Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Yeongnam (Southeastern Korea) Region Rally

November 25, 2004

Please sit down. Give me a little time. I want to look at all your faces before I start.

(Hyun Jin Nim comes down the podium.)

(To Young Jun Kim, Vice President of W-CARP, who is translating) Haven't I been here once before? [Yes.] When was it? [In the year 2001] Year 2001? I remember this building. I do not remember you, but I remember this building. (Laughter)

What should I talk about today? What is the theme? [Owning the Creation of the Culture of Heart] Should I talk in Korean or in English? Should I talk in Japanese or Chinese or in the language of heart? [Language of heart] I am Korean, but when did I move to America? I left when I was four years old. How old am I now? I am 36 years old in Korean age. Whew, I am almost 40 now. Let me calculate. I have lived in America for about 32 years. Which language would be more comfortable for me after living in America for 32 years, Korean or English? [English] Is it okay if I speak in English? [Yes.]

I have been to many countries. I am not someone who just stays in one place because if I go to one place, I want to travel somewhere else. If I am here, I want to go to another place again. By doing so, I have met a lot of people, and I came to know one thing: no matter which country people are from, they are all the same -- their hearts are the same. Why? It is because we have to be God's sons and daughters. When the outside world sees people, it categorizes them as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, American, etc., right? But how about God? Does God think the same way? Do you think God says, "You are Korean" or "You are Japanese" when He looks at people? Or would God think, "You have to become my son" and "You have to become my daughter"? God does not even know the distinction between Korean, Japanese, American people. It has divided like this because of the fallen history. Therefore, it is okay for me to speak in English and in Korean, right? [Yes.] You have to understand this well: no matter what language I speak in, all my words are from the heart, and I say them because I love all of you.

Parent-Child Relationship Is a Relationship of Heart

Let me ask you this. Why did God create human beings? Why did He create them? Why were human beings born? It is because of love. Why did the Providence of Restoration through Indemnity start when Adam and Eve failed to fulfill God's will and fell? Was it because of God's will? Was it so that God could realize again His will that was unfulfilled? Then why didn't God create another human being? Why did God begin the Providence of Restoration through Indemnity? It was to restore the fallen and lost son. Why? It was because of love. That is why you need to know why God moves and why the Providence of Restoration through Indemnity is moving. The reason is love, love.

True Father has told you that you have to have absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience especially in the beginning of Cheon Il Guk, right? [Yes.] Why? Is that the only way for one person to become two people? [Yes.] No, I mean, for two people to become one? (Laughter) Don't just say yes, yes. (Laughter) Think for yourselves and open your minds heartistically. Do you understand? Is that correct or not? I don't know. Father only speaks in Korean, right? But I do not know Korean very well because I have lived in America for too long. Then you should know better than I do. Is it correct or not? [It is correct.] Is it correct? (Laughter) Oh, then let's give a little test. Let's test to see who will score higher and who knows more. Should I test this lady here, who is smarter than me, and see how well she knows God's will?

The men sitting in the front here probably thought that they knew True Parents better than Hyun Jin Nim and True Family did since they have attended Parents for 30 or 40 years and True Family has been living in America for a long time. Isn't it what you thought? It is funny how the 36 Couples, 72 Couples, 124 Couples, and the 430 Couples are always trying to teach me every time I meet them. I am amazed. (Laughter) In God's viewpoint, Blessed Families are my younger brothers; why are they so big-headed? Can you know a person's entire mind just because you were near that person for a long time? Can you know?

I attended a prison called theological seminary for the past two years because Parents told me I needed to go to our seminary. (Laughter) I dislike theology, and I do not like studying theology. (Laughter) We are called the Unification "Church," right? Thus how can the son of Father smile and say in front of you, "I do not like theology"? President Hwang (Rev. Sun Jo Hwang), don't you agree? As I was studying the 2,000 years of Christian history at the seminary, the only feeling I got was, "What nonsense is this?" Do you think Jesus will be happy or ashamed about this history? Christian theologians thought they could know God with the brain. Can you really know God with the head? The reason I did not like studying theology was because the fundamental premise of theology itself was wrong. Think about it. Does the son know his father by the heart or by the brain? [It is by the heart.] Think about it. How can the son understand his father without love when they are of different generations? That is why I did not like theology. It is nonsense.

Who wrote the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible? The Catholic church or the Christian church claims St. Peter as the best because of his sacrifice to found the church, does it not? What nonsense is that? Think about it. Did God send Jesus for the sake of religion? Did God send Jesus to establish Christianity? God sent Jesus to accomplish His will. However, did Jesus fulfill all of God's will and complete the responsibilities given by God when he died on the cross? In other words, did Jesus have han (sorrow and grief) inside him when he left or not? [He had han in him.]

There was a prophecy that the Lord of the Second Advent would come; however, look at the history of Christianity for 2,000 years. The foundation prepared by theologians was not a foundation to receive the Second Advent. Could the Christians just be bound to the doctrine if they really believed in Jesus? Did they fulfill Jesus' will or not? [No, they did not fulfill it.] When Jesus died, he said he would come back. That was his will. He had to come again in order to finish God's work. However, looking at the 2,000-year history of Christianity, did it establish a foundation for that purpose? Did it create a foundation, preparing for the time of Jesus' return? [No.] That is why I do not like theology. It is nonsense.

The disciples of Jesus, especially, blindly preached and witnessed, believing that they were fulfilling God's and Jesus' will. Yet they do not realize how far they are away from the expectation and the fulfillment of God's purpose as well as Jesus'. How shameful is this? Could Jesus think that they truly knew and understood him? Could he think that they knew his purpose and the will he was to fulfill? It is the same; can you say you know that person's will because you were near that person? Can you know?

