Cheon Seong Gyeong Rough Draft Version -
Sun Myung Moon

Book 2, Chapter 8. Three-subject Thought and the Declaration of the True Parents

Section 2. The Declaration of True Parents [Part 3 of 3]

2.7. What we need to do after the declaration of True Parents

2.7.A. Be grateful for the declaration.

What will happen through the declaration of True Parents? All the good spirits in the spirit world that have served God, on the one hand, and the evil spirits centered on Satan, on the other, will be sharply divided. When you are centered on True Parents, you stand in the position of perfected Adam and Eve. Perfected Adam is supposed to be always protected, raised and helped by the archangel. When you stand in the realm of perfected Adam, he has to not only help you but also serve you as the real master in keeping with the ideal of love.

It is the stage where you can give the orders. You will rise to such a position. This is why this is the end of the world. Everything in the spirit world that has started with the love of false parents will come to an end, and there will be a new world centered on the new love of True Parents. With this as fertilizer, a new world will unfold. With this declaration, those who unconditionally oppose our Unification Church in the future will fall sick, little by little, and all collapse. They will wither away like trees that have lost their sap. Then, they will immediately become food for beetles.

So you should follow the lifestyle of a new life. The origin of new life is new love. What is new love? It is the love of True Parents. It is the new love of the ideal of creation. This is why you should be grateful to me. Grateful for what? Be grateful because you have been liberated from Satan. You have been liberated from the satanic world through True Parents. What is the next thing you are liberated from? You are liberated from the satanic lifestyle. Next, you are liberated from the satanic lineage.

Lifestyle is grounded in culture and accompanied by habit. You are liberated from Satan. Next, you are liberated from the satanic lifestyle. Lifestyles differ according to cultural background. The British live according to the culture of the British people, and Americans live according to American culture. They are all different. Their living environments differ. You should be liberated from this kind of lifestyle. What's next? It is lineage. Three great liberations will occur. This is why the Unificationist culture will automatically emerge. What do you do after you are liberated? Since you are liberated from Satan, you will go to God.

If you become liberated from Satan, that which has been shackled by the connection to the false parents becomes liberated. Therefore, you will return to the free heart of the Parents. In returning, you do not return with the habits of the satanic world's lifestyle. You must thoroughly clean them away. When you say True Parents, there is God, who is the vertical True Parent, and there are True Parents, who are the horizontal True Parents.

You should be created through the love stemming from the union of the two. As you will finally have the character of a subject at the zero point, that is, in a place where there is no love, if you want to find love, you should start from zero. You should ignore your fundamental existence.

This is why we find the irony in the Bible that those who seek to die will live and those who seek to live will die. Thus, you should be grateful for your having been liberated from the satanic world. Next is lifestyle. A history and tradition are established on the basis of culture. I am talking about culture. What is next? It is lineage. Lineage turns centered on love. You need to be liberated from this. This is why you should say to yourself, I am of God's blood. God dwells within me. Your mind and body should not fight.

From now on, you ask your mind. God has already entered your mind; this is God's bud and leaf. Such an action occurs because you attend True Parents and have the root. Everything is being pressed based on the ambient atmospheric pressure. Because it forms a balance, you will not know stimulation. Everything is protecting you to prevent you from deviating. You do not feel stimulation because it forms a balance, but if you behave against your conscience before God's will even a little, the power of the universe will strike you, saying, You rascal!

This power is so strong that even if you try to go one way, your body will be spun round. So if you pray for God to be in your mind and for True Parents to come into your flesh, God will enter; He will sit at the intersecting point and unify the angle of your mind and body. You need to be liberated from the three great satanic realms. First, you must be liberated from the vertical representative, Satan. Next, it is the cultural realm, or lifestyle tradition you have received from your natural parents. There is the culture of the Korean people, and there is American culture -- and all kinds of other cultures; they are all extending towards the one center. The farther away they are, the more trivial they are.

2.7.B. Accumulate results.

NBC, CBS and ABC, supposedly the best broadcasting companies in America and which are boasted of throughout the world, have done all kinds of wicked things to bring me down. The newspapers have struck at me too; but since I already knew everything before their propaganda came out, it did not work. They put their stories in the newspapers and beat their drums, but since there was no one dancing to the rhythm, those drummers became exhausted and gave up.

