Cheon Seong Gyeong Rough Draft Version -
Sun Myung Moon

Book 2, Chapter 8. Three-subject Thought and the Declaration of the True Parents

Section 2. The Declaration of True Parents [Part 2 of 3]

2.5. The remarkable declaration of the True Parents

I have brought together the right-wing and left-wing. Nobody would know how much I suffered while walking this path. We need to build a domain where Godism centered on head-wing thought can be publicly recognized in the schools and at all levels of leadership. So it should come about that the Soviet and American governments say that when they live centered on Rev. Moon, America will live and the Communist party will live.

When I visited Moscow, the CIA kept an eye on me; however, Rev. Moon will digest the Communist party, rather than ever being digested by the Communist party. I am the one who showed the direction that US policy should take over the next six months. When America was hesitating over the Soviet proposal to reduce arms, I educated them and helped them go over all the hurdles. When we turn around, where do we have to go? We should return home through the world; we should go over the nation and return to our hometown.

Because the fallen ancestors started with the family of Adam and Eve, we need to get rid of this mask. We need to clear the names of the three great ancestors of the three great ages. Adam fell. The devil killed the true ancestor of humankind. The first generation Adam became God's enemy through his fall.

The one who came next as the second true parent was Jesus, the Messiah. This Messiah, who had come as the Savior, was killed by humankind, by his sons and daughters, by the people. How great is the sin of the country that captured and killed the true parent? They cannot escape from this. This is why the people of Israel have wandered around in other lands for two thousand years. When we look back through history, we see that many among their number were murdered or have disappeared like the dew through resentment or a curse. After barely making it through two thousand years of history, they managed to create an independent nation with the support of America.

The devil killed our parents, the devils sons and daughters killed the second true parent, and the devils from the entire world attempted to mobilize all the ideologies and systems kill to the third true parents. Yet it is amazing that True Parents survived all kinds of perils and hardship and have been able to proclaim the way of the Parents, the True Parents on earth! How much God has longed for this! (219-333, 1991.10.13)

2.6. How we should conduct ourselves after the declaration of True Parents.

I told Gorbachev to remove the statues of Lenin and Marx. In the history of the Communist party there is no one but Rev. Moon who has said such a thing. The Communist party leaders were all in commotion, saying, Is he really speaking about Godism in front of us? How can he talk so arrogantly? No matter how much they have hated me, today's communist world has become like that.

The one whom they had feared most in the world has turned into their only hope. They have no other hope. So I taught them clearly saying, Listen to my words and follow me; otherwise, there is no way forward! How proud God must have been of Rev. Moon, saying, I have always wanted to declare this to the Soviet Union; you are a great son! Since He said, I want to set you above all humankind, I became quite famous.

American leaders said, Wow, how can he do that? European leaders also said, How can he do that? And the communist world said, How can he do that kind of thing in the Kremlin Palace? When God came down to take a look, He must have said, That's interesting!

I know that. This is why I made a clear declaration. Everything is connected to the True Parents. Your ears want to seek out the True Parents; so do your nose, mouth, and eyes. Everything is like that. Why? True Parents have a strong power to pull everything in. I knew this. Even all of nature desires the True Parents. They say, True Parents, please stay here with us always. Nature cries out. Everything likes True Parents. They like the sound True Parents.

When someone says, I have met True Parents, another says, Where? -- Follow me. Everyone will want to follow that person. That's what True Parents are like. True mother, true husband, true wife, true children, true grandchildren, and true patriots all emerge from them. Everything starts from there.

This is the gospel with the greatest hope. We do not need the Bible. The purpose of the Bible is solely to find the True Parents. So the name True Parents is the most precious. So how do you want to be related to True Parents? That is the question. If you think of True Parents as a tree, you are its branches. These branches can live wherever they are planted.

These branches live well wherever they go as long as there is love, no matter whether they are planted at night, in the day, in winter, in spring, or in the rainy season. Why? It is because they accept everything. Our purpose is to liberate and save God, humankind, and everything under the satanic domain. This is our goal. This is True Parents purpose. We are declaring the heart of such parents. We march on. Satan cannot remain at that place. This is the Principle view. Also, it is the same with all things. They will say, Mansei! as they see you being saved. You have to be able to hear this kind of sound.