Our First Generation are very funny. I'm sorry. I have to speak ill of you for your sake. I am famous for speaking ill of you. I also grew up being scorned. Do you know how much I was scolded by Parents? I was spoken ill of by Parents, in the Unification Church and by the outside people. I lived on bad mouth as if drinking milk. (Laughter) Do you think that kind of person has fears or not? And once such a person believes in something, do you think that person will move forward like a train or just sway back and forth? Think about it. People who have never been criticized would follow the wind this way and that way, but someone who has been criticized as much as myself already knows hardship so he does not care.

If I thought on an individual level, I could have han toward you. You will see that I have said, "The Unification Church is my enemy" when you read the book of my speeches. How can the True Family say such a thing? Should I explain to you why I said that or should I just move along? If you are smart, you will all know without me explaining it.

God's Purpose of Creation Is to Establish the "Ideal Family"

What is the title of today's speech? [Owning the Creation of the Culture of Heart] What is the title again? [Owning the Creation of the Culture of Heart] That is right. We have to create the Culture of Heart. Therefore, you cannot think in a self-centered way when doing a public mission. You should move forward centering on a greater will first. I am teaching the youth, the Second Generation. We have started the war of culture. And we must win this war of culture. If we do not, the future will not be good. Why is that? You should be aligned with God in order to fulfill God's will. You should become one with God. I was going to speak in English, but only Korean is coming out of my mouth. (Laughter) You did not think that I could speak Korean this well, did you? [Yes, we did.] (Laughter) It is okay, don't lie. (Laughter)

No matter how much of an enemy you were to me, when I look at the faces of our Unification Church members and how you are laughing, my heart warms up. It is strange. So can I really say that you are my enemy? Or am I speaking in this strong tone to tell you, "Younger brothers and sisters, pull yourselves together!"? Think about it. When you love someone, are you concerned about that person or not? [Yes.] When parents see their son or daughter making a mistake, would they keep their mouths shut or say, "Don't do that!" with anger? And do their children like to hear it or not? [They do not like it.] But they are grateful to their parents when they become adults later on. That is how love works. When you love someone, you care about that person.

Why am I saying this and pointing it out to you? [Because you love us.] I would say, "Okay, do as you want," and leave you alone if I did not love you. Why would I be saying these things and making efforts to correct you if I did not love you? You have to understand the reason very well. Hence I do not know how long today's speech will be. It took me less than five minutes to prepare this speech. It is strange, but the words automatically come out when I just come here and look at your faces. (Pointing to the banner reading "Owning the Creation of the Culture of Heart") Yet the topic of that speech becomes this topic. Isn't it strange?

(To one Japanese member) You are Japanese? So you do not understand Korean? A little bit? How many Filipino and Japanese members here in the crowd? Raise your hands. Should I speak English? Or should I speak Korean? I see even Western faces over here. (To one Western member) Where do you come from? [I came from Albania.] I do not know how to speak Albanian. (Laughter) We went off topic here. Let's go back to the topic.

We have to own the creation of the Culture of Heart. I already explained why God created humanity in the first place. God created humanity because He wanted to substantiate true love. What would have been the fullest manifestation of that creation of true love? The Genesis story in the Bible explains the ways that God created Adam and Eve. For what purpose did He create Adam and Eve? Divine Principle clearly states that Adam and Eve were created to substantiate the Four Position Foundation centered upon God. What does that mean? In order for us to answer the question of what God's providence was and what His will for the creation of humanity was from the very beginning, we have to understand what this means.

So what was it that God wanted to create from the beginning of human history through Adam and Eve? God wanted to create an ideal family. That ideal family would be the bastion of true love, true life, and true lineage. Yet, due to the Fall, this ideal was lost. It was not lost on the family level because Adam and Eve were not married. Adam and Eve did not consummate marriage, nor create a family centered upon God. The Fall happened on the individual level. Therefore, if you look at the history of God's restoration plan, that is why the words such as the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent come up finding an ideal Adam, finding an ideal Eve -- because it was on this foundation, on this basis, on the individual level that everything was lost. One thing you have to realize is God's purpose and plan was not just to create or send an ideal Adam, in other words, He want a perfected man and a perfected woman.

God's plan was that He would substantiate His will through aligning His son and daughter with His direction through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience -- in other words, substantiating what He truly wanted to create, which was the ideal family with true love, true life, and true lineage. To substantiate that, God gave the Three Great Blessings as a promise to the Israelites: first, you shall be fruitful; second, you shall multiply; and third, you will have dominion over the earth. This was what God was promising the Israelites with the coming of Jesus. What God was promising was the substantiation of an ideal family where true love, true life, and true lineage could be substantiated and where He could have total dominion and ownership over humanity.

True Parents' Legacy

Let me ask you this question. If the Israelites had united with Jesus and allowed him to substantiate that which God wanted to substantiate, would there have been 2,000 years of Christian history and the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent? Yes or no? There would have been a new history that dawned at that time, at that age centered upon Jesus' family. Yet that was not able to happen. Now, let me ask you the question again. What about the history of the Unification Church? Would that history of the Unification Church have been necessary if Christianity had united with True Parents? From God's viewpoint, the history of the Jews, the history of Christianity, and the history of the Unification Church was not part of His original purpose. Those ages of testament, let it be the Old, New, and Completed Testament, were not part of His original plan. Yet this history had to happen because of the Fall and because of fallen history. Could we then fulfill God's will by studying and learning this history? Could we know what God's will is? Would the answer lie within this history?

It is very interesting. When I was attending UTS (Unification Theological Seminary), I disliked the doctors of the Unification Church the most. They speak nonsense. They argue that we need to study the history of the Roman Catholic Church and set it as a model. What nonsense is that? Are we simply just working for our "church"? Is that what True Parents' legacy is? Okay, then let's talk about that now.