Next comes our counterattack. Since we have a media company, we will challenge them through our newspaper. I called the responsible person in the editorial department to see me and gave him a hard time. I am waging this kind of battle. That is why the issue is the actual results. It is not ability but actual results that will unify the world. Although you may not have ability, you should nevertheless have results. To achieve results is to gain power from the universe. Presidents of nations are no match for me. They will come to their knees because they cannot match me in terms of great results and business. You should also have results that you can pass down to the ensuing generations. You should take a gift when you go to the spirit world.

When a girl gets married, she should bring at least a small gift to her grandfather-in-law and to her other relatives. Then they will speak proudly of their daughter-in-law. When you go to the spirit world, your ancestors will call you in front of them and chastise you, saying, You joined the Unification Church through the merits of your ancestors, so what have you done there prior to coming here? Have you fulfilled your role as a tribal Messiah?

Would they not chastise you, when through your actions you could have liberated seventy-two generations of your ancestors? So your mind must be properly alert. You should recover all of God's people lost to the satanic world by engrafting them to the heavenly world. How many will you bring back to be God's people through your efforts?

Next, how will you create the tradition of the eternal ideal of creation and tradition of love with your blood relatives and the restored people, through connecting your sons and daughters? That is the question. In the other world, this will be the clue for finding your authority in the eternal life in and position in the hierarchy of life.

You should take care of your relatives and bring 120 families or more with you. So prepare yourself in order to avoid shame. Not only shame; you may even get chased away naked. Now I have already made the declaration to the world. As the age of the worlds chosen people passes by and we enter the period of welcoming Rev. Moon, the age of the realm of all people where the entire world enters the realm of Israel arrives. Therefore this will be organized according to level of their accomplishments. (213-139, 1991.1.6)

2.7.C. Rallies to welcome True Parents.

As we hold welcoming rallies for True Parents these days, the Korean people are talking about them all over the nation. They are saying, Hey, who are True Parents? They should go back and seek out the True Parents. Since they have come from the false parents, they cannot find the direction God is telling them to go in without going beyond the ultimate limits of the false parents and connecting with the True Parents.

This is the Principle. It is logical. There is no one who can deny this. The Fall created false parents. Because they were driven away, they are the false parents. From a position of not having been chased away, they should seek out the position of the parents with whom they can live together with God forever.

This is how we Korean people are. We have songs like the one that goes, I want to bring my parents here and live with them forever. This is because we are a people of revelation. Also, we have a song that goes, The blue sky and the galaxy... This shows that we are a people to whom things have been revealed. The song showed everyone that satellites would appear, and the world would be able to live in that way. What a great feeling for the arts this race has! It is a great thing that we have such a cultural background, a refined background in high-dimensional philosophy.

Rev. Moon has declared the True Parents before the citizens of the Republic of Korea and the Korean people through the rallies to welcome True Parents. This has to be declared. Only then will Heaven set up camp to repel the evil Satan. Now wait and see what happens. Look at the future path. We have held welcoming rallies for True Parents all over the country, but they do not know what these are about. I didn't do this because I am crazy. Through the welcoming rallies for True Parents, we are securing the heavenly foundation to replace the evil faction.

I have declared True Parents nationwide through the welcoming rallies for the Parents. Now what do you have to do? Since I held welcoming rallies for the Parents on the foundation where the nation and world are connected on the global domain, now you blessed families should hold welcoming rallies for parents on the tribal level. Then, everything will be concluded.

You need to complete your tribal messiah work. After completing the messiahship on the world level based on a nation, we need to manage the tribal realm. Tribes spread throughout the world. A nation will then naturally emerge. Such a time has come. What is making this happen? The democratic world has finished its experiment. The communist world has finished its experiment, as have Christianity and all the religions in the world. Why am I saying that they have finished their experiments? There has been no group that has not opposed the Unification Church. All of them have struck us.

After we have finished the welcoming rallies for the Parents throughout the entire nation, we will enter a new age. Spiritualists are receiving revelations that this world is ending and that we are entering a new world. This is why the spirit world is coming down. We have the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age.

