Cheon Seong Gyeong Rough Draft Version -
Sun Myung Moon

Book 2, Chapter 8. Three-subject Thought and the Declaration of the True Parents

Section 2. The Declaration of True Parents [Part 1 of 3]

2.1. Background to the declaration of True Parents

How is it that can I declare the True Parents? The democratic world and the communist world are brothers, Abel and Cain. The democratic world and communist world are like two sons, and yet they are fighting. But since I have reconciled the two fighting sons and stood in the position where I could be welcomed, ultimately I came to Korea with the special authority of the Parents and declared the True Parents throughout the nation.

This news is spreading throughout the whole world. The CIA in America is supposed to make a daily report on my whereabouts. The Soviet Union too. So how well they must know about me! The fact that True Parents were declared in the way I have described places me in a global position. Everything that has been prepared in the world is waiting to be engrafted onto Korea. What is the problem? We must quickly achieve _the unification of my nation. They are waiting to be engrafted onto the unified foundation. This is precisely how it is. (204-187, 1990.7.8)

2.2. The Standard of the Declaration of True Parents

Strictly speaking, my hometown is not your hometown. The branches, buds, and leaves are all the same, but the locations of the branches are like each of your hometowns. Hence, if you cannot decide to restore your tribe, you do not have a hometown. Those who have no hometown cannot be born. That is why this is the restoration of parents.

You need to complete tribal messiahship through three generations. Someone must prepare the foundation whereupon the realm of the portion of responsibility that has been fulfilled -- the realm of direct dominion and the realm of indirect dominion -- can become one. He should conduct a ceremony to declare that, centering on God's love, all of us, together with this created world, belong to love; however, nobody has been able to do that. Hence, the realm of God's ownership is not yet determined.

Whereas the declaration ceremony should have been conducted in oneness under God's love, it was conducted in oneness under satanic love, which stands in the false position in the form of the Principle; in this way, the ownership went over to Satan. (213-123, 1991.1.16)

Democracy also has conflicts. These are the same as fights between brothers. Fights between brothers are more fearsome than fights between neighbors. The reason is this: if one is the east, the other is the west, and when the locations of east and west do not harmonize, the east is closer to the south and north, and also the west is closer to the south and the north.

When brothers fight, they separate. But neighbors do not separate even after they fight. They do not pack up and run away. The most vicious of all fights are those between brothers. Two nations that are at war in the age of brotherhood are bound to perish.

Korea has also fought, not knowing who the elder brother is and who the younger one is. The question is why is it that they do not know? They are ill-bred sons and daughters who do not know from whom they were born. Since they were born without parents, they will only stop fighting when the parents appear.

That is why parents, the Savior, will come. Therefore, the fighting will not end in the era of democracy, but will come to an end in the era of parentism. The Unification Church has announced the True Parents. If Adam and Eve had not fallen in the Garden of Eden, God would have become the True Parent and Adam and Eve would also have become true parents. God is the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve the horizontal true parents.

They are true parents within which the vertical and horizontal are in oneness, and, viewed in this way, all four directions will be the same. Even when you place the top at the bottom, place the bottom at the top, put the west in the east, and put the east in the west, or wherever you put it, they will all fit in. If America serves its own interests, it will not be able to turn the world around. It will not be able to turn it around. Even communism had better not serve its own interests but should serve the world. It should be a communism that is praised even by the democratic world as well as by communism itself. It should be an ideology to which everyone can say, Bravo.

What kind of ideology is that? In order for groups to stop fighting as brother against brother, the mother and father must appear. In that light, I have declared True Parents today in this world gone bad, where vicious fighting has taken place.

In order that True Parents can be proclaimed worldwide, they must pass through the position of True Parents on the level of an individual, a family, a tribe, a people, a nation, the world and the cosmos. They must reach the point where God can acknowledge True Parents, and True Parents themselves can acknowledge True Parents. The fact that this has been announced this is indeed a historic one.

When True Parents are proclaimed, it should be done with at least one third of humankind. But what is the reality? That is why I have set up a condition for the two thirds. Japan is within my sphere of influence; so is America, and so is China; everyone is within my sphere of influence.