What is True Parents' legacy from God's viewpoint, not from your viewpoint? This point I made, I raised especially during the 21-Day Workshops that I held four years ago. I said, "You are becoming way too focused on institution. You are becoming way too institutionalized. In the process, you are losing sight of what God's providence or what God's will has been from the very beginning." So I asked them, "What was God's will?" To answer this question, we have to understand what True Parents' legacy is all about.

What makes True Parents great in the eyes of God and the eyes of providential history? Is it because they created the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU)? Is it because they created the Unification Church? Is it because they were able to build a foundation where we can sit in a large building like this? Is that why True Parents are victorious? Is that the legacy? Is it because they created the Washington Times? Is it because Parents were able to make this proclamation after that proclamation? Is that why? The legacy of True Parents lies in this: they were able to substantiate the original will of God which was the creation of ideal family, where true love, true life, and true lineage can be substantiated and where the Three Great Kingships and the Four Great Realms of Heart can be substantiated on earth. This becomes the house in which God can dwell and be one with humanity. That is the legacy of True Parents. And it was because of that foundation that you were able to become Blessed Central Families through the Blessing to be engrafted onto this lineage. That is their legacy. (Applause)

Why is it in the Genesis story the emphasis is on the first two generations of Adam's family? If Adam and Eve had substantiated the will of God individually and perfected themselves, and stood as husband and wife, then procreated their children, God would have made three generations; therefore, He would have been intimate with humanity standing in the position of grandparents.

The Family Relationship Centered on True Love Is the Closest Relationship

Do you know God? Do you really think of God as your parent? When you meet God, are you close enough to Him to say, (as Hyun Jin Nim hugs Vice President Young Jun Kim) "Ah, I am really happy," or are you distant from Him? Not only do you not know God through the head, you are heartistically far as well. Yet is this how God originally wanted it to be, or did God want to be close to people? Do not think in your head, but listen to the voice of your heart. You can find God in that place. You can find God with your heart. God did not want to be this far away from the people. Why did we become so distant? It is because people failed to fulfill God's will, because people did not know God's heart.

It is the same. You can see it in little children. They are so pure, aren't they? When they love someone, they just hug and hold on to them like this (embracing a member sitting in the front). (To the member he hugged) Where is your wife? [We came together.] You are here together? If I tell you to kiss your wife in front of all these people, can you do it? (Laughter) Are you embarrassed? You probably are embarrassed. It is because as you get older and become an adult, especially in this kind of a world, that kind of an action is considered strange, and you lose that purity. However, how about the children?

I remember when I was little. Do the children want to become a bad person from birth? [No.] Or do they want to love and do this (embracing a member sitting in the front)? Then what about True Parents? Do they want to receive such love or not? How come you are not answering? (Laughter) This is not a test. I can correct you if you are wrong, so just say it. Children want to show their love. When I was young... I still remember. People used to say so strictly, "Oh, you shouldn't do that. You shouldn't hold and kiss True Parents like that." It was true, especially with our members. At that time, I thought, "This is how much these people do not understand the world of heart." My brothers and sisters grew up in such a strange environment. For that reason, I think the poorest people are my own brothers and sisters. We lived without knowing love, in a strict and stifling atmosphere. Consequently, my family has much han. Think about it. Is it worse for the mind to suffer or for the body to suffer? [The mind] What kind of a place is hell? It is where the mind is lonely. That is how we have been living.

True Father built a house here in Busan as he began the public mission in South Korea. I visited that house today. Grandmother Kang (President Hyun Shil Kang) gave a testimony there, and she explained how small that house was. But listening to her testimony, I was thinking, "I would rather live in a small house filled with love than a big house without." What would God think?

Can I drink some water? [Yes.] Do ministers usually explain like this? Have you seen a minister like me who walks around and talks about this and that? However, never call me a minister. (Laughter) I am not a minister. I have no thought of becoming a minister. If there are ministers here, I want to kick their behind and teach them. (Laughter) I really have a desire to do so. I feel like God is poking my back to teach these people full of nonsense.

You have to understand this well. Will the Unification Church live centering on love? Or centering on money or power? What else do people like? [Position] Or centering on position? What else do they like? When I began my public mission, you, especially the leaders, probably thought, "What a glorious position Hyun Jin Nim will be standing in. How happy would he be?" However, those people do not understand what responsibility is all about, especially to take responsibility in front of God.

Should I tell you something honestly? Since I came to see you in the position of an elder brother, can I be honest to my younger brothers and sisters or not? [Yes, you can.] To be honest, I do not like this burden. This is a burden to me, a burden. And it was the Unification Church members that kept blocking my path as I walked the past six years of my public mission. They blocked me when I created Service For Peace, when I set up STF, when I started CARP; it was the Unification Church that continued to stop me. You would not know how much I fought against Satan. Do you think I am that stupid? Do you think I would be well off if I just lived my own life? I don't know. Do you think I could have become the richest person if I just lived my own life or not? Which school did I graduate from? I received my MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Harvard. Do you know how hard it is to get into that school? Do you also know that I established a foundation for business in America on my own without Father's help? [Yes.]

I am not doing it for my own sake as some Unification Church members may think. Is it to achieve a position? No. You too have to ask your mind. You should ask what you are doing this work for. Why am I walking this path? It is because I love my parents, and because I have to fulfill my parents' dream if I really love them. What is that dream? And is that dream simply my parents' dream only? Or is it ultimately the dream of God? You should have such mind. That is when you start your public mission. Without that mindset, God cannot trust you no matter how high of a position you are in. So why are you doing it? Because of love. You have to know this well. The reason for walking this path is love and to live for the sake of others. If living for the sake of others is living for the sake of my parents, then what is the parents' will? When you say parents' will, it includes that it is for the sake of the family.

