It took me three hours to change your minds. If we were one, it would be simple. Then we would not need words.

I usually do not speak a lot. Ask anyone who is attending me. Second Generation attending me, In Su (In Su Choi, Special Assistant to Hyun Jin Nim), where are you? [Yes.] You were a security guard at Han Nam Dong, right? [Yes.] He first met me when I first came to Korea, and he drove for me and escorted me. When I came to Korea, I took him around with me so he had many chances to listen to my words. He probably was inspired by my words and wanted to attend me in America. However, when he went to America and followed me around, I did not speak at all. Therefore, he probably was bored. I do not speak at all when I go up the mountains. I do not say anything at the campsite either. I just eat, go inside the tent, and turn off the lights. He does not know whether I am sleeping, thinking, or what I am doing. He just stays there by himself. How dull is that? So now he comes to me and says, "Hyun Jin Nim, I want to go out to the field now," because he is so bored. I am not someone who talks a lot. I think I probably resemble Mother in that. Nevertheless, there is no end when I start speaking. (Laughter)

I feel more at ease especially since you promised me, so I am speaking longer. I had a plan for the whole day at Chung Pyung today. But today is my last day in Korea. I will be leaving for Japan tomorrow. But before I left Korea, I felt I really have to meet Second Generation kids, especially the Blessed Second Generation, and give this message. The Blessed Second Generation are a problem. They will have the Third Generation and form families now. It is not only on an individual level. STF teaches kids on an individual level, but the Blessed Second Generation will be forming families and have children now, and two generations are included in there. That is why I come here and speak to you to help you settle down in the right way. So I left Chung Pyung early because I wanted to speak to you.

You now have to make the content of this speech as your own and have to know well what Blessed Children are. Do you understand? [Yes.] You have to try to practice true love so you can become the owners of the Culture of Heart. Therefore, you have to live for the sake of others. You have to live not for yourselves or just for your own families but live for God, True Parents, and True Family. Living for God, True Parents, and True Family is living for the sake of the whole world. It is living for the establishment of God's will. Can you do that? [Yes.] Those who determine themselves to do so, raise your hands and say amen! [Amen.] Okay. Then I can end now. (Applause)


1 "Tong-ban" is the smallest unit of a town in Korea. and "pa" means to smash into very fine pieces. - Tong-ban-pa- means to pull out the Satanic lineage settled on the tong-ban level and change it to God's lineage. 

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