When the age of parents comes, the fighting will be over. Even with brothers who are fighting at eighty, ninety, or hundred years old, when their parents come, should they stop and run out to greet them, or continue fighting? In what manner should they run out when the parents for whom they have waited for thousands of years come? I have conquered through love, with a love that serves others rather than myself. (202-165, 1990.5.20)

2.3. The place of the True Parents declaration

You should understand why it is that I have suffered. If it were for my own country, why should I suffer? I am a smart man. I am very well acquainted with Korean customs. I am doing this because I want to serve the world and the heavenly kingdom.

Korea has done all kinds of things for the past forty years. The nation has committed many sins against me. I have set up everything, carrying the burdens of my brothers and sisters and those of all Korean people, who are related with me to varying degrees. Following this, I have come at this time and given the Blessing. This is why I declared True Parents. Where did I do the declaration of True Parents? It was not done from Moscow. I did this from Korea. They should be grateful for this. (204-187, 1990.7.8)

2.4. The Phenomena Occurring after the Declaration of True Parents

2.4.A. The world today is rapidly changing due to the announcement of the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages.

You must have heard the words Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages. Do you know what it means? On August 31, 1989, I declared the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages, in Kodiak, Alaska. At that time, even you could not believe what I said.

When I said that the world would transform rapidly from that time on, you must have thought, Oh, can that really happen? The next day, which was September 1, 1989, I declared the philosophy of the Heavenly Father.

I declared parentism at the very end, on top of the world. If parentism had appeared on this earth, there would be no Satan or sinful world like there is today. Now that it is established, we can conclude that the satanic world will inevitably retreat.

After this, the Berlin Wall crumbled on November 9, 1989. Next, in April 1990, after I held the Moscow conference, the top ranking communists and the brightest, most outstanding members of their second generation turned around completely 180 degrees in my favor. As the top echelon of the Soviet Union and the brightest members of their second generation turned around 180 degrees in my favor, they have reached the point of no return.

We selected and brought three thousand people from the Soviet Union who could understand English fully and completed educating them. Gorbachev even declared that they would give up communism. That was the end. Amid this turmoil, what is the one single hope? What is the ideology that can lead the system? Now we have reached the stage where everyone can conclude that there is no ideology other than Godism. Up to now, history has been led by people, but once they realize that God exists, they will arrive at the conclusion that they cannot but follow that ideology. (218-157, 1991.7.28)

2.4.B. The forces of the devil enter the realm of death.

So far, the first son has been in the devils position. All the spirits in the spirit world have used those who were in the position of the son on earth. All spiritual mediums have used earthly people, therefore. But now that we have restored the right of the first son, the right of parents, and kingship, the situation has been turned upside down.

From now on, those who oppose the Unification Church will be struck down. Just wait and see. Since the right of the first son has been restored, and Adam has been perfected on earth, we have entered the age when he can command the archangel in the spirit world. This is global. I have declared True Parents throughout the world because I have restored the right of the first son and the right of parents centered on myself.

Whereas the emergence of the false parents turned the world into the world of the devil, the declaration of True Parents under God will expel the forces of the devil, whether it is communism or any other. In terms of evil, the Republic of Korea is the worst. They are trafficking in women for profit, not to mention children. It has come to the pinnacle of the world, the most evil position. Who will clear this up? Not the present regime. It will be done by my hand. The hand of the True Parent will cleanse it all. This will not be done by force; rather, it will be cleanly put in order through education. (210-246, 1990.12.23)

2.4.C. The coming of the heavenly fortune for unification.

With what do we settle down? We settle down with the love of Adam and Eve, true parents. We should settle down here with God's vertical love and True Parents horizontal love. It is from here that the true children's blood connection based on the original True Parents will finally emerge, horizontally expanding through individual, family and tribe and leading to the formation of a tribe and people.

Up to now I have been fighting on in order to find these things, and I have triumphed. I have been proceeding so far under the persecution of the satanic world. When I went as an individual, all the individuals in the satanic world opposed me. When I went based on my family, all the families in the satanic world opposed me. Also, when the Unification Church was pursuing the formation of a tribe and people, they all opposed us. They all opposed us based on the standard of the conditions that had been established. But as I triumphed in this process, America submitted and the Soviet Union came to the brink of collapse; so we have nothing to attack.