This grandmother sitting here, do you have grandchildren? [Yes.] When somebody gives you something delicious, do you eat it all by yourself or do you give it to your grandchildren? [I would give it to my grandchildren.] Do you give it to your grandchildren first or do you eat it all? [I would give it to my grandchildren first.] Which brings more joy? Does it taste more delicious when you are eating it or when your grandchildren are eating it? [I feel the happiest when my grandchildren are eating well.] That mind is the same for a grandmother, a grandfather, a father or a mother. If you really want to live for parents, the whole family is included in there. That is why I still come visit you and talk to you like this even though you are my enemies and even though you have done many wrongs to me. Amen, no- men? [Amen!] (Applause)

Practice True Love in Your Life

You have to understand what God's will is. The will of God was to substantiate the ideal family, where true love, true life, and true lineage can substantiate. So now that we entered the age of Cheon II Guk, what does that mean for us? Are we building a past history or are we building a future history? If we want to build a future history, we need a compass. We need to know the direction we need to go. Then what is that compass? That is true love, the culture of true love. That is why when I teach the CARP members, I use the word "alignment" a lot. The reason why I use the word "alignment" so much is because centered upon building the right culture, centered upon true love, I want them to be aligned to the direction in which God's providence is moving. The impulse of that providence has been true love.

Therefore, true love is not something you know just by the head. You have to substantiate it. You have to live it. And that is one of the reasons why I have been emphasizing these Core Values and I have been emphasizing culture. This is fundamental to the new education that I have initiated especially in CARP with the education of Second Generation.

When I was meeting with some of the leaders that were gathered for lunch today, I asked them, "How many Second Generation kids are out there that do not smoke, that do not drink, that do well in school, that do not have boyfriends or girlfriends?" When you look at them, you look at them as being good kids. Yet if those same kids do not want to participate in God's providence, do not want to receive the Blessing, do not understand their providential mission as the Second Generation, are they really good kids or not? That is why our sense of values is wrong in the reality of the Blessed Families in our church. Where should we put more value?

Think about this. The Jewish leaders were the most respected leaders that God had prepared to receive Jesus. When they did not receive Jesus, do you think they were fulfilling God's purpose or not? So where did Jesus go? Where were his first disciples? He went to the dirtiest people, the worst. He went to the fishermen, the prostitutes. Why? Because they were willing to substantiate his will. That is why I say to you that building the Culture of Heart implies more than just understanding in theory. It means actual practice that moves people to live a public life. That is why many, many times I have challenged our leaders.

When I asked them, "Why did you join the Unification Church?" if their answer has been, "Because I wanted to be saved," or "Because I wanted to be the first one to serve the Messiah," without public mindset, I always chastise them. So what does it mean that you say you are a Blessed Central Family and you are serving God's providence, yet the purpose in which you are motivated to do this is for yourself? Then how do you resemble God? How do you resemble True Parents? How are you at an alignment in the direction and the impulse in which God's providence has been moved? This is what I mean by substantiating, creating, or owning the Culture of Heart. I mean not understanding it through your head but owning it through your life. (Applause)

Why is it so important? Do you believe that God exists? [Yes.] Do you believe or not? [Yes, we believe.] Where is God? If you believe in God, what is God that you believe in? If I have to use an analogy to answer it, I am going to use that analogy, going back to what I said, "I would rather live in a small house filled with love than a big house without." What does that mean? If we use the symbolism of a house to the most basic unit of human social order, would you say a house with love is the richest, the wealthiest family or not? [Yes, it is the wealthiest family.] Then what kind of love is that love? is it a self-centered love or love of living for the sake of others? [Love of living for the sake of others] So is it a good family where parents live for the children's sake, children live for the parents' sake, older brothers and sisters live for the younger brothers and sisters' sake, and younger brothers and sisters live for the older brothers and sisters' sake? [Yes.] Who would not want to live in such a family?

How about God? Would it be the same way with God? [Yes.] Ultimately, I would have to become a member of God's family for God to look at my family and think, "our family." Through what can I become close to God? It is through the heart. If we had been living for the sake of others, the love of living for the sake of others would be as natural as eating and sleeping. (As Hyun Jin Nim clasps his hands together) Thus we would become this close with God. That is why we need to develop our heart while we are living in this world. And the culture of true love itself should become so natural, and it should naturally spring up in our actions and in our lives. It is that simple. It becomes not a thought but a life style. Why is it so quiet? (Laughter) Do you think it is correct or not? [Yes, it is correct.]

Four years ago, when I met some elders, I asked them, "Now you are in your 60s and 70s, soon to be in your 80s, and you will go on to the spirit world. Looking back at your lives, what do you consider to be the most important?" I also asked, "What made you the most proud in your lives?" They answered, "It was when I met True Parents, when I received the Blessing, when my son received the Blessing and gave birth to my grandsons and granddaughters." They always talk about themselves and their own families, saying, "I," "I," "I." Even though you have followed True Parents for that long, you do not understand God's heart. You will understand when you go to the spirit world later. You will understand that you need to fulfill the Culture of Heart in order to stay close to True Parents and True Family in the spirit world. The reason is because God created human beings and started the Providence of Restoration through Indemnity because of love. Without knowing this, you cannot call yourself a true son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter of God. This is God's tradition and this is the true culture. Because of that, I was always confident no matter how much I was opposed. No matter how much I was opposed... It is because I know that history is behind me. Because I know that this is God's will and that this is the culture God originally wanted to create, I believed we need to create it in the Unification Church. I walked this path because I knew that this was God's will.

Lessons from the Nature

You young people, Second Generation kids, and STF members; is it okay if I make you suffer especially? [Yes.] It is easy to answer. (Laughter) Are the parents going to oppose? Is it okay to make your dear sons and daughters suffer? I know that you have to suffer to become a person. Without suffering, you cannot become a great leader, and it is hard to become a real owner of true love. No matter how difficult it is, you have to overcome it and digest it. You cannot become a leader in the Unification Church unless living for the sake of others becomes a characteristic of yours. You cannot do great work without it.