In the past, those spirits who had believed in one of the major religions, who left a good legacy and who are in the good spirit world, helped the providence on earth in accordance with God's will. Until now, without going that way, there has been no way to relate with the earth. But since True Parents have now appeared on this earth, establishing individual, family, ethnic, national, and global traditions and achieving victories, now is the time when we will leave the sphere of religion behind us.

Religions will disappear in the age of True Parents. This is because they have a global domain of victory. Had Adam and Eve not fallen but become True Parents, religion would not be needed. Then, they would be able to eternally join with heaven as one, and the ancestors would always be connected to their descendants on earth through the ideal of oneness.

But because the Fall blocked this route, we need to have the right realm of the chosen people in order to open this road. The age of our release from the religious realm is coming, because everything has been indemnified through the people of Israel as the chosen people, Christianity as the global chosen people, and the Unification Church as the cosmic-level chosen people. So now the time is coming when the spirit world can contact the earthly world on the same level.

Thus, even the non-believers will be connected to the spirit world through the realm of the chosen people and through religion, and the past ages will pass away. Through the triumph of True Parents, there will come a time when even those non-believers enter the age of the fulfillment of the Old Testament, the age of the fulfillment of the New Testament, and the age of the fulfillment of the Completed Testament within the realm of the mainstream of religion so that all ancestors in the spirit world can always come down to their earthly descendants and work with them. This is what the spirit world is like. For this reason, from now on, if someone refuses to believe in the Unification Church, his ancestors will come to him and give him nightmares, sickness, and bitter medicine.

Until now, the earthly world has been divided and occupied by Satan. However, as the good spirits in the realm of the good archangel and those in the religious realm as a whole, enter and fully drive out the realm of evil from the earth, everyone that has served in the shadow cast by the devil so far, be it Kim Il-sung or whomever, will be cleaned away.

So if just one nation, two nations, three nations and four nations become connected to the Unification Church, the whole world will see the age of complete liberation. From 1988 to 2000, that is, until I turn eighty, is the era of the mission to realize this task. This is why tribal messiahship has been set up. Since, after the worldwide Messiah, I have declared the tribal messiah in order to head towards the realm of national Messiah, now the realm of national Messiah will unfold in which the tribal messiah is connected to the realm of global Messiah. In the same way, as the establishment of heavenly states and provinces takes place, we will enter the age of the unified kingdom.

2.8. The parent in the North and the parent in the South.

As we have learned in the Principle, in the Old Testament Age they sacrificed material things to pave the road for the sons and daughters to come, and in the New Testament Age the sons and daughters were offered as a sacrifice to pave the road for the coming of the parent, the returning Lord.

For what did the Parents suffer in the Completed Testament Age? They walked the suffering path in order to bring God to this earth. My lifelong dream is to bring God to this earth. I was not able to attend God in my hometown. I must go back to my hometown holding high the flag of global victory.

In North Korea there is an evil lord of the second coming, an evil parent. This is why Kim Il-sung is called the beloved parent. What does the word parent mean? As Satan knew that True Parents would appear in South Korea, and that True Parents hometowns are in North Korea, through North Korea he wanted to attack and kill the True Parents.

This is why Gorbachev and Kim Il-sung acted together to assassinate me. In February of 1987, they dispatched twenty-five red-army soldiers to America, and the spirit world caught them carrying my home address. The CIA caught them, and while they were investigating them I entered Moscow.

It is a risky path. My path is risky because in realizing God's will I have the responsibility to shorten this history even by one day. I have been paving this road by investing my whole self as if to invest all my capital into the Pacific Ocean and the countryside. I cannot leave any historical blemish in such a place.

This is something holy. Something holy! This is why God can come and dwell in our country. The South and North are like the body and mind. When they become one, God will come to them. God comes where they become one in love. This is why we need to unify the South and North.

First, the Parents should be attended in South Korea. They should be attended better than the North Koreans attend Kim Il-sung. North Koreans carry Kim Il-sung badges. More than this, the Unificationists should be unashamed and proud before the world. North Koreans are all armed with Juche (subject) thought. So we should arm ourselves with Three-subject thought centered on God's unshakable and absolute love and widen the gap with the North Koreans so that they cannot interfere with us. Walking such a path is our mission.