After victory on the battlefield, I return. The summit cannot be surmounted. In returning, where do we return to? We return to our hometown with mastery over the satanic world. We thus should enter North Korea through the land of South Korea. When the right and left all collapse, who gains supremacy? The heavenly side gains supremacy.

Through our declaration of True Parents, the communist world stands in the position to completely collapse and Satan will plunge rapidly downward from now on. He will not fall at the angle at which he ascended; he will fall straight down. Why is that so? This is not Satan's path; it is True Parents path. True Parents win in the satanic world, go over it, and come down to the plain. This is not somewhere that will be occupied by Satan; it is where True Parents are going down to, leading all people. This is why everything is going down now. It is said that the present world is in an age when material things have almighty power; but in terms of spirit, it is the zero age.

Thus, the mission of the Unification Church is to de-emphasize material, making the spirit the central focus. Today's schools teach skills but not character. They are saying that God and humankind are not significant. But we must preserve these things and go down this path. We should start on the downward path and match this as one cyclic law. We must return to our hometown and achieve the unification of North and South Korea.

Korea is a sacrificial offering representing the division between the left and right, that is, between the democratic and communist worlds. Also, our mind and body are divided, and our families are divided. Everything is in two camps. They are fighting camps. They have become factions that are divided front and back, and fighting instead of being vertically aligned as upper and lower. The upper and the lower houses are to be vertically aligned, and yet they are fighting. So we need to establish this verticality. The Unification Church is the place that can unify democracy and communism, and unite all religions. It is also the place that can unify religion and the world.

We came with the responsibility to unify heaven and earth before the great way of heaven, and they struck us. So as we go up more and more through the individual, family, tribe and ethnic people, they will have to go down. They have reached their peak and they must lose all power. Hence, there is no country, no matter how big, that has confidence about the second and third generation; there is no country that can have hope in the second and third generation. Now all nations have become like that. Such a time has come.

My visit to the Soviet Union and other activities have put an end to the communist world. Until now the world has been laughing at us. They thought that we would blow away and disappear on our own. But this will not happen. It may seem that they will gain supremacy and they can control things as they wish, but that will not happen. The Republic of Korea is on the verge of chaos. This problem cannot be solved by anyone. Everything will sink after rising to its limit. We are coming up by piercing through it.

What is the original standard that will enable us to pierce through and succeed? It is True Parents teaching. Adam and Eve become family-level true parents and tribal-level true parents. Viewed historically, it is one family, but they are ancestors of true parents. When a nation is formed, who are the ancestors of the nation? They are True Parents. Who are the ancestors of the family? They are True Parents. Who are the ancestors of the world? They are True Parents.

This is why the appearance of True Parents on this earth leads to the formation of the families of the heavenly nation and the organization of the entire tribe, people, nation, and world under the ownership of True Parents. What does it mean to be victorious here? It means that all go into the domain of True Parents. This is why Satan besieges this from all directions and strikes it to keep it from growing. But we completed all these battles over forty-three years and have triumphed in America.

With respect to the Cain and Abel issue, America as a nation is in the Cain position before me. I have fought and won over this Cain. It is the same with the Soviet Union. Cain and Abel, communism and democracy, and the left-wing and right-wing have reached their peak, and head-wing thought is standing at this point. Head-wing thought is the perfected-Adam philosophy.

Since, due to the Fall, Adam failed to become perfect, a son on Satans side and a son on Heavens side have been raised in order to raise Adam. So the left and right have been fighting to be the owner. That kind of thing has gone on. What is head-wing thought? It is the perfected-Adam philosophy.

What are the Adam philosophy and head-wing thought centered on? In terms of the Principle, the indirect dominion and direct dominion are not unified. Adams fulfilling his responsibility will unify the indirect dominion and direct dominion. Where do they become one? After having gone over the ten stages. Then what does the number ten signify? It is the horizontal line. The ten finally constitutes the horizontal line.

Even nine cannot constitute a horizontal line. A horizontal line forms when number ten is reached. Centered on love, heaven and earth and mind and body will completely settle on the horizontal line. This is settlement for eternity. From this standpoint, we must proclaim True Parents. The proclamation of True Parents will trigger unification. We have three organizations dedicated to this. They are the Unification Church, the Federation for Victory Over Communism, and the Citizens Federation.