Did you watch the video of my safari in Africa? Did you watch it or not? [Yes, we did.] (To the student who answered) Did you live in Busan your whole life? [No.] Then where did you come from? [I am Korean Japanese.] Really? You are from Japan? [Yes.] How is a Japanese kid here in Korea? It's okay. The distinction of "Korea" and "Japan" should disappear. Anyways, didn't you wonder, "Why is Hyun Jin Nim killing all those animals?" as you watched the video? Didn't you think, "Oh, poor animals!"? [I did.] You did, right? (Laughter) You, especially those living in the city, do not understand it well. You do not know nature. People living within nature understand it very well. When one dies, another one lives; therefore, nothing is wasted in nature. Isn't that the principle of love? With love, you continue to invest and invest for the object partner, and it still emerges again. It is the same with nature.

The reason I like to hunt is not because I like to kill animals, but because I am training myself. Think about it. What would you have to do to eat something before the modern society came into being? What do you need to do? Now you can buy your steak from the market and grill it to eat it. But what do you have to do if such things did not exist? You have to go hunting; therefore, you have to hunt in order to eat. Isn't it right? The best hunters love the animals the most and even know what the animals like. They even find out what the animals have eaten from their feces. That is how it is with the really good hunters. Therefore, they have to be close to the animals. What happens if you want steak or a Big Mac? A cow is raised in a huge ranch and killed to make a hamburger in McDonald's, right? It goes through such a process.

The reason I like to go hunting is because hunting is the activity of becoming one with the animals and engaging in give and take action in their own environment. So if I catch an animal, that animal thinks that it has sacrificed itself for me. When I eat that animal and when it goes inside my body, that animal becomes one with me. When I look at this process in the Principle viewpoint... That is why I like to hunt.

That is how much I like hunting. Yet when I bring Second Generation kids or young CARP leaders along, they say, "Why do we have to suffer like this? Why are we going through the trouble of climbing up the mountain, catching a deer, and coming down the mountain with the deer on our backs?" When I look at that, I think, "These people are only familiar with the modern society." We are so used to the modern society that we are not accustomed to the lives we were supposed to live. You do not know this, do you? Do you like nature? My mind becomes at ease in nature. I feel relaxed when I climb the mountain. I like to sleep in a little tent on the top of a mountain better than sleeping in East Garden. I sleep more comfortably on the mountain. It is because stress accumulates when I am with people for a long time, but it all becomes relieved when I go into nature. I feel comfortable. It is because nature exists in its original form that God had created.

(To one student) Do you like to eat meat or not? [Yes, I do.] Do you like McDonald's or not? [Yes, I do.] You do? Why do you like it? Do you know how many cows are killed for McDonald's to provide you with a hamburger? (Laughter) Those hamburgers are made without hunting but by pulling the cows with ropes like this, killing it with a gun, and cutting out their meat. How can you eat such meat? (Laughter) Don't you feel pity for those cows? I want to let them live freely. Then I will hunt them and feed you. [Wow!] (Laughter) Amen, no-men? [Amen.] I will train you in such ways. Is that okay? [Yes.]

We Should Educate Our Second Generation to Have a Public Mind

Let me explain to the parents, too. Do you think we have educated our Second Generation well or not? [You have educated them well.] No, not what I taught them but how you have educated the Second Generation. (Laughter) Do you think you have done a good job or not? [We have done a good job.] You have done well? [Yes.] Did you really? [Yes.] Shall I speak in opposition? In my viewpoint, I do not think we have educated our Second Generation very well. (To one STF member) How old are you? [I am 26 years old.] Did you come from Japan? [Yes.] (As Hyun Jin Nim points to other members sitting next to him in order) Did you come from Japan too? [Yes.] You too? [Yes.] You too? [I am from Korea.] Okay, let me count. The Korean mothers here claim that they have raised you well; let's see how well they have done. Among the STF members here, Japanese members raise your hands. Keep your hands up if either your father or mother is Korean. Raise your hands if both of your parents are Japanese. Let's see. Oh, where are the Korean mothers? (Laughter) The kids raising their hands right now are all children of Japanese couples.

Korean mothers are very greedy. (Laughter) It is very funny. When grandmother Kang was giving a testimony, she said that while searching for Father, she wanted to be the first one to meet and attend the Messiah if he in fact has really come. After listening to the testimony, I said, "You are very greedy." (Laughter) All of the Korean mothers here probably think the same. Isn't it right? Oh, you greedy mothers. (Laughter) So when I was little, I thought that Unification Church women were too scary. True Father always said, "Women are the problem, they are the problem," and when I look at Unification Church women, I think, "Yes, that is correct indeed." There is no need to even look at women in the outside world. We could tell that Father's words are true by just looking at women in our church. (Laughter)

Japanese children make up the largest group among the STF members in Korea. How shameful is it? Can you say you have raised them well? Did you raise them well or not? I have been talking for one hour already. I have said that you can be close to God, True Parents, and True Family only when you create the culture of true love. I have told you that public people are those who work to establish such a culture of true love and that you need to live for the sake of others in order to set up that culture; however, what are the Korean Second Generation doing at this moment? Do they know the will of God? I would be comfortable, too, if I lived for my individual sake like them. But what would happen then? They forgot about God's will. So can we say we have educated our Second Generation kids well? Did you raise them well or not? In my perspective, Korean Second Generation kids need to be educated much more, following me 100 percent.