Wherever you go, all things of creation will welcome you and all people will welcome you. The original world centered on true love is filled with the true-love sound of all things of creation. In the world of true love, everyone can understand everything as God does. Also, there, they inherit everything. Also, they have the right of participation, which enables you to participate wherever you are. True love has these three privileges.

This means that we can grasp hold of true love automatically. We inherit God. God becomes mine. We can be with God wherever He is. How great this is! How happy we are! Nobody can deny this. We have such an amazing thing. How can we have worries in our hearts? There can be no shadow. It is bright like broad daylight. This is the pride of the Unification Church members. Therefore, from now, there will be no opposition from Satan on the path the Unification Church members are taking. From now, whatever we shout will be absorbed and resurrected; whatever we shout out will appear.

Why has there been opposition until now? It was because we have been on the rise. But now we have reached the top, and since there is no right-wing or left-wing there, the head-wing has appeared. The head-wing is higher. Everyone likes it because it is higher. Communism is an ideology of servant and master. There is no freedom. Democracy is an ideology of brotherhood. As such, it is about freedom.

People have freedom among themselves. This is why fights continuously arise. They fight among themselves, each claiming to be the best. Head-wing thought is parentism. In America, senators and congressmen fight, and the Republicans and Democrats fight. Why are they fighting? It is because they have no parents. When the parents come and tell them, You kids, why are you fighting? You are not our servants, but our sons! then everything will finish. What parents like most is black people and white people marrying each other. Parents want their sons and daughters to love one another rather than showing filial piety toward their parents. This is how children can love their parents.

If you make God's true love your central focus, you will be eternally one. You will be connected with me from there. And the connection thus made can be severed by no one. You will decide We also will walk the path of True Parents. It is the same. You will also in the future take roots, rise as a trunk, spread branches, have blossoms, and bear fruit.

Everything is the same. This means that you will be true parents in the future. Things will happen this way in the future. So, how proud we should be! Open the door and try shouting, Look here. What an amazing master is this person who is appearing here! You will feel great. All the animals will feel the same. The spirit world will also say, You are a savior with true love as your center, like Jesus the Messiah. Wherever you go, everyone there will be saved.

With the declaration of True Parents, Satans authority will disappear, and, centering on religion, all the struggle due to the laws of indemnity will disappear. Since the good spirits will come to an equal position with the angelic world, an unfallen world will come about, and the time will come when good spirits can help the earth as much as they want.

Those angels are your ancestors. So from now on, all kinds of things will happen to those who oppose the Unification Church. They may get sick and die, and all kinds of other things will happen. You should become bold. This means that you should have the ownership rights of a subject. Then, no matter how difficult an environment you find yourself in, no problems can arise.

If you say, Even God does not want these things. Get lost! They will be gone. They will rapidly decline. It is the same with the spirit world. If you say, I don't want such things! They will immediately disappear. You will have such power all around you. When the center of love appears, everything will turn around towards it. When the morning sun rises in the east, the center of all of nature turn towards it. This is the essence of life, essence of love. True Parents are the central basis of universal true love.

Thus, when True Parents appear, the entire world of creation will turn towards them, just as all the natural world turns towards the rising sun in the morning. All creation is like the leaves or branches. In the spirit world everything is facing God. Likewise, in the Unification Church, when I go somewhere, the attention of all the members is on me automatically. It is the same. Your entire purpose is true love, and the center of the world is true love. God is the parent of true love. All liberation takes place there. When you stand in such a place, the doors of four directions will open like automatic doors.