The Citizens Federation was founded in order to unify North and South Korea. The Federation for Victory Over Communism was established to offer protection against the communist world. We can unify the North and South only when we are protected from the communist world. It was for the purpose of spiritual guidance that I founded the Unification Church. It was in order to build a firm basis for the conscience, which had not had one. That is why Satan has been striking the Unification Church, lest we build that foundation. But now I have surmounted all indemnity conditions, returned to my homeland, and declared the True Parents.

I have declared the True Parents throughout the Unification movement and then to the people who have some relationship with us, and to our relatives. It has already been proclaimed in the Unification Church, hasn't it? It was proclaimed throughout the related Unification movement.

These Cain and Abel need to be one. Through this, it will be declared to the nation. When it is declared to the nation, those in the position of Cain who opposed us will become one with us. Now the proclamation is finished.

This is why the spiritual mediums all receive a revelation that the day when True Parents are declared is the day when the world comes to an end. What is that? Since the world began with the evil parents, a new world will begin when all that is connected to the evil parents is brought to submission and the True Parents can make their beginning. When a Korean wrestling champion and challenger battle on the mat, the champion is the champion until he falls down. But when he falls down he goes into the pit. It will happen exactly like that. (202-270, 1990.5.25)

I have declared the True Parents. The Republic of Korea will not perish because I have declared the True Parents. If Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden had become true parents, there would have been no devil. Since your ancestors who passed away earlier are in the position of archangels, they are standing behind you who make up the Unification Church. The spirit world is helping us because I did the proclamation ceremony.

From now on, if you have confidence, just trust my words, and act, all kinds of things will happen. A while ago, when we were holding rallies to welcome True Parents in cities, counties, and districts, I said that you district leaders would have results in accordance with the largeness of your mindset. When I suggested to the regional directors the idea of holding rallies for three thousand people, they all opposed me. But I said, Trust me, believe in me and just do it, and when they followed what I had said, it worked. (203-242, 1990.6.26)

2.4.D. There will be no conflict in the future.

Until now Koreans have never even once invaded a foreign land. The Korean people are a race who have deep affection and love for humanity. From this point of view, I say that the Korean people are close to the realm of God's heart because they have sacrificed more than any other. The highest things in the world, the highest and most precious things in the world of fallen humanity, are True Parents and the right of the elder son.

Next comes the right of parents and then comes kingship. This is an exclusive authority. Korean history is one where God has been visiting in order to leave the authority of the first son who inherits the heavenly kingship. It is the same with Japan. It is the right of the first son that carries on from the emperor in the final days. The first son has to become a true parent. Adam was the original first son of humankind. Thus, the right of the first son must necessarily meet the position of a true parent, and the realm of the first son must be restored. Otherwise, he will be unable to stand in the position of a true parent.

I returned from Russia and made the declaration of True Parents. The declaration of True Parents! After restoring the right of the first son, True Parents must stand on the world level. True Parents going beyond the nation to the world, according to the expansion of the providence, leads to tribal kingship and national kingship. Thus, when True Parents achieve the national level, true kingship will begin. When North and South Korea are united, the true kingship will begin.

The kingship that comes from God will be established. That is why a nation in which such a kingship is formed will have all the three main components of a nation: sovereignty, territory and people. Without sovereignty, territory and people, kingship cannot be established. I am now calling for global citizens. We now have kingship but lack people and territory. Consequently, a citizen that brings unification to North and South Korea, as a citizen of heaven and earth, should go on to establish the kingship in alignment with the Unification Church.

In the future there will be no conflict. The struggles until this time have been self-centered and pointless. They were struggles to take something from someone else. A unified world, on the other hand, is a world where God's kingship is established and where people live for the sake of others. Therefore, there is no need for war.

There is no need for brothers to deprive each other of their possessions. Instead they would run away because the other would try to give excessively. That is why, if you live in your town, everything would be opened to you. You would take lodging in that town. With utmost devotion people would prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for you. You would be able to sleep there on your way.

Such an age is coming. In the future, the separation of the three powers will not be needed. Laws and everything else will disappear. When the autonomous realm of love is fully established, the law will be automatically fulfilled. In the place where love for others is realized, no problems arise. It is where upper and lower, front and back, and left and right are one. (224-171, 1991.11.24)

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