Do not think that I trust the elder Second Generation

What always worries me is the reason why they follow me. I worry that they are following me for their own sake. If you really want to attend God and want to fulfill God's will, should you do this work for yourself or should you get rid of yourself? My biggest worry is that some might think, "Now Hyun Jin Nim is working in place of True Father, and he will take bigger responsibilities in the Unification Church and..." as they follow me. No matter how much I tell them, "I am not working because of position or status," "We must create the culture of true love," or "For you to become an exemplary leader especially in front of me and the Unification Church, and in front of the CARP kids and the younger brothers and sisters, you have to set up this tradition more completely than anybody else," I am still worried. (To Kyoung Hyo Kim, President of W-CARP Korea) Didn't I say this to you when I came on our way here? [Yes.] As a person rises to higher positions, takes on more responsibilities, and gains more resources, he may think only with his head. The head might only get bigger. You have to know well what our purpose is, just like when we started at the beginning. That is why a person's personality and motivation are important.

Think about it. If you look at the Bible, the kind of people that God chose were not the people that stood out in the eyes of society, but the kind of people that God chose were those who were willing to be sacrificial, public-minded. They most adhered to God's character and nature; therefore, they could have been the instruments that fulfilled His will. That is why I said if your standard of your children being well educated is they do not drink, they do not have girlfriends, they do well in school, then your standard is very, very different from mine. It is incomplete.

My standard is that first, they become public-minded; in other words, they live for something besides themselves. That is my standard. The greatness of that individual really depends on how much he is willing to live for the sake of others. There are those who can only live for the sake of their families, there are those who can only live for the sake of their tribes, there are those who can only live for the sake of their nations, there are those who can only live for the sake of the world. That is not my standard. My standard is those who are willing to live for the sake of God and the fulfillment of His dream. If those people have that dream and goal, then they are going to commit their whole lives, their whole purposes, their whole beings to fulfillment of that dream and goal.

I remember when I came to Korea and I saw Second Generation kids four years ago. Many of the older ones that were working in the church side thought they were only working in the church side because eventually they wanted to create a career as a minister, and therefore they wanted to inherit these positions when the time of Second Generation comes. When I looked upon this, I said, "This kind of people, I might not know now, I might not know two years from now, I might not know three years from now, but if their motivation is not right, eventually we will part." Those people cannot become leaders. A leader, more than anything else, should first have a public mind and move forward to live for the sake of others. That is a leader. Without that mind, you cannot become a leader.

When I look at our Second Generation, I sometimes have doubts whether a true leader can appear among them. The reason is that motivation has to be good more than anything else to raise a person and to appoint that person in that position of a true leader; that person has to be raised in such a way from a young age. They should be brought up culturally in that way. However, did we raise our Second Generation in that way? Although the world may not see them as bad kids, many Second Generation kids live their individual lives, only care about themselves, think that God has nothing to do with them, think that True Parents may be nice people but are not related to them, and refuse to receive the Blessing. Are there Second Generation kids in Korea who ask, "What in the world is God's will?" or not? Let's be honest. Did we educate those Second Generation kids well or not? Our Second Generation should inherit God's will, set the foundation, and pass it on again to the Third Generation.

True Father said three generations are needed in order to complete God's providence. It is the same in Adam and Eve's family. If you look at the Genesis story, it talks about Adam and Eve's family for three generations. This has to be restored. If that is the current foundation of the Second Generation, what legs does our Third Generation have to stand on? Therefore, when I surveyed and I looked at situations four years ago when I took that responsibility of CARP, the first thing I started doing was creating the 21-Day Workshops and really setting a paradigm for the creation of the true Abel. And at that time, I emphasized once again, although I did not articulate it to the point that I did right now, that you have to have the right motivation for you to walk the public life, which has to be to live for the sake of others, something larger than yourself.

We Should Establish the Culture of Living for the Greater Good

Let me ask you this question now, especially for the church leadership, for the First Generation. Now that Father has sent many of you to your hometowns with no foundation, are you resentful? Let's be honest. There probably are some people who feel that way. If there are such people here, I want to ask you a question. Did you first join the Unification Church to receive something or to establish God's will? Then did you forget about that motivation now? Did you come to forget that now that your age has become 40, 50, and 60? Is that how weak your faith is? Is it that shallow?

Are you willing to give all up for a little difficulty now? When I think about that, I think, the feeling that I get is, this person has no ownership. Did somebody put a gun to your head and tell you to live your life for God's providence? It has to come from your own volition. It has to be because you want to do it. And the condition should be not to expect anything in return. That is the path of sacrifice. That is the path of living for the sake of others, something larger than yourself. The reason why I am emphasizing this so much now and I keep on saying this now is because I am going to create a revolution of heart. And this is a revolution especially on the cultural level. It is something I am going to win.

I just came back from Africa. And I had many perspectives, perceptions of Africa. But when I went there, many of those perceptions changed. The reason I am explaining about Africa is I am going to give an example of why it is important that your motivation is right and why the culture of living for something greater is so important. I am going to give you an example of the history of America and I am going to give you an example of the history of a lot of the republics in Africa. Aren't the Korean people always speaking ill of America these days? Don't you think that she is a bad country? Isn't it what you think? (Laughter) And don't you think that Americans are bad people? However, America is a Christian nation. Many bad things began in America, but those started after 1945. Before that, America possessed a history worthy of being a model. The reason I am explaining such content is to show you how important culture is.

Most of nations in Africa have received statehood for almost 50 years now. When many people think about Africa, they think about starving people, a lot of conflicts, right? And they think about especially the white people abusing the black people. I thought the same way. But when I went to Africa, many of those kinds of concepts started to change. I had already visited Botswana before, but I visited Tanzania and South Africa for the first time.

When I first went to those African countries, I was surprised at how rich it was in terms of animal life and plant life. I was so surprised at how rich the soil was. Just by getting drops of rain, right away grass comes up again. If you cultivated the soil, there is no problem that you can feed the whole continent. Yet why is there still so much famine, death, and destruction in that continent? The reason is because the leaders of those countries do not care about anything except themselves. And many of them are black. They would rather see their people die. In many ways, many of the resources of countries get stolen away.

