Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

True Parents' Benediction

On November 23, 2004, at Han Nam Dong, True Parents called Hyun Jin Nim, who came from America, and CARP leaders to the table and gave big grace of words. On that day, with Hyun Jin Nim and CARP leaders gathered, True Parents gave a benediction of blessing for the victory of Hyun Jin Nim's tour.

On November 23, fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, Parents in heaven, blessed saints and sages, and countless families have become one in heart and body at this dinner table. Centering on True Parents, brothers and sisters on this earth stand on God's side of the kinsmen, who are connected by true love, true life, and true lineage, to unify heaven and earth. Together, we have greeted the era to complete peace on the earth and the realm of freedom in the heavens.

Father, you have sent Jesus as the Messiah to take on the responsibility for the nation centered on Your son Seth, which Heaven had lost, and it was Jesus' path until now that left behind han (sorrow and grief) of not building the national foundation as representative of the world.

Upon that path and the 2,000-year history, True Parents came and unified centering on Seth everything that was divided in heaven and on earth. The Lord of Second Advent, who has established God's will of completing the foundations on family, people, and cosmic levels centered on the direct son of Heaven, have undergone the days to fix by re-indemnifying everything of the number three.

Moreover, God's numerous concealed stories that could not be revealed were revealed in the name of True Parents, through which the victory conditions of making Satan surrender were made the foundation of shield on which God could stand firmly and let True Parents divide between good and evil so that the direction of good and evil can advance as one toward the heavens. We are grateful in front of you, Father, who have permitted us to accomplish the supremacy course of great victory with Heaven in this way.

In the historical age resulting from the familial sorrow of killing centered on Cain and Abel and the lineage created by the false love of the Fall, the Era Before the Coming of Heaven controlled by Satan, the dark realm, is brought to an end, and the Era After the Coming of Heaven is now open. In this last month of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, when the way of Heaven can be established on the foundation of the liberation and complete freedom of new heaven and new earth's new God centering on the realm of religion, we are making jung-sung (making conditions to offer sincerity) and preparing for the remaining rallies centering on America to go over the last crucial moment.

All courses of God's will work to fix and sanctify the path we have to walk. In front of that course, heaven and earth should become one, and the whole nation and all the people should become Heaven's families of one blood lineage and tribes who could register as heavenly people on the substantial foundation of sovereignty of supremacy love of progressive victory. Then we should fulfill the realm of family of liberation on the world level, which was lost in the midst of the great universe, and newly take the place of the history of our ancestors' successive reigns to separate it from evil. We have determined to overcome in that way by the twelfth year of Cheon Il Guk.

For the next eight years, we have the responsibility to purify our responsibility of destiny, and we should prepare the realm of one body, where two become one, by coming together with Second Generation and CARP youth, centering on True Parents. By doing so, we will become one with no discrepancies and no gaps and realize completely the ideology of heaven and earth that could establish palace of supremacy of God's victory by becoming Heaven's footing and shield. We announce in front of our Father that we will march forward, march forward, and march forward to the Kingdom of Heaven, the sovereignty of love of liberation, complete freedom, settlement, and victory of supremacy of God's love in the world of complete freedom.

Therefore, please be with Hyun Jin tonight together with True Parents. And please guard his path in its entirety and guard the sanctified platform. In the midst of that, please guide the way so that the next ten places can become the places of gathering that could be offered together as one live offering of victory in determination to complete the responsibility of calling. We sincerely wish for You to guide the way so that only glory and praise will live together with and participate on top of supremacy of victory until the day he returns on December 12, centering on the five places in Korea and the five places in Japan.

Tonight, I sincerely wish for God to take charge of everything and lead us so that the CARP leaders in this room also become one in heart and so that we could settle in the world of harmony and unification and embrace the liberated heavenly people, and move to the new realm of victory of heaven and earth toward the Kingdom of Heaven, centering on one mind, one body, and one nucleus, and centering on Your love.

I sincerely ask that Your children in CARP become one in mind and body with Hyun Jin to become the precious Second Generation of CARP who offer their responsibilities in front of God by walking the right path that God desires, which is True Parents' desire.

On this table where Parents of Heaven, Parents of Earth, and Parents of Humankind are sitting together, we sincerely wish that You abundantly bestow the blessing of liberation and complete freedom together with the ideal world that seeks the foundation of peace to the families of these children. We sincerely, sincerely, sincerely report this in the name of True Parents. Amen, amen, amen! 

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