The spirit world is the same as this. In the spirit world, wherever a master of true love may go, there are no closed doors. Doors will open automatically everywhere. He will be welcome everywhere. The situation will occur where people in high positions will come and say, Welcome. It has been too boring for so long. I welcome everything that is fun. How splendid this is! So you should know clearly from now on. You have inherited everything that is True Parents. No one can tell you to do this or that. You will automatically be the owner. You will be a teacher and true parent. No one else can teach you. You need no other teachers, owners, or parents. You will stand in such a position in the near future. (202-351, 1990.5.27)

Until now, because of the human Fall, it has been difficult for God's heart to be vertically connected to the heart of the people on earth. The appearance of True Parents will connect them. Your relatives who do not oppose True Parents at that point are not the Cain sphere. They have entered the Abel sphere on God's side.

Thus, from now on the realm of religion will break down. Until now, through the realm of religion centering on the chosen people, the spiritual and physical worlds have been connected in a mainstream relationship. Now, the Cain and Abel environment has disappeared because the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age came up to the same level of completion, which took away the authority of religions. Thus, those families centered on you, and who do not oppose you, have stood in the position of heavenly Abel. Hence, things will turn as you set them in motion and push. This is such a time. That is why it will become our world.

You should know this time. The declaration of True Parents will put an end to the parents of the satanic lineage. True Parents have fought against the satanic world, achieved everything, risen up, and reached the stage where the democratic and communist worlds will collapse. Thus, as they have brought in the victorious conditions, on the basis of that declaration the satanic world will come to an end.

What does it mean for the satanic world to come to an end? It means being liberated from Satan. Until now we have lived within the culture and environment of the satanic world. But now we are being liberated from the satanic world, satanic lifestyle, and satanic lineage. Where do we go after being liberated from Satan? We must return to God. The world today does not know God. Satan has made it so. Humanism does not recognize God, either. American humanism today has expelled God. What is the basis of humanism? It is the body.

It is the body that focuses on its own self. It seeks after enjoyment. If you chase after that, you will be ruined. That's the reality. Thus, we need to be liberated from Satan and liberated from a satanic lifestyle. Lifestyle means culture. We need to be liberated from that lifestyle. Next, we need to be liberated from that lineage. Then, where do we return to when we are liberated from Satan? We must return to God.

Although we need to return to God, neither communism nor secular humanism know how to return to God. Also, where do we live? We are not meant to live according to our whims, like animals. It is ideal that our lives begin centering on True Parents from the outset. We should live in the domain within the global ideal centered on True Parents. Thus, you cannot go to the kingdom of heaven without believing in True Parents. It is now as if there are many branches that have not been engrafted. (202-275, 1990.5.25)

You have to go out to the countryside and lay the foundation for True Parents. True Parents have to prepare the foundation for heaven. God prepares the path True Parents will go, ahead of them, and True Parents prepare your path. Thus, you just have to follow True Parents. God goes a step ahead of the coming True Parents. This is why the providence of restoration consists of the age of the providence to lay the foundation for restoration, the age of the providence of restoration, and the age of the completion of the providence of restoration.

God laid this foundation without True Parents knowing about it. Also, True Parents laid this foundation without you knowing about it. You also should lay the foundation without your descendants knowing about it. This way, we have to go beyond the national level and also go beyond the global level. Then, God will go beyond the level of the history of the cosmos. If our members go beyond the national level, True Parents will go beyond the global level, and God will go beyond the level of the history of the cosmos. This way, humankind centered on God has to go beyond the level of the history of the cosmos.

Considering this, you are behind God by two stages. As you are behind God by two stages, you cannot be disappointed or tired. True Parents are going ahead of you on your path, for your sake; and God is going ahead of True Parents, for your sake. The efforts of God and True Parents are something you cannot repay with anything, even with your own death. You are continuing along with such a debt.

True Parents inherit God's will and you inherit True Parents will; and you should never lose that traditional philosophy. What is the traditional philosophy? Since people were born by receiving the lineage of the enemy Satan, they need to first remove the lineage of this enemy Satan and then restore the lineage centered on God and centered on True Parents. In order to do this, they should be one in heart with God. Based on that oneness of heart, they should receive the heavenly lineage, become a branch and leaf of the tree whose root is God, and become an incarnation of God, thereby establishing an absolute standard on earth to subjugate Satan. Only then will the history of restoration move forward.

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