And when I look at, when I think about the history of America, it is very different. If you look at the Founding Fathers of the American continent, when they actually started the revolution against the British, if they had failed, all of them would have been killed. When they won the War of Independence, even George Washington, he set the example. He could have been president for life if he wanted to. But he chose to leave the office after only two terms because he cared about the nation first, the ideal of the nation first. And if you look at the whole history of America, there are constantly those kinds of examples over and over and over again. That is why God blessed that nation. If you look at Americans, they in general like to do charity work. In other words, the whole culture of that nation was built around living for something beyond oneself. That is why that nation prospered and the people of that nation prospered.

That is how important culture is. You have to understand it well. When I specially talked to our leadership, I said, "Even though God wants to give blessing to the Unification Church, we are not able to receive it because we are not qualified. It is because we are not aligned." You have to know this well. That is why we have to win this war of culture. Even the Second Generation did not believe me at first. When I first said, "No matter how deep the history of Unification Church in Korea is, I will establish a new culture," not even the Second Generation believed me.

Why are we establishing such a culture? For whom are we creating this culture? In order to fulfill God's will, the people working for that will should become similar to God first and should share the same motivation with God. If I use the analogy of the house, it is the same thing. In order for God to be able to dwell in the house of the Unification Church, you have to have a house centered upon true love as the basis of the house.

(Pointing to one person in the audience) You work in the CARP, right? If I fire you tomorrow and tell you to go to your hometown, are you going to talk behind my back and complain, "I do not believe in Hyun Jin Nim anymore," or what are you going to do? I don't know. Yet there are people even in the outside world that do not think only of themselves and sacrifice for others. They are not living for substantiating God's providence but for the sake of their nations, for the sake of their families. We need to make that kind of sacrifice. I saw a lot of examples like that in the outside world, not in our Unification Church world. So it is a shame if your faith is that weak, if your willingness to live for the larger purpose is that weak.

Think about it. (To a student) How old are you? 21 years old in Korean age? Then you are 20 years old in American age? [Yes.] American kids of your age are dying right now. Did you know that? They are at war. American soldiers are dying. How old are those soldiers? Kids around your age are dying for their nation. Can you, the Second Generation of the Unification Church, do that? Can you do that much? Can you die for your nation? Unification Church says that we need to fulfill God's will and believes in it; if you cannot even do that much, how can you say you are living for God's will? Then you are a fake.

Then what about the parents? I know an American whose son has joined the army and is fighting in Afghanistan right now. That person is not a member of our church. The parents in the Unification Church, can you support and encourage your kids for going to STF and going through hardships? What if these kids get into an accident or pass away to the spirit world? The son of the American parent I was talking about is fighting in Iraq right now, and the parents supported and encouraged their son when he decided to join the army. They decided to sacrifice their family for their nation. Looking at them, I thought, "Ah, the Unification Church is not even keeping up with people of the outside world. How lacking are we!" We should ponder deeply on this.

Especially the Second Generation, I have told you that I think our Second Generation kids are too weak. is it okay if I educate them more? [Yes.] Even if I educate them harshly? [Yes.] I probably would have joined the army if I were not Father's son. The reason I like the army is not because I could shoot guns. That might be one of the reasons. (Laughter) But I like the army because I could learn the life of living for something greater than myself there. I was deeply moved by the fact that a true person could be made through that. However, isn't living and dying for God's will greater than living and dying for the nation? Isn't it something to be more proud of? Such life is a valuable life. Is it okay for me to make them suffer like that? [Yes.] Some Second Generation kids have already passed since I started STF. When I heard those reports, I probably felt more pain than their own parents did. The responsibility is big and heavy. But if it is to save the whole Second Generation, I have to continue. Such sacrifice has to be taken. That is what I think. Can you do that?

Think about it. How many people in the True Family have passed away? If anybody knows loss, I know it. Among almost twelve, already one third of my family is in spirit world. However, when you think about the value of human life, in terms of the impact people make in the course of human history, what type of life do you want to live? If we live our life without any purpose, what value does that life have especially in the creation of a new history?

Think about it. When we talk about the history of a nation such as America or when we talk about the history of a nation such as Korea, you talk about all those figures that made paramount impact in the creation and the formation of that nation. What about the new history of creating the nation of Cheon Il Guk? Who are going to be those who make the sacrifices that build the building blocks for the creation of the nation of Cheon Il Guk? Think about those things. That is why we have to get focused on our goal again. One of the biggest criticisms I made is that we have become way too institutionalized and we lost focus of our goal. And in the process, we lost the understanding of God. We have to be goal-focused again. What are we living for? Why did you join the Unification Church? Why do you believe in True Parents? What is a Blessed Family? You should think about these questions. If you rethink about them and pray, you will come to a conclusion by yourself that: "I have to create the Culture of Heart." You will feel that. Do you think so? Amen, no-men? [Amen.] (Applause)

Blessed Family Is a Member of God's Extended True Family

How many hours have passed? [It has been two hours and a half. (Vice President Young Jun Kim) Two hours and a half? [Yes.] Shouldn't I finish after talking for about two hours and a half? [No.] (Laughter) The poor elder ladies here look too tired; should I stop now grandmother? (Laughter) The faces of the mothers and grandmothers of the Unification Church look young like they are 26 years old. Then it means you were not really beauties when you were young. (Laughter) Did you join the Unification Church to find a husband? (Laughter) I am just joking, it is a joke. I sometimes joke around with you, and I speak ill of you too, right? Do you feel good when you hear it or not? [Good.] You feel good? (Laughter) Why do you feel good? That is strange. It is because I care about you. Caring means that I love you. Don't you care when you love? Grandmothers are laughing, too, now that I explain it. (Laughter) They looked a bit sad when I said they were not beauties when they were young, but they are laughing now. How can people sway back and forth like this? You should be absolute. (Laughter)