Kim Il-sung is the false father. They call him their parent, don't they? Why has he appeared at this time in history? The person who is the most villainous in all communist countries, the greatest of all devils, will appear. I am called the True Parent. The True Parent should be able to subjugate the false parent through natural surrender. He should not be struck down by force.

God's providence of salvation and God's victory or defeat are not determined by force. If force were to be used, everything would be concluded immediately. Had the communist way been followed, everything would have been finished. The fallen world, which used to show off its might with armies that had created a history of strife in this earthly world, and which used to hand down the tradition of Satan, will have a miserable end.

God, who knows such things, is trying to bring him to a natural surrender. He tells him to do everything he wants to. After letting him do everything he wants, Heaven will be hit first and then take it away, saying that the one who has struck the one on the side of justice must pay for the damage. When he gets to the end of the world, he will be left with nowhere to go. He will surrender at the end of the world. God cannot bring this to an end Himself. Rather, He has to prepare a person on earth who can inherit this task. This is why He will send the Messiah in the Last Days.

2.9. The religious founders and True Parents.

Originally, what have we been trying to do through the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age? We have been trying to bring God inside of us. Who is the root? It is God. God is the root of humankind. Originally, True Parents were not the root. True Parents also came from God, who is the root. Before Adam and Eve fell, they were in the position of God's son and daughter. But after their Fall, all things of creation are in a better position than Adam and Eve. This has come about because Adam and Eve fell. Through the Fall, they became more profane than all things. Since all things come before people, they give their lives for humankind. They shed blood in our place and through this, reverse the positions. This is why, in the Old Testament Age, offerings were sacrificed to pave the road the sons and daughters would travel.

Next, in the New Testament Age, Jesus came and sacrificed himself as a child to pave the way for Parents. Through martyrs shedding a great quantity of blood, Christians paved the road for the coming of the Parents in the age of the Second Coming. What relationship is there between Jesus and True Parents? Jesus has the position of the Son, while Parents have the position of the Parents.

When one day I said that Buddha is my disciple, Jesus is my disciple, Confucius is my disciple, and Mohammed is my disciple, Khomeini in Iran sentenced me to death, saying, We must catch and kill Rev. Moon. I am smart and never tell a lie. The spiritualist can know everything if he or she prays. Wait and see. The Unification Church will be the center of religious unification in the end, correcting the standard for the presidents, prime ministers, and all proud politicians of the nations. This is me. This is not by force. It is achieved by natural submission.

You don't know how strict religious dogmatists are. Syria belongs to the Islamic cultural sphere. So they think of Christians as enemies. If an Islamic leader participates in a Christian gathering, he will be put to death. However, I brought an elite group of leaders from Syria to East Garden and taught them the Principle. Our Unification Church is not a branch of Christianity but its main trunk. Since we received salvation on account of Jesus' death, the Father and Mother with Jesus' mission must come. As Jesus was unable to have a son, he must come again with the authority of the position of the Parent.

This is how great the term True Parents is. Established Christian churches are making a big fuss because I said that Jesus is my disciple. But they will see everything when they go to the spirit world. Why would I say this when I know clearly that saying such things would cause me to be inundated with curses?

Khomeini died after giving me a death sentence. He had sentenced me to death, saying, How can he treat our holy founder Mohammed so terribly! But it in the end he died before me. How about the established Christian churches? Through the Unification Church members, I will clean up that which is dirty with feces in their back rooms. I will offer worship services that transcend denominations.

After this, I will go to the spirit world. I will go there after completing that worship. You may not know this, but there are already a large number of ministers using our Principle. Some of them read the Divine Principle on a blanket and when a deacon or elder comes in they quickly hide it underneath the blanket, only to take it back out when he goes out, and then they read it all night. And they memorize it and diligently use it.

Autumn leaves do not fall all at once. Do they fall all at once? They do not fall all at once. They fall one by one, rather than as a whole bunch. Although they fall one by one, before long the tree clothed with green is left with no leaves. Whether they know it or not, I am dealing with things in that way.

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