What I said to you today may feel like bitter medicine, but if you look at it from the heart, it is the best medicine. Your mind will relax. Although you suffer, undergo hardship, and face some difficulty, you can overcome that. Amen, no-men? [Amen.] I was not able to have time to meet with the members this closely until now. Is it okay for me to finish now and move on to another place or should I stay longer? [Please stay a little longer.] Then should I kick your behind more or should I say some good things, too? [Please say some good things, too.] (Laughter) All people are the same. Okay. Now that you have taken the medicine, should I give some candy, too? (Laughter)

Am I doing this for CARP or am I doing this in order to serve someone? I believe you are serving True Parents and I am working to serve True Parents; then are our ways different or the same? Why would a son do these things if it is not for the parents? It is very strange. Didn't you think that there were two ways? That is wrong. True Father has been working to fulfill God's will until now. Then why am I doing this work? Why? For my sake? For your sake? For the Second Generation? I am doing this for God and for True Parents.

I do not think of God as a God who is far away or a God that I do not understand. I was barely ever together with Parents while I was growing up. However, one certain thing is that God was always with me. Grandfather (God) was always with me. Do you know how God teaches? If you connect with God, God does not wear the golden robe worn by kings or talk in majestic, loud voices, but God teaches through experiences in life. That is how God teaches.

Do you think I learned the content that I am telling you from the Unification Church leaders? Which leader has explained these things to me until now? Do you think Father sat me on his legs and explained them? Then who taught me? Who explained them to me? Do you think I learned these things at the seminary? That is why I do not think that God is far apart from my life. I know very well that God is not someone far away. You should think likewise.

The "Vertical Axial Line" is God, True Parents, and True Family. And, as Blessed Central Families, you were engrafted onto that central axis. Therefore, you stand in the position of members of the extended True Family. The reason why I am standing here before you, speaking to you in this manner is because I am standing in front of you as an elder brother educating my adopted brothers and sisters. In God's viewpoint, Jeong Jin (Jeong Jin Nim), the youngest of the True Family, is an elder sister to the oldest 36 Couples. Why? It is because this True Family is the central family and because a new history is fulfilled from here. I have explained already that God's will was to create the True Family. That is why history starts from here. God can become the owner through this family. The reason I emphasize the importance of culture to you is because as a member of the extended True Family, you have to inherit the culture and tradition of True Family. That is why I am here today. Amen, no- men? [Amen.] (Applause)

Do you want to become the true brothers and sisters of the True Family or not? [Yes.] Then I want to clarify one thing. The First Generation here; did you think that you work for True Parents and that the Second Generation work for Hyun Jin Nim? Did you think that Hyun Jin Nim wants to raise Second Generation kids so that they could work for Hyun Jin Nim and True Children? Do you know how wrong those thoughts are? Originally, you -- the First Generation -- are younger brothers and sisters of True Children. Your children, who are called the Second Generation now, are originally third generation, not second generation. You, the First Generation, are younger brothers and sisters of True Children; therefore, your children become my nephews and nieces. That is how it is supposed to be.

Is it your first times hearing such content? [Yes.] That is how much you were taught wrong. That is how much the Unification Church did not know the identity of True Children. So Father's will is not just for the Second Generation to become one with True Children. When we speak of Cain and Abel, then Abel is the True Children, and Cain is the whole Unification Church, or more specifically, the First Generation. Is it strange? How can this young person be an elder brother to this grandmother? (Laughter) It might be comprehensible in the spiritual sense with Dae Mo Nim or Heung Jin hyung (elder brother), but does it seem strange to think so in reality? But it is not strange at all. The reason is through the central family God wanted to create

His ownership over humanity, to build His intimate relationship with humanity. This is from the Principle viewpoint. Do you think it is correct or not? [Yes, it is correct.]

Who taught me all of this? You can know it, too, if you study the Principle more. It is all in there already. That is why God's dream is the True Family. One world under God. Amen, no- men? [Amen.] Good or bad? [Good.] (Applause) If we are all brothers and sisters, then should we be able to feel close in our hearts or fell distant? [We should feel close.] Do you want to become close or not? [Yes, we want to be close.] We have to create one family. We should live like that from now on.

Oh, I am not someone who talks very much, but it keeps coming out when I see you. Should I stop now or should I talk more? (Laughter) What is so funny? [We want to hear Hyun Jin Nim sing.] (Applause) But I do not want to sing. I have decided to stop singing. (Laughter) (Applause) Should I sing or continue to talk? [Sing.] (Applause) Oh, you are mean. (Laughter) If Father were here, he probably would scold you all. (Laughter) But it is true; it is hard for me to continue listening to words too sometimes. (Laughter) I can understand you a little bit, but I do not know about singing. You should make somebody else sing; why do I have to sing? I do not even know Korean songs. [Many people fell in love with Hyun Jin Nim's singing.] What did you say? [Many people fell in love with Hyun Jin Nim's singing. You have many fans.] Those fans who like my singing, raise your hands. Not that many. (Laughter)

You have to make a pledge before I conclude. If you do not have ownership over it, then don't make the pledge. Those of you who are willing to substantiate the Culture of Heart for living for the sake of others, therefore inheriting the tradition of God, True Parents, and True Family, so that you can stand as a rightful member of God's extended True Family through the merit of your life and your family, raise your hands and stand up. Amen. [Amen.] Amen! [Amen!] Okay. Sit down.

Okay, then I will sing just one song. (Applause) What should I sing? What song do you like? [Nim Ga Ham Kye (With My Love)] (Laughter) Nim Ga Ham Kye? That song has many memories. Then let's sing together. (Hyun Jin Nim sang two songs